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Oh Tammy

byBill Smith©

I love weekends, especially Saturdays. Saturday is the day that Tammy and I go grocery shopping! It is without a doubt the most exciting time of my week. Why you ask? My Tammy is an exhibitionist and when she dresses for our Saturday shopping she has brightened the day of many a young man and perhaps taken a few days or weeks away from the older men who have seen her charms. There is more than show and tell with our grocery shopping on Saturdays, it is the shopping too, especially the vegetable section.

When Tammy picks up a cucumber I tremble, as she runs her hand up and down its' length's I gasp and when she brings it to her mouth I almost loose it. Then we move over to the zucchinis and I start to moan. And the corn, oh man the corn is just too much of a good thing. I'm really surprised we aren't thrown out of the store, but then again the price of groceries and the money we spend it would hurt their profits; big time. We also purchase strawberries, bananas, cantaloupes and other fruit and veggies too. And no we are not vegetarians; we buy other food items too including a beef rump roast.

The drive home is more exciting then the trip to the grocery store. We bring items along to wash our selected fruit and veggies for the trip homeward. We start out in the parking lot sharing strawberries; from Tammy's mouth to mine and back again we exchange that little berry till it is gone. The sweetness of the berry with Tammy's warm and wicked tongue makes me tingle all over. After sharing several berries it is time to get into the truck. Tammy grabs a zucchini, cucumber and olive oil before sitting down on the covered seat.

She slides her beautiful ass forward over the front of the seat and spreads her legs; at 6'2" Tammy has legs that go on forever. Opening the olive oil she pours some on her fingers and then starts to play with her asshole. Her eyes are closed and she is biting her lower lip as first one finger then another pass beyond her sphincter. When the third finger enters her she starts to softly moan, and she moans louder when she has four in her. With her other hand she lets her fingers dance on her clitoris and she cums quickly. Opening her eyes and smiling she removes her fingers from her ass and grabs the zucchini, with olive oil coating its' surface the zucchini knocks at her back door and passes through. Slowly the zucchini is disappearing into her ass and then she pulls it back only to push it forwards again but going deeper each time. This action continues till the zucchini is almost buried in the warm smooth depths of her. It is so far inside of her that it remains as she removes her hand from it.

Tammy grabs the cucumber and coats it with olive oil then slides it inside of her pussy till it firmly planted inside of her. With one hand on the cucumber and the other one on the zucchini they both dance back and forth into her body. She cums again, this time it is more intense and she screams out her pleasure and heads turn in the parking lot trying to discern what is going on. I laugh, start the truck and pull out of the grocery store parking lot. I head out to the highway as Tammy starts to play with her food again.

Several truck drivers get an eye full of Tammy and her playthings. I'm sure the cb radios are full of chatter about what they have seen. I take an exit off the highway and we head home. I pull into our garage, close the door then grab Tammy and kiss her as her hands pump the veggies into her body, she cums again and screams into my mouth. I release her and while she regains her composer I unload the truck and put the food away..., no not all of it.

Before we left for the grocery store we set the bed for the fun we knew we were going to have once we got home. I prepare other foods and after placing them in the bedroom I take off all of my clothes and go after my Tammy.

She has not moved. As I open her door I can see the cucumber and zucchini still inside of her standing tall like cannons ready to fire again. I gently kiss her lips and let my hands dance on her ample breasts. Slowly she starts to respond, her lips part and her tongue seeks out mine and they dance; tenderly and sweetly. I break the kiss and whisper to her, "Baby the bedroom is ready." She laughs sweetly and seductively.

I pull the cucumber from it sheath and lick it. Tammy smiles as my tongue laps up the taste of her and olive oil, sweet and tangy it is. She removes the zucchini, takes my hand and pulls me to the bedroom.

In the bedroom Tammy lets her dress fall to the floor, she jumps on the bed and rolls over onto her back. She spreads her legs and gives me an eyeful of heaven; I swear it winks at me! Grabbing the bowl of fruit I place it on the bed and lay beside her. Taking another strawberry I place it in her mouth, then she passes it to me but this time I raise my head and open my mouth and the juice dribbles to her open mouth, face and neck. I eat the strawberry then lick her face and neck clean. Grabbing another strawberry I crush it releasing its' juice on her breasts and torso, then place it into her mouth were we pass it back and forth till it is gone. I take another strawberry crush it and let the juice splash down her left leg and then we devour it. Another strawberry gets the same treatment but it leaves a wet trail on her right leg. Now I get to lick the juice off of my Tammy, she moans, she squirms, she heaves, she laughs and she whimpers.

When the strawberry juice is gone, I seek other another sweet liquid that I find at the junction of her beautiful legs. This is the real nectar of the gods and it is heaven sent, I drink and give thanks. Then I capture the little man in the boat with my mouth and let my little red serpent dance upon its' head as my Tammy starts to sing a new song of pleasure. To help her with reach the higher notes I place fingers in her pussy and ass, as she reaches her crescendo I capture her little man with my teeth and my tongue drums its' head till she is over the top.

Removing my fingers I move up my Tammy's body till my lips are once again gently kissing her lips and she responds back with shaky breath and whimpers. I whisper into her ear, "Roll over on your stomach so I can make love to your back side."

"Oh my," she responds as she rolls over.

I straddle her body then taking cantaloupe from the bowl on the bed I squeeze its' juice on my Tammy's back. She moans as it rolls down her back, then I place it in her mouth and we pass it back and forth till it is gone.

Then I lick the juice from her back, and bite her too. I can see where I have been by the red marks from my teeth on her skin. I take another piece of cantaloupe and repeat the process again over the rest of her back. I skip her beautiful ass and proceed down each leg with cantaloupe, licks and bites too. Her backside is red except for her ass, I smile as I know what comes next.

I love my Tammy, every square inch of her but when I look at her ass my heart smiles in joy and amazement. Taking a piece of cantaloupe in each hand I squeeze and baste her sweet ass in its' entirety. I place the pieces in the crack of her ass and begin my licking and biting. My bites are more intense; Tammy dances in pain and pleasure then starts to sing again. I spread her ass and eat the chunks of cantaloupe that I placed there while looking at her rosebud waiting for me.

I reach out to the fruit bowl, grab a banana and place it between my legs on the bed. I lower my head till it is resting on my Tammy's ass, and then I let my little red serpent snake out to lick at the puckered opening. I taste Tammy, cantaloupe and olive oil; a most wonderful combination of flavors and I moan. Tammy pushes back with her ass to get more of my tongue and I oblige her. I drill her ass like a Texas oil well going for black gold and her beautiful ass responds by nipping at my tongue wanting more. I give her more. As her ass dances on my tongue I reach down and grab the banana and place it at the opening her pussy. Making sure the curve side is facing forward I insert it so that it can play over her g-spot. I don't know which is moving faster my tongue or that banana but Tammy screams out her pleasure and at the same time I hear the sheets tear. She bucks, she cries, she shakes and then she collapses but her body still spasms in little jerky movements.

I remove the banana and move up her body till my head is next to hers. I rub my face on hers and place tender kisses on her cheeks. My hands travel her body slowly stroking and kneading. After a while my Tammy comes back to the world and her lips find mine, we kiss tenderly and sweetly for a long time. She wants to turn over and I pull back as she does so. As I lay forward into her open arms my dick finds it sheath in that heavenly place between her thighs. We hold each other tightly, not moving, sweetly kissing.

I whisper to her my love, the beauty of eating her ass, and the joy I felt when I heard her sing out her songs of pleasure. She whispers what she is going to do to me and that quickens my movements inside of her. We both start to make wonderful little sounds of joy as pleasure dances in each of us. I feel Tammy spread my ass as her fingers gains entrance to my asshole, they are slippery from olive oil and meet no resistance. I gasp aloud in pleasure and cry out, "Oh Tammy."

Then she removes her fingers from me and I feel empty, but only for a moment. There is something else seeking entrance where her fingers were before. I know what it is and I scream out my pleasure as it moves slowly into me. Once I have adjusted to it she moves it to the same rhythm as I am moving inside of her. Faster and faster we move, we sing beautiful sounds of love, a cappella, as our tempo builds we reach for those really high notes and we arrive at the same time. We both jerk like marionettes with broken strings till we can move no more. I feel Tammy remove the corn from my ass, I tremble and jerk inside of her flooding her pussy with even more of my semen. We hold each other tightly and tenderly kiss.

Tammy is the first to speak, "What's for desert?"

I smile at her, withdrawing from her I seek out the banana that was useful a few moments ago and I find it. I unpeel the banana, taking the fruit I place it at heavens door where I coat it with the outward and visible signs of our love. Then I offer it to her mouth where she bites off a chunk and we pass it back and forth till it is no more. It did take several bananas before we were through...

Did I tell you we invited Tammy' boss over for Sunday dinner. We had beef rump roast, corn on the cob, zucchini spinach casserole, and dilled cucumber & yogurt salad. For dessert we had banana pudding. Tammy boss said he really enjoyed the meal especially the corn on the cob, I told him I enjoyed it too. I thought Tammy was going to choke to death when she heard that as she knew where that particular piece of corn had been...

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