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So I’ve been talking to this guy online for a while now, he doesn’t live far away and he seems nice and has been wanting to meet for a while. Well, I’ve never been quite sure how I stand with my sexual feelings for guys, so I always make some excuse or other. Usually I have a girlfriend. Now, however, I don’ have the luxury of that excuse anymore. So I’m talking to my friend now. We’ll call him Adam. I’m talking to him now, and he’s asking me to meet him at a coffee shop. So I say yes.

By now you’re probably wondering what my deal is with guys. Well I’ll tell you. I’m twenty-three now and I had fooled around with a couple different guys in high school. Decent experiences, all in all not that great. I mean I got off, which is what any high school guy wants. Yet, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. This was all before I had been with a girl. So that added to the confusion. Now since then I’ve had my share of girls. Still, though I have fantasies about being with another man. Feeling his cock in my hands before sucking it into my mouth. I’m more fascinated with a big hard cock than I am with the rest of the guy I’m with. Cocks turn me on. And I’ve never had the opportunity to explore more with men. Mostly cause I’m not into the whole anonymity thing. Also, I’m a shy kid at heart. I definitely didn’t go looking for other men. Mostly I don’t check out guys. Much prefer looking at women. But anyway, back to the story at hand…

So I’m going to go meet Adam for the first time, face-to-face, we had planned to meet up a few days later at a coffee shop. Nothing big just going to meet and have coffee, and see what happens from there. Well the next couple of days I was nervous as hell, work seemed to drag on and on. Finally the day arrived, I got home from work. Still had three hours to take a nice long shower and relax. So I did, for an hour. Then a quick shave and back to the bedroom to look for some decent clothes. Jeans and a causal short sleeve button up deal. I always go commando. Some Berks to complete the ensemble, and I still had an hour to kill before leaving to meet Adam at the coffee shop. Nerves set back in as I sat down to watch some TV.

Quickly the hour arose and I left to go meet Adam. The coffee shop wasn’t far and I was there before Adam, which made me more nervous. I would rather walk in on someone than have to wait for them. Who knew if I would bolt before they got there? I definitely thought it was likely. A few minutes later Adam walked in, I knew it was him from the pics we exchanged recently. He cut a pretty good picture as he walked in. jeans, t-shirt, and skate shoes. His tall lean body swayed as he walked. Short brown hair. Blue eyes and light brown skin completed the set up. He saw me as he stepped inside the door and smiled as he walked towards me. Nice. He sat down after ordering something at the counter. We exchanged awkward hellos and the chick behind the counter brought him his coffee. After a few seconds she was gone, and apparently took the tension with her. We settled into small talk. We already knew quite a lot about each other so mostly we talked about what we had been up to the past couple of days. We both admitted to being quite nervous about the date. We laughed. Talked some more and eventually, as our coffees started to run out or cold, he invited me back to his place for some beers.

Turned out he didn’t live far from the coffee shop either and we were there in no time. He had a nice apartment on the top floor. Not too fancy, but not Spartan like most guys (me included) are. He had some of his art on the walls, I had been really interested in seeing these. He had told me much about them online. I sat down on the couch as he brought out the beers. We talked some more about his art, my music and what influences us. I liked him, maybe not in a romantic way, but he was a good guy, and really hot. Naughty thoughts kept running through my head as I watched him talk. I wanted his cock in my mouth so bad, I wanted to feel it slide in and out of my mouth. My cock started getting hard, I worried that it would be too noticeable without undershorts on. Now his hand was on my thigh as we talked, I pretended not to notice.

He rubbed my leg in small circles. He was pretending not to make a big deal out of it. But he continued up my leg with each circle he made. Now I knew, he knew I was hard. His hand barely touching my sheathed hard-on I looked at him with a smile and winked. He set his beer down on the floor in front of the couch. Leaned over and kissed my crotch. I groaned. He started to unzip my fly. I think he was a little surprised when my cock popped out. Pleasantly surprised that is. He kissed my engorged head. Licked the underside ad took it into his warm mouth. It had been a while since I had had any blowjob, but especially from another man. I was in heaven as he continued.

Working it deeper into his mouth, until his chin rested on my balls. My cock was in love with his mouth. He knew exactly where to touch me. I moaned louder and louder. I knew I wasn’t going to last long under the torture of this expert cock sucker. Then I felt him start to massage my tight asshole, I let out a loud moan and pushed my cock deeper into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on my cock, now he had lube on his finger. I felt him pushing a finger deep inside my long neglected ass. It felt so good. He worked it in slowly as he continued his assault on my raging hard-on. I could feel pre-cum flowing into his mouth. It wouldn’t be long now. He knew it too, he pushed another finger into me. He pushed it in hard and fast. I started tensing up, I was going to shoot my load down his throat. He sensed the impending explosion and redoubled his efforts to get my warm, milky, reward. He slammed down on my cock, instantly deepthroating my cock over and over again. I came, I shot into his mouth down his throat and he was happy he moaning as he continued sucking my cock. I kept shooting my cum. He didn’t miss a beat or a drop. I screamed in ecstasy. Arching my back off the couch.

Finally I collapsed back down, my cock growing soft in his warm mouth. He continued sucking on it gently for a few more minutes. Afterall cum was still oozing out of it. He sat back up and leaned back to relax. I had pushed him back a little more and unzipped his pants and had his cock in my mouth. He was surprised, but already moaning at the forcefulness of it. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth as far as it would go, it had been a long time since my last cock. I was a little out of practice, somehow I didn’t think he would mind if I practiced on him. For a long time. I worked my mouth around his head sucking it hard, stroking the shaft with my hand at the same time. He was moaning pretty loud already. Slowly I began to work his cock deeper into my mouth, I was determined to give him the same treatment he had been so kind to give me.

Soon I had his cock all the way in, I flicked my tongue across his balls just so he would know. He moaned. Good. I bobbed up and down keeping his cock deep inside me. The back of my throat rubbed his cock, I could tell he enjoyed that feeling, his cock started tensing up. I started moaning at the thought of getting his white hot seed. But I wanted him to fuck me first, I wanted his cock deep inside my virgin (from lack of use) ass. I slowly let his cock slide out of my mouth and looked up at him and told him to fuck me. He chuckled. This time I asked nicely, adding a please to it.

Please… fuck me….

He nodded his approval, I jumped up and pulled my pants the rest of the way off and pulled my shirt over my head. He stood up and did the same. I sat back down on the couch and pulled my legs up. My ass hung over the edge a few inches. He got on his knees in front of me and looked at my neglected ass. He reached for some lube, we both knew what was already there from earlier wasn’t going to be enough for this job. He squirted some onto his fingers and works two into my hole, and then after a minute or two he pushed a third in. He seemed pleased as he pulled his fingers out and lubed his cock.

He put it at the entrance and I about came right then and there. Then I felt pressure and he pushed forward. He was being nice and slow. Letting my ass slide and stretch around his big cock. I guess I should’ve mentioned that he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. Nine inches and thick. My ass was so tight around his cock. He didn’t seem to mind though. He continued pushing it in slowly. When he finally had it all in to the hilt, his balls resting nicely on my ass, he paused for a minute to let my hole finish stretching around his enormous cock. After a few seconds I squeezed my ass tighter around his cock and pushed back on it a little. He got the hint and pulled it out some and forced it back in. Each time he pulled it out a little bit further and each time slammed it back home harder.

He worked my ass for a good long time. Eventually when he was pulling it entirely out and slamming it back in me. I was his bitch and he knew it. I loved every bit of it I wanted it more. He leaned down closer to me and started working me hard, with short fast strokes. With that much attention directly in me I started shooting a big load of cum all over my chest. He leaned down even further to lick it off me. I couldn’t stop cumming. This was all too hot for my cock to handle. He was grunting now with short fast strokes in and out of my ass.

I looked right into his eyes and told him I wanted it all in my mouth. He smiled and quickly did a 180 to sit on the couch, I slid to the floor in between his legs and deepthroated his cock from the stat, bobbing all the way up and all the way down. Sucking it hard the whole way in and out. He was moaning louder and louder when he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock deep inside my throat. Pre-cum oozing out of his tensed cock. I could tell he was trying to hold it in for as long as possible, and then it hit that back of my throat. A white hot deluge of cum. The biggest load I had ever swallowed. I sucked it hard, trying to not to let a drop spill out but I felt some drizzled out and run down his cock.

I was going to enjoy cleaning his manhood off when he was finished dumping this load into me. His hands released their hold on the back of my head and I returned to gently bobbing up and down on his glorious cock. Cum still filled my entire mouth as I sucked him hard. Cum oozed out of his cock as I slowly swallowed what was in my mouth. He stopped cumming and I let his cock slip out. I still had his cum in my mouth I looked up at him and opened my mouth and swirled it around my tongue. Before I let him see me swallow it all. I opened my mouth to show him that I was empty. I went back to work on cleaning his softening cock.

I gently licked the underside of his balls and then the underside of his shaft. Sucking it back into my mouth. Probing his soft cock with my tongue looking for every stray drop of cum. I let his cock slide out of my cock one last time and then I kissed his sensitive flaccid head. I looked up at him and smiled. I told him I need to be getting home. I stood up and started getting dressed. He stood up too, without getting dressed. He walked me to the door, we said out goodbyes. He seemed a little upset that I was leaving so soon. I apologized and told him that we’d see each other again real soon. I smiled and wrapped my hand around his cock and gave it a tug while I leaned into his ear and told him how I like a lot of cream in my coffee.

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