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I do consulting work. It's my own private business I started a few years ago to make a few dollars on the side when I wasn't slaving away for office managers. Last year, I gave my two-week notice and never looked back. Business has been good.

This work has me spending time in the customer's offices. I go over their books, keep my eyes open as to how they conduct their own business and make notes for my report to the owners. They hire me for as little as one day, or as much as a month. I give them the good news and bad, then we take it from there.

Usually, the company that hires me, has me use an office of someone who was just let go. Many times, others will peak their head in the door and ask if I am so and so's replacement. I usually tell them the truth in that I am just temporary for a few days, Other times, I'll tell them I'm on probation and could be the next office manager. Most just smile at me as they back out of my temporary office digs.

Being assigned to an office and observing the staff and business are two different things, so I tend to move around the office and company a lot. Writing down notes, observing and maybe chatting to some of the workers comes all in a normal day for me.

This one assignment had a female office manager who looked like a brick house. She had the moves, the dress, the makeup, everything except for one problem: She was a bitch! And a bad one at that. Oh, she would cozy up to the bosses alright when they were around, but if you had the unfortunate luck of working directly for her, life was terrible.

I could see this in the office staff she controlled. She would skirt the fine line of harassment in front of others and make them all, male and female workers alike, feel bad. She had a long memory and would use their past mistakes to prove her point as if an iron fist was part of her jewelry. This one girl, just a cute thing out of high school, was nearly brought to tears by this monster while I was in the room. She ran a tight ship and controlled everyone. I think if it were not for the efficiency of that department, the bosses would have let her go along time ago.

After observing her, she started to get a little nervous, but defiant. You see, I wasn't working for her, just the bosses, and she knew it but was powerless to do anything. I found out that some of the office workers had put some complaints in about her and the bosses brought me in to get some concrete mistakes she was making. Her days were probably numbered.

I thought then that maybe I could use all of this to my advantage to take the pressure off each office worker there and maybe even change her attitude and let her keep her job.

I would just have to focus on her. (Be careful what you ask for.......)

It didn't take long for her to move in my direction and start to feel me out. I knew exactly what she wanted but I wasn't going to make it easy for her.

It started with the morning coffee in the company lunch area. Up until now, she had always kept her distance from me and stayed away. That was fine with me. We were introduced to each other on my first day there, but otherwise, we both gave each other lots of space.

Anyway, I was just standing at the coffee machine, filling up my favorite mug of Java when what do I hear? "How's it going?" I turned and looked and there she was. I started at the top of her auburn hair and slowly worked my eyes down. Everything was perfect. Hair, makeup, eyes were all excellent. Her black dress and gold jewelry were an excellent match as well. I slowly moved my eyes up and let them linger at her breasts (wondering what her nipples looked like) and then back up to her eyes.

I was going to have to be really good to pull this off. I'll have to use all my creative skills to tame her and let her keep her job, ease the pressure off of all the office workers and....get her to want to give me the fuck of the year.

I looked right into her eyes and said "Things are going well for me. Your name was Joan, right?" "That's right. I wanted some coffee too and thought maybe we could sit down and chat about what you're up to in my department." What a smile she had when she said that. She was direct, I'll give her that.

"Sure. Let's go to my office and we can chat." I led the way. This is when I start to get paid, I thought to myself. The office the bosses let me use was very nice. It was better than Joan's by far. The whole office environment just oozed of success.

I told her to sit down in the chair on the side of the desk while I sat at the desk. I wanted her as close as possible to watch her body and facial expressions when I would be candid with her. I took a good long sip of coffee, put it down and asked her "Ok. I'm all ears."

She started to explain that she thought she knew why I was there and that it had to do with her. "Hmmm...could be, but then I'm not willing to talk about it just now. It's still early morning and I haven't had my coffee yet, but maybe later" I said. It seemed like a good idea for her to back out and come back in the afternoon. I thought it was a good idea too and watched her walk out.

I picked up the phone and called my friend Mat. He and I go way back to elementary school. He also has his own business and we get together now and then, especially when either one of us needs help. I needed his help now.

Funny thing about Mat and I. We have always shared our women when we were single. Never when we were married, but we're both divorced now and for the most part, doing well.

Mat was just hanging around his condo when I called. He told me I always had good timing and what could he do for me? I said I needed him to spend a few days with me at the office to hang around, look busy and have some fun. He said that he could put one of his business suits on and that he would be right over and that I better have a female problem that he could help me fix. I just laughed and said be over at about seven in the evening at my place. He said he'd see me then.

Mat loves women more than I do. About the only thing he likes more than being around women is having sex with them. I feel the same way but Mat is multi-orgasmic. With me, I need a rest in-between. With Mat, he just keeps going, over and over.

I sipped on my coffee and decided to take a walk around the plant. You have to walk down a hallway before you come to where Joan and her staff work. With a convention going on, many were gone for the week. That was fine with me. With my office located at the end of the hallway and the remaining bosses in another section, this could be fun.

I kept myself busy all morning. Company books to go over and reports to be made. I do my own typing so my own security it good. Nobody sees anything until I publish it. The office had a deli-Friday an noon. Joan ordered in deli items on a tray so that everyone could help themselves.

Joan came up to me and asked if we're going to pick up where we left off this morning. I tell her yes, but I would rather talk at my place after work where we could relax. She thought that would be fine and I gave her my address and told her to come over about seven.

I was just putting the finishing touches to my latest report (two so far) on my home computer when I heard Mat at the door. I got up and true to form, he was dressed to kill. Mat always loved good clothes and enjoyed wearing them. He said it gave him an edge with the women. "Just one thing, where is she at?"

We both kind of grinned at each other and I asked him if he wanted to know the history about her. He told me no and that he will find out about her sooner or later.

Mat smiled and told me it's been a while since we helped each other out. We used to do this all the time but now, its just a once in a while thing. I told him it has been too long and I asked him if he were up for this. He just smiled and said it will be just like old times.

Joan came to the door and I let her in, with her not expecting anyone else but me in the room. She looked at Mat and I watched, as she was unprepared for him. Mat was all gentleman and proper like. He stood up, walked over to her, and shook her hand while I introduced them to each other. I explained to Joan that Mat was a good friend of mine that I had known for many years and helps me in my consulting business now and then.

She smiled back and I had her sit down on the couch and asked Mat to also sit down on the couch. I sat down in one of the two other chairs facing the couch. These are large single person lounging chairs that are next to each other and make for good relaxing.

I know when women are attracted to men and Joan was a textbook case with Mat. She was turned on and nervous at the same time. She had on a loose top with short pants on and sandals. I offered them both a drink and gave Mat and Joan each a red wine.

I explained to Joan that Mat was going to give me some advice on how to handle this problem with her. Joan opened her eyes wide and said that she didn't know she was a problem.

"Oh, come on Joan. I watched how you treat the office staff and cut them down. People have had it and the bosses are doing something about it with me. I'm here to give them all the news, good and bad, about what's right about their business and what's wrong. It's a report I haven't written yet, but I have lots of notes. I don't want to see you loose your job, but you're coming to the end of the road. People have quit because of you. This company won't stand for your games, especially in this economy."

I have to give Joan credit; she was handling it well. She and I both knew that with the skills she had with no degree, it would be a while before she could work her way back to where she is now.

She said "I see the light now and I'm very willing to change your mind before you write the actual report."

She looked at Mat and asked him if he had any pull with me and could he help change my mind? Mat looked back at her and said "sure, we've been buds for years. But," he said, "what's in it for me?"

Joan took the cue and started to unbutton her top. She unbuttoned each button very slowly to her waist. Her white bra started showing as she moved down. She looked at Mat and asked him to lock the door. Mat smiled and got up. Now, I see he is turned on since there is a massive tent in front of his trousers. Mat locks the door and turns around just in time to see Joan stand up and let her top fall.

I leaned back in the chair to watch. Joan was turned on to Mat when he came back and now he has the same feelings for her. She reached back and unhooked her bra and also let it fall. Wow. Joan is a large breasted woman and I can see her nipples are just begging to be sucked on.

Mat walks right up to her, smiles, cups her breasts in his hands and tells her she has a great set. She thanks him and reaches out and starts stroking his hard-on. She asks him "is this for me?" He tells her that he thinks she should kneel down for a better look. Joan does this and starts to remove his pants.

Watching this is turning me on. I now have a hard-on and I'm watching my friend tame this problem manager who is now topless and is only wearing short pants, panties and sandals.

Mat takes his shirt off while Joan unhooks his pants. She then starts on his shoes and socks, which she also removes. His pants are poking out, almost hitting her face. She reaches up and unzips his pants and lets them fall. Joan freezes. Mat has the largest cock of any man I have ever seen, probably larger than Joan has ever seen too.

She just looks at it and breathes heavy. Joan has her work cut out for her. Helping Mat step out of his pants makes her wet her lips. Mat then walks over to the chair next to me and sits down. He then tells her that he wants her naked before she works on him. Joan doesn't waste any time in taking off her sandals, short pants and panties. Her auburn hair, large breasts and shaved wet pussy are just too much for me as I unhook and unzip my pants to give my cock more room to grow.

Joan kneels down in front of Mat and starts to give his monster cock the tongue bath of the year. She is on all fours and not using her hands, just her mouth. The lamp on the table in-between the chairs Mat and I are sitting in provides excellent light for us to watch his cock slide in and out of her moist red lips. Joan starts getting into this and I watch her large breasts sway back and forth while her mouth moves slowly up and down his shaft.

Having my pants open is not enough for me as I stand up and start to strip. In no time I am naked with my cock pointing up. It's hard now and I need relief. Moving behind Joan, I reach down and open her legs up. There's still plenty of light in the room to enjoy the view of her cute asshole and pussy. Joan is completely hairless below her eyelashes. Women with bald wet pussies are such a turn-on anyway.

With her legs open, I start to feel my way around between her legs. Joan is just starting to moan now as I look up to see a pleasure face on Mat. She is way turned on now at the thought of pulling this train as I feel her wetness. One by one, she opens her pussy wide for my fingers, letting each of them probe her inner excitement. After I allow my fingers to play inside her, I try two each at a time, probing and violating her peace.

I reach over to the coffee table drawer and get out the pack of rubbers. I put one on and place my cock up to her wetness and slowly push in. Oh, soo nice. As soon as I am all the way in with her moaning, I raise my hand up and bring it down hard on Joan's lilly white ass.

"Smack" is the sound we all hear as Joan keeps moaning and sucking on Mat. I then rub her nicely to ease the pain and take a few more strokes inside her until I raise my other hand and let it come down with another "Smack" and rub this in too.

I think this is doing positive things to Joan's attitude since now she is telling me to keep fucking her. While I am happy to continue, Joan starts moving her ass back to me every way you could imagine. Raising, lowering, side to side, back and forth and all combinations in-between.

I could have continued like this but Mat said he wanted some of this action. I told him sure and laid down on my back. Joan must have had other ideas for his cock since she climbed on top of me and put my cock back in its place and continuing where we left off.

With me on my back and Joan on top of me, she looked back at him and told him to be careful. With that, Mat reached over for the rubbers, put one on, grabbed the liquid KY out of the coffee table, lubed his cock up and placed it at her back door. I could feel Joan tensing up as her pussy grabbed my cock and held me there.

Mat only had two words to say as he slipped that monster cock inside her. "Oh yea...." Joan had only one word to say. "More...." she moaned.

We all got into a rhythm. Joan had a way of moving around that kept us all happy. I think it was all a mater of chemistry that we all fucked the way we did for as long as we did. Mat was able to fit all of his cock inside her as I did the same. She rubbed her breasts all over my face and let me suck, bite, lick and kiss them over and over.

The time had come for Mat and I to unload. Joan did just that over and over with Mat and I inside her. Now, she was about to get our cum too. We told her we were about there when she said she wants us both standing and to pour it all over her face. Mat climbed off and so did Joan. Mat and I took our rubbers off while Joan kneeled in front of us, squeezing our balls and licking her lips.

She moved her lips from one cock to the other, making hard sucking sounds then moving to the other and sucking just as hard. Her hands kept busy as she firmly squeezed our balls, enjoying the sounds Mat and I were making. I would say we all were enjoying our moaning sounds together.

Joan let go of our balls and started stroking our cocks. It was all I could to hold off as long as I could. I would say Mat was close too as he was also starting to shake. Between the stroking of our cocks and sucking hard on them one at a time, Joan got what she was asking for.

Like two white rivers of cum from two purple hard-on cocks, we gave Joan her cum bath. Wave after wave hit both sides and in front of her face. She kept pumping and squeezing us while we rewarded her with spurt after spurt of hot cum facial cream. When Mat and I started to slow down, Joan started sucking. She was milking us for all she could get and all Mat and I could do is watch our cum roll off her face and breasts, down to her pussy. She traded cocks she had in her mouth, one after the other, sucking on one while milking the other. Joan then proceeded to give us a tongue bath we both would not forget. After we all came to our senses, we all moved to the shower and washed ourselves. I didn't think I had it in me, but while in the shower, Joan gave us each another blowjob and got another cum mouthful from me and another from Mat. We all dried off and dressed.

It was past eleven by now and Joan and I each had to be at work in the morning. Mat said that he didn't think she had learned her lesson and that maybe, we should do this again tomorrow. Joan agreed and even suggested that she could bring her girl friend over since she too, is oversexed. Hmmm...

What do you think? Should I continue with this and have another party.....??

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