tagBDSMOffice Assistance Ch. 03

Office Assistance Ch. 03


She awoke slowly, stretching leisurely. Her eyes opened and she was confused. She took in the rumpled sheets and blankets, the four poster bed, the dark wood walls, the oriental carpet on the hardwood floor and the man's dresser and mirror. Reality dawned on her with warmth similar to that of a rising sun beginning a new day. She, Emma Catherine Richardson was in Jack Kelley's bed, where he had made love to her.

She slipped her feet to the floor and surveyed the two piles of clothes. She selected the piece she wanted most and as Jack's button down shirt fell into place draping her body she could smell him. She pulled the shirt collar to her nose and breathed in his scent. She tried as hard as she could to push any thoughts other than the here and now from her brain but she could not. Her mind took off on a fanciful flight through the future.

Fortunately, at least for now, sounds from the kitchen below reached her and brought her back to the here and now. She padded down the stairs with the deep blue runner that left only a few inches of hardwood exposed on either side enjoying how plush it felt under her bare feet. Her hand glided down the smooth wooden bannister. As she moved down the hallway she felt the cool wood floor. The tiles of the kitchen floor were even cooler but not uncomfortable as she made her way to Jack.

He was standing at the gas stove, back turned to her. He was working something in a pan with a towel draped over his shoulder. He wore a pair of mesh athletic shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. He started just a bit as she molded herself to him and ran her hands around his waist to pull him tighter to her. "Mmmmmm," she thought, "I could become very used to this."

"Oh really? Used to what? Someone slaving away over a hot fire for you?"

'Oh my god,' had she said that out loud?

She felt Jack twist and force his way through her tight hold to turn 180 degrees and face her. "Other than the stealthy approach - you're not some freelance assassin for hire are you?" he squinted looking at her, "I think I could get used to this, too."

She lowered her eyes in embarrassment and took a step back.

"You don't think those will leave permanent marks in my shirts, do you?" He was using a wooden spoon to point to her chest. Both of her nipples were fully distended and well described as they pushed against the fabric of the shirt.

Recovering from her sleepiness, her reveries and her embarrassment she parried, "Oh, you don't like the way your shirt looks on me?"

The blue of the shirt somehow deepened the blue of her eyes. Her blond hair fell in front and behind each shoulder and seemed to shine brighter against the blue background. Beneath the tresses the gentle swell of her breasts, each capped by the nipples pressing hard against the material, was just so sensual. Her legs looked so long as the shirt tails in front and back demurely covered her nether region and bum before rising in an arc over her hips. To Jack, Emma was the poster woman for femininity and beauty as she stood before him.

"I have never seen any shirt look better on anyone in my life." His voice was true and honest, with no subterfuge, no playing to the audience, just genuine and from the heart.

Standing there, held fast as his eyes moved from the top to bottom of her body, Emma regarded Jack. Toned, but not muscle bound from his legs to his shoulders, white hair in disarray, those amazing eyes so alive, his age was of no matter. He was a good looking, and good feeling she allowed, man.

Feeling daring, Emma began to undo several buttons of the shirt. She pulled the fabric open on one side exposing a breast and nipple. "You don't think it might look better this way?" she teased.

Emma heard rather than saw the wooden spoon hit the tile. She felt rather than saw his mouth surround her nipple. She only gradually became aware of his hand between her legs, the base of his middle finger pressing against her clitoris and the rest extended directly down her slit. The one-two combination had immediate effect and she could not contain the moan that rose from inside her.

"Ooohhhh, mmmmmm."

In the next seconds all hell broke loose. A sizzling, crackling sound came from the stove, followed by the smell of smoke and shortly thereafter the shrill tone of the smoke alarm.

"Shit!" they cried in unison.

Jack moved quickly, turned off the gas, covered the smoking pan, turned on the exhaust vent and closed the kitchen door. Emma watched in admiration at the speed and self-assuredness with which Jack responded. All the same, she did not miss the deep blush across his face and the almost little boy like sheepishness with which he faced her as the smoke dissipated and the alarm finally abated.

"Sorry about that. I guess I was distracted."

She tried. She really did try. She couldn't control it. She giggled.

She was concerned that he would take her giggling the wrong way, that she would add to his discomfort. She needn't have. Jack was transfixed by the way her eyes appeared to giggle as much as her mouth. They danced and shone, captivating him. All he could do was smile this big goofy grin like some teenager.

Once order had been restored Jack reviewed the situation with Emma. "That charred, black lump is the last of my eggs. All I have to offer now are English muffins, orange juice and coffee. I could run out and get other things, if you like."

She smiled and touched his arm. "An English muffin and coffee will be fine."

Even that little touch of her hand on his arm felt good. "Please be seated," he said, pulling a chair from the kitchen table. A few moments later a big mug of coffee, with what looked like the perfect amount of milk appeared in front of her. Jack had turned to put an English muffin the toaster. She took a sip - perfect.

When she turned her head Jack was looking at her. "One Splenda and light with 1% milk, right?" his face was eager, hopeful.

"How did you..? I thought you used whole milk and no sweetener?"

"There's a little convenience store at the corner. I just nipped over there and got them."

"How long have you been up?" She couldn't believe he was doing all these little things just for her.

"Not too long," he replied.

"Well, you're very sweet to do all these things. How did you know how I like my coffee? Of course, work." She answered her own question. Jack was one of the few Product Directors, male or female, who would get coffee or water for his team when he went to get some for himself. Since they had worked on more than a few projects together since his move to 14 he had brought her coffee a number of times.

Feeling happy and playful she decided to tease him a bit. "So do you remember how everyone on 14 takes their coffee?"

He responded in a heartbeat. "Only the smartest, nicest, loveliest ones."

When the toaster popped up the muffin he placed it on a plate with a knife, brought the plate, a napkin, butter and some sort of jelly along with his cup of coffee to the table. He placed everything but the coffee in front of her and sat down.

"You carried all that in one trip," Emma marveled.

"I, am a man of many talents!" Leaning back in his chair he took a sip of his coffee and just kept looking at her.

"I can't believe you're actually sitting here, across from me, wearing my shirt, in my house. I've thought of something like this for a long time, but I never thought it would really happen."

"You left out that I also slept in your bed after you ravaged me," she added with a big smile.

"I didn't leave it out. I skipped over it since you have been tempting me for so long that I had no other options. Especially once you got naked in front of me."

"I do believe getting naked was your idea so you can't pin that on me," she retorted. "Though I'll admit that in the end it turned out to be a good idea."

They sat, just smiling at each other for a while. Jack refilled their coffee mugs. They began to talk freely and openly with each other.

Emma spoke about her children - Charlie, now 23 and Catherine, now 21. Catherine would graduate from college this year. She had already accepted a job in New York. Charlie moved away two years ago with his first job in Houston. She loved her children and they her, but they were moving on with their lives. As much as it pained her to see them leave she confessed that she knew she had to let them go. After 23 years of managing three lives, it was strange for her to be at a point in her life where she was only responsible for herself.

"Just don't end up like me, with work as the only thing in your life," Jack counseled her. He talked about how 60, 70 and even 80 hour weeks consumed him for so many years. He talked about his rather nomadic life as a corporate 'firefighter'; how it was only in the past five years he started to slow down and try to establish roots. This brownstone and also a cottage at the beach were the first 'constants' in his life.

Sensing that he, and perhaps Emma, also, were getting a bit too wistful, he changed the subject. They discussed what they liked about their coupling the night before and those things they wanted to try. They returned to their discussion of Emma's three things - her heavy load of responsibilities, her "Daddy Issues", and her submissive streak.

"So, just how submissive are you?"

Emma looked into her coffee mug as if it might contain the answers to the question. She looked up at Jack. "I honestly don't know. I've never explored it with anyone. Frankly, you're the first person I ever mentioned it to. I've read some about BDSM, in novels and online. I know I don't want to be chained in a dungeon. I know I don't want to be whipped, or beaten. I'm not into pain. Maybe some light bondage, maybe some Dom/sub roleplay, maybe some uncomfortable situations but no public displays or exhibitionism. I don't know."

Jack sat quietly. He thought a little bit more before he spoke. "Well, I find certain aspects of BDSM a turn on. I definitely have a fetish for boots, high heels and leather. But I don't think I could hurt you, even if you wanted me to. Certainly, I'd go very slowly and my hesitancy or breaking role might not give you a true taste of submission. I'd be happy to try out anything you'd like as long as we discuss it first. And, as long we have a safe word so that you can call a halt at any time."

Emma reached out and stroked the back of his hand with her fingers, tracing random patterns with her fingertips and nails. "A safe word, huh? How about 'applesauce?" She was grinning as she spoke.

Jack was serious. "I'd think we'd keep it simple at the start - Green, Yellow, Red. Green means keep going or more. Yellow means slow down and Red means stop, now!"

Her fingers curled under his hand and she took hold. She leaned forward and looked straight into his eyes. "Jack, I trust you. You are a man I feel I could explore this area with. I know we just started a relationship less than 24 hours ago. This isn't something that needs to be part of us, immediately or ever."

Her eyes were so wonderful. Her sweetness, loveliness and strength were all communicated through her eyes.

"How about we just see how the mood strikes us? Like you calling me 'sir' from time to time. It wasn't forced or unnatural, it fit."

Emma's face broke into a huge smile. "Yes, sir."

"You better run little girl," he warned in a mock angry voice. "If you thought last night was a ravaging just wait until I get you today!"

She could move pretty fast Jack realized as she popped out of her chair and ran to the kitchen door. Fortunately for him she had to open it, which slowed her down a few steps. Otherwise she may have had an insurmountable lead. Jack sprang up and gave chase.

She was giggling as she grabbed the post at the bottom of the stairs and whipped around it to begin her climb. The shirt tails were flying as she ran and Jack would have loved to just stay behind her and watch her cheeks flex and bounce as she ascended the stairs. Instead he took the steps two at a time and closed the gap quickly.

He caught her in the hall at the top of the stairs.

He grabbed her and carried her into the bedroom. He put one hand between her legs and felt the slickness between the folds. He pulled the shirt over her head and pretty much threw her on the bed. He peeled off his t-shirt and skinned off the gym shorts as he hopped onto the bed between her legs.

"Emma Catherine Richardson, you are about to be fucked. No foreplay, I know you're wet enough," he declared as he moved closer to her nether region. Jack pushed her thighs apart and instructed, "Spread these legs wide for me."

Excitement tore through Emma's entire body. The tone in which he spoke her full name and the way he just announced what he intended to do touched something deep within her. If she hadn't been lubricated a moment ago she sure as hell was now. She could feel inside her some mysterious floodgate open and it felt as if her vagina was instantly filled with fluid. She put her hands on her knees and held her legs as wide open as she could.

Jack placed the head of his cock at the opening to Emma's magical pussy. In one selfish thrust he pushed almost all the way into her. He withdrew only a bit and then finished the act by thrusting again until his pubic area was meshed as hard against Emma as physically possible. He savored the fit of their parts as if Emma's vagina was a custom made flesh sleeve for his hard penis.

Emma breathed in sharply on Jack's first thrust and exhaled, "Yesssssss," as he filled her with his second. She basked in the sensation of her vagina molding itself perfectly to his size, length and shape. Keeping her legs as wide as she could she moved her hands behind his ass and pulled him to her. As if there were any way they could be joined any more.

Her voice, husky with lust, uttered one word, "Green."

"Emma," Jack whispered as he withdrew to the tip and then jammed back in hard. "My pet," he said as he repeated the stroke. "Little girl," he growled as he powerfully slammed into her again. Then he began fucking her at furious pace.

"Jack," Emma cooed as she tried to pull him into her, afraid he would pull all the way out. "Sir," she responded looking him straight in the eye. "Daddy," she yelled as she completely yielded herself to him.

They could not continue at this rate for long. Beyond the physical demands of moving their bodies so fast and solidly against each other, the pleasure created from the friction and contact of their bodies would take little time to overwhelm them.

She felt his muscles grow tauter and saw his face begin to tighten. She fought the urge to squeeze him between her thighs as she moved her hands to her nipples, pulling them so hard her breasts changed shape as their mass followed her grip. The pain/pleasure from her nipples added to the surge and her resistance broke. Her orgasm erupted and ripped through her body. Her toes curled, every muscle tightened and her breathing stopped.

"Uuuuuunnnnnggggghhhh," she screamed as she released her nipples and wrapped everything she could, arms, legs and pussy as tightly as possible around as much of Jack as she could touch.

Jack heard her cry out and that sound triggered the release of the first glob of his spunk into her. He fought to make his final, short strokes as she became a vice around his body. As the pure gratification ebbed from the pleasure center of his brain he almost collapsed onto her body. Panting heavily into her sweaty neck and feeling her breasts push against his chest and fall back with her deep breaths he lay as still as he could.

She shifted beneath him and he reacted.

"Don't," he snarled. "The head is so sensitive nothing can move for a minute."

She tried, she really did. She honestly couldn't help herself. She contracted her pussy muscles like she had with so many Kegels before and after the births of her children.

"Little girl," he barked, his eyes glaring into hers. She felt herself become totally his right then.

"Sorry, Daddy," she apologized. But then she giggled, trying to cover it with her hand.

That damn giggle! He melted completely and he was totally hers from that point.

"Oh Emma Catherine Richardson, what you do to me," he peacefully purred to her.

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