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Office Rules


I liked my job well enough. It was quiet, steady, and the pay was nice. Not only that, but the office environment was pretty relaxed. In fact, about the only rule that I ever saw enforced was that there was to be no romantic involvement between co-workers. Given I had only worked with men and the occasional woman over fifty, this didn't seem to be a problem for me. But that all changed the minute my boss hired his new assistant, Nicole.

Luscious doesn't begin to describe Nicole. A dark sultry complexion and long dark chocolate brown hair lent her an air of mystery that was only compounded by her smoldering eyes. Her teeth were perfectly white behind full, pouting lips. Her curves were the sort you'd expect to see in a lingerie catalog. And to top it all off, she had a tight little ass that just begged to be squeezed and full firm breasts that shifted tantalizingly with every move she made. In short, she was the modern embodiment of the sex goddess that had been imagined and lusted over since the beginning of time.

On top of all of that, she knew just how hot she was and made sure to dress accordingly. She knew the rules about no romantic entanglements, but her outfits seemed designed to make her look like she was behaving, but anyone paying attention knew better. She always dressed in nicely tailored skirts that just happened to fall just above the knee so that whenever she leaned over to reach a bottom drawer the fabric stretched and gave a perfect outline of her ass and the skimpy boy shorts she always wore underneath. On top it was always a silk blouse with a lot of little tiny buttons. Having the few extra buttons let her leave her blouse a little more open than most other people could. If you were lucky, when she leaned over you could catch a glimpse of her lace demi cup bra that barely controlled her full luscious breasts. And when she wasn't leaning over, she would stretch her arms behind her back making her buttons look close to bursting, the fabric gapping to reveal just a little more of her ample cleavage to any wandering eyes that might be sneaking a glance.

But even with all of this, I might have been able to keep Nicole as just a hot steamy fantasy to keep me warm at night if something else hadn't happened. I work with Nicole's boss a lot, and so, I work with Nicole a lot. And every time I would have to deal with her, Nicole would flirt shamelessly with me. Resting her hand on my arm and sending electricity through me, using the occasional double entendre that would make my cock begin to swell before I could get it under control. I assumed that she flirted with me the same amount she flirted with anyone else. And then she met me in the copy room.

I was making a set of copies for my presentation later that day when Nicole came in looking for some office supplies. My back was to the door and I didn't even notice that she had come in until I felt her press against me and lean over to reach the shelf over my head. Her breasts pressed against my back as I felt her leg rub against mine. I could feel her breath hot on my ear as she playfully rubbed against me, her nipples becoming hard enough to feel against my back. I swallowed hard, trying not to get too turned on or to think this was anything more than just her usual flirting. And then, she softly whispered in my ear, "I'm more than willing to break the rules if you are."

I turned around and stood facing her, breathing heavily as I tried to regain my composure. She traced her fingers over her full cleavage and bit her lip as she looked up at me. She had unbuttoned a couple more buttons than usual and her black lace bra was on full display. She glanced down and could see my obscenely swollen cock and she smiled. Then she looked me in the eye, licked her lips, and walked out, her skirt absolutely hugging her every curve as she closed the door behind her. I turned around and continued my copying as I willed my shaft to soften, knowing I couldn't risk even a hint of improper activities for fear of losing my job.

After that day, her every flirtation seemed to be directed at me. And the flirtations went from innocent to smoldering. Instead of just casually leaning over as she delivered paperwork to me, she would practically double over, her breasts almost brushing my desk as she pointed out items in minute detail. I assume she was pointing things out because I couldn't tear my eyes away from her chest. She would make excuses to reach into lower drawers near my desk so that her ass would practically rub against me as she bent over. And after every occurrence she would try to sneak a glance at me, either to see if I was flushed and trying to calm my breathing, or to see if she was having the same effect she had in the copy room. Invariably, my physical responses were always the same.

Once she cornered me in the hallway to discuss a report I had just dropped off for her boss. Although she had a few legitimate questions, it seemed her only reason for discussing it at that moment was so she could be as close to me as possible without touching me. She occasionally nibbled on her glasses as she looked up at me trying to answer, knowing from my prior reactions how hot that look made me. I could barely contain the lust that was building within me when she finally made moves to walk away. And just at that moment, she feigned catching her heel and stumbled against me, her firm breasts pressed against me, practically squeezing out of her blouse. She ground against my painfully swollen cock and smiled up at me again. "My offer is still good." And then she walked away, her hips swaying as she walked down the hall. Thankfully I was near the men's room and quickly relieved the sexual hunger she had awoken in me. I had never cum so hard and so silently as when I was in the stall thinking of Nicole straddling me on my desk as I drove into her again and again.

And then, one Friday afternoon, Nicole's boss took off early and told me that Nicole had a few papers for me to look over before I left for the evening. He had closed the outer blinds on his office and just left the door open a little. As I continued to work, Nicole came over the intercom and asked me to come in to take care of the paperwork as she had it ready for me. I swallowed hard and planned to go in, take care of the paperwork, and leave before she could try anything. I had never been so wrong in my life.

I hadn't seen her yet that day and so hadn't seen the outfit she was wearing. Her ivory silk blouse seemed to hug the swell of her breasts as they practically poured out of her top. It was clear she was wearing a push up bra because they were squeezed together to the point that there was practically no space between them. Such a sight only made me long to feel them wrapped around my rapidly hardening cock. Her skirt seemed just a hair shorter than usual and almost seemed painted on. Every movement of her hips looked like it was pulling the fabric even higher. Underneath she wore a pair of black silk stockings that were complimented by black high heels. My throat went dry as I watched her set the paperwork down on the desk and ask me to sit down and look over the figures.

I hurried behind the desk, hoping that she hadn't seen the effect she was having on me and bent my head over the papers in a desperate attempt to control my lust and keep my job. Then I heard an audible click and my head snapped up from the desk to see the door closed and locked as she smiled at me. "I thought you could use some quiet and privacy to take care of things." She stalked me like a feral cat, her eyes never leaving me as she slowly walked toward the desk. As I tried to continue working, she leaned forward, her hands on her thighs, her eyes smoldering as she looked me over. "Is there anything I can get for you?"

I shifted uncomfortably in the chair, trying to regain my composure and relieve the pressure on my engorged shaft as I looked at her. "Nicole, I really don't think...."


"Nikki, I really don't think we should do this. You know the rules about romantic entanglements."

She came around and sat down on the desk just inches from me. She crossed her legs letting her skirt ride up and reveal the stocking tops and the garters stretched over her smooth satiny thighs. Without tearing her eyes from mine she slowly undid two more buttons on her blouse. Her clearly straining bra came into view, the black fabric the only thing separating me from those perfect breasts. "Don't you want to be....entangled with me?"

Then, without a word, she reached out and ran her finger along my ear lobe. My entire body began to tremble with desire. I could barely contain the lust I was feeling at that moment. I shifted again and the friction against my cock made me moan softly as I openly ogled her every curve. I could feel myself losing the battle but struggled to maintain control over myself. Then she slipped down onto my lap and ground against my swollen cock with that tight little ass and I finally gave in.

I slipped my hands up her body and undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse, revealing the soft feminine curves underneath. She then stood up and shrugged it off, her breasts jiggling as she did so. Her fingers deftly undid her bra as she quickly revealed her full firm breasts and swollen erect nipples to me. I greedily took them in my hands and tasted them, my tongue rasping over them, swirling the sensitive nubs as she began to moan. My teeth lightly nibbled at her as I ran my hands down her body and over her hips, groping and squeezing every inch of her heavenly form.

At the same time she reached down and undid my pants and pushed them down leaving just my briefs between me and the open air. Already precum had begun to soak through and left a large wet spot on the front. She looked down and eyed me hungrily, then quickly pushed me back into the chair and got down on her knees to fully release me. As she did, my cock sprang forward and my head glistened under the fluorescent light. Her eyes glinted as she stared at it, a look of lustful hunger on her face.

She tentatively licked at first, tasting me, sending spasms of ecstasy through my body. Then, all at once she engulfed my cock in her mouth. Her lips pressed down against me as I felt her tongue slide up and down my length. The soft gentle pressure seemed to milk the precum from me. Her moans echoed through my sensitive flesh, making me writhe and moan in the high back office chair. I looked down and saw her hand between her thighs, teasing and massaging her clit as she swallowed me over and over. I thrust into her mouth, unconscious of my movements, unable to control myself as she enticed me to fully give in to my desires.

I could feel the cum beginning to boil inside me and it was apparent she realized the same thing as she stood up and looked at me. My eyes betrayed my pleading hunger, a questioning look as I longed for more of her. Then, she began to slide her skirt down, revealing no panties, but just a tiny lace garter belt. She left the soft silk stockings on and pulled me up from the chair. In one swift motion she cleared everything off of the desk, scattering the papers that had brought me in initially. Without a moment's hesitation I laid down on the desk, the cool of wood making goose bumps appear on my intensely hot flesh. She looked down at me, only her garter belt, stockings and heels remaining of her outfit, as if she were eying a fresh kill. Then she practically leaped onto the desk and straddled me.

She slid down my body until her dripping wet pussy lips were pressed against my throbbing shaft. She slowly slid her lips up and down me, her juices coating my cock. I was so close to entering her, but she continued to deny me, pressing her lips around me as she slid up and down my shaft. She smiled at me, knowing the pleasurable torture she was inflicting on me. I reached out to grab her hips but she playfully pushed them away, forcing me to wait until she was ready. I thrust against her, eager to enter her warm tight pussy, but still she denied me, even as I moaned in ecstasy at the feel of her flesh pressed against mine.

Finally, she repositioned herself and slowly slid her pussy lips down my shaft. She seemed impossibly tight as I struggled to squeeze inside her. Then, I got past the resistance and could feel the velvety smooth pressure as I fully entered her. I ground against her, feeling her moan and clench as I flexed my cock inside her over and over. I reached up and grabbed her hips, guiding her thrusts as I pushed inside her over and over again. Our bodies glistened with sweat as we began to slowly move from making love and having sex to unadulterated animal fucking.

I pounded into her over and over again, the force making her tits shake with every thrust. We lost control of where we were and began to moan loudly. She clenched around me with every motion, milking my shaft, begging to cum hard and deep inside her. I reached up and began to grope her full, perfect tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers as I drove into her with every ounce of force I could muster. I was shaking and trembling as I felt my climax beginning to build. I moved my hands back to her hips and fucked her with abandon.

My cock continued to swell inside her as I felt her body begin to tense up. Every movement made her shudder. Then, without warning, her entire body exploded, a climax tearing through her as her pussy spasmed again and again, her moans becoming screams as her orgasm rolled through her. The spasms and clenching drove me over the edge as well as my cock began to buck and throb uncontrollably. Wave after wave of cum shot out of me and filled her up I held onto her with every ounce of strength I had left. Then, as quickly as it came, the moment passed and she collapsed on top of me, both of us spent, our bodies still trembling from the exertion.

She looked me in the eyes and where there had once been lust was now a soft tenderness. I'm sure my eyes returned the emotion. I held her gently as we slowly recovered. I had never known breaking the rules could feel so right, and I looked forward to breaking them again very soon.

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