tagIncest/TabooOh Mrs Scott

Oh Mrs Scott


Another shorty, very loosely based on a couple of unrelated stories I heard recently.

Comments welcome but please no 'get an editor' unless you are offering.


"I hate you." I screamed at my mother. "I hate you, I hate you." ran off to my room and jumped on the bed face down, "Hate you, hate you, hate you."

The bed was the only item in the room, the same was true of mum and dads room and my sisters. In fact the house was empty apart from the three beds, one suitcase and a few things in the kitchen which was just, but only just enough, for tomorrows breakfast.

At the age of six I got home from school on the last day of term and was told we were moving the following day. I'd had such big plans with all my friends for the long summer holiday.

Dad hadn't been around for a couple of years and things had been tough for mum, she tried not to show it but it got so bad the house was repossessed and we had to move.

Our home for that summer was a tiny run down house over a hundred miles away and we did a lot of fruit picking to earn some money. As It turned out we stayed in that house longer than expected as mum found a proper job through one of the farmers.

Home was not brilliant but it was OK and I soon made friends with four year old Tom, the only boy in the street, and our mums shared the school run. Even at the age of six I recognised how pretty Toms mum was and for some reason I dreamt about her quite often.

Mrs Scott was fairly short and slim but she had this natural bright red-orange hair which was right down to her waist and really curly. My 'typically girly' dreams of her were about princesses and angels which I'm sure were influenced by my younger sister as she was my only other playmate and had no interest in cowboys or cars.

Time moved on and we all ended up at the same senior school so the school runs continued to be shared and as puberty hit my dreams of Mrs Scott changed from princesses to fantasies which created regular comforting erections in my pants.

I finished school at sixteen and got an apprenticeship at an electrical contractor, two days a week Mrs Scott dropped Tom at school then me at college and it didn't take too long for my colleagues to eye her up and rib me about her good looks. Yeah I was hooked and enjoyed the thoughts of my long term fantasy along with all the others.

I grew up fast and we enjoyed some good laughs, especially with our excellent neighbours, who we shared a good few barbies with and before I knew it I was eighteen. It coincided with a long public holiday and the surprise party effectively lasted four days. Friday we got to Euro Disney around mid morning and left late afternoon on Sunday, fortunately the weather was dry and warm for the whole weekend and we had a fantastic time.

The drive home was eventful as mum had twisted her ankle so I had to drive, it seemed to take forever and to make matters worse there was a problem with the ferry. It took twice as long to get home as it did to get there and 03:00am on my birthday I fell into bed elated and quickly felt the blackness wash over me.

09:00 I was woken with a kiss, on the lips, with the sides of my head being held firmly. My first reaction was to fight off the intruder as this was most definitely not an occurrence I'd experienced before, it felt like I was being restrained and smothered and at the same time my eyes were trying to resist opening or focussing against the bright light and lack of sleep.

The attack on my face ceased and "Happy birthday Terry." Rang forth.

My eyes nearly opened and nearly focussed. "Mrs Scott? Y' right, erm. Now I'm nearly awake, how about we start this over?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well it was a bit of a surprise, how about I close my eyes and you start again?"


I dropped my head back to my pillow and closed my eyes.

"You mean you want me to kiss you again?"

"Errr. Yesss, just like before."


I waited with closed eyes, mentally counting off the seconds, twelve, thirteen, fourteen...

"Keep 'em closed Terry."

'This aint gonna happen' wandered across my thoughts, then in one quick move my quilt was ripped off my naked body I felt something heavy on my stomach and sides of my hips, then hands gripped my face and my mouth was again smothered.

This time I didn't fight. Oh no, this time I knew what was coming and put my arms around Mrs Scott, oh yes I pulled her in tight for a proper kiss. All my thoughts and fantasies over the last twelve years suddenly seemed to be coming together, oh yes, this was nice and my morning wood was certainly agreeing with my head as I could feel it getting much harder.

On this second attempt I hadn't expected Mrs Scott to pull the covers off and to kneel astride me, I hadn't expected Mrs Scott to remove her clothes from the waist down and I certainly hadn't expected Mrs Scott to impale herself on my erection.

Now I don't know about everyone else but I've always found that it takes a long time to cum when I've had a wank on morning wood and I soon found it had the same effect on love making too. I pulled my feet up the bed, raising my knees, and pushed against the mattress. Oh yes, I bottomed out, oh yes, I could never have described the feeling of penetration, of being totally and utterly embedded deep inside a soft hot vagina, it was so different to using my hands. Any way I humped up into Mrs Scott, hard and high and judging by the noises she was making she enjoyed it as much as me.

As I humped upwards Mrs Scott was being forced towards my head, forcing the kisses to be unbelievably rough. Lips and tongues were being bitten, chewed, rammed and generally abused and all through this I still had my eyes closed, I was so hoping this wasn't a dream and didn't want to spoil it by opening them. I continued humping hard and the noises coming from Mrs Scotts throat continued getting louder and frantic and suddenly, almost violently, she started grinding hard against me.

Somehow I got the message to stop humping and dropped my arse to the bed, the grinding continued and the pressure against my groin area increased in power when Mrs Scott sat up with her hands pushing firmly down on my nipples it got to the point it she was hurting me, her groans increased in pitch and volume... then she seemed to hold her breath and I laid there motionless while Mrs Scott knelt astride me gently massaging my erection by tiny movements deep inside her. Then this long gentle sound, a cross between a squeak and shrill wail but so gentle, almost silent.

Almost like something happened there was some movement and she placed something soft over my face "I know how you always like me in this top. Don't move, enjoy the fantasy." then she lifted my head to wrap the fabric completely around my head. It was weirdly snug fitting but not overbearingly tight, I couldn't resist the temptation and opened my eyes. I knew instantly it was a shiny dark green Lycra top that she often wore, usually without a bra and often under a lighter green velvet jacket. This was indeed one of my favourite items of her clothing and the fantasy just got better.

Oh the disappointment, Mrs Scott stood up and with a lot of movement she left my bed. I was about to remove the green Lycra.

"Oh no you don't." a hand obscured the green light and the hints of shapes I could see through it. "And you can leave this alone too." She briefly touched my still solid erection then I heard her walk away.

It must have been five minutes later I heard footfall returning. "Oh you are such a sexy boy." There was movement and the mattress dipped as she climbed back on me, as she sat back down I felt the fantastic thrill of being enveloped for a second time by a soft hot vagina as she instantly started grinding on me. The feeling of her breasts brushing over my chest told me she was in place for another big hug but this time when I tried to put my arms around and lift my arse to hump she pushed my arms away. "No just lay there and enjoy."

There was a re-run of the previous action, lots of hard, almost violent grinding on me, lots of guttural groans and moans and the wail at the end when she sat up, accompanied by the little movements from deep within. A final "Mmmpfffff," and again she climbed off.

Again I put my hand to my head, intending to remove the green fabric but stopped abruptly at "Leave that alone."

The wait was much shorter I heard the footfall, felt the mattress move and her weight on me as she again climbed over and impaled herself on my still very ready hard penis, this time it somehow felt different as she laid down on me and squashed her petite breasts between our chests. The gentler grinding commenced and the groaning noises started, it seemed right to hug her to me, bring my feet up, lift my arse off the bed and hump.

"Ooo yes that's right." I continued humping upwards as hard as I could and felt my balls slapping her arse on the up strokes. She was holding hard onto the sides of my face and kissing all over through the green Lycra as she went rigid and came for a third time, I was by now beginning to feel my orgasm rising and continued humping without any consideration of whether Mrs Scott wanted that or not.

"Oh yes, oh yes... yes that's right, don't you dare stop." I continued and my pace quickened as I approached my climax, Mrs Scotts legs clamped behind my thighs and she went very tense about three thrusts before I released my first spurt of cum inside a woman. "Yeeeeesssssss." Assaulted my ears as I pushed up hard against Mrs Scott and continued pumping my stored up seeds.

"Oh my fucking god, where did you learn to fuck like that?" I was pretty sure it was just a line but it felt good at the end of my virgin busting fuck.

We both gently relaxed with Mrs Scott still lying atop me then she lifted the Lycra off my sweating face and we kissed a little. After about ten minutes Mrs Scott sat up. This was the first time I'd seen her in such a state of undress, I'd seen her in a swim suit when we'd been swimming or at the beach but never topless before. She has the most gorgeous milky white skin and pale pink, but clearly brighter, nipples. Her enormous mass of orange-red hair was everywhere and in such a crazy mess, I'm sure she must have hated the look of it at that time but I thought it looked amazing being all tussled and random.

"How was that for you Terry?"

"Mrs Scott..."

"I think you've earned the right to call me Jan now, don't you?"

"Y', Mrs... Jan." Oh how weird that felt after twelve years of Mrs Scott. "Er, I truly don't have the words to tell you how good that was, and thanks."

"Thanks? Thanks?"

"Yes, er thank you, it was so unexpected, and amazing but my heads in the wrong place for words."

"Was I better than your first time?

"You are my first, and I've dreamt about you since forever, and I never expected to, you know."

"Dream on Terry, I know for certain I did not take your virginity..."

"Yes you did."

Jan got off my now softened penis, off the bed, grabbed her green top and walked away with my cum running down her leg.

"I know you are a liar Terry."

"But Mrs Scott I... Mrs Scott..."

I heard the front door close.

I laid there wondering what the fuck just happened and tried to piece it back together in my head, even trying to put numbers to it, the list started at four numbers but each time I went through it more got added.

1. I was asleep.

2. Mrs Scott kissed me on the lips while I was asleep.

3. I asked Mrs Scott to start over.

4. Mrs Scott pulled the cover off.

5. Mrs Scott got on top and fucked me.

6. Mrs Scott came and got off.

7. Mrs Scott got on top and fucked me.

8. Mrs Scott came and got off.

9. Mrs Scott got on top and fucked me.

10. Mrs Scott came

11. Mrs Scott came

12. I came.

13. We hugged for a while.

14. Mrs Scott accused me of being a liar.

I came to two conclusions and the more I thought, the more certain I became that I was right. I debated which order they belonged in and decided this is correct.

1.I said something to upset Mrs Scott.

2.I was totally busting for a piss.

Number two became the urgent factor so I stood and discovered my left leg didn't work properly, holding on to furniture and walls I hobbled to the bathroom, sat and thunder peed. While sitting there I went over my numbered list again and added

15. Mrs Scott left.

Was I dreaming? It certainly wouldn't have been the first time but I'd never felt so 'there' before and I didn't recall waking up after she left.

I had a shower, returned to my room, dressed and went to the kitchen, put the kettle on then saw the gift wrapped box lying on the table, the plain red tag simply read:

happy Birthday.

enjoy Mum


The red bow pulled open easily and the paper sprang apart to reveal the MacBook air box.

"YES. Thanks Mum." I bellowed and quickly extracted the white plastic machine from its packaging, opened the screen and turned it on. When I returned to the table with my coffee I had the shock of my life, the screen saver was a photograph of me with green Lycra over my face and a Mrs Scott on top of me looking directly at the camera with the biggest Cheshire cat grin possible.

Well that's that mystery solved, my deflowering wasn't dream. I sat staring at the picture for the whole of the time it took for my coffee to cool sufficiently and to drink it. Eventually I opened 'Introductory Video' and waited for the silly American voice to tell me how great it is that I have become the proud owner...

Oh no, the video instead was shot in my bedroom, I was asleep and Mrs Scott walked in dressed in a green Lycra top and mid thigh length black skirt, she knelt on the floor beside me, held my face and kissed me. I woke and asked her to start again, she left the room.

Some fifteen second later my very naked mother walked into the room, pulled the duvet off, climbed on the bed and impaled herself on my erection. An equally naked Mrs Scott was kneeling on the floor doing all the talking then took over fucking me when Mum left my bed for the second time.

I sat transfixed for the thirty seven minutes of the video, to the end where Mrs Scott said 'Oh my fucking god, where did you learn to fuck like that?'.

The timing was absolutely perfect to the second, the phone rang as the video turned to black.

"Hello, Terry speaking."


"Oh, Mrs Scott..."

"Jan, call me Jan."

"Jan, I didn't have a clue."

"You OK with it?"

"Yeah, just a bit shaky."

"Why shaky?"

"Whole thing is a bit of a shock if I'm honest."

"Come round for a coffee."

"Is that a euphemism?"

"We're both here waiting."

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by Anonymous05/14/18

Fun flash story; 5-Star

Thanks for sharing.

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not surprise

I had to go back read some twice to understand. totally obvious what was happened but didn't expect the way tell found out.

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by prop6905/12/18

Difficult to understand

Still a good story

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by paladin195405/12/18

Saw it coming...

It was still a lot of fun....good job.

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