tagGay MaleOffice Security Ch. 02

Office Security Ch. 02


He leant over and kissed me. Our lips met then his parted and I felt his tongue exploring my mouth and his big fingers kept massaging my now erect nipples. The kiss lasted ages, well it seemed like it did to me, and some of the heat that I'd felt in Chas's body was transferred to mine and it went straight to my crotch. As we broke away he placed my hand on his thigh and I could feel his rock hard cock through the fabric of his work-uniform trousers. That heat again.

Chas drove us to a residential area just on the outskirts of town and pulled up in front of a small modern block of low-rise flats. All through the short journey I was thinking to myself: "What are you doing! You are in a strange man's car; he's taking you to his place and all because you're thinking with your cock!"

Chas brought the car to a stop and got out I stayed seated not knowing what to do.

"We're here, you OK?"

"Uhuh yea, sorry just" I let the rest of the sentence hang.

He was at the passenger door opening it for me and like a lamb I followed him inside the building. He must have picked up on the tension because we took the stairs to the first floor, not the lift, and he went ahead and opened the door and put the light on in the hall.

"Come in." he said, "Grand it ain't but it's mine." and he motioned me into the hall.

He then showed me all the other rooms, turned lights on, showed me where things like the toilet were and tried to ease my tension. And he was successful; the panic that had arisen in me slowly subsided as I sensed that this big guy was genuine and thoughtful and hot. Both physically and sensually this man was hot.

In the kitchen he offered me a coffee and as we were waiting for the machine to filter through he came up behind me and slipped both his arms around me: one around my waist the other back to my still tender nipple. He pulled me back onto him and I could feel the rigid pressure of his hard cock digging into my butt cheeks. This was not a role I normally assumed but it seemed as though I was destined to have this large, hot man deep inside me tonight. He kissed my neck and shivers ran the whole length of my body like electricity.

"Come with me." he whispered in my ear and he led me to the bedroom.

Once inside we faced each other and kissed again and this time I felt the strength in him, our bodies met and the hardness of his frame impacted on mine. Once again I felt the heat and the insistent pressure from his rigid cock. He unbuttoned my shirt and eased it off, running his hands over my shoulders and upper body "Nice" he murmured and I removed his shirt and took in the body that had just released me from its grip.

His clothes had hidden the extent of his muscles from view. Once bare I could see that his torso was hairless and superbly defined with pert nipples pointing down from a wide heavily muscled chest. I brushed my lips across one of Chas's nipples and he shuddered.

"Mmm." he growled. "Busy yourself with those nipples man."

So I did as I had been instructed and nipped away at each in turn. I managed to undo his trousers while doing this and they slipped down revealing equally muscular legs and a huge stiff bulge in the front of his underwear. There was a large wet patch on the front too, and I sat on the edge of the bed to transfer my attention to that.

Chas let out a low moan and I felt both large hands behind my head pushing the fabric and the stiff cock it was struggling to contain further into my mouth. It was at that moment I realised how thick Chas's cock was it wasn't over long about 7" but it was very thick and the head was like a firm peach in size. I gagged.

We quickly removed the rest of our clothes and lay down on the bed, it was then I realised that Chas had kept his underwear on and he nestled into my back, circling my body with his large hands and rubbing his huge cock straining in his underwear up against my arse cheeks.

All the while he was murmuring in my ear "Is this what you want baby?" and "I promise I'll be gentle, Jon." and then he let go and moved down so his mouth was exploring my arse.

I rolled onto my front and brought my knees up to allow him better access and he dove in there with enthusiasm, his tongue pushing deep into my crack and his hands pulling my cheeks apart so he could get his tongue in further.

I was in heaven or approaching it and he spent a long time feeding on my hole, all the while gently rubbing his hands over my body, touching my stiff, sticky cock, pulling my hard nipples and caressing my arse cheeks.

He changed position again so we were laying on our sides with me nestled into him, somehow his underwear had gone and I could feel the source of this man's heat, his energy. It seemed to radiate from his thick cock and I realised that I had never taken anything this big, or even half its size. Chas reached over to the night-stand and took a tube of lube and introduced some lubed-up fingers into my well moistened crack.

Two fingers, three then four "Relax baby I will be gentle but we're gonna do this."

I couldn't do anything but murmur assent.

Then I felt the head of his cock pushing gently but insistently against my hole, one of his hands was guiding it the other encircled me and restricted my ability to move away I was being speared by this hot poker and there was no escape not that I wanted any.

Gently he pushed the head past my sphincter and as it "popped" in I groaned I was being split in half by this monster cock and I was not only letting it happen but enjoying it. Chas kept up the pressure and I could feel myself relax as the widest part of him moved inside me.

"Gently baby we got all night." he murmured in my ear as I pushed back onto him and felt his pubic hair grind into the cheeks of my arse.

"Come on." I groaned;"I want you to fuck me NOW!" and we shifted position so I was underneath him, on my knees and he had full access to my body. And he started a quicker motion, he held me tightly and started to fuck, like a piston, in, out, in - we were both grunting and moaning to the rhythm. I could feel him punishing my hole, torturing my prostate and I could feel the pre-cum simply oozing from my cock as my balls tightened with each mammoth thrust of this thick hot rod inside me.

Then after a while of this he shifted me on to my back and doubled over me so our bodies were locked in the sex and still the piston, in, out, in. We kissed and I felt my orgasm rise as my cock was massaged between our wet bodies and not being able to hold back any longer I let fly pumping cum between us and we both moaned and I felt his cock grow even thicker before he shot his load deep inside me, pumping cum into my guts as his body shuddered and he moaned a low animal noise.


After what seemed like an eternity he manoeuvred around the back of me again, still locked inside me and I could feel his heart hammering against his chest.

"Baby you are one horny fuck!" he murmured and in response I pushed my arse back into his body and I could feel that his cock was still rigid and hard inside me. I realised I felt safe and secure impaled as I was on this man's cock like we had become one.

We must have drifted off to sleep because when I woke up I could see it was daylight and I could hear noises in another room. I struggled awake, in a panic, and looked for a clock.

"FUCK its 9 o'clock!"

I forced myself to sit up and then I heard Chas approaching the bedroom. He was naked and once again I saw the full beauty of his form, his thick relaxed cock, his plum-like balls and his smiling face.

"I'm late." I said, looking around for my clothes.

"I phoned in already." he grinned "I told them you were taken ill last night and I took you home."

"Oh, right." I wasn't sure about this but I took the coffee he offered me and watched him as he sat down next to me on the bed.

"You are one hot fuck." he murmured as he drank his coffee and he lightly ran his hand down my arm. My body betrayed what I felt as my cock started to rise at his touch, he was getting excited too I could see his cock twitching.

"I think we gotta get you washed and dressed" he said and he led me to the shower room and turned on the hot water and stepped into the jets alongside me. We kissed and soaped and probed and kissed some more and I massaged his huge cock to another orgasm as he came by rubbing himself against the cheeks of my shattered arse. He had his hand on my cock, squeezing my balls and wanking me off till we came together.

Then we dried ourselves off and I assembled my clothes.

"You can't wear that shirt!" he said "It looks like you slept in it. Here use one of mine" and he slipped a fresh white shirt over my aching body and deftly started to do the buttons up.

The feel of the freshly laundered cotton and the fact that it was a size and a half too big started my thoughts off again and my underwear had an almost instant tent.

"Down tiger we got loads of time for more of what we both want!" and he came around behind me with a plain blue silk tie and started to knot it around my neck. I could feel he was excited as me, that insistent heat that radiated from his now completely rigid cock burned once more into my butt cheeks. As he slowly knotted the tie I almost melted into him this was just pure sex and I loved every minute of it!

While I dressed he pulled on some jogging sweats and a T-shirt

"I'll run you in." he said and before we went through the door he pulled me to him and we kissed. "OK let's go."

I was completely over-awed by this hunk that had ravaged me the previous night and now here he was running me into work like we'd been together for years. On the route in he said "You're quiet."

"Yea, well I got lots to think about here." I replied.

He pulled over and looked straight at me, surprise in his eyes "Did I?"

"Did you what? Did you fuck the arse off me like no-one has ever done before? Have you got me so mixed up I haven't got a clue what's going on? Yes to both!" I replied.

"Hey." Chas said" We'll talk later, I'll pick you up and we can go to yours so you can get some clean stuff then we'll see where we go from there, yea?"

It wasn't so much a question as a statement of intent, but, hey, I wasn't about to complain. So we set off and reaching the office complex he turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth, a long lingering lover's kiss.

"I'll be back at five no working late for you any more I don't want you meeting up with any hot hunks that whisk you off to have their wicked way with you I want you all to myself!"

And with that I got out of the car, he drove off and I walked into the building in a daze to the surprised looks of some of my colleagues. This was going to take some explaining.

Strange what working late at the office can get you into?

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