tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Girls Ch. 01

Office Girls Ch. 01


"No! Damn!" Katrina exclaimed. Hitting keys at random on the laptop didn't unfreeze it. At least there didn't appear to be any damage to the keyboard. "What am I going to do now?" She said sinking back onto the chair. This was the tenth time of switching it on and off; the damn machine still wouldn't work.

"Bloody men. They made the damn things that's why they're so complicated." She complained. The phone rang startling her from thoughts of what she was going to tell Margaret about the computer.

"Yes. Oh! No it's OK. Sue I'm fine. Yes. This computer that's all." Katrina half listened to the inevitable gossip trying to calm down. "I'm not sure. Well if you think so. Thanks a lot." The offer of help with the laptop wasn't the relief it should have been. She wasn't looking forward to returning it to Margaret in this state but it was dangerous to let someone loose on it. What if they found the photos? That would be more embarrassing than a tongue lashing from Margaret.

The doorbell rang. "Hello Jason."

"Mum sent me to look the laptop over. Shouldn't take long." He murmured, pushing past her into the house.

Before she could object he disappeared into the small bedroom they used as a study. 'What is it with men and toys? They will spend hours playing or watching others play then in the bedroom a minutes too much bother.' She thought. Looking over his shoulder watching his hands fly over the keyboard she realised it would be impossible to stop him if he discovering the sordid little secret.

'What happened to the nerdy kid from next door?' She wondered. 'When had those broad shoulders, cute bum and long legs developed? I guess he's just been the neighbours kid all these years. How old is he now? I'm thirty four so he must be nineteen.' She mused.

"Mrs Kent?"

"Oh! Sorry. I was just thinking. Wondering if it's going to, err, live."

"Yea. Funny. Well it's dead. Whatever you had on there is lost but I can re-install Windows and have it back to you in an hour. It'll be a new blank machine though."

He was expecting her to be crestfallen at losing valuable work whereas the smile was quit genuine. It was a relief, a rescue; she could kiss him. Perhaps not, especially being from Sue's household. His mother the town gossip would start beating the tom toms in seconds. 'Married neighbour molested my son!' The message would be there but mysteriously couched in Sue speak.


Katrina prepared just a snack for dinner as Harry, her husband, was out of town on a health and safety course. While lavishing Marmite on a piece of toast the doorbell interrupted this evening's culinary delight.

"There's good news and there's bad news." Jason stated. "I'll give you the good news first." He added while leading her into the study. "The system is up and running and all the files, word documents, spreadsheets, photos have been recovered."

'If that was the good news why wasn't he smiling?' Katrina asked herself.

His hands skimmed across the keyboard. Jason could see he had her attention. "The bad news is I've got backups on CD."

"Backups? That's good isn't it?" Her voice trailed off remembering he mentioned photos. Clearing her throat she asked. "I guess I should have made them just in case. Can I have the CD? Jason." She tried to stand tall over him, mustering the authority of a neighbour and a married woman. He sat there looking smug and amused. Over his shoulder she saw the naughty photos of her and her three friends playing in succession on the monitor. In this dire situation they looked so lewd no longer the innocent little games they had played.

"The CD's are safe at home. Didn't have a chance to look at them all yet. Very interesting photos though. Would look good on the Internet. I wonder what mum would make of them?"

"No!" Katrina interrupted. "Please Jason, just bring me the CD and forget about it. I'll pay for your time."

"That's OK. I'm sure the photos will fetch a lot posted on an amateur site."

Katrina sank to her knees holding onto his looking him straight in the eyes. "You mustn't do anything with them. Don't show them to anyone. You must promise me. Please! I beg you. It would be a terrible thing to do Jason. You don't realise how much harm it would do to me and the others." She stopped suddenly realising the others shouldn't have been mentioned.

"I could promise. I might." He said, looking down her cleavage.

Her thoughts raced. 'It's not just me. The others are in those photos too. All the naughty things we got up to. I've got to stop him right now, settle it now. I can't let him go back home with the chance of his mother finding out.'

"What. What do you want Jason. What will it take to make you promise? How much?"

He reached forward cupping her breasts in large hands. With his thumbs he kneaded her nipples watching them harden.

Katrina whimpered. She knew what he wanted, had known it would be this all along, but tried not to think it.

"That's a nice dress but it would be better on the floor."

"I can't. Don't make me do this. Please!" She pleaded; the poise from being a responsible elder was completely lost.

Pushing her up by her breasts he told her. "I've seen it all anyway. I just want to see it in the flesh now."

Hoping he just wanted to look, hoping he was underneath just a naughty schoolboy she pulled away from his grasp. She tried to reassure herself that he didn't have much experience of women, wouldn't demand too much.

Seeing her stand there subdued gave him confidence. He reached forward lifting the hem of her dress to see the colour of her panties. White sensible knickers and nothing else of interest except what they concealed.

For a moment she felt so naughty letting him see her knickers but before it could overwhelm her she straightened her shoulders prepared to tell him off. There was no escaping it. He had her in the palm of his hand and knew it.

"Carry on then." He told her.

'Oh No. This can't be happening.' She felt so humiliated and stupid, especially that it was her fault getting into this mess. 'Just get it over with. Give him his little bit of a thrill to masturbate over at bedtime. It's just so crude and demeaning. Show him then show him the door.' Turning around she quickly pulled the dress over her head dumping it onto the floor at his feet in some sort of gesture of defiance.

"Now the rest."

With her face close to the wall it still wasn't far enough away from him in the small room. What did he think of her body now! A thirty-four year old wife couldn't compare with a teenage girl. Hadn't he humiliated her enough?

"Turn around. Arms down to your sides." He looked her over not seeing the worn slippers, the only thing she wore

"Very nice. The pictures don't do you justice. You should get a professional photographer."

"No I couldn't. I." What was she saying? Standing here stripped before this young man discussing photography while he examined her naked body. 'Why do I feel so relieved he likes my body? It's awful.' He obviously liked what he saw and became more afraid of where this was going.

"Back down here." He said pointing between his knees. Watching her breasts swing forward as she bent to her knees was too tempting. Jason took hold of them lifting them, smoothing them in his palms, rubbing the nipples.

Feeling her nipples reply to his caresses changed her opinion, he was more experienced than she imagined. Trying to think of something else wasn't easy. No one had ever paid so much attention to her breasts and they were enjoying it. From simple fumbling with boys to being married had been too quick. Anyway it was only since being married and putting a little weight on that they had grown. Not huge, just nice. Well he seemed to like them. It was no good the rest of her body was joining in the fun too. Any moment now her throat would give in and start to moan.

Guiding her with a firm hand she turned and moved, as he wanted her. 'I'm not putty in his hands; I'm a plastic doll. He's moving my limbs around as though I weren't here, and I'm letting him. Oh! No. That has got to stop.' She thought.

Hearing her at last moan out load he knew she was his for the taking. With her bent over the desk he was kneeling between her open legs. Continuing to lick her lips and probe her with his tongue until it ached. He finally sucked everything into his mouth.

It was as though he had sucked her insides out. A blaze of fire erupted into fireworks crackling out along every nerve fibre to her toes.

Sliding off the desk she collapsed onto his lap where he held her tight while the fire cooled. The chair rocked with her shivering for a little while then subsided. He lowered her to the floor with her head in his lap. Guiding the head of his cock into her mouth he watched her suckle it until he couldn't resist and it was his turn to close both eyes tight and moan.

Coughing with a mouthful of come she looked around for a waste bin.

"Just swallow it." He told her, while closing her mouth with a hand to her chin.

With all resistance striped away she did as he told her. 'The first time ever.' She thought. 'That other thing was a first too. My god! Wow! So that was oral sex.'


Still naked she wrapped the dress around her and sat at the foot of the stairs holding onto herself, afraid to let go. 'Who paid who?' She wondered. 'At least its over.' A twinge of guilt thumped her between the shoulders knowing she had come so much, enjoyed it too much. The dress tucked between her legs was sopping wet. It was her body not her mind that enjoyed it she told herself. "I had to do it. I had to pay the price. For June, Carol, Margaret and Harry too." The idea still didn't sound right even spoken out loud.

"Damn! He still has the CD." She whispered. 'I'll have to tell them. No I can't, I just can't tell anyone.'

The phone rang and she looked at the clock. It was only nine o'clock. It seemed nearer midnight. She hadn't made love this early for ages. 'No.' She thought. 'I'm not going to dignify it. It wasn't making love it was having sex. Damn. That sounds even worse.'


"It's me. Thought I would let you know. The CD's are safe. I'll call round tomorrow with one of them. You get home about six don't you? I'll see you then."

Katrina was too stunned to say anything, just nodded her head; she was always home by six, cooking tea for seven, in bed by ten. He just assumed she would be there waiting when she didn't answer. His words sank in. He was bringing one of them, one of them!

Katrina ran upstairs to the shower and when finished headed straight to the washing machine. As she was about to throw it in she changed her mind and took the kitchen shears and cut the dress into shreds. The smell of his sperm was still on it and in her nostrils.


Next day in the canteen Margaret took her to one side. "You look terrible Katrina. What have you been up to?"

"I just didn't sleep well last night. That's all." Katrina murmured.

"If there's something bothering you just tell me. We've been friends since school; I know when you're in trouble. What is it?"

"I'm in trouble alright. I need to talk about it. I need your advice. I need your help." Katrina said trying to keep a neutral tone in case someone overheard. Looking round furtively Katrina saw there was no one near and told her best friend almost everything.

"Tonight then. I'll support you. He won't try anything against the two of us. Well demand the lot back. I'm glad you told me, it's my problem too don't forget. We'll see how it goes then tell the others about it once it's sorted. Don't worry. I know that rolling pin in your kitchen is just for decoration but maybe this is the time to use it. Only joking. We had better get back to the office."


On seeing Jason at the door Katrina's confidence took a dive. "This is Margaret. Margaret, Jason." She introduced them not knowing where to go from there.

"Well it's nice to meet you. I've seen a lot of you all ready but those photos certainly don't do you justice. Who took them?"

Margaret could see now why Katrina had been so confused and was even surer her friend hadn't revealed all. He had the confidence of youth and good looks. He was still holding onto her hand and just from this small contact knew she would have to try hard to keep a clear head. "Now you've mentioned the photos, where are they?"

"Don't worry, they're safe. It's an unexpected pleasure that you're here. You can help Katrina pay for the first CD."

"You said you would bring it over, where is it?" She asked. What had happened to Katrina, she was standing next to her but seemed to have withdrawn into herself.

"After payment, that's the rule. Another rule is no surprises. I wont forget this surprise of you turning up, so you had better be good."

"What did you have in mind as a payment?" Margaret asked.

"I can just leave now or you can start by undressing. No more discussions until you do." He said with a smile.

Such was the tone of authority Katrina awoke from her reverie. 'I can't let him go now, not after last night. If he posts those photos on the Internet last night's ordeal would be for nothing.' She fumbled with the buttons on her dress managing to pull it away from her body.

Margaret was astonished at how quickly her friend had caved in. Standing with her arms folded across her chest she tried to look defiant.

"Please Margaret. Just do as he says. He's seen us naked in the photos so now won't hurt. Please Maggy! Just the dress." Katrina pleaded.

This wasn't the kind of support she had in mind but he did look as though he would carry out the threat. If they kept him talking they had a chance and there was always the rolling pin. Sweeping the hem of the dress up over her head she struggled with her hands caught in the short sleeves.

"Here don't struggle you'll tear it." He told her.

Feeling him close with hands around her was unnerving. Katrina had told her how he had manipulated her like a doll, gently moving her into all sorts of positions, but what else had he done to her. She began to see why her friend had given in to him. With his breath pattering on her cleavage and her neck she couldn't help thinking it was a long time since a man had undressed her. Before she could protest the bra was released with a quick pinch to the catch.

A tug at the dress released her long dark hair and with a quick flick it cleared free of her face to see his close smiling face. Her arms were still enfolded in the dress above her head where he held it tight. If he had attempted to kiss her she might have bitten him but he turned his head and kissed her ear, licked it and whispered.

"Your beautiful. Delicious too." He told her.

The matter of fact tone of his voice implied he meant it. The sensations of his breath tuned her nerves leaving them tingling enough for her to believe it. Opening her mouth to say something in defence he sucked her top lip and nibbled it. Deeply kissing her it felt as though her whole body were being assaulted by writhing sensations leaving her weak. It was as though she were being held up by him, her knees too weak to support her.

A hand pressed a breast pulling on a nipple. Her hands were trapped, wrapped in the dress unable to stop him. The wicked hand slid into her panties cupping her there. Not delving or probing just holding it. Feeling the reaction to his hand forced a word of protest from her mouth only it emerged as a whimper.

Her arms stayed stiffly where they were when he released them to kneel before her. Pressing his lips against her erect nipples he sucked them hard. Unable to move she had no choice but let him devour them. Having her ears caressed had always been a turn-on, having her nipples bitten was a new addition to a deficient list of irresistible sensations.

Completely unaware he had moved her to the sofa she sank back with him pressing his face between her legs. With a finger probing each hole she laid back with trembling legs spread wide, unable to move. With him giving her the same treatment Katrina had experienced the night before, Margaret would understood why her friend had capitulated so easily, once rational thought had returned.

Breathing heavily Margaret slumped back into the sofa with eyes tightly shut slowly coming too, still in the afterglow of a shattering orgasm.

Jason looked down at Katrina on her hands and knees staring at her friend spellbound, unable to look away. "Your turn. On the sofa." Jason commanded her.

She shook her head unable to move. He took her by the scruff of the neck and guided her onto the sofa and pulled her legs apart. Without preamble he dived into her wetness with two fingers another probing her bottom. With lips and teeth he chewed her lips then sucked her into his mouth the fingers all the time teasing her swollen bud. Arching her back she came long and loud.

It was Margaret's turn to watch her friend being taken. Hers had been a quiet long drawn out affair whereas Katrina was noisily moaning while shaking her hips into Jason's face. Not attempting to free herself she simply laid back, not enjoying the spectacle and not repulsed by it, just accepting it. When her friend was at last sated she watched her eyes slowly open, disorientated as though waking from a dream.

Jason had disappeared to the bathroom leaving the two women to recover.

"Have you ever experienced anything like that before?" Margaret hummed the words between pursed lips still unable to regain control.

"Only once. Last night." Katrina whispered, her throat thick with emotion.

Margaret nodded her head in understanding.

Jason appeared before them and knelt. Margaret hadn't recovered enough to even close her legs. She heard the sound of a spray can. Startled on feeling her lips being pulled she looked down to see a hand holding a razor close to her pubic hair.

"Hold still." Jason commanded her.

Pulling her cramped arms from over her head she meant to stop him but they were still trapped. 'What would she tell Jim?' How could she explain this to her husband was the first thought to race through her mind, not that a complete stranger was doing this awful thing to her. With the razor scraping away foam with curly black hairs she stiffened with fright afraid of being cut. When he blew upon a bare patch it was all she could do not to shiver with delight. She watched in dismay her bald pussy emerge under his fingertips. Smoothing the sensitive skin with a light touch together with puffs of air from his lips brought a whole new set of sensations to an already overwrought body.

Without a word he moved over to Katrina who at least had witnessed what was about to happen though it was still a shock. Inner feelings were being reawakened. Throughout the shaving it was an ordeal not to react, not to let go, as she needed to. Having held back it was all the more eruptive when she came a second time in a raucous orgasm.

"Another rule. You will call me sir. Whenever no one else is around of course. Now its my turn." Jason commanded while looming over them large and bold, smiling a self satisfied throaty laugh. He sat between them putting his arms around their shoulder to guide their heads into his lap.

He watched their first tentative laps around the head of his cock. Both tongues explored it, competing for it. Margaret licked its length while Katrina sucked on its head. As it disappeared into Katrina's mouth Margaret was reduced to sucking on his balls. When he came they were so intent on his cock they were unprepared for his withdrawal for it to spurt come into their faces. Like kittens at a milk bowl they enthusiastically licked him clean.

"Well ladies that was a good start. Remember the rules and I won't punish you. You can stop now or you'll wear it away." Jason took them both by the shoulders and squeezed them tight, kissing each in turn. Neither knew whether to cry or laugh, their faces betraying the confusion at what they had done and why.

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