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Office Distraction

byMr. FeelGood©

This story is a work of fiction and is dedicated to a fellow author, Lucia (gimmie_your_load). I have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past year or so. She is an excellent writer, a beautiful woman, and an amazing cyber lover. The idea for this story came to me at work and I actually abandoned many of my duties that day to write it down. It is one of the few instances where a story has just poured out of me. I have her to thank for that. Lucia, this is for you.

She walked by my cubicle for the third time that day. There was no way I could avoid noticing her. Long brown hair, sparkling eyes, a glamorous smile, a perfect tan, and the confidence only a woman completely sure of herself could exude. Her attire accentuated her beauty perfectly: a white blouse contrasting her skin tone and buttoned tightly across her breasts, a black pencil skirt forming snugly around her hips and rear, dark stockings provided a flawlessly smooth look to her well toned legs, and a pair of black sling backs gave her just a bit of extra height.

Lucia was my boss and I could not stop lusting after her. Whenever she walked by all my attention was her's. It was not my intent to gawk, but I am sure I did. I often wondered if she knew I looked at her the way I did. Honestly, I wondered if anyone knew or if I was the only one who did so. She was beautiful and there was no way I was the only one who noticed. I was also sure she could have any man she wanted and that I was way down on the bottom of her list.

Lucia's management style was tough but fair. She never shied away from rolling up her sleeves and digging into a project when needed. And it was because of that she also expected everyone to give 100% to the project. She did not tolerate anyone slacking off or not pulling their weight. She had fired several people for not keeping up with everyone else. No one really feared her, but no one dared get on her bad side either. To say the least, it was an interesting feeling to work for her and that feeling was only made more complicated by my desire for her.

Then there was me. I always like to think of myself as an average guy. Of course that was wishful thinking. The truth was I 6'3" with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a bit of gut. I was in no way "in shape". My height helped to keep my from looking "fat" but it was always clear I was over weight. I was not fast and could not even do a pushup. Casanova I was not.

Despite all this I still had an active fantasy life. I would often lust after women who were way of my league. What guy doesn't? However, most women were out of my league so my case might have been a bit more severe than others. My fantasies would often come to me completely unexpectedly. The middle of the day, late at night, lunch time, in the shower, in the middle of a project meeting; it did not matter. Out of nowhere my mind would trail off and soon concern itself with imagining a beautiful woman on her knees worshiping my cock.

As you can probably guess, Lucia was taking up a lot of real estate in my fantasy life lately. Her beauty combined with her lack of attainability made her the ideal woman for me to fantasize over. This was a bit different for me because she was a real woman I saw all the time. She was not some random woman I saw on the street once. She was not an actress. She was not a figment of my imagination. She was part of my life and fuel for my fantasies. Every time I saw her I would launch into imagining her looking into my eyes as she skillfully licked my pole.

This was becoming a problem for me. What little control I had over my imagination was becoming non-existent. I often found myself day dreaming for well over fifteen minutes at a time. Multiply that by several fantasies over the course of the day and a good chunk of my day was lost to lusting. I lost a lot of productivity and had to stay late at work often just to keep up with others. It also helped staying late because Lucia was not there after hours. Thoughts of her would still enter my mind, but not nearly as much as during the day since I was not seeing her constantly.

For a while this plan was working okay. I hated myself for creating a situation where I had to work late, but it was not like I had an active social life to begin with. There was no way I could have anticipated what would happen on a random Tuesday evening.

That Tuesday started out like any other. I spent a good portion of my day in my cubicle and a good (bad) portion of that time imagining Lucia hiding beneath my desk with her full lips wrapped securely around my shaft with her head bobbing up and down. In mid-afternoon our team had a meeting which was led by Lucia. I tried desperately to focus, but constantly caught my mind wandering to naughty thoughts. It was during one of those reveries that I was brought back to reality by the sound of my name being called by Lucia's throaty voice.

"Bill. Bill! Are you listening?!"

I blinked several times in an effort to get my bearings. The other members of the team were either looking at me or purposefully staring at the floor. I finally looked at Lucia and found her eyes locked on me. Her gaze was burning a hole in my soul. I had missed practically everything she had said and their was no salvation in sight. I tried to speak anyway.

"Um..." was all that came out.

"I figured you weren't paying attention. You should be though, because it is your piece of this project that is falling behind!"

"I...I'll fix it." It was all I could think to say. My brain could not process the idea of Lucia being mad at me.

"See that you do," she replied before going on with the meeting.

The meeting was over at 4pm. It took everything in me to avoid losing myself in another fantasy, but I made it. Based on what I could gather, my working late was not making up for all the time I was missing during the day. There was no room for falling behind so I knew I would have to buckle down even more that night.

I was just after 6pm when I stood up to stretch and rub my eyes. Everyone else in the office had left by 5pm. It was practically dinner time so I walked to the kitchen area to retrieve something unhealthy from the vending machine. That was when I heard it. It was the unmistakable click-clack of heels on a tile floor. The sound got louder as it got closer. It was coming from behind me as I faced the vending machine. Then it stopped right behind me.

"Still here?" asked a familiar throaty voice.

I turned and came face to face with Lucia. We had never been this close to each other before. I could smell the light fragrance of her perfume. I felt the color leave my face. The object of my desire was inches in front of me and the last thought I knew she had of me was disappointment. I wanted to faint. Instead, I spoke.

"Uh, yeah. Getting back on track and...uh..." The words were not coming.

"Bill," she began as she rotated her neck and stretched her arms behind her, jutting her impressive chest outward toward me, "what is with you lately? It's like something has been distracting you during work."

When I did not respond Lucia turned her head back to look at me. That was when she caught me staring at her pushed out chest. Something told me to look up and when I did I found her eyes wide and her mouth agape. I was embarrassed and speechless. What seemed like an eternity was probably only 3 seconds before she said something.

"I see," was her initial response to my ogling her. "I think I should go back to my office for a while."

With that she walked away. I was so frozen with fear I could not even bring myself to admire her rear wiggle as she walked away. Finally, I walked back to my cubicle and sat down. I tried to work, but mostly just stared at my computer screen.

It was 6:45pm when the e-mail came through. It was from Lucia and the subject line simply read: URGENT! Fearfully I clicked to open it. The body of the e-mail had only one sentence: Come to my office now!

Lucia's office was right down the hall from my cubicle, maybe 50 feet away. However, it might as well have been a march through a mile of quick sand. Every fiber of my being did not want to walk into her office. I was sure I was fired.

I took a deep breath just before I stopped through her door. Lucia was sitting behind her desk and looking at her computer. She must have sensed my presence because even though I had not announced myself she turned and looked at me.

"Sit down," she said while motioning toward a chair in front of her desk. I did as she said. My hands were folded in my lap and I was fighting to stop my leg from shaking. I began to sweat slightly. There was a lump in my throat but I was unable to swallow because my mouth became dryer than the Sahara. Lucia stood up, walked around to the front of her desk, and sat on the edge.

"I can see you are nervous. Don't be. If I was going to fire you, I'd have done it already."

I did not know how to react. On the one hand I was relieved I still had a job, but on the other hand I wondered why she had called me in there if not to fire me.

"Do I distract you, Bill?" she asked.

I did not answer her. I only raised an eyebrow in confusion. Lucia crossed her left ankle over her right, placed her palms flat on her desk at her sides, and leaned toward me.

"I asked you a question. Do I distract you?"

At this point something clicked in my brain. I figured if she was not going to fire me I might as well go along with whatever it was that she was doing.

"Yes," I said. The word catching in my throat.

"Yes, what?" she asked.

"Yes, you distract me, Lucia."

Hearing my response she leaned in a bit more and with her throaty voice asked, "How do I distract you?"

I was not sure how to respond to this. There was no way I could just blurt out all my fantasies to her all at once. Fear and panic were setting in again. I decided to softball my next answer.

"I think about you a lot," I said. The blank stare on her face told me she wanted more. "I think about you and me a lot." Still no response from her. I decided to gamble with my next sentence. "I think about you and me a lot...sexually." The last word cut through the air like a piercing arrow. I had been looking down as I had said it. Suddenly, I felt a soft hand cup my chin and lift my head. My eyes soon landed on Lucia's face. She was grinning.

"That's what I thought," she said, her grin broadening to a smile.

Lucia retracted her hand and stood up. She began slowly pacing back and forth along the length of the front of her desk. Each time she passed my eyes locked onto her skirt hugged rear.

After a few moments she stopped directly in front of me and looked at me. Her expression was one of internal debate. I had no idea what was going through her mind and therefore could not guess what was going to happen next. Fear was a diminishing factor at this point. Curiosity was beginning to dominate my emotions. I was eagerly awaiting Lucia to speak.

"I think I have a solution to your problem. Tell me, Bill, do you know what a fellatrix is?"

I shook my head.

"A fellatrix is a woman who receives sexual satisfaction from sucking cock." Her words shocked me. "Just to let you know, I am a fellatrix. I love sucking cock. It does not just arouse me, it actually gets me off. Does all this shock you?"

"A little," I said. "I never would have guessed you were a...uh...fellatrix?" I was unsure I had said the word correctly.

"Well, I am," she continued, "and if that shocks you then brace yourself. Along with being a fellatrix I am also a cumslut. I crave cum. I need it. I love to taste it. I love to swallow it. I love having it blasted onto my face. I even enjoy having cum shot onto my tits." She actually ran one hand across her breasts to emphasize that last point. "Do you know why I am telling you all this?"

Again I shook my head. The lump in my throat had returned. Speech was an impossibility at this point.

"I am telling you this because I think we can help each other out. You are not the only one who gets distracted during the day. My own cock sucking fantasies take up a lot of my time. All day long I am surrounded by men who could potentially provide me with temporary release, but most of them are married or show little to no interest in me. Maybe it is because I am the boss or just the fact we all work together, but no one ever strikes me as really interested. That is, until I caught you staring at my tits a little while ago."

My disbelief of the situation was growing. I was convinced it was all a dream. I was sure of it. With that in mind I decided to start playing a more active roll.

"How are we going to help each other out?" I asked.

Lucia smiled. "I am thinking I can help you by giving you what you fantasize about and you help me by letting me suck your cock."

"Simple as that?"

"Yes, as long as you promise to feed me your load and paint me with cum and treat me like the bad cumslut I am. Do we have a deal?"

It was my turn to smile. Even if this was a dream I was not sure it was mine. Mine were never this elaborate nor did I treat myself so well in my own dreams. Still, not wanting to throw a wrench into the gears of whose ever dream this was, I went along.

"Deal!" I said.

"Good. Now let me see what I have to work with."

And with that Lucia did something I had fantasized about for a very long time. She dropped to her knees in front of me, placed her hands on my thighs, and parted my legs. Her right palm reached out and began pawing at the growing bulge in my pants. Her eyes were fixed on my khaki covered crotch as her delicate fingers traced the outline of my stiffening shaft. In response to her eager ministrations I let out a soft moan.

"You like this, don't you?" she asked, her eyes rolling up to look at me.

"Very much," I answered with a heavy breath.

"Good. From what I can feel I think I am going to enjoy this too."

Lucia's pawing hand maneuvered my cock so it laid against my inner thigh. Her other hand left its resting place on my leg and its fingers soon found my zipper. The audible separation of the metal tangs was music to my ears. It was soon followed by the jingle of my buckle being undone. Once that symphony was finished the hand which had performed it delved into my open pants and past my boxers in search of my now unbelievably hard prick.

Few memories are powerful enough to stay with us all our lives, but I tell you this, the moment Lucia's fingers wrapped around my flesh will stay with me forever. She wasted no time freeing my manhood from its clothe prison. The cool air of her climate controlled office quickly washed over my cock as it was exposed. I noticed a glimmer in her eyes when she first saw it. It reminded me of a child opening a present and finding it was exactly what she had asked for.

"Wow!" was her first vocal reaction. "It looks perfect. How big is it?"

"Um...about 7 inches," I said.

"Perfect! Nice and thick too! This is going to be such a treat."

With that statement Lucia's long tongue snaked past her luscious lips. She lowered her head and ran her tongue along the bottom of my scrotum and up the length of my rigid shaft. Chills and electricity ran up my spine. My entire body became stiff as a board. I was afraid to move out of fear I would somehow cause it all to end too quickly. I felt her tongue reach the top of my prick. She slowly traced the circumference of the purple crown. A shiver ran through me. Her eyes locked with mine. Then her lips enclosed around the head of my cock.

The warm wetness of Lucia's mouth was like nothing I had ever experienced. I had had blow jobs before. I had had sex before. There was something about the sensations her humid sucking mouth was giving me combined with the sheer joy I saw in her eyes that made my heart beat through my chest. Another groan of pleasure was released from my mouth. Simultaneously I felt her begin to hum on my cockhead and lash her tongue against its spongy flesh.

"Oh, god!" I cried.

Lucia pulled her lips off of me with a slurp, "Do you like that?"

I nodded breathlessly. My ability to speak faded in and out by the second.

"Glad to know it," she said as she softly kissed the base of my cock. "Do you want me to suck your pretty cock?" she asked before placing another kiss higher up my shaft. "Do you want me to be your little cocksucker?" She planted one last kiss on my cockhead and then held my shaft in her hand while waiting for a response.

"Yes!" I practically screamed.

"Yes, what?" Lucia licked my cock from base to tip. "I want to hear you say it."

"Yes, I want you to be my little cocksucker!" Desperation filled my voice. I needed this woman's mouth more than I needed my next breath.

"Oooooo," she cooed and ran her tongue up my length again. "If I am your little cocksucker, what will you do for me?" Her hand repeatedly squeezed my shaft before I responded.

"If you are my little cocksucker, I will shoot my load straight down your throat. I will splatter my spunk all over your gorgeous face. I will treat you like the filthy cumslut you are."

As soon as the words left my mouth I began to wonder where they came from. Never in my life had I spoken like that. It was thrilling. I saw Lucia's lips spread wide across her face in a devilish smile. Her mouth opened and in an instant she had engulfed me, all of me. I could feel the pressure of her throat around my cockhead. There are no words to accurately describe the ecstasy I was in.

Out of nowhere I felt control over the rest of my body return to me. Not wanting to waste a minute, I immediately took action. I moved my hands from my sides and placed them atop Lucia's sucking head. My fingers ran through her lush brown hair. It was like a meadow to my touch. I started to get bolder. I applied pressure to her head in an attempt to push my cock farther down her throat.

"That's it. Suck it. Suck it all down, you dirty knobgobbler."

I felt her throat contract around me as she tried to moan. Her head tried to rise up, but I held it in place. I never wanted that feeling to end. Lucia placed her hands on my legs an pushed herself off of me. She was gasping for breath. I looked at my cock only to find it covered in the dripping remnants of her hot saliva.

"I love the enthusiasm, but you have to let me breathe once in a while, Bill." Her smile told me she was not mad. "Whew, it is getting a little hot in here."

Lucia's hands reached up to the top of her blouse. Her slender fingers began popping each button open from top to bottom. With each undone button more of her impossibly bronzed flesh came into sight. I am sure I stopped breathing when the last fastener was pulled apart. Lucia held the blouse together for a moment and then pulled it open. Her breasts were encased in a white lace bra. They were big too. They were not ridiculously large, but they were more than enough to satisfy any man, or woman for that matter. Her stomach was taught and flat. Her entire torso was a thing of beauty.

Lucia let her blouse fall from her shoulders. Her arms left the sleeves and the garment fell to the floor behind her. She reached up behind herself to the middle of her back. In an instant I saw the straps of her bra go slack. Slowly she pulled each strap off her body until the cups were held against her breasts only by her own hands. She never stopped looking at me nor did that smile leave her lips. Finally, she allowed the bra to fall away and I laid my eyes on the two most perfect tits in the world.

"Lucia, you are too beautiful for words."

"Thank you, Bill," she said as she began to caress her breasts on her own.

Her hands held them from underneath while she lightly squeezed them. Her fingers and thumbs played teasing games with her already stiff nipples. It was a weird feeling being jealous of someone else's hands. But my jealousy soon found greater heights when Lucia dipped her head and raised her left nipple to her lips. First, she gently kissed her own stiff nubbin. Then, she popped the fleshy protuberance into her delightful mouth and gave herself a hard suck. My cock had never been harder in my life and it was leaking pre-cum something awful.

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