Oh No.


There is that sweet spot of summer when the kids are back in school so that the hot days stretch out before us without interruption. I was relishing the morning before me. My plan included nothing more than to enjoy the morning breeze and a cup of coffee on my back porch alone with my thoughts.

I had just left the kids at school as I strolled back to my car. I drove along the small residential lane lined with beautiful houses shaded by tall pines. I turned right and right again onto the boulevard headed for home. Moments later the car in front of me made a sudden pull to the right stopping along the shoulder. My heart skipped. I pulled my car over a few lengths ahead and sat a moment to gather my thoughts. I knew the car now parked behind me. Inside was Chris, the husband of my best friend. Chris and I had spoken only the night before vowing to end the relationship that had been building for some time.

Somewhere in the past few months our friendship of several years had turned increasingly flirtatious. I had looked back over our texts to try to understand at what moment our normal jovial banter had evolved so that we both understood the passionate attraction we had for one another. Regardless, it had all culminated with a late night phone call during which we both vacillated between the desire to fulfill our basest impulses and our desire to protect our families and ourselves from scandal. The call that night ended with a reluctant vow to ignore our feelings, both hoping that they would dissipate with time.

Now I glanced in my rearview mirror at the car behind me. It seemed like fate had intervened. Certainly I had never run into Chris in the morning. I wondered if he had changed his route this morning hoping to run into me. He had asked the night before to meet, to discuss our situation. I had argued against it. Firstly, I thought sitting across from him trying to talk would be torture when really all I wanted was to be naked pressed up against him. Secondly, even if I could control myself, what could we possibly work out? We needed to stop for the sake of everyone and that was most quickly accomplished by ending contact.

While the thoughts of the previous night raced through my head, my legs began to shake again. A strange cocktail of desire and regret turned my stomach upside down and my legs to jelly. My phone pinged once with the text: "Hi!"

As always, Chris made me laugh at the best and worst times. While I was deep in the realm of lust and guilt and he popped up with his signature cheer.

"Hi!" I texted back.

"Are you going to talk to me?" he replied.

"Are you on your way to work?" I texted.

"I was..."

I didn't bother to reply. I pulled out into traffic and made my way home. For a brief moment I wondered if Chris would let me go but soon enough I could see his car behind mine.

"Oh no," I thought.

I clicked open the gate and the garage door and pulled my car into the garage. A moment later Chris walked up the driveway and we walked into the house together. The garage door clanged shut with a sound of finality.

The house was closed up and too warm. I felt stifled as a trickle of sweat ran down my back. I made my way to the kitchen and I opened the doors hoping to catch the last of the morning breeze.

"So are we going to talk about this?" Chris asked.

I nodded, not trusting my voice to be steady if I tried to speak. I poured two waters from the fridge and headed out to our veranda. I settled on the sofa, my legs tucked under me, my body turned toward him. The roof of the patio kept us in deep shade. We looked out across the yard to the distant mountains.

"Well, cheers to keeping our distance," I said, handing him his glass of water and lifting my own in his direction.

I was already hot enough to feel the cold water course down into my belly. I squirmed at the heat and wetness between my legs. How could I have gone so long without thinking twice of Chris and now I couldn't sit two feet away without wanting him to rip my clothes off?

Chris sat forward, setting his glass on the table. His elbows rested on his knees. The collar of his shirt was unbuttoned and I could see a sliver of his collar bone. I wanted to run my tongue across it.

"The thing is, we could find a way to do this. We could be careful. Once. And maybe we would get it out of our system."

"I've thought of that," I replied. "Maybe we could try it and we'd have no chemistry and it would be terrible and we would never want to do it again."

"Yeah, actually, I'm really bad at it," Chris said.

I smiled. I knew enough about his relationship with his wife that he had an insatiable appetite but we had never discussed the details of Chris' skills in bed.

I squirmed again at the thought and tugged the hem of my dress towards my knees. It had ridden up a bit when I sat.

"Don't do that," said Chris, smiling. "I was getting a free peak."

I blushed, realizing from his position he could probably glimpse my panties. I rolled my eyes at my own embarrassment. The thing is, despite months of texts and a few phone calls Chris and I had never even flirted in person. We were so careful to mask our feelings in front of others and had been alone only a handful of times and then only for minutes.

I can't say I consciously decided at that moment that I would have him. But I was the one to reach across and grab his hand. I pulled it towards me and placed it on the inside of my thigh. Chris smiled at me. I'm not sure who was sweatier but his hand was slick against my thigh. He leaned towards me, and his hand slid up my leg. He kissed me, bringing his lips against my top lip and lingering.

I could smell the sweat on Chris. I inhaled his scent. I snaked my hand up his neck, running my hand along the back of his head, his short hair velvety on my fingers. His kiss turned more probing. His head tilted and his tongue softly invaded my mouth. My whole body was lit up. Even better, my thoughts fled my mind. I understood nothing but that I wanted Chris in that moment.

My fingers made their way down to Chris's shirt and I began unbuttoning and untucking his shirt from his pants. I slid his shirt from his shoulders and ran my tongue along his collar bone, just as I had fantasized only moments before.

Chris gently pushed me back against the pillows as he pulled his shirt off and dropped it to the floor. His slid his hand back up my thigh rubbing his thumb along the top of my leg, his fingers brushing my panties. I was sure he could feel how hot and wet I was through the thin cotton material. He began to push my dress up around my waist. I lifted my butt from the couch to help. He broke our kiss to look down at my now exposed panties and stomach.

"I've wanted this for so long," he spoke softly.

I ran my fingers along his spine. We were now both slick with sweat. A breeze blew gently cooling our bodies just enough to realize how hot we were when the breeze quickly died. My fingers slid beneath the waist of his pants, skimming his ass.

He lifted his face back to mine and I kissed him, this time with more intensity. I used my kiss to push him back so that he was sitting against the cushions of the sofa. I straddled his lap, admiring his chest, his abs. I licked the sweat from his neck to behind his ear. I tugged his earlobe gently with my teeth as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Only briefly did I feel the outline of his cock with my hand. Next, I slid to the ground and slipped off his shoes and peeled off his socks. I knelt before him. I swept my hair to my shoulder, reaching behind to unbutton the back of my dress. I gathered the material and lifted my dress over my head. I quickly unclasped my bra and slid out of it as well.

I climbed back onto his lap.

"Tell me again how much you want this," I said.

"I want you," he said, "I'm going to make you cum and I want to watch you when you do." His hands had slid up to my tits. He rubbed the stubble of his cheeks against my nipples. The friction made me moan. He turned his mouth licking, kissing and sucking roughly first one, then the other. His hands squeezed my tits together as sweat dripped between them. He nuzzled the sweat of my cleavage, licking it up. Despite the shade, the full heat of the summer day was building.

"Let's get you out of these," he said, snapping the side of my panties against my hip. I swiveled so that I was sitting between his legs with my back pressed against his chest. I slid my panties to the floor. I was now naked. Chris still had his pants on, though they were open. He pulled my hair to the side, kissing my neck. One hand pulled my knees apart, the other slipped between my legs his finger sliding against my clit and deep inside me.

I felt so exposed. Although my yard was perfectly private the view was expansive. The tall pines stood perfectly still in the summer sun. In the distance, heat waves made the mountains shimmer. Sunlight had begun to inch its way towards us.

"Are you ready to cum, baby?" Chris whispered into my ear.

I could feel my orgasm building but selfishly I wanted our time to proceed more slowly. I withdrew his hand and again I turned, this time to kneel between his legs. I pulled his pants down his thighs. I ran my fingers along the waistband of his shorts and pulled. Here was Chris's cock inches from my face. Again I inhaled deeply. I nuzzled my nose into the base of his cock and licked my way up. I flattened my tongue as I searched for the taste of precum. Chris moaned as he tucked my hair behind my ear. I looked up at him, smiled and lowered my mouth onto him. My hands pulled his pants farther down, enough for him to kick them off without me taking my mouth off of him. I pushed his legs apart and licked the sweat from the crease of his thighs, first one side and then the other. I softly raked my nails along his balls and blew. I put him back in my mouth, sucking deeply.

"Come up here," he said. "We're in this together, right?"

I nodded, looking into his eyes. He pulled me up by the hands. I knelt on the couch before him. He kissed my belly, his hands now on my hips, now on my ass. He pressed his forehead into my belly rolling his head back and forth. I ran my fingers through his hair, holding him to me.

When we pulled apart I leaned down to kiss him. I grasped his cock, and lowered my body, sliding his cock up to my clit and then back down again. I lowered myself onto him. We held ourselves still for a moment, savoring the heat, the sweat, the smell of one another. My hands rested on his shoulders, his hands began to rock my hips. We continued for a few more minutes as Chris brought his thumb down to massage my clit. I pulled myself almost completely off him and then plunged back down again.

"Oh, that's going to make me cum," he said. Again I pulled myself up so that he was almost out of me and again I brought myself down until he was buried inside me. His hand now pressed against my belly, his thumb working magic on my clit. His other hand pressed against my lower back arching me against him.

My orgasm building, I sped up my rhythm, oblivious to everything.

"Oh, fuck me," I cried, clenching my thighs against his as I came. I buried my head into his neck, my hair plastered to my face with sweat, my fingers gripping his arms as I shuddered with orgasm.

"Yes, always yes," he moaned, releasing himself into me.

We held each other, neither one wanting to let go. When we did break apart I noticed the summer sun had finally made its way to us.

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I didn't know how decent erotica was allowed in this section.

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