tagBDSMOffice Play Ch. 03

Office Play Ch. 03


Surprisingly, to Diane at least, the rest of the week at work went on pretty much as usual. The new outfits she had purchased were the only ones she wore, Juan checked her out every day that she was there, and for the most part Michael ignored her. At first she had been very surprised by his apparent lack of interest in her, but every so often he would do something little that would send her mind rushing back to that day on his desk. A couple times he came up behind her while she was at the copy machine and pushed his groin into her ass, once he had called her into his office and just sat there looking at her for a few minutes before dismissing her again (by the time he had let her go she was bright red and desperately wondering what was going to happen), and a couple other times he had taken the casual liberty of feeling her breast through her blouse while she sat typing.

But for her aching pussy, there was nothing. The biggest difference was that she spent every night masturbating before going to bed, and her level of sexual tension was the highest it had ever been. A few times she'd even gone into the restroom during her lunch break to get off because she couldn't wait till she got home. None of her orgasms gave her the relief she was looking for though. Although adept at getting herself off, her own orgasms were almost never as good as they were with a partner - and compared to the high level of pleasure that would have been possible that day on the desk, she was feeling woefully inadequate. The mere presence of Michael in the room with her got her wet, she was always glad when he was safely immured in his office when the door was closed. More work got done.

The next week she was starting to feel like maybe her performance the week before had been disappointing for him and that she would never find her satisfaction. Little known to her, Michael was quite enjoying the torment he was putting her through. He'd always had security cameras all over the office, and watching Diane rub her legs together under her skirts until she got desperate enough to go to the bathroom to relieve her tension was enticing, her actual performances in the bathroom were entrancing, and he wasn't ready to give in to her need yet. Soon though, very soon. Still, no reason to totally deny himself while dancing her on a string.

Diane was anxious when she was called into his office yet again that Thursday. Standing in front of his desk while he examined her, she wondered if it was going to be a repeat of last time where she would be dismissed without either of them saying a word. That would mean another trip to the bathroom for her, who knew what it meant for him. Finally, he snapped his fingers and gestured to a spot next to his chair. Immediately, she moved. Once in position he examined her again, agonizingly slow. Just being this close to him was causing her pussy to start leaking, and there were images of last week flashing through her mind.

"Take off your jacket." That incredibly sexy deep voice breaking the silence. Fingers flashed to the buttons, undoing them and shedding the offensive article of clothing. Standing only in a sheer white blouse with her red bra clearly visible through it, she could feel her nipples hardening as his gaze raked her chest. Bright white teeth... such a beautiful smile she thought. "The shirt." Shivers, slight hesitation... last week had been easier when he'd done everything for her. But if this was what she had to do to get her orgasm, she would do it. Strip, beg, plead, anything he wanted, if he'd only fill her pussy with the beautiful dick that had filled her mouth and throat. Trembling with anticipation, she removed the shirt. Hard nipples were clearly poking out from her breasts, begging for attention... he reached up his hand and gently rubbed each, causing them to stand further at attention while Diane arched her chest forward and panted for breath.

Smiling, smiling, "The bra." And it was gone. Proud 34D's, perky even without their support, topped with puckered cherry nipples. Now Michael reached up both his hands, sliding them up her slim waist and curving out to cup the undersides of her breasts. Breathe was coming raggedly as he roughly crushed them in his palms. Minutes were spent rolling the heavy globes between his hands, stroking lightly circles inward but never quite touching her nipples. He palmed her nipples, pushing harshly onto her whole breasts, and squeezing hard, mashing them together. Finally he grabbed one in each hand and pulled her forward and down until she was straddling her lap. Then, eyes level with hers and staring deeply, he crushed each delicate nub between his fingertips. A wordless cry, moaning, back arched towards the ceiling, the pain felt soooo good after the length of teasing. He pulled harshly on them, causing more moans, more pain, more pleasure. Parted legs over his lap, the spread causing her pussy lips to gape around her thong - which was already soaked - and her breasts were turning pink with the rough treatment they were receiving. Glazed eyes stared into deep brown ones as short breaths caused Diane's tortured breasts to heave.

Finally her gaze turned downward, to the hands that were playing with her body... the sight was astounding. His very large hands covered her breasts completely, and the color contrast between her slightly tanned skin and his dark black skin was so striking that she couldn't look away. Large black sausage sized fingers plucked at her tender nipples, which were becoming more sensitive every second. Watching them crush the tender buds she was amazed at how malleable her breasts were, how much they could be crushed. And how much pleasure it sent coursing straight down to her eager pussy. She could also see the bulge straining underneath his pants, and she could feel both her mouth and her pussy getting wetter at the sight.

Then his fingers closed roughly on her nipples again, causing her to gasp, and using her nipples he pulled her down off his lap until she was kneeling in front of him. "Unzip me". Again, hesitation. If she did this, there would be no way to deny complicity in her situation, this time she was not incapacitated and she did have some control. The sudden harsh slap to her right breast motivated her though, and small white hands unzipped his pants and pulled out the very hard and very heavy black dick. She wrapped both hands around the shaft, and was about to lower her head when he said "Stop." Startled she pulled back, and watched as he opened a drawer to the left of her head and pulled out a very familiar piece of rope. Smiling, he pulled her forward so that her head was resting on his thigh, breath warmly sliding over his dick, and he tied her hands together then to her arms in the same configuration as the week before. Leaning back in his chair he looked down at the sweet and beautiful face next to his dick before giving his next command.

"Suck." The command was almost unnecessary, she was so eager to have some part of him inside any part of her. Her lips slid tightly over the head, tongue licking and probing the small slit at its tip. A long deep sigh escaped him as her mouth continued it's slow voyage down the shaft, velvety soft confines for such a hard tool. Although she tried to get her mouth all the way down, like she had the week before, on her own it seemed impossible; so instead she just began working her mouth up and down as much of his dick as she could. The going got easier the longer she was doing it, hampered though she was by her bound hands, it made it hotter for her - and the view was spectacular for him. Her brunette head was bobbing eagerly, red lips sliding pleasantly over his dick, and with her hands behind her back her pinkened breasts with their angry red nipples were thrust forward and rubbing against his legs and chair. Unable to resist the temptation he reached down and started mauling her breasts again as she enthusiastically sucked him.

With something almost like amusement he started using her breasts and nipples as leverage to make her move as slowly or as quickly as he liked, and he started pulling her farther and farther towards him, forcing her to choose between choking down more of his dick or feeling steadily increasing pain in her breasts. Glancing at his clock he realized it was almost time for him to get back to work, although he had allotted himself a certain amount of time to enjoy her today he couldn't let himself fall behind on work either; so he reached up to her hair and undid it from the elegant knot in the back of her hands. Then, winding his large hands through her curls, he began forcing her mouth further and further onto his dick, until she was consistently taking its entire length down her throat again with his help.

He could feel the cum starting to rise, and reached down with his left hand to crush her breast while his right drove her mouth home and he thrust his groin up. Tears sprang to her eyes at the pain in her breast, but very quickly she was too busy swallowing the cum flowing down her throat to think too much about it. In this position it felt like his dick was even farther down her throat then when she had been bent over the desk, he could feel all her throat muscles pulsing around his dick as he released his load down her throat. Heavenly. He smiled down at the beautiful and eager little cocksucker who was still sucking and softly licking despite the fact that the dick in her mouth was slowly diminishing in size. Although when she had first began working for him he had wondered if she might be the type to enjoy his style of sex, he hadn't expected her to turn out to be such a wonderful find. Fingers slipped down to pinch each of her nipples hard, and then used them to tug her off his dick.

Even though she looked up at him, pleadingly, on her knees in her begging position, she didn't even bother to ask the question that she had last week. It was as though she already knew that asking wouldn't make any difference, everything was up to him now. He smiled. Soon, soon. When her arms were untied he smiled at her again, "Under the desk little girl". She sighed and moved under, resigned to another night of masturbating before going to sleep. When he moved his chair up to his desk she immediately took his dick in her mouth, her hands cupping his balls and stroking his thighs. Twice more that afternoon she sucked him to completion, a few times he reached under to play with her breasts some more, although not as harshly as he had earlier. By the time the day was over she felt a little sick, she'd never swallowed so much cum in such a short period of time, but part of her was very content. Before getting dressed, Michael had had her straddle his lap again and had taken each of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard and then nipping each one.

That night when she masturbated she turned her own breasts pinker than he had. She fell asleep slightly more satisfied than she had the night before.


Friday passed as normal, then the weekend, and back to work on Monday. Diane was starting to feel like a dog in heat. Passing men on the street would send thoughts of sex into her head, any man, and sometimes she was tempted to just bring home a random stranger, just so she could get laid. But she had a feeling that the intensity, the tension, none of it would be there, and she would be no more satisfied than she was after masturbating. So instead she waited. Waited for Michael. There was more small play in the office. One time Juan came in while Michael had his hands down her shirt as he stood behind her while she typed, she thought she would die of embarrassment but Juan just grinned knowingly at her while her faced turned bright red. While Juan moved about the office getting his work done Michael played extra roughly with her breasts. She just kept her head down, unwilling to see Juan looking at them from the corner of her eye, Michael was obviously letting Juan get glimpses into her shirt. It was even more shameful having Juan knowing, although now she was sure that she knew why he was paid so highly. Since that first Monday there were no more women coming into the office to visit Michael, and she was relieved. There was no way she'd be able to stand wondering just what was going on in his office when she had been in there twice herself. Wondering if they were taking his wonderful cock into their pussies. Wondering if he got them off. Apparently having a regular woman in the office that he could play with at his every whim meant that he didn't need the flow of women anymore... or something anyway. She didn't know what, and she didn't really care as long as they weren't coming. Nighttime now saw her on erotic stories and picture sights, and every night the sites were getting more and more kinky and perverted. She was considering doing things that she would have never thought possible, if only Michael would fuck her, if only he'd get her off. The sites with pictures of interracial couples were what really got her going. The memory of seeing Michael's dark hands on her light body was enough to make her start creaming. On Wednesday afternoon he finally called her into his office again. This time, rather than playing the staring game, he was standing next to a new piece of furniture. A desk, similar to his own, but a bit shorter in length, set up perpendicular to his own desk, forming a 90 degree angle. The only thing on it was a small pillow. His grin was brighter than the sun at midday and more evil than Machiavelli.

"Come here little girl." When she was standing directly in front of him he reached behind her head to undo her hair, as it tumbled around her shoulders he tangled his hand in the back of it and pulled her forward for their first actual kiss. Her hands flew up to his broad chest, feeling the muscles under it, his other hand reached around to the small of her back and pulled her in. Next to his broad, powerful frame she felt small, helpless, a tiny kitten against the lion pride leader. As she clung to him, he deepened the kiss, probing her mouth with his tongue. A small whimper escaped her. When he finally released her she was shaking, and she stood there submissively as he slowly began taking off her clothes. First her jacket and her blouse, then he undid her skirt and let it drop to the ground. She stood there in her matching bra and thong, with her panties and heels, shivering with tension. Lightly stroking along her body, he slowly worked his way around to removing her bra, and then her underwear, leaving her in just her stockings and heels. It was the first time he had ever fully exposed her to him, and she felt vulnerable in a whole new way. For the first time in days, she also felt hopeful that maybe now would be the time.

"Get on the table", it was cool and smooth under her ass cheeks. Michael pushed her down so that she was laying lengthwise, the pillow under her head. Then he opened a drawer and pulled out the ball-gag, which she didn't even fight, then he tied her wrists together and lifted them over her head and tied them to the desk. Two more lengths of rope were used to tie her ankles to her thighs and then to each side of the desk.

Full exposed, her breasts jutting outwards, pussy and ass gaping between her spread thighs she made a beautiful sight. Michael pulled out another small pillow and moved down so that he was looking between her spread legs and let out a low whistle. "Beautiful." Smiling, she smiled back, through the gag, pleased that the sight was pleasing to him. She was full of hope, brimming with it. The small pillow was placed under her ass, lifting it very slightly so that both her holes were exposed to the world. Soft warm breath blew on them enticingly as Michael leaned in close, her whole body quivered with anticipation.

Then Michael opened another drawer and started bringing out a whole bunch of things, which she couldn't quite see because he placed them on his down desk. One large black hand reached out and started playing with her nipple, pinching and pulling. When both her nipples were hard he brought the first of his toys into her line of sight, clamps that looked like tweezers, three of them on a delicate Y shaped chain. Eyes wide open at the sight of this fearsome object, she tried to object through the gag, and even tried to wiggle a bit to move away, which earned her a sharp slap on her exposed and open pussy. As nice as it was to have him finally touch her pussy again it hurt a lot too, enough that she immediately stopped struggling. The clamps were placed on each of her nipples, and he tightened them until each of her cherry colored buds were in a firm, and slightly painful grip, then he moved down between her legs, laying the third clamp on her shaved mound (just as he had asked her to do the week before), and leaving her no doubt as to where that third clamp would go.

Pussy juices were already dripping down her crack onto the pillow, as Michael leaned down between her legs again he could inhale the sweet scent of her. She shivered as the first touch of his tongue traced her outer pussy lips, tantalizing her. It then moved inwards, slowly, finally he actually began to lick into her hole. After so many days of only getting attention from herself it was heaven. Wonderfully, he moved his tongue up and flicked her clit with it, running his tongue all around it and tugging at it with his teeth. Then he stood again and grinned at her as he attached the third clamp securely to her clit. Sure it hurt, but it felt so good too, she was grinding her hips, trying to get him to touch her some more, making mewling noises through her gag. He chuckled at her movements and went back to the objects on his desk.

A minute later he was back between her legs with three objects, he held up the KY jelly for her to see, along with a strange bullet looking object with a wide base, which she had never seen its like before. It wasn't hard to get the idea though as he spread KY jelly all over it, and then used his finger to spread it around her asshole, finally spearing her ass with his coated finger. She objected strongly, trying to clamp down on his finger as it pushed its way in, making negative sounds through her gag, praying that he was just toying with her. Vain hope, as soon as he felt she was sufficiently lubricated he used one hand to hold down her pelvis while he began slowly working the toy up her ass. Stretching, he worked the toy in and out, loosening her hole, it hurt but it felt somewhat pleasant in a strange way too. Finally she decided to just accept the inevitable... after all, just the night before she had been thinking that she would do anything if he would just fuck her, hadn't she? And the toy was really only maybe an inch around at its base, that would be so bad would it? If this was what she had to do, then so be it.

When the plug finally popped fully into her ass she felt full and bloated, it was snug, and even though she pushed experimentally to see if she could get it to pop out, there was no way she would be able to force herself to make her own ass wide enough to get it out. Also, that might make Michael angry, and she didn't want to do that right now either. Not with him between her legs like that. Finally he inserted the last object into her pussy, it was cool and hard, and not very large, then it started to vibrate. He'd inserted a vibrating egg, she knew because she had one at home. It was always good for foreplay, just enough to titillate her, but never enough that she could get off. Then, as the toy in her ass came to life, she jumped. Michael smiled at her, and moved to his desk where he started to work again.

Time passed, she didn't know how much because she couldn't see a clock. All her attention was focused on the toys in her, the slight ache in her breasts, the heavy ache in her pussy and clit, and the fullness of her ass. Every part of her was straining towards the final rush of orgasm, but no matter how close she got, it always stayed just out of reach. There just wasn't enough stimulation from the egg, even though the clamp had her clit in a firm grip it definitely wasn't enough to finish her off. Little did she know but she was starting to become very distracting to Michael, with her moanings and gasps which were muffled by the ballgag but still not totally silent, the slight sheen of sweat over her body, and the slowly overpowering smell of her pussy filling the room. He left her there for only about 15 minutes before he finished his brief, and rolled his chair over so that he was sitting directly next to her stomach.

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