tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 022

Offspring Ch. 022


I had seen enough of what lay behind the glass door to land just inside the building on my next trip. I had timed it to arrive very early in the morning when there was negligible movement in the square. It would give me a chance to survey the building before the girl arrived, if she did.

As I had expected the building was deserted. To my surprise it was neat and clean and well furnished, indicating that it was being used frequently. There was a central lobby with a reception desk and soft furnishings with coffee tables. To my left there was a large cafeteria with tables and chairs, serving counters and a large commercial kitchen. Opposite the cafeteria there were two lifts and a staircase leading to the upper floors.

The lobby floor and the staircase were tiled in a manner similar to the tiling of the square but highly polished. I went upstairs to discover a number of conference rooms of varying sizes, all neat and orderly. The floor above the conference rooms contained small motel type units with a bed, a desk, a built in wardrobe, some comfortable armchairs and a small table. There was a door on one side leading to a shower and toilet. Apart from a couple of utility rooms there was nothing else on that level. All floors above were identical. The building was evidently a conference centre of some sort that was being used from time to time.

Investigating the building took a while and when there was nothing further to see I went downstairs and hid in the lobby behind the reception desk awaiting the possible arrival of my visitor. She was right on time.

She stood there a minute or two making sure no one had followed her. This gave me a chance to look her over. Shoulder length dark hair framed a narrow face with large brown eyes, a fairly prominent nose and full lips. In her late thirties I guessed. Even the drab lab coat could not fully hide a good figure with long legs. No raving beauty, but a very attractive woman nevertheless.

When she was satisfied that she was unobserved she made for the stairs. I slipped my shoes off and followed the noise her shoes made on the tiled stairs, just staying out of sight. On the third floor she went straight for one of the units and went inside.

It had been a unit I had investigated earlier so I knew there was no one inside. Thinking she might be expecting company I went up to the next landing and waited for developments. Nothing happened.

Being fairly certain no one would be arriving now I went up to her door and listened. All I could hear were muffled squeals and the squeaking of bedsprings. Someone in the throes of passion. I went back to my hiding spot and waited for her to leave. I did not have to wait long.

When she was gone I went straight into her room. The bed was made and the room was tidy as before, the only sign she had been here the lingering smell of pussy. I checked the wardrobe and the bathroom but there was nobody hiding in there.

I wondered briefly why she was going to such extraordinary lengths just for a bit of a wank but I had no answer. I found a place above the curtain rail where I could hide my camera, set it on wide angle and timed it appropriately. If she came back to the same room I could see what she was doing. I went home wondering what it all meant.


On my next trip I timed my arrival for the early afternoon. The room was empty, as I expected. I downloaded the recording, reset the camera and went back.

Wow! What a show! Feng and I were holding our sides laughing when we watched it the first time. She certainly was into it.

We saw her enter the room and carefully lock the door. When she took her lab coat off we got our first surprise. She had a towel tied around her midriff. Undoing the towel she placed it on the centre of the bed. Then she took the rest of her clothes off and draped them over the chair. She had a body to kill for.

Her breasts were not large but beautifully shaped with no sag and crowned with dark areolae and prominent nipples. The tummy was flat and her butt like a peach. Long shapely legs and a shaved pussy completed the picture.

She lay down on the bed, making sure the towel was well under her butt. Then she began to stroke her breasts and play with her nipples until they looked hard as pebbles. Her left hand continued with her breasts as the right hand found its way to her pussy. Slowly, gently at first, she stroked her sex, increasing speed and ferocity as she abandoned herself to the experience. She was making small squealing noises by now. The movement of her hands became more frantic. Then one last furious onslaught, her butt arched off the towel and with a scream she collapsed back on the bed. By the look of it it had been quite an orgasm.

Four times she brought herself off that way before she had enough. She lay there exhausted for a few moments and then climbed off the bed with wobbly legs. She gathered up the towel, wiped the juices off her pussy, got dressed and tied the towel around her midriff before she put her lab coat back on again.

Finally she smoothed out the bed, took one last look around the room to make sure everything was as it should be and departed.

We watched the recording a couple more times and then, reluctantly, erased it.

I went back to my hotel feeling somewhat down. Watching that wonderful sexy lady had made me aware just how much I missed contact with a real woman. I was unsure of how I should proceed from here. I got into the drink a lot harder that night than I normally do. I felt no pain when I eventually went to bed.

While I was having breakfast I received a telephone call from Arden. He asked me to come to lunch at the officers club at twelve and to a meeting afterwards. I said I would be there.

I was not surprised when Colonel Nakov, Dr. Patel and Dr. Schaeffer joined us for lunch. In a meeting afterwards they confirmed what I had expected. Lithium levels in Oktonians were very high but varied a great deal amongst individuals. In spite of the limited amount of data at their disposal they concluded that the lower levels of lithium were observed in office workers and so forth whereas the higher levels were found in low level manual workers such as janitors and porters, suggesting a link with intelligence. The results, Dr Patel explained, were tentative. More data were needed.

We decided we did not have enough conclusive data to send a report to headquarters just yet and to keep the tests going for now.

That out of the way I went back to my hotel.

When the Oktonian woman turned up for my lesson I was still unsure what I was to do. On the spur of the moment I decided to turn up in the wild lady's room in the middle of her session, if she was there.

Moments later I stood in front of the bed and she was at it again. She had her eyes closed and was frigging herself furiously. I doubt she would have noticed if an elephant had dropped in.

I stood there not knowing what to do next. The atmosphere in the room and her scent got to me. Almost without thinking I found myself at the foot of her bed leaning forward between her thighs, gently moving her hand from her sex and lowering my face into her flower. She froze for a moment, but when my tongue continued what her fingers had been doing only seconds before she squealed and threw herself headlong into the experience. The orgasm, when it came, must have been monumental. With a wild scream on her lips and a gush of juices from her sex she passed out. I came up for air and wiped my face with the sleeve of my lab coat.

When she came around she looked at me in wonder and in a shaky voice said: "Sometimes the Goddess is very good to one of her children."

Not knowing what to say I just smiled at her.

She used an accented old fashioned form of Federation Intergalactic but I had no difficulty understanding her.

"I don't know who you are or how you got in here, but you can do that to me any time. Will you fuck me now?"

"If you want me to," I said.

"Oh, I want!"

By that time I had already most of my clothes off. I threw the rest into a heap and moved on top of her. I kissed her gently and she responded with ardour.

"Put it in. Put it in now," she gasped between kisses.

I entered her and it was on in earnest. She just went wild, kissing me, scratching my back, biting my shoulder and fucking me like a woman possessed. When she finally came the spasms in her pussy got me undone too and I disappeared.

Never in my life had I been so pissed off as I was when I found myself back on that Oktonian rooting platform. I had all the trouble in the world not to be rude to the Oktonian lady who was just leaving.

I threw my clothes on in a hurry and went to the bar on unsteady feet. After a few stiff drinks I felt myself returning to normal.

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