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Office Visit


The door was half open to my professor's office. I knew that these weren't her normal office hours, but I took a chance that she would be their. I knocked lightly on the door and waited for a response.

"Come in." The voice was lilting and inviting. It reminded me of the daydreams that I had had in class and the images of her naked body that I had conjured in my mind. There were times when her breasts pushed just so against the material of her blouse and the cut of her slacks had been just tight enough to accentuate the roundness of her ass. I tried to shove the thoughts out of my head as I pushed the door open.

"Hey...Robert, right," the older woman asked from behind her desk. If I hadn't known that she was in her thirties, I would have guessed her to be much younger. Beneath her clothes you could tell that her body was tight and firm. She wore a fitted top that hugged every curve. The neckline plunged between her ample cleavage and revealed the slightest clue of the roundness of her breasts. There was a hint of a tan line along the edge of the material that was like a border into the forbidden zone. I instantly imagined what her nipples were like beneath the fabric and admonished myself for the random thought.

"Hey, Professor Fernandez. I just wanted to ask you a question about my paper." I walked up to the side of her desk and retrieved the paper from my backpack. I had only half wanted an answer to my question. The visit was more of an excuse to see her alone. It was exciting just to be in the room with her. This was part of one of the erotic fantasies that I had entertained about her. I felt my cock stiffening when I smelled the scent of her perfume and the slight beads of perspiration along the smooth skin of her neck. I tried hard to make it stop growing, but my member firmed up of its own accord. It bulged against the material of my semi-tight jeans and I hoped that she wouldn't notice.

"Sure," she said, "and call me Jill." She reached out her hand towards my paper. It was on the same level as my crotch and I saw here eyes linger for a second on the bulge in my pants.

"What is it that you have a question about?"

I leaned a little closer and pointed out paragraph in question. I felt her breath against the side of my face and breathed it in. The closeness just made my cock harder. She ran her finger along the edge of her cleavage and my eyes couldn't help but follow.

"Like what you see," she asked. I stood there with an embarrassed look on my face. She had caught me staring and her tits and trying to look down her shirt. But my embarrassment only lasted a second before I felt her hand massaging my rock hard cock through my pants. "You shouldn't sit in the second row if you want to hide a cock this big."

She unzipped my pants and reached inside to fondle the head of my stiffness. I reached down and plunged my hand inside of her bra, cupping her breast and rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She stood and whispered into my ear.

"Why don't you use your mouth on it, baby." Her hot breath was inside of my ear and she kissed my neck, licking and biting alternately as she pulled on my cock.

I undid her blouse and unsnapped her bra to let her mounds hang free. They were firm and supple. I tested them with my mouth and tongue. A soft, low moan escaped her lips.

I circled her nipple with my tongue and bit down lightly with my teeth. She became more aroused and started jerking harder and faster on my cock. Finally, she pushed me so that I was sitting on her desk. My cock was sticking like a flagpole through my fly. Prof. Fernandez held the base in her clinched fist and began lowering herself onto my hard rod. Her pace quickened as the shaft got slicker. I could feel her tongue probing the length of my manhood. My cock had never been so hard. It was too much to believe that one of my fantasies was actually coming true.

She slowed her pace and pushed her way slowly down the entire length of my cock. Her lips rested around the base of my rod and touched my balls. She moved her head slightly, up and down. I could feel the tip of my cock slide down the back of her throat. It felt so good that I almost went over the edge. Fighting back the orgasm and pulled her off of my rigid member and turned her so that her ass was on the edge of the desk.

She was wearing a skirt that stopped above the knee and I pushed it back to reveal her white panties. At first, I licked along the surface of the material, teasing her. She moaned expectantly, waiting for my tongue to lash out against her over ripe clit. I teased her until she couldn't bear it and pulled her panties aside to give me access to her steaming cunt. I ran my tongue along the length of her pussy then attacked her clit, licking fast and savagely. She moaned with pleasure and ground her hips hard against my face. I shoved two fingers deep into her sopping wet gash and finger fucked her until her pussy was dripping wet.

"Put that fat cock inside of me, " she moaned. I licked her pussy even faster and felt her anus tighten. I ran my tongue along the rim of her ass as I finger fucked her a little more.

"You want my cock, Baby," I asked. She only moaned in response. She spread her legs wider, giving me free access to her throbbing pussy. My fat cock still protruded out of my fly as I pushed the head into her, parting her moist lips. We were both still fully dressed and it made me even harder.

Her pussy was so tight that I had to work my cock in a little at a time, pushing in and out in small increments. She gritted her teeth and pushed back with the same force, matching my strokes. "Put it all the way in, Baby, " she moaned between gasps. I shoved it in as far as it would go and felt her cervix against the head of my cock. "Oh, just like that, " she moaned. "Harder, baby."

I fucked her harder and faster and covered her mouth with my own, moving my tongue forcefully inside her mouth and against her own tongue. She whimpered as I continued thrusting into her, pulling me tightly against her body. I could feel her juices streaming over my balls as my cock plunged deep into her.

"Come in my mouth, Baby." She whined it as if she were in pain. But I knew that it was pleasure. I rammed my cock deep into her a few more times before pulling out. It was dripping wet as I held it in my hand. Fernandez dropped down behind her desk in front of me and stroked my cock as she took it into her mouth. Her lips were all over my cock, going hard and fast. I felt myself getting close and tried to push her away.

"No Baby, cum in my mouth, " she said running her tongue over the tip and jacking my cock hard and fast. "I want that hot cum in my mouth. Do it for me and I'll cum to." I couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm cumming," I whispered as I braced myself against her desk. She took the whole length of my shaft and I shot my load down her throat. At the same time her hips bucked and I realized that she had two fingers deep into her pussy. We came together spending our last ounces of strength together.

We were both soaked in sweat and juices, exhausted. I pulled her up to me as she continued to caress my cock, milking the last drops of cum.

"Oh God, that was so good, " I told her. "It was better than I had imagined it could be."

"I've been thinking that it would be nice myself," she confided. "Do you think you might need some more tutoring any time soon?" We both smiled.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Fernandez gave me a devious smile and we shared a soft chuckle. "Just a second, " she said. "I'm with a student."

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