tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOh God Father Jonathan!

Oh God Father Jonathan!


Father Jonathan stood in front of the class reading Tennyson at 2.20 p.m. aloud in the afternoon and the pupil in his literature class seemed oblivious with his existence. 18-year-old hormone filled soda junkies. His pupils were merely in the class physically but emotionally they had been transported to worlds that may be alien to him. He had always wanted to a servant of God. He took his vow at 20 and now that he was 28, he believed that he had taken the right path. The path that would bring him to God's embrace and into the gates of heaven. He remembered how he lost his virginity when he was 15 to his brother's girlfriend in his own bedroom. She was 'babysitting' him for the day while his brother was working late that day. She was a petite girl with fiery red auburn hair. She was quite short compared to his massive height but she was such a delight. At 15, he was already reaching 6 feet and having Bree, bouncing on his impressive cock was pure ecstasy. They fucked 3 times that day. They fucked more for the next two years behind Jamie's back. Sex. How he missed sex. He missed fucking.

The bell rang and students vanished from the class. He collected all his books and put them in his bag. His eyes suddenly caught one of his pupils sitting at the back. She was staring out the window. She looked sad. Her name was Amanda Sakuragi. Her father was Japanese and her mother was an Australian. Did not understand what Mrs. Sakuragi sees in Mr. Sakuragi. He was short and stout. Nonetheless, he was rich! However, thank you God. Amanda was hot. She was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and her air was jet-black but she got her mother's smoldering green eyes. In that school uniform, the short skirt just above her delicate knee, she was a godsend. Father Jonathan was happy that sometimes he got glimpses of a fair share of his students' panties of multitude colors. If he was even luckier, he could see glimpses of young cunts behind those flimsy panties and occasional thongs.

He moved to the back of the class. Her green eyes brimmed with tears. "Are you alright Amanda?" he asked. She did not answer. "Is there anything that I can help?" he continued asking. Her small cute mouth trembled and she suddenly wrapped her arms around Father Jonathan's waist. He was taken aback by her action but simultaneously he was happy that her lovely oval faced was pressed on the left side of his lower abdomen. He could feel the warmth from her breath on his skin. His heart rate increased and his cock started to quiver in his robe. He intensely missed fucking and God started to disappear from his mind.

When they reached his office, she told him everything. Her boyfriend Chad Murray wanted to have sex with her and she was unsure. He would dump her she refused and because of that, she did not know what to do. She was lying on the big couch that he had in his room. He could not take his eyes off her breasts that kept moving because of her incessant sniffling and crying. He came nearer and his eyes traveled from her designer shoes up her lovely legs, her short skirt and the dark blue sweater snuggling the luscious breasts. The lips were looked succulently wet maybe from those stuff he usually saw they put every time a boy passed by. He would sell his soul just to taste those sweet lips once in his life. He had taken off his robe and he was in his dark blue khakis and a white shirt. The bulge between his legs started to strain his pants. Amanda saw it. Her eyes grew wide and she started to sit up but Father Jonathan little by little pushed her back into the couch. She was breathing more heavily as she now realized that she was trapped in this office with her teacher. The lump between his legs grew. Her breasts moved even more rapid making the man more aroused as the image of Bree bouncing between his legs filled his mind. As if reading his mind, Amanda started to panic. "F...Father...Jonathan...I...I'm la..," she could not finished her sentence as he put his right thumb on her lower lip while his left hand held her right shoulder firmly. He was kneeling near his student. The scent of jasmine filled his nostril and all he could think of at that time was sex. His thumb traced the shape of her silky lip and she trembled. Tears fall down her now pink cheeks. She tried to push him with her arms but she was no match for this man. He was standing at 6 feet 4, he was muscular, and with his left hand, he captured both of her flailing arms and brought them up her head. She was terrified.

Her skirt had risen to expose a pink pantie underneath. She did shave but they had slightly grown. Father Jonathan eyes were smoldered with rapture as he gazed at Amanda's slit that was merely concealed by the semi-transparent material. "Please...F...Father...," she begged. He looked at her oval delicate face covered with tears. Father Jonathan licked her right cheek. She screamed and struggled to break free. Father Jonathan was afraid that someone might hear them. He dragged her up using his superior strength and she was dangling with both arms in the air. Her legs were kicking was it was useless. He sat on the couch and put her on his lap. Left hand holding her arms while his right hand was arranging her. Her navel was on his bulging cock. She was terrified. She could feel it twitched and grew. Her ass was jutting in the air.

"Scream!" he urged. She did, as loud as she could but he slapped her ass so hard a few times that she was now too afraid to do so. "Scream again and I will hurt you Amanda. I am a big man. Don't mess with me.," he continued and he could see that she was nodding. He turned her around with her warm sore ass now resting on his engorged cock. He continued licking her left cheek. This time she just shivered but not a sound came from her. Her breasts were jutting out now as he held her arms above her head again. They were squashed together and he nuzzled the young jasmine scented breasts. He bit her breast lightly a few times through the material of the sweater and she shuddered even harder. Tears kept flowing like tap water.

"Stop crying." He barked.

It took her 15 minutes to stop. He was a patient man and he waited. She looked dazed laying there on his lap. Father Jonathan too felt the burning in his arms and knew that his sweet student too would feel the pain. He let her arms go. She withdrew slowly and rubbed both arms. Still sitting on the couch with the lovely Amanda on his lap. His cock was still hard and Amanda could feel it under her ass.

They were silent. Amanda green eyed timidly roamed Father Jonathan's face. He was one of the nicest teachers in this catholic school. He was also one of the cutest, as many girls would agree. He was tall with ash blonde hair and when he smiled he would looked much younger. Her eyes stopped with they met his deep blue ones. She swallowed and the sound echoed in the room. She then wetted her dry lips. Something triggered in his eyes. He moved so fast to his table. One hand holding one of her arms while the other pushed everything on his table to the floor. He pushed her on the table with her ass in the air. He kicked both her legs open.

She was shivering violently but she did not make a sound. She was petrified that he would hurt her again. His hand tore the school skirt. The sound was deafening to her. She was in her panties. He then leisurely inserted his thumb on either side of the panties and pulled it down slowly. Her legs quivered with fear and apprehension. Her face on the table. Arms clutching the side of it with legs apart with Father Jonathan looming behind her. Her asshole in the air while her pink flesh opened to his eyes.

Amanda surrendered to destiny if she was about to be raped by her teacher. She waited for Father Jonathan to ram his cock into her and get it over and done with. Instead suddenly she felt, his tongue on clit. Unhurriedly. His tongue just simply touched her cunt. Delicate touches that sent tremors into her core. It was nice she thought. It was better than nice. She was shocked as her vagina started pumping juices that she did know exist. She writhed on the table. Father Jonathan blew onto her exposed clitoris. Her legs gave away but his strong hand held her there.

"Father Jonathan? What are you doing?" she timidly asked.

He blew on her cunt again and it quivered. Her juices started flowing, Father Jonathan knew, and she wanted to be fucked by him.

From behind, he massaged her ass cheeks and could see the red marks on them. He massaged both cheeks and noticed that her cunt got wetter and wetter with her juice. He inserted his middle finger inside his student's cunt. It was so damn tight! A virgin's hole. How Holy! Father Jonathan wiggled his finger and Amanda instinctively raised her ass in the air so that her drenched cunt would swallow his whole finger. She started moaning wiggling her hip more. What a sight. An 18-year-old girl sprawled in front of him.


His finger moved in and out her hole with sloshing sound. Father Jonathan thought that to hell with gates of heaven. Amanda's cunt was even better. His long lean finger was soaked with Amanda Sakuragi's love fluid. He took his finger out from her cunt and sucked it. It tasted magnificent. It was better than Bree's.

"Please Father Jonathan...don't stop." She begged raising her ass even higher.

He continued his mission. Amanda's moaning intensified and she climaxed on his table.

"It's my turn Amanda. Suck my cock like a good girl you are."

He sat on his couch and he had taken off his pants and boxers. His engorged member stood between his long muscled legs. The half-Japanese half-Australian girl kneeling between them with only her sweater on. Her clit pressed together as she sat there. Her eyes were wide looking and studying his penis. He was most proud of it. It was quite sad that womankind could not sample the cock that he had as he had sworn celibacy. Amanda would be the lucky one.

She touched it. His cock twitched. Her eyes looked at him, asking for guidance. She then remembered what he asked from her. Moving slightly forward, her lovely soft hair brushed Father Jonathan's inner thighs and he sucked breath. When her soft pliant lips sucked his penis, his hip thrust to fill her mouth. It was heaven. She was also moaning from the intensity of the blowjob. He guided her small hands to fondle his balls and the delicious pleasure increased. She used her lips, her tongue and her teeth to intensify his pleasure. His hip involuntarily pumped into Amanda's mouth. When he was about to cum, he withdrew from her soft mouth. He was groaning so loud while spraying his cum on her. After his breathing was back to normal, he touched her face.

"Good girl. After this, you will know what heaven is like Amanda."

He brought her to the sickbay. He had the keys to the room. The hallway was dark and not a soul was around. Her skirt was torn to shred. He lent her his shorts and it looked weird on her small figure. When they entered the sickbay, there were a few single beds there. He took the mattresses and arranged them on the floor. Amanda was feverish with the image that she conjured in her mind. Father Jonathan's cock in her still sodden cunt. He brought such bliss with his finger and Amanda could not imagine what his cock was capable of bringing.

He asked her to strip. She was naked for the first time and she was shy. Her arms covered her high young breasts. Father Jonathan took off his white shirt first. Amanda's eyes were glued to his chest and the blonde hair that disappeared into his pants. He took his pants off too and they were both naked now. Each pair of eyes ravaging each other's body. Father Jonathan noticed the glimmer of liquid between her clit. She was on fire and he knew it.

He walked towards her with his cock steadily hardening. He took her arms away from her breasts. She was trembling. He wrapped his warm arms around his student. With her face on his chest, she sighed slowly as if she was extremely at ease with him naked in her arms. His cock pricked her just above her stomach. It was warm too. He massaged her back and she melted into his body.

He put a pillow under her buttock. He was between her legs licking and biting her breasts. She squirmed under his administration. He moved to her mouth and kissed her for the first time. Her mouth was open when he kissed her. Tongue wrestled with him nipping on both her lower and upper lips. Soft moans came from her. His left hand squeezed her breasts while the other hand slid lower stroking her mound.

"Please ... ahh...ahh... ahhh... F...Father..Jonathan... mmm..."

He too was making guttural sound in his throat. He loved kissing her sweet lips and her breasts were like succulent strawberries. He sucked one nipple and she screamed his name. Jonathan. Begging him. Her young lean body trashing between his legs catching his rock-hard cock off-guard. The feel of her delicate fingers trying to touch it. Amanda pushed her breasts into Father Jonathan's mouth. Her arms clutching his head offering her breasts into his hungry mouth. He then slowly stopped. Amanda knew what was coming. It was time for him to fuck her virgin cunt.

He positioned his cock at the entrance of her hot cunt. Her left leg was on his right shoulder. She was opened for him. He suckled her left breast while his left hand rubbed her mound. She pushed her mount into the palm of his hand. She was saturated with her juices. She was ready. He slid the head of his member into the opening. Her vagina wall slightly opened for him. He pushed a little an inch or two. She said "Ahh..." He moved a few more inches and he stopped. He could feel her hymen blocking his cock from going further. Her body too tensed waiting and accommodating his cock. He kissed her wildly and then sucked her earlobe. The wall surrounding his cock convulsed and his cock moved another inch. He held her tight and rammed his penis to the hilt. She let out a shriek.

Father Jonathan's cock filled her. She could feel every twitch that his cock made. It was painful at first but now she had the sensation of having this big blunt thing inside her. She opened her eyes and she could see his blonde pubic hair with her own. He was still holding her tight. His breathing was raged and his lean body was damp from their ordeal. He pumped slowly at first. Amanda let out a loud sigh. He moved his hip for the second time. Bright flash overwhelmed her sense. Her body moved on its own bringing intense pleasure in her vaginal wall. Father Jonathan drove his cock in and out with such vigor. 8 years without a fuck. Amanda's cunt had to stand his cock as he ravaged her. She did not even notice it. Her cunt received each lunge and force with such youthful vitality. Father Jonathan knew that she would be sore after his onslaught. He did not care and the little green-eyed Amanda moved under him. Breasts bouncing at each thrust while the sound that she made drove him into frenzy.

Both climaxed at the same time. They screamed each other's name. Father Jonathan's limp body fell on Amanda. Both were breathing heavily. The sickbay filled with the sound of their breathing. His cock was still inside Amanda. Twitching the last time as it deposited her semen in her canal. Their juices mingled and dripped between their locked bodies. Her breasts flat under his chest and she was able to breathe a little. She did not care. His weight was marvelous on her. She held him savoring her teacher as she noticed that he had such a magnificent body under his robe and even a more glorious cock that took her virginity away. She knew that she no longer needed Chad and her cunt was only for her Father Jonathan, her English literature teacher. An hour later, still in the sickbay, Amanda was on all four. Father Jonathan behind her ramming his cock into her pussy. She felt another intense climax looming and as she cum she screamed "Oh God Father Jonathan!" as he continued pumping his seeds in Amanda's pussy.

"You are magnificent Amanda." He said as he grabbed her breasts.

"Leave Chad. You are mine!" he whispered into her ears.

"Yes Father Jonathan...yes...ohh...yes ..."

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