tagSci-Fi & FantasyOgres and Ogresses Ch. 03

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Temptation

Zyra walked toward Ginger's tent with her hunter skirt in hand. All around her tents were zipped tightly as the celebration was carried out. She could hear the telltale banging and moans as the air permeated with lust.

Sighing, she quickly put it on and walked into Ginger's tent. Rell whom, Ginger was kissing turned to her and his eyes widened in astonishment. Zyra frowned. Obviously the man was not aware of what he would be getting into.

"He will do most wonderfully," Ginger said smiling. "He has not yet been tainted by the ways of selfish pleasuring, he will give you pleasure first."

Rell's eyes pulled away from Zyra's hips and stared he turned to Ginger in astonishment.

"Wha-What?" he asked confused. His voice sounding a bit like a song, one with low notes but occasional high solos.

"Zyra, close the tent," Ginger demanded.

"But..." Rell interjected but a harsh look from Ginger shut him down.

The whole thing was beginning to feel a bit like rape to her but Zyra was not in command here.

Zyra did as she was told, closing it securely while Ginger lit a low lamp for the corner.

"Zyra is a virgin Rell," Ginger said to him comfortingly.

Oh now you explain it.

"Isn't she beautiful?" He studied her for a moment, her glare placed firmly in place.

"Yes," he said softly, blonde lashes lidded as he took her in.

Zyra felt herself growing wary at the sight of this fae resembling man but Ginger simply beckoned her to the mat.

"Lie down Zyra, you're among friends," Ginger said smiling maternally at her.

She wanted to tell Ginger that she did not know him and neither did she. Zyra just hoped Ginger was not enjoying this.

Forcing herself to obey, she lay down on the soft woven mat while Ginger guided Rell to kneel beside her body.Then Ginger put her hands on Rell's shoulders.

Gently, she pulled off his outer coat.

Zyra could now see the loosely defined lean muscles that lay in his arms and torso. His unruly blonde hair was restrained by a dark circlet and she felt the urge to free it.

Her hand flinched upward but she stopped herself, instead pretend to be transfixed with his forehead. Her intention was still seen.

He leaned over her and Ginger whispered, "It's alright. Touch him."

Yes, touch him. She could do this. Zyra took a hand and slowly extended her fingers to touch his cheek. It was perfectly smooth, not even the faintest inkling of growing stubble.

How old was this man? Was she being deflowered by a youth?

"How old are you?"

Her tone made Ginger snap at her.

"Don't worry about that! He's old enough to be here, now stop insulting him!"

Zyra bowed her head in shame. "I am sorry."

"It's alright," he said gently."Please, continue."

She touched him again. He was warm. She trailed her finger to the curve to his forehead before gently sliding off his circlet. His hair fell down in beachy waves framing his crystalline blue eyes.Zyra felt her body shiver.

He was certainly beautiful, perhaps too beautiful for a man.

"Touch him more," Ginger said pulling open his shirt so she could see his chest.

The boys' eyes were glassy, he very clearly found the situation arousing. Curiously, Zyra touched the planes of his chest. It was hard, not soft like the rest of him but she didn't mind. Seeing two nipples she was curious as to whether they were sensitive like those of a female. She rubbed a finger around one and he moaned.

She pulled back but Ginger reassured her quickly. "It's okay."

"It's okay." he echoed breathlessly.

Ginger still sat behind him, giving the impression she was commanding him like a puppet. Yes, he and Zyra were the puppets, Ginger their puppeteer. The scene, an erotic one. Perhaps if she made this a game, she could enjoy it.

Reassured, Zyra started to touch his shoulders, his neck, his stomach, any skin she was unsure of. It was more like an experiment to her, but she found to her surprise that his pants started to protrude.

Ginger giggled and pulled his pants down, his loin cloth pointing out towards her. In the shadow she could see the base of his manhood and looked away in embarassment.

"Touch him. There," Ginger whispered deviously. "And you have to see what you're touching you silly girl. Do it."

This seemed to Zyra very much like the time Ginger had dared her to put her hand in the snake hole. She did this, only to get herself nearly bitten by the snake inside. No, this was exactly like that. And she had said "Do it" then exactly the same way.

"It's not going to bite you," Ginger snapped in irritation.

Zyra looked at her in horror. How did she know?

"It's written on your face," Ginger said, rolling her eyes.

Zyra's hand shook as she stared at the unknown when suddenly Rell, who had been starting at her took her hand and placed it on himself.

Zyra was shocked and her hand flinched into a claw but Ginger quickly yelled, "Don't squeeze! They are sensitive there."

Zyra unclenched her hand and Ginger moved his cloth out of the way.

His shaft was long, longer than Zyra had expected. It was twitching and throbbing like a live thing. His member was dark, starkly contrasting from his pale skin. A small sack like thing lay underneath it.

"You can rub him, but only gently to start. I don't want you to hurt him," Ginger said.

Zyra nodded then touched around it lightly, rubbing his sacks and shaft with curiosity. He moaned in pleasure and went to reach for her. Her eyes widened when Ginger restrained his hands behind him.

"It's not your turn yet," she said giggling. Flicking out her tongue she licked his ear, nibbling on his shoulder.

He arched as the women teased him, Ginger whispering in his ear what Zyra knew was probably absolute filthiness.

"Enough," he whimpered. "I won't last."

"Want last what?" Zyra asked pausing.

The question seemed to break Rell's tension. Ginger broke into laughter and Rell gave her a small amused smile. Zyra was not amused.

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"So let's move on," Ginger said grinning mischievously. Roughly she pushed Zyra back down onto her back.

"But you didn't answer my question."

"Just relax," Ginger said to her as she beckoned Rell closer.

"Kiss her first," she whispered into his ear.

Zyra tensed as he came closer and closer to her. She could feel his hot breath dusting over her face. He smelled surprisingly like the outdoors. Grass, he smelled like the grass after it rained. It made her relax.

Rell was somewhat shocked that this brave vicious huntress woman was so timid in front of him. It made him feel vestiges of care for her.

His lips touched hers slowly, softly as he pressed toward her.

"Push back with your lips," Ginger said smiling.

Zyra did as she was told and was surprised to feel the stirrings of arousal. It was just lips wasn't it?

Turning his head he began to bite at her lip gently.

"Open your mouth," Ginger whispered.

Zyra obeyed and Rell swept his tongue into her mouth, sucking her own tongue, eating her lips as though she tasted delicious.

"Slower," Ginger told him. He slowed down, giving her longer more sensuous kisses.

Zyra let out a surprised moan.

"Good." Ginger applauded. "Now her neck."

Rell broke the kiss and trailed his mouth down her chin. Softly he kissed the juncture between her shoulder and neck. She shivered, surprising even herself as she jerked up towards him.

"Ooh, I see you're eager," Ginger said smiling. "Let's hurry then. Remove her top Rell."

Rell pulled back and slowly pulled away Zyra's shirt. Zyra was a little nervous as he unravelled her binding. When her ample breasts were undone she felt self conscious when he stared at them. He looked at them with an intensity that seemed unnatural.

What was he planning on...

Without Ginger's instruction his lips dove to them and Zyra yelled out. "What are you..."

"Calm down, you're okay," Ginger cooed and she whimpered as she tried to obey.

Seemingly ignorant to her mood he sucked her nipples like a newborn. He caressed her waist pushing her up towards his mouth. Slowly she felt heat grow between her legs. He gently traced her breasts, squeezing them firmly as her licked from nipple to nipple. Rubbing her nipples with his thumbs, he squeezed while he massaged her breasts causing her to cry out.

Zyra let out a shaky sigh as she experienced the new volatile sensations. She closed her eyes and felt her back arch as he began to nibble at the side of her neck again. She felt his right hand trace slowly down her side and knew where he was leading it to. Somehow this only excited her and made her grow hotter, moister to his touch. She opened her eyes and saw Ginger was now naked and had put her legs around him. Apparently Rell had no need for instruction here.

Ginger was humping him and rubbing her breasts into his back as she moaned her own pleasure. His member twitched and he groaned as he suddenly thrust his fingers underneath Zyra's skirt. She gasped as his long fingers found their way to her pleasure bead and began rubbing it gently.

She bucked and he pulled back from her in order to fully discard his loincloth and pull off her skirt. He ripped it off her with violence she had thought he was incapable of. As he leaned back over her Ginger pulled back and went toward the back of the tent.

Zyra watched her pale butt jingle away in worry until she came back with a strange box.

Opening it Zyra saw it was some kind of salmon colored paste. Ginger took a finger and dipped it in the paste before pushing it into Rell's mouth. He sucked her finger hungrily and slid a finger inside of Zyra in response. Her gasping mouth became the recipient of the strange tasteless paste and she coughed as it was forced down.

Ginger then gave herself two fingerfuls and proceeded to separate Zyra and Rell. "It's to make us all last," she growled hungrily.

"Lie where Zyra was Rell. Zyra come here."

Zyra obeyed watching as Ginger positioned Rell on the mat. She started to feel herself tingling and looked at Ginger in confusion. What evil magic had Ginger just fed her?

Ginger ignored her imploring gaze and had her kneel over Rell's outstretched hand. Then she herself straddled him backwards so that her mouth dangled over his manhood. Taking unspoken direction Rell dipped his fingers into Zyra and began rubbing her clit with his thumb.

She began to wiggle and moan as his palm caressed the opening of her pussy. His fingers pistoned in and out while he sucked and licked at Ginger's pussy and Ginger sucked his manhood.

They were suddenly in an erotic triangle and Zyra felt herself bouncing on his hands and rubbing her breasts in circles. It felt so good. She didn't know that fingers that weren't her own could make her feel this way. His were longer, more filling, and they touched places she couldn't.

They moved faster and faster until Zyra felt a jolt of lightning run though her. She froze and Rell continued to go on until she broke, falling over the peak of her pleasure. It was the first time another had given her pleasure. Just the idea of it sent her longer into the downward spiral.

"Now?" Rell breathed huskily to Ginger whom started to shake at the sight of Zyra's orgasm bringing her over.

Ginger shrieked but closed her screaming mouth over Rell's manhood again letting her humming vibrations run over him. Rell exploded inside her mouth as she shook. Zyra watched through lidded eyes.

Some of his juices dribbled down Ginger's chin and it looked clear, but thick like honey. Ginger pulled her mouth away and looked at both of them with the eyes of a succubus.

"Are you ready?" Ginger asked drowsily. Rell frowned. "No, I just..." He paused.

Rell had cum but it was just then that he realized his manhood was still erect.

"You'll burst less easily now that you've cum," Ginger said smirking. "I told you it was to make ourselves last."

Ginger turned eagerly to Zyra. "Come now, lie again on your back."

Zyra frowned, watching the pulsing head of Rell's lust and his suddenly darkened blue eyes as he looked at her.

"He's possessed," she whispered softly to Ginger as she moved slightly away from him.

Ginger laughed and pushed her jovially. "Of course he's possessed. He's possessed by his lust. He's controlled by his manhood."

Ginger grabbed it and pointed it at Zyra. "She who controls this, controls the man. Now on your back."

"You can go first," Zyra offered. Rell was now too quiet for her liking. All he did was stare at her body, like at any moment he would to devour her.

"I don't mean you harm Zyra," he said rising. With a gentle but firm hand he eased her once again onto her back. She tried not to shake as he parted her legs.

Opening them made her realize just how wet and messy she was. Once her legs were bent he leaned over her and put his hands on each side of her head. She looked away from him as his gaze pierced through her.

"I won't hurt you Zyra," he lulled softly. "Relax, and I'll make you feel good."

With that she felt him rub his burning shaft up and down her sopping pussy.

After a few strokes he positioned himself at her entrance.

"You're going to feel just a little bit of pressure, and then it will be over," Ginger quipped comfortingly.

Zyra frowned, her pulse quickening. "I'm...I'm not sure about this."

Ginger frowned in response. "Come on dear you're half way. Just relax."

Rell started to push forward and Zyra felt a strange pressure like she had never felt before.

It began to build and she waited for it to cease, but it only increased as he slowly started to enter her. She began to tremble more fiercely.

"...stop..." she mumbled. It hurt, he was hurting her. "Rell stop."

"No Zyra honey, you're almost there," Ginger cooed. "Keep going Rell. A little faster."

"Rell stop," Zyra said against as the pain increased. Suddenly she felt a spike of pain that sent her into a full blown panic

"No!" she screamed. She held him up above her with astonishing strength pulled him out of her before roughly pushing him away.

He looked at her stunned and bewildered as she threw on her clothes, shaking as she stared at the floor.

Looking on in horror, Ginger wasn't sure whom to comfort.

"Zyra honey, no! I'm sorry I..."

"Rell are you o..."

"Zyra wait, where are you going? Zyra!"

Zyra would make the choice easy. She left the tent, hunter skirt and all before they could try to make her do it again.

It wasn't fair that she had to do this idiocy. Why did she have to have sex?

Did what she just do count? Could that be her contribution? Thinking on the laws she realized no. He had to spill seed within her. Rubbing her welling eyes she grabbed her spear. No one had ever told her it would be so painful. Why did people have sex at all? After all her practice she was still a virgin. Her husks and toys seemed so useless and small compared to the real thing.

Worst of all she still felt an insistent aching for release. "I hate this," she whimpered. "I just want this to be over."

Suddenly a twig snapped.

Looking directly at where it came from, she saw herself staring directly at a pair of yellow eyes.

The huntress in her snapped to attention and she tensed her body. As she expected the creature bolted and she followed after it.

What kind of death wish could this creature have to come so close to Rovian lands during the middle of celebration?

Her anger and disappointment fueled her to chase him faster. She vaulted over tree limbs and through hill paths as the creature ran in front of her.

It ran on two legs. Perhaps it was a satyr, the scent of sex drew them in like ravenous wolves. She and her hunters had trapped many satyrs that way.

She drew in closer, readying her spear. Feeling her power rise she let out her war cry and tackled the beast into the ground. It was heavily muscled, but she made it drop anyway.

The moment it fell to the ground she pointed her spear to its throat. The only truly visible part of him in the darkness was his unnatural glowing eyes. They seemed almost owlish and had the mark of darkness over them. To her surprise he made a very human gesture and raised his hands in submission.

She responded to his mockery by placing a harsh foot on his chest.

"Speak beast or be silenced! Why do you venture so close to our lands?"

"I have come a long way," it said. It sounded like a man; its voice was deep, melodic even. "I smelt the remnants of your cook fires and thought I might persuade one of you to offer me some in return for some penance."

"Why would a Rovian woman offer exile scum anything?" Zyra spat.

How dare he insult them? And insult her, by looking in her eyes so unashamedly? Had he no dying respect?

The creature seemed to chuckle at her. Outraged, she stomped on his chest to cease the sound. It ended as the air rushed out of his lungs.

He coughed before raising his hands again in surrender. "Well madam warrior, I happen to be very good at persuasion."

"I have heard your mouth's filth for long enough," Zyra said agitatedly. "Make peace with your God or gods. I send you to them at the count of 30."

"You will...actually slay me?" he asked, sounding surprised. "What wrong have I done you?"

Zyra bristled in anger. She wasn't accustomed to prey that could talk. Normally it would be violent and try to eat her, making the job much easier.

"The penalty for walking on our lands is death," she stated firmly.

There, now there would be no more questions.

"What if I were a small child? Or a cripple? Would you not spare me?"

Zyra sucked her teeth. Why was she bothering to talk to this thing?

"No I would not. Death. All nonhumans who tread on Rovian land die. The same happens to us if we enter your lands, children or no. Your people would spare no one."

"You don't know anything about my people," it quipped seemingly annoyed.

The creature shifted which made Zyra uneasy, but it settled down.

"For example, if I saw you in my territory I wouldn't kill you. Why, an attractive thing like you has much more...pleasant and practical uses."

The sentence gave Zyra pause. Zyra wasn't sure if she was more stunned by the fact that the creature had called her attractive, or that it had revealed its lecherous ways. Impossible, he had to be lying. There were no solid accounts of mixing between the species. To her it had been all a myth.

The creature was obviously trying to appeal to her physical body in hopes it would result in his release. With a sadistic smile Zyra readied her spear.

"Let us simply put hope that my uses for you are much more logical."

"And that hope is?"

"That you taste as good as you talk," she said grinning, and then she began to drive down the spear.


Hearing the human voice Zyra's instincts made her stop but she instantly regretted it.

"WHAT?" she yelled. "What you miserable thing? Will you not die with dignity?"

His eyes widened in almost childlike horror.

"You're going to eat me?"

Zyra sighed. "Yes horrid creature. You will feed my tribe sisters."

"You're going to eat a man? Your sisters are man eaters?"

"You are not a man!" Zyra shrieked. She widened her stance in anger.

It deserved to die and quickly, but she had never dealt words with a talking nonhuman before. His words, however futile had put a seed of doubt in her mind.

What if she stabbed him, and he did not turn into food like the others? What if he turned a corpse? What would she do with him then? Would he leak evil? His leaking of fowl magic could contaminate the whole area.

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