tagBDSMOffice Play Ch. 07

Office Play Ch. 07


Diane and Michael ate lunch, chatting amiably. She felt almost as though she was living in some kind of twilight zone; they were both naked in a gorgeous kitchen, her with a sore ass, and there was nothing in either demeanor to suggest that this was anything other than normal. It felt good though, to be like this. Despite the discomfort of sitting on the chair she felt more complete and happy than she had since she was a young child. There was something refreshing and wonderful about having no real control, not having to think, just following the orders of someone else. Although she had no real choice in what happened to her, she felt like she was really free for the first time in her life.

After lunch she felt contentment as he tied her wrists together in front of her and swept her into his arms to carry her back to the basement. Michael was quite content and pleased to, with Diane's head nestled trustingly on his shoulder, her compliance with everything so far this weekend, everything was turning out just as he had hoped. She was going to be a wonderful submissive when he finished training her. He would start with real training this week. And he had some wonderful plans for her, which he was pretty sure she'd enjoy immensely.

The last part of her punishment would be on the tall, triangular horse. Michael had spent all the past week rounding the top and sandpapering it so that it was smooth, to keep it from really injuring her. Not that she'd enjoy it too much. He placed her on top of it, one leg on either side, the rounded top spreading her pussy lips apart and pressing in directly onto it. Quickly she pushed leaned forward so that she could put most of her weight onto her bound hands, her big toes were just barely touching the floor and she could really put any weight onto her feet. A pause for a moment, it would be interesting to see how long she would be able to hold herself up, taking the pressure off her pussy, on the other hand he didn't want her to fall off. Decision. He raised her arms above her head and tied them securely onto the long rope hanging from the ceiling. Diane groaned in pain as the positioning of her arms forced her body weight to rest squarely on the rounded wood fitted uncomfortably into her pussy.

Michael stood in front of her grinning. "This is the last part of your punishment. You've been so good this weekend." Although she was sweating and uncomfortable Diane smiled back at him, happy that she'd made him happy, a feeling of profound contentment and pleasure sweeping through her at his pronouncement. Trepidation returned in some measure as he walked over to the wall and picked up a small rubber whip.

"Be a good girl now, don't make any noise." Diane nodded. Beginning by slapping her body lightly, the whip almost felt pleasant as the many rubber strands wrapped around her body, stinging lightly but pleasantly, making her skin pinken. The slaps became slightly harder, wrapping around her stomach, waist and boobs, several times he hit so that the ends of the strands whipped around her body to smack her nipples. Keeping back her moans she tried to keep her movement to a minimum as the wood pressed into her pussy, intensifying the whipping. Speed and intensity picking up Michael began concentrating a lot of the strikes onto her ass and breasts, heating them with the stinging sensation produced by the whip.

After her breasts and ass were turned a bright pink and there were small whip marks over her stomach and back where the end of the whip strands had hit, Michael hung the whip back up and picked up a riding crop. Diane was gasping and glistening with sweat, trying not to pay attention to her pussy, which was starting to ache even more than the rest of her body.

"You were a good girl, so it's only going to be 10 hits with the crop." he smile, "You can make noise if you need to." It was a good thing that he'd left that open to her, because as the first hit connected with her ass she shrieked, and jerked, which made her groan in pain as her pussy was pushed harder onto the triangle that was mashing into it. THWACK! Another stripe, laid in an X shape across the first one.

THWAK! THWAK! THWAK! Five stripes were laid across her ass, leaving upraised reddened outlines. Then Michael moved around to the front of her.

THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! Screams erupted from her as the crop moved quickly over her already pinkened breasts, a short moment where Michael allowed her to catch her breath, and then THWACK!!!!! She jumped and screamed as the flat of the crop hit squarely across both her nipples, causing them to redden and jut out in shock and pain. Diane barely moved as Michael untied her hands from the rope above her head and undid the rope binding her wrists together, murmuring that she was a good girl. Her body slid off the triangular horse, into his arms, leaving behind a very wet spot on the wood where her pussy had rested. Tears leaked from closed eyes and every line of her body quivered in exhaustion. Carrying her over to the carpeted part of the floor, Michael laid her down and kissed her lips as he began moving his dick into her pussy.

The burning pressure he caused in her already crushed pussy caused Diane to wake up a little, her eyes flew open and she tried to push at the body on top of her. Michael just chuckled at her feeble attempts at removing him, and grasped each of her wrists in one of his hands as he slid home. Moving slowly, carefully, he began pumping in and out of her abused pussy as she moaned and squirmed beneath him. His movements began picking up speed, rubbing over her crushed clit, and adeptly pulling feelings of pleasure out of her protesting body. Before she knew it, Diane was having one of the most painful orgasms of her life, her crushed and bruised pussy forced to its climax by the knowledgeable movements of Michael's body.

When both of them had spent themselves, and the sounds of Diane's cries had stopped echoing off the walls, Michael carefully pulled himself out of her pussy, and lowered his head to kiss it. Whimpering at even this slight touch to her overextended and sensitive nether regions, she was shocked that he'd even managed to give her an orgasm. But she felt happy as he gently stroked her hair, and smiled down at her in pleasure. She'd been a good girl. Sighing in contentment, she winced as she tried to move her legs together, and he picked her up gently once more, one of her arms crept up to wrap around his neck.

Upstairs Michael spread soothing ointment over the red stripes caused by the cropping, soothing away the hurt in her breasts and ass. Then they took a long bath together, where he gently soaped her body and washed her hair. Then, as in the morning, Diane took a nap before dinner, completely exhausted, even though she'd slept more that day than any other.

Chinese food was ordered for dinner, and they watched a movie, which was punctuated by Michael occasionally toying with her breasts, and very gently with her pussy. Although she was sore all over, Diane couldn't help feeling stirrings of arousal at the gentle touches. On her volition, halfway through the movie she moved down and gave Michael a blowjob, for the first time managing to fit his entire dick into her mouth and down her throat on her own. She reveled in the feeling of triumph as she swallowed him whole, over and over, his fingers were spread through her hair, but totally for his pleasure rather than using them to help her down on his dick. The rest of the movie, even after the blowjob was over, she spent between his legs, her head resting on his leg, while his hands ran through her hair, playing with the brown curls. Something about being on the floor while he sat on the couch, resting at his feet, just was more fulfilling than sitting next to him on the couch.

That night she got one of her treats, Michael worked her over with his tongue, gently. Sucking on her nipples, flicking them with his tongue, and gently nibbling - just enough to make her body arch in slight pain, but the pain was as pleasurable as the rest of it. Two fingers moved over her pussy, coaxing juices out of it as he palmed her breast with the other hand and sucked her nipple. Despite the slight discomfort on her sore body parts, she couldn't help but respond with pleasure at it all, although the thought of actual sex made her wince a little. To her surprise, Michael made no move in that direction, instead he gently tongued her pussy, inserting two fingers into it while his tongue danced over her clit. One finger gently ran pussy juices over her ass and began to push in, rubbing the fingers in her pussy through the inner lining. Because of the soreness in her pussy and ass, it almost felt as though she had two huge dicks in her ass and pussy, she felt totally full just with his fingers, and when he sucked her clit totally into his mouth, nipping it gently with his teeth, she came immediately, clutching at the bed sheets and calling out his name.

He kissed her afterwards, ignoring her distasteful expression at the taste of her pussy on his lips. It was salty sweet, but not something that she cared to taste, but she did want to kiss Michael back. They fell asleep, her slight body curled against his darker and much larger one.

Sunday was a day for decadence. He spoiled her outrageously, asking what her favorite dishes were and making them, she got a full body massage with oils, and they spent some time just splashing and playing in the Jacuzzi. Yet there wasn't a single moment that she felt like he wasn't in control, despite the fact that everything was being done for her.

Around early afternoon he began her training. She learned four different positions, each one to be assumed when he gave the order, no matter what.

One was the least exposing. She just had to stand with her feet spread apart and place her hands behind her head, thrusting her breasts out.

Two meant spreading her legs wide and bending over to hold her ankles. The thought of having to do that in one of those short skirts she normally wore to work made her blush, they would definitely ride up almost to her waist in that position.

Three involved getting on her knees, putting her ankles together with her knees spread apart and leaning back onto her elbows so that her pussy was spread open and exposed while her breasts jutted out obscenely.

Four was the worst though. Humiliating, she had to get on her knees, press her face to the floor, and reach back with her hands to spread her ass and pussy with her fingers, exposing herself completely. If she was wearing a skirt, she had to lift it up, and Michael implied that pants were not normally going to be acceptable, but if she did happen to be wearing them, they would have to go. The position made her feel shameful, dirty and turned on all at once, she was helping in her own abasement. Exposing herself in such a manner, even just to Michael, caused her face to turn bright red in embarrassment, she'd never had to open herself so completely to anyone.

The good part about it was that she was so quick at following his orders and learning the positions that she got one more treat before he sent her home. They went up to the bedroom where he gently and attentively made love to her. She felt like a princess as he stroked her hair and body, moving gently but strongly in and out of her, she reveled in running her own hands up and down his dark body, and the beautiful contrast of their skin colors. Wrapping her legs around his body, she spread herself open for him, moving her hips against his in motion. Although it wasn't as intense, she still felt as though she was vulnerable to him, and as she began to ride the wave of her orgasm she marveled at his staying power. Higher and higher he sent her, pumping in and out of her as she clutched at him, crying out in pleasure, when he finally came she'd reached a level of orgasm that was almost painful to experience.

Afterwards, he lay on top of her, just finding pleasure in having her body underneath his, feeling his dick slowly shrinking to its normal state inside of her. He moved his body a little against her pussy, making her wince and moan as he rubbed against heavily sensitized flesh. Still, she sighed in reluctance as he pulled out of her.

They got dressed, a kiss goodbye and she was gone.

That night Michael stayed up late. Planning.

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