tagLoving WivesOffice Cumslut Ch. 01

Office Cumslut Ch. 01



"Are you going to work dressed like that Jo?"

My wife was dressed in black, sexy high heels, black stockings with a pink 1920s style pencil line up the back of them, pink frilly satin panties (she hates thongs) and matching push up bra.

"Yes I am hubby," she purred, as she pulled a navy blue, short pleated skirt over her hips.

"Is there something I should know?" I asked, watching her paint her lips red with a lavish lip gloss.

"Yes, I want to play hardball today at this meeting and I need to dress for the occasion. Can't have all those alpha males riding roughshod all over me...although wouldn't mind riding a couple of them!"

Not quite believing what I'd just heard I somehow managed to respond with some humour, "The only thing they'll be focussing on is your cleavage, unless you put something on over your 34DDs."

"That's the plan dear hubby," she pouted, before adding, "better pass me my shirt just in case the meeting is interrupted prematurely!" She winked and then added, as she put the shirt on, but left the top three buttons open so her cleavage was clearly all I could concentrate on: "Gosh I'm feeling naughty today, I don't know what's come over me!"

"I know what's going to cum over you in a minute if you don't get out the house!"

"Awww, save it for later darling," she said kissing me on the cheek as she made her way down the stairs. "Oh, and don't wait up, I may be some time...wish me luck."

"Good luck", I shouted from the mezzannine balcony, "Not that you'll be needing it dressed like that."

Jo had been behaving like this for the past couple of weeks. I genuinely couldn't understand what was happening to her. We'd married late both in our late 30s - I'm a web designer and Jo is a doctor. Strawberry blonde with high cheekbones, great legs, full breasts and an ass so incredibly curvaceous it makes me hard just watching her getting dressed in the morning. But despite her good looks, until recently she'd been very conservative in her appearance and although we enjoyed a good sex life there were no indications that she was ever going to really cut loose and become wild in the bedroom.

Then, a few weekends ago I'd noticed a subtle change. We went out shopping and she dragged me into Ann Summers were she bought: two gorgeous white & pink chemises, two medieval-like red & black bodices, several pairs of stockings and panties, AND two vibrators - including a 7 inch black pulsating, rotating one. I nearly creamed my pants in the shop! When we got home she threw me on the bed, told me to put batteries in the black vibrator while she dressed up in the bodice, high heels, new stockings and panties. She sucked my cock as the vibrator did its work pulsing in and out of her like a mad robot, little ears tickling her clitoris until her orgasm ripped through the bedroom like an earthquake. She smiled knowingly, after finishing me off by rubbing my cock until I exploded all over her milky white pert breasts. "We'll be doing that again," she simply said.

And we have, several times this week alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining...it's just...well I know something's not quite right. She's never dressed for work like that before - ever. And, yes she does have an important meeting today, and yes she does work in an all male environment full of alpha males who can't seem to cope with having a powerful, sexy woman on their team. But...I need to do some investigating today. So I've decided to start by checking her laptop. Normally, she would take this to work with her, but she's bought a new iPad and she's taken that today instead.

Okay, here we go...by the way last night as I came in from work she closed this very quickly, I think she thought I hadn't spotted her clandestine movement and come to think of it she was on the couch and I could have sworn she was playing with herself, but I dismissed it as a typical male fantasy...but hold on...I'm checking her history. Shit. Fuck me...there's story after story here of how to be a hot wife...I can't believe she's been reading these...


Right, update...there were over 40 of those stories on her history and that's just from yesterday. When I checked back she'd been reading these kind of stories since last weekend. Most of them involved a - like Jo - conservative wife who discovers a much more slutty side to her character. Many of them told how these wives would go out and tease and flirt in front of their husbands, even letting other men grope and kiss them. And some of the stories told how these wives had sex with other men, many in front of their husbands. I couldn't believe what I was reading. But even more shocking than that was seeing a picture Jo had left open that showed her dressed in the new bodice, laying on our bed in stockings and high heels. The picture was stunning, so glamorous, so hot, so erotic - she had the black vibrator in her mouth and was running a hand over her panties, so erotic that I actually started rubbing myself.

But then, I checked her emails and saw that the picture was an attachment she'd sent to Thomas, an Asian doctor colleague of hers. My throbbing member quickly became flaccid. What the fuck is going on? I trust Jo, I can't imagine her ever cheating on me. I'm excited by her new lust, but not if she's shagging other men behind my back. Looking at that picture again though, bloody hell, if a woman sent a picture like that to me I'd want to fuck her. I can only imagine what Thomas' reaction was. I can feel my cock stirring again. Shit my mind's is playing tricks on me here. I need to cool down. Think. Think about what to do? Shall I call her? Wait, think this through carefully.


Okay well what a day, I'm still trembling and shaking. I'm angry, jealous, feeling mad as hell. I watched some sport, couldn't focus on it really. Went for a run, came back -showered, ate a ready meal. Was just about to drive to the hospital where she works - see if I could catch her in the act (!) - when my phone pinged. Text message...from Thomas! Hi Sissy Hubby this is Thomas & the gang...please open the attachment, your wife is on the way home, she has a present for you. P.S I love Dr Naughty, WE all do!

Dr Naughty?I opened the attachment and discovered picture after picture of Jo with five other men...the pictures were unbelievably explicit...they showed her sucking two cocks at once - her red lip gloss clearly visible on their shafts; two guys were having their cocks rubbed on the next picture as a black guy was taking Jo from behind on her office desk; I recognised Thomas in the next picture (we'd met at a Christmas party) and Jeremy a blonde-haired handsome young junior doctor who had lived with us for a few weeks until his accommodation was sorted out - both men were shown fucking my wife on her office black leather couch while the other guys sucked her tits or kissed her lips. Clearly she was insatiable. I wanted to cry...but then the door burst open...

"Don't say a word," Jo screamed, "Upstairs now!"

Like a lamb to the slaughter I followed my wife into our bedroom. I was ready for a fight, but as soon as I entered she pushed me hard onto the bed, wrestled me out of jeans and t-shirt, before hitching up her skirt and straddling me. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, despite my anger I started to swell, Jo felt my reaction instantly and used it to her advantage.

"I know you're mad hubby, but I know you're a little turned on as well."

I tried to choke out a reply, but she kneeled over me wrapping her thighs around my head until I could breathe in the sexual erotic fragrance emanating from her cum soaked panties.

"You're anger's easing sissy hubby, I can feel your cock getting harder. Can you smell my cream-filled pussy?"

"Yes," I managed.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Dr Naughty." I didn't know what had come over me - I felt I was watching some pornographic movie - it was an out of the body experience, I couldn't believe it was me being so submissive.

"That's better, sissy hubby. Now let me open my legs for you a little wider."

The musky fishy scent now started to leak out of my wife's pussy and onto her thighs. She forcibly grabbed my head and plunged it right in between her thighs.

"Lick it up," she bellowed, "taste Thomas's cum and Jeremy's and Tyler - oh Tyler what a stag he was, muscle on legs, gorgeous hunky black guy. I bet you would have loved to watch them fuck me wouldn't you hubby? Watch their cocks gliding, pumping, ripping apart your wife's silky pussy as I bent over my desk for them?"

This was too much for me, I buried my head in her crotch and ate drop after drop of cum from her used pussy. I felt wantonly humiliated but insatiably turned on all at the same time. I wanted to devour her. My cumslut, sassy, sexy, hot wife. Dr Naughty. I turned her over ready to fuck her...

"Not quite yet sissy hubby; first put these on." She slid her cum drenched panties over to me and held them first to my nose, I licked them like some demented demon before sliding them over my ass and balls. Feeling other men's cum on the gusset squelching my ass and engorging my penis made me even harder. I slammed into my wife spraying her colleagues's cum from the panties and her pussy up and on to her tits and my belly.

"Lick my tits," she demanded, as we both hungrily tore each other apart. Some cum had landed on her nipples and I spooned it off with my tongue and then perversely french kissed Jo - this took us closer to oblivion.

"That's it sissy boy, soon I'll have you licking cocks I'd bet you'd like that wouldn't you? Maybe I'll dress you as a slutty nurse and get one of my gay make nurse colleagues to fuck your arse in front of me while you watch Tyler and Jeremy and Thomas fuck me on our bed? Would you like that sissy hubby, dressing in my panties, bra and stockings while some hunky gay nurse fucked you, as your naughty wife takes two cocks in her mouth and one in her pussy? Would you like to do it this weekend. Shall I text Thomas now and tell him to bring all the gang over and you can clean up their cum as soon as they've exploded in my mouth and pussy?"

"Yes, yes, yes Dr Naughty."

"You love Dr Naughty don't you sissy hubby?"

"Yes, and I'd do anything for her. Anything." I was right at the edge now kaleidoscopic images of my formerly straight-laced wife fucking other men in front of me turning me on so much I wanted her to have a gang bang right then, in front of me.

"Oh...fuck sissy hubby I'm coming - what would you like your naughty wife to do?"

"Fuck as many men as you want in front of me and make me your little sissy cum eater. I love you Dr Naughtyyyyyyyy..." I slammed into Jo one last time and we both erupted with pleasure.

"You are mine," she whispered as I fell asleep in between her thighs still wearing her cum soaked panties. "You are my cuck and I am Dr Naughty and I will be obeyed."


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He should have bolted the doors so she couldn't get in then shouted to her piss off whore, then next day see a solicitor as the evidence is on the phone and get her served.
Instead he turned into a cuckoldmore...

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