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Office Surprise


You've just come back from lunch to the office, and are heading for your desk... mind already on the work you have to do this afternoon. As you sit down, you can't help but feel the hint of air on your inner thighs as your skirt rides up slightly, and you smile as you remember the pleasure we shared the night before. Knowing we both wished it could have lasted longer, but you know that more will come soon.

All of a sudden, you jump slightly... did something just touch your leg? You scoot your chair back and look down, shocked to see me kneeling beneath your desk. Before you can speak I smile and raise a finger to my lips - you understand my meaning as you remember all the other people in your busy office, and how easily they can see everything going on. You look at me quizzically as I motion you to scoot forward; but then slowly comply. As your chair comes closer you see a small note on your desk.

It reads: "Lover... don't say a word, just relax your legs and enjoy... remember you're at work!" Wondering just how much I have in mind, you smile wider as you feel my fingers softly beginning to stroke and brush your ankles... caresses that slowly, teasingly move higher with each touch. Deciding to play along with me, you pull out some paperwork and try to look busy; but it's hard to concentrate as my hands reach that sensitive spot behind your knees.

I can feel the slight shake in your body as my fingers brush and tickle slightly, and I know that this is starting to get to you. My hands move higher now, and inward... a firmer touch as I start to rub your inner thighs in slow, small circles... feeling your legs tense and relax with each touch. Your legs spread slightly without your even realizing it; the caresses arousing your desires. My fingertips are brushing the hem of that skirt now, moving underneath as they approach the tops of your stockings... I can feel your heat already, and I'm sure you're starting to get wet... as they touch the bare skin of your leg between the stocking and your panties I can hear you gasp softly, but I've only just begun.

You continue to pretend to work as my hands slide higher... moving towards the outside of your thighs as I tease you, pulling you slightly forward. Understanding my need, you slide your chair even closer, raising your hips slightly as my fingers reach the straps of your thong... I slowly slide them down your legs as you wiggle slightly to assist me. You glance down to see me looking at you... then, raising them to my nose to inhale slightly...mmmmmmm... my smile as you see me smell your sweet wetness. You look back up in surprise as someone speaks to you in passing, barely able to answer, as you feel my touch on your knee again.

But not my fingers this time, it's my soft lips. Kissing slowly. Gently. Brushing my tongue along the firm skin. You gasp again, louder this time, as I slowly move higher; your legs spreading wide under the desk. I can smell your pussy now... so ready for attention as I get closer. You can barely keep up the pretense of working as my mouth gets closer and closer... licking... nibbling... teasing... all along each thigh, moving back and forth. My head is under your skirt now; you can only hope no-one comes up behind you, because there's no way you could hide it from there.

Finally, you can feel my breath on your swollen lips... knowing I'm so close has you dripping with need. Your hips wiggle forward even more as you try to cross that final inch... finally it happens; you moan, louder than you needed to, as my tongue brushes along the length of your slit... slick and smooth and hot.

A few people glance your way, but you barely compose yourself as I start to lick more... up and down, along the outer edges... the touch you wanted so much still driving you crazy as I tease... my tongue wiggling... each brush a little harder on your swollen lips. You wrap your legs over my shoulder, humping towards my face as I move in at last... the tip of my tongue spearing into your hot pussy... circling your clit... licking up your sweet juices... over and over... driving you mad.

Your hands are tight holding the desk; the only way you have of trying to maintain control as my mouth drives you mad... I love eating your hot, wet hole out, and you can tell from the attention I'm giving it... sucking at you... fucking in and out... nibbling... each stroke of my tongue bringing you higher and higher. The thought of me going down on you in front of all your coworkers only adds to your passion... your pussy so wet the juices are escaping my mouth and dripping down to soak your seat... each gasp and moan a little louder as you try to stay composed... my mouth seemingly everywhere at once as I worship your hot box. A finger adding to your thrill as it curls slightly inside to rub that special spot... more... and more... and more...

Finally, just when you can't take anymore, it happens. My lips suck your clit fully into my mouth, nibbling lightly with my teeth as I suck back and forth, my finger circling inside you in time. That does it; you moan so loudly everyone looks as you cum, hard and wet, soaking my face in your juices as your thighs clamp tightly around my head, grinding your crotch into my face as you ride out your orgasm... the spasms shaking your entire body... my mouth and finger keeping you on the peak for what seems forever.

As you finally come down from the crest, you remember where you are... your flushed face looking around at your coworkers as you mumble something about a really bad cramp... You take one more look at my smiling face as you manage to scoot away while smoothing your skirt and walk off on shaking legs to try and compose yourself...

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