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Office Manager


Our new office manager Cindy was a perfect hire, a real ball buster. In less than two weeks she whipped our office into shape. She worked well with our guys because she was older, 40-something and a bit homely, maybe forty pounds overweight. No one wanted to date her, they just stay out of her way.

One evening I was leaning back in my chair in my office with my eyes closed when Cindy walked in and asked if everything was okay. I was so stressed out. We got fired from one of our largest accounts earlier in the day and I had to fire one of our engineers. It wasn't a fun day. I admitted that it was a tough day and I was stressed out.

Cindy told me she had a trick that would quickly relieve my stress. I laughed and told her to take her best shot. She sat in the chair facing mine and told me to close my eyes. She then placed her hand over my eyes, holding the lids down with her palm and fingers. What she did next nearly caused me to jump out of my chair. With her other hand she pressed it against my crotch, kneading her hand back and forth over my pants. I grabbed her hand and pushed it away as she said, "Just relax, trust me, this works." Still covering my eyes I let go over her hand and placed my hands on the arms of my chair.

As she began pressing her hand against my crotch she began telling me to relax over and over in a soft, pleasant voice. It wasn't relaxing, in fact it was terribly stressful. Even more stressful when I began to get an erection. As she felt my penis get hard she said, "That's it, don't fight it, let it come." Then she said, "I am going to remove my hand, don't open your eyes, keep them closed."

She moved her hand away from my eyes and together with her other hand she unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect penis. She sat on the edge of her seat and began rubbing it, slowly at first and then faster and faster. I kept my hands on the arm rests and my eyes closed as Cindy gave me a hand job. Once I had ejaculated she caught my semen in a tissue and helped me zip up my pants. She asked, "What did I tell you, didn't that relax you."

I laughed and said, "Well, I am not thinking about the client or the employee anymore." She quickly excused herself and I left the office.

Cindy began coming into my office regularly in the evening to 'help me relax'. One evening I laid down on the couch as she straddled my legs to get better access to my crotch as she began to give me a hand job. She always insisted that I keep my eyes closed and this evening she told me to 'hold on' as she let go of my penis to adjust her skirt or something. I was surprised when she leaned forward and instead of grasping my penis with her hands she had pressed my penis inside of her vagina.

I immediately opened my eyes as Cindy began to ride my cock. It felt good. I couldn't believe what I was doing. Cindy wasn't attractive, but she was on my cock. I watched as Cindy fucked me and to my continued surprise she unbuttoned her shirt and bra and pulled my hands to her breasts. Cindy asked, "Does this feel good? Do you want me to stop?" I didn't want her to stop, but I didn't want her to know that. I didn't respond. I was about to have an orgasm when Cindy told me, "Just make sure you let me know before you cum so I can get off." I must have had a panicked look on my face as I began to cum inside of her. She could feel my semen filling her as she quickly rose up off of my penis. My semen was dripping out of her onto my stomach as she said to me, "You have to suck it out, NOW!"

Cindy lowered her vagina over my mouth and I didn't have much choice but to suck my own semen out of her. I think she was enjoying it as she began moaning as I continued to eat her pussy. When I was done she cleaned me off and climbed back on my semi-rigid penis. As she did I got hard again, having only partially cum she began riding me again, this time she was having her own orgasm. I felt myself getting ready to ejaculate again as Cindy arched her back and began really getting into her orgasm. She was cursing and moaning and almost yelling as I felt myself ejaculate inside of her again. Cindy didn't realize it this time and kept going until she was done.

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