Office Affair with Riya


I knew this was turning her on too. She was fucking me back with every thrust, looking straight at me as she talked to her husband.

"What about you baby? How was office today?" he asked.

"What?, hard me. But my co-worker really nailed the agreement....godddd yesss...and he really is very good at his job. Thanks to him...mhmmmm...I can sleep satisfied....aaahhh...tonight.

She smiled nastily at me as she said that -- we both knew what she was actually talking about. It was extremely daring, especially considering her pauses, pants and moans in between, but she loved every second of it. I increased my pace, pounding into her fast and hard now, grunting and sweating onto her back as I squeezed her tits harder. I could see her expressions change, and I could once again feel her pussy muscles tightening around my cock as her orgasm approached.

"Who is this knight in shining armour? We should invite him over to dinner for helping you out," the poor bastard responded.

"Oh goddd yesss....I...I mean, I should have...thought....mhmmmm of that. He is the one who....ohhhh...drops me home...aahhh...sometimes," she panted hoarsely into the phone. The idea of dinner with me and her husband drove Riya into frenzy, and she started bucking harder and faster against my cock.

Her eyes glazed over and I knew she was going to cum any minute. I could feel her hips spasming out of rhythm, bucking wildly against my cock as she started cumming. She buried her face inside the pillow, muffling her screams as her body shook with the force of her orgasm.


She kept going till her orgasm subsided, my cock pumping in and out of her throughout. We could hear her husband's concerned voice over the phone,

"What's wrong baby? There? Talk to me Riya."

Her shivering body finally stilled, as the last wave passed and she came back to her senses. She panted into the phone,

"I'll....I'll call you in some...some time love...I...I have to get...some work done," she managed to pant into her phone.

She disconnected the call, as I pulled my cock out of her. She turned around on to her back, and sat up in front of my kneeling body. Her hands moved up and down my sweaty chest, still unable to believe what she had just risked for me, or how awesome her orgasm was due to it.

My cock was hard and resting against her cheek as she kept panting and staring at me, her eyes undecipherable. She slowly moved forward and buried her nose in my pubic hair, moaning as she took in my manly scent. Her hand moved over to my cock, rubbing the shaft, still slick with her juices and my precum.

Her mouth moved lower onto my balls, sucking and licking them as she jerked me harder. I was very close and as she moved her lips lower down, licking me between my balls and my anus - I started cumming in her hands. I kept jerking and shivering as her lips continued tracing the line between my balls and my ass before she took my balls completely in her mouth and milked me dry with her hands.

I gasped as my orgasm ended, taking her by the shoulders as I fell on the bed with Riya under me. Her hands moved over my back, caressing me gently.

"That was fucking unbelievable," I managed to say.

" really are an animal in bed, and I love that," she whispered, still dazed at the events of the night.

I got up on my elbows, watching her stare at me, knowing I would never be able to stop fucking such a gorgeous woman.

"Are you still planning to leave tonight?" she asked tentatively.

I bent my head and kissed her softly, taking her abundant breasts in my hands, without answering her question.

"Just so you know, I usually call my husband first thing in the morning too," she murmured into my ear, a dirty smile on her face. I knew I had lost and I was no longer even angry at myself. I would curse myself and feel bad tomorrow, tonight I just sighed satisfactorily. I took my mobile and messaged my girlfriend that I would stay at a friend's house as there was a lot of work. She saw me type the message, and pulled me in for a long wet kiss.

I should have known she wouldn't let go of me, I should have known that with her, there couldn't be a last time.

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