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Oiled Up & Ready...


Oiled Up & Ready - New Job Five!

The pool party was awesome! It was at Al's place, and he was throwing a massive end of financial year party to reward all the Estate Agency staff. The year had been good, sales were up, and so as a reward he decided to throw a massive rage at his place.

The invitation said to dress for the beach, and so Steve had bought me a new bikini and heels. I knew everyone would be dressed hot, and wanted to get into the spirit of things. Over my tiny suit I wore a white wrap around skirt, and put my gold hoop earrings in. I put on just a little extra makeup than I would normally wear, and left my hair down all roughed up and wild.

Steve whistled as I walked into the kitchen where he was waiting dressed in his board shorts and muscle t-shirt. I smiled and wiggled my bum at him, before he grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. We kissed, with plenty of tongue, and then headed out to the car.

We arrived at Al's and noticed there were heaps of cars parked in the long driveway that lead to the house. Good looking and scantily clad people were walking up the driveway dressed in swimwear of all sorts.

"Looks like it's gonna be fun" said Steve.

"I sure hope so baby" I said. "Al's parties are usually pretty wild!"

Al had been my boss for two years now, and as you all know, he and I had formed a very lucrative real estate selling 'arrangement' where I did all the special sales for him that required that little something 'extra' to clinch the deal. Al had promised me a special gift at the party for the work I had done this year, and I was really looking forward to seeing what he had in store for me.

As we parked the Monaro and walked round to the back of the house, we could hear loud music playing and plenty of laughter. Al's backyard was amazing. The main feature being the huge pool which has it's own island bar in the middle capable of seating twenty people at sunken stools. Adjacent to the pool was the famous spa, which usually fitted about ten people. I noticed with interest that there was also one of those large inflatable castle things you normally see at kids parties. This one was different though, as it was some kind of inflatable obstacle course. Steve just shrugged his shoulders when I asked him if he knew what it was for.

We spent the first hour or so sipping on magnificent cocktails and chatting with friends from my work. Steve seemed to be enjoying himself and I noticed a few times he was scanning the women who were dressed in bikinis, one piece suits and some in shorts or small skirts. I squeezed his lovely tight buns and whispered in his ear,

"Having a good time cowboy?".

"Actually yes, there's some pretty hot babes here. No wonder Al enjoys his work so much! he answered smiling and turning to kiss me on the lips.

"OOoh, now cut that out you two" said Al as he appeared from the house, a long glass in his hand.

Al is a tubby man as you know, and his lovely cock appeared to be flowing loosely under his baggy shorts, flopping from side to side.

"No Dee, I'm not wearing any undies. I can see you trying to figure it out!" he chortled as he approached and shook hands with Steve before pecking me on the cheek.

We shared some pleasant conversation, and Steve and Al were immediately at ease with each other, having spent many evenings together drinking and socialising together.

"So Steve" said Al, "Has Dee told you I have a special surprise for her?".

"Yep, but she doesn't know what it is, and you know how annoying she can be when she wants something mate" said Steve in response.

"Well, she'll just have to wait and see won't she?" Al said, smiling and looking me directly in the eye.

He walked off and we resumed chatting with a few of the girls from the office. Steve seemed to be focussing on Rachel, a lovely short blonde with the most amazing boobs. I was actually jealous of her, but also wanted badly to suck her nipples and make love to her. I wondered if today I might get that chance.

As I sipped my third cocktail and watched Rachel flirting with my hubby, I couldn't help notice what she was wearing. On her feet, she wore a pair of those cork sandals, the ones with the straps over the foot, and with five inch heels. The heels accentuated her butt, making it jutt out sexily as she stood smiling and laughing with Steve, her hand constantly brushing his forearm. Her gorgeous ass was bound by a hipster bikini bottom matched with the top that was struggling to keep her ample bosoms in place. The darkened areola were both peeping out, making her the target of a fair bit of male attention.

I decided to Steve and Rachel for a while and headed off to the buffet table, as I was getting hungry. At the buffet I gathered a stack of lovely salad and meats, and then sat down at a large outdoor table where many of my workmates were also eating. Just as I began to nibble, Nancy and Jane appeared and sat down either side of me. They are both office staff, and we all get along like a house on fire. I knew that Nancy and Jane were also gay. They lived together in a nice little apartment that I had found for them and helped them to set up. The two girls were in their mid twenties, and Nancy was most definitely the female of the couple.

Jane had her spiky blonde hair cropped short, and was always the more masculine of the two. We enjoyed general chit chat and were laughing loudly when our boss appeared on the edge of the pool and asked for quiet.

By now Al was wearing only his shorts, and his podgy little tummy stuck out over the waist band of his shorts. He thanked everyone for coming, and for the work we had done that year. He also said that as a special reward, he had organised a surprise. To my and everyone's amazement, he explained that the jumping castle was in fact an obstacle course and that we would have a special competition to find the women and man who could make it through the obstacle course the fastest. As a special incentive said Al, the winner's would get a half share each of a new apartment in the complex he had just built on the northern beach coast! Amazing!! Everyone oooohed and ahhhed as they heard what he had to say. I was totally amazed.....and looked for Steve's reaction, but could not see him anywhere.

Al then explained that the men would go first, and that they were allowed to do anything they liked to help or stop the other men from finishing first. In other words, all the blokes would scramble and fight to finish first or stop each other from beating them. There were fourteen guys including Al and Steve and so I knew it would be a tough battle. Al also added that all the contestants would be covered in oil to make it interesting! I was looking forward to seeing all the guys covered in oil scrambling and fighting with each other as they tried to finish the course! Needless to say. everyone moaned as they heard Al's last statement, realising how hard and how sexy it was going to be to watch the competition!

We had about an hour till the competition was to start, and so I went inside to use the bathroom. As I walked down the hall towards Al's guest bathroom, I heard some muffled giggling and a slight bumping noise coming from the games room. I leaned against the door and listened more carefully.

"OOooh god Steve, stick that cock in me. That's it. Jam it in my hungry pussy. Make me squeal as you make me cum. That's it, more, more, MOOOORRE"

I was stunned. I opened the door to find my husband Steve fucking the absolute life out of Rachel as she was spreadeagled on the billiard table. From where I stood I could see his face, and he looked up at me, sweat dripping off his brow onto the lovely breasts that were shaking due to his forceful pumping. I know many of you won't agree with what I did next, but hey, It's my life and I enjoy living the openly sexual lifestyle that Steve and I share.

I walked round behind him so Rachel could see me. She freaked at first, but I placed my finger to her lips and told her it was ok, and that she should relax and enjoy. Steve just kept in pumping, and I leant forward and kissed Rachel's nipple tenderly, before reaching back with my hand to cup my husband's balls as they shook from the fucking he was giving the gorgeous short blonde.

I started sucking both her nipples alternately, and then as she approached her climax, I bit down on her left nipple quite hard. The combination of being fucked by Steve's lovely fat cock, and my mouth on her boob must have been too much. She crashed over the edge into an orgasm the likes of which I have not seen in ages. Her first movement was to contract all her muscles, her legs locking onto Steve's ass as he simply held his cock deep inside her. I continued to suck the nipple as she then began a long process of relaxing and shaking every muscle in her sexy body. The orgasm ripped through her like a tornado, and just as the shudders and breathing began to subside, my husband grunted and groaned and announced he too was going to cum.

I expected Rachel to ask him to pull out, but instead she looked me in the eye, locked her legs around my husband's ribs, and begged him to cum deep inside her. Steve needed no further encouragement, and as my hand squeezed and fondled his hairless balls, I felt my husband come deep inside this wonderfully sexy woman in front of me. He grunted the way he does when he comes, and jammed his spurting cock deeper into Rachel. He pumped about seven times until I knew he was spent. I kissed him on the lips as he slowly puled back, releasing his wonderful cock from Rachel's dripping pussy.

Horny as hell, I lowered my mouth to his cock which was slick with cum and pussy juices combined. I licked his shaft first, savouring the flavours, and then engulfed him in my mouth in one go. As his cock was starting to subside, I managed to deep throat him and totally lick his shaft and head clean. I sucked like a lollipop a few more times, until he stopped me, saying it was too much! I looked at him wide eyed, and then said,

"Now it's my turn to show YOU something".

I dropped to my knees between Rachel's thighs. I looked closely at her pussy. Her pink lips were swollen with the puffy arousal only intercourse can bring. I knew that my husband's cock had caused this sensation. I lapped my tongue on her fat clitoris, causing Rachel to quiver and reach down to cradle my head. Leaning in further, I started to lick her pussy, and then sucked and sucked on her vaginal opening until my own husband's cum was seeping out of her cunt and into my waiting mouth. I loved the sensation of eating another woman, and the fact that I was lapping up my own husband's juices from this lovely lady made it all the more erotic. I gulped down a few small mouthful's of Steve's cum before saving the last one in my mouth. I lifted myself up and planted a kiss in Rachel's full lips. Her tongue pushed my lips open and we tongue kissed deeply, exchanging the semen from my husband that I had sucked out of her well fucked pussy moments earlier. It was a sensual moment that you cannot understand until you have had the experience. It made me shudder....and I confess to reaching down to finger my hungry clit a little as we kissed in front of Steve.

Suddenly Al walked in to find me leaning over Rachel. our faces totally wet and covered in cum, and Steve sitting behind us, his flaccid cock tell-taling the fact that he had just fucked Rachel, who was laying on the billiard table covered in sweat!

"Well, well well...........the least you could have done was invite me to join you!" He smiled jokingly. "Anyway, get your butts out by the poo, we're gonna kick off the competition in about five minutes ok? See ya!"

And with that he left, his dick just starting to swell at the sight we must have presented before him as he entered the room. We all laughed and jumped up. Steve and Rachel headed for the shower to freshen up. Rachel was covered in sweat and cum, and Steve's sweaty body needed some cleaning too. I told them to enjoy themselves and headed out to the pool area, where the men were starting to prepare.

Al was directing things, and had gathered two large bottle of baby oil. The men were then asked to strip down to their shorts only. Several of them had speedos on, and the rest were in board shorts. Then Al asked for all the women to come forward and oil up the men so they could start! It was a wonderfully erotic few minutes. Having just come from my erotic adventure inside with Steve and Rachel, I was content to watch and admire from a distance. Al came up to me.

"Still catching your breath cutie?" he asked.

"Just happy to ogle all that sexy man flesh being covered in oil baby" I replied. "Isn't it great the way the sun is shining on the oil and showing off their muscles?" I asked sexily.

"HHHmmmmmm, I guess so babe" he replied, "But they have nothing on what you'll look like by the time I've coated that hot ass of yours with oil" he snapped back quickly, pinching me on the bum and giving me a small kiss on the cheek.

He really was a great bloke to work for, and as you all know, we had also become very good friends.

He left me and headed back to where he was speaking earlier. The competition was about to get underway. Suddenly Steve appeared and was hurriedly oiled up by the squealing office girls and the other sales staff. I enjoyed watching them take their time putting oil all over my husband, and I mean all over! I watched as Jenny scooped up some oil and then reached inside his shorts to cover his cock and balls, the naughty bitch! Steve just smiled and put his hands behind his head, as if to say,

"Go right ahead baby".

Anyway, as Al explained how it was going to work, the men all climbed into the entrance of the inflatable obstacle course. It sounds a lot easier than it was, considering they were all totally soaked in oil. Slithering, clambering and slipping as they climbed, finally all the guys made it into the start of the course. It was about twenty-five metres or so from start to finish, and there were obstacles al the way. Poles, bumps, ladders, staircases, all inflatable and soft, made for what I was certain was going to be a fun competition. Not to mention the prize for the winning bloke and girl - a half share in that amazing apartment!

I looked at Steve and he glanced back at me, blowing me a huge kiss.

"Good luck baby" I shouted out to him, as the other women began to get rowdy and yell encouragement to their partners or their own favourites.


Al actually had a starter's pistol! He'd fired it and the men scrambled into action. God it was funny! Here they were, thirteen grown men, some fellow employees, some the partners of employees. Al was the only bloke not in it, and the sight was fantastic. It reminded me of what I am sure the ancient Olympics must have been like. These totally shiny oil covered men, their bodies glistening in the sun, fighting and grappling with each other trying to be the first to reach the finish line and win the apartment.

The girls were screaming encouragement now. Steve was about sixth as the guys were grabbing legs, arms, shoving, pushing and throwing each other out of the way. Jason was in the lead, and he leaped up onto the inflated staircase, the last main hurdle before the finish line. Just as he was about to scramble up, Ted grabbed him by the ankles and pulled him back down. He crashed onto the three or four men behind him and they all rolled around in a slippery pile of manflesh! Steve was right behind that group, and took the chance to hurdle, literally, over the guys grappling on the rubberised floor. He stepped on Jason's backside and managed to leap up the stair and fell down before anyone had a chance to stop him. He was going to win!

I started screaming loudly for him to go, go go!!!

Finally, Steve leapt forward and fell across the finish line and spilled out of the castle onto the lawn. He won! I raced forward and kissed his deeply, his hot and slippery body squashing against my boobies very sexily.

"I love you baby - congratulations!" I said as I smothered him with kisses, almost choking him as he tried hard to get his breath back!

"Wow Dee, I never thought I had a chance baby" he managed to respond between gasps for air. "Imagine how much fun we can have in that hot apartment?".

It was really great, and Al yelled to everyone,

"The winner....Steve Bennett!"

A round of applause and laughter erupted and we all headed to the bar to top up our drinks before it was the women's turn to jump in and try to conquer the castle.

We all chatted and laughed about the men's race as we finished off a few more cocktails. Everyone was pretty drunk by the time Al announced that it was the women's turn to compete for the apartment in the oiled up obstacle course. All us women went in to the pool changeroom, and once inside, Rachel, the little sexy minx that I had caught fucking my husband earlier on, suggested we make the competition more interesting for the men by all competing naked! I thought it was a great idea, and said so! However, several of the women were a little timid, and they said they'd prefer to keep their bikinis on. We all laughed and agreed that it didn't matter, the guys would get horny watching us wrestle our way through the obstacle course anyway! So off we went.

Six of us were totally starkers, and the other eight were in a swimsuit of some description. As we headed back outside, the guys went ape! They woof whistled and hollared as we lined up ready to race. Rachel and I were the only two who had brazilian waxes I noticed. Several of the women had neatly trimmed pussies and two had really fuzzy hairy boxes!!

But the fun part was still to come. Al picked up one of the oil bottles and proceeded to cover all our bodies with a slick squirt of the now very warm oil. Slowly the men came over and made themselves at home covering our bodies with the slippery liquid. Hands, fingers and other parts made their way across parts of all the women's bodies. It was sooooooo fucking hot! I just closed my eyes and raised my hands above my head, and let the hands and fingers cover my body in oil. I'm not sure who it was, but one of the men made me squeal with pleasure when he slipped a very wet and hot finger down the crack of my backside and pushed it gently into my bum hole. Wow, it was soo erotic. I wondered if his wife was watching as he slowly removed it and began caressing the oil al over my back and bottom once more.

Anyway - Al picked up his gun and then "bang", and we were off. I have always been pretty athletic, and my long legs were useful as we all scrambled to get across the first hump. I managed to almost jump it clearly, when I was grabbed from behind by Nancy. The little minx had me pinned under her as the rest of the women climbed over us and headed on down the rubberised inflated course. I was now coming last!

Jane took the lead, and I guessed that she and Nancy had made a tactical plan, which was working perfectly! Just as Jane hit the last staircase, Nancy again grabbed the lady coming second from behind and pinned her to the floor. Jane leapt forward and won! Her short spikey hair was slick with oil, but like me, she was naked, and as she stood there jumping up and down in excitement, I couldn't help but admire her body. Nancy ran up and grabbed her lover, kissing her on the lips, their curvey bodies sandwiched together in embrace. I watched horny as their nipples and boobs squashed together. They were lovely to watch let me tell you, and I was looking forward to perhaps sharing many sexy times at the apartment with them!

As the party went on late into the evening and more and more people got drunk, several couple left and Al suggested we all jump into the spa. This had an effect because several more couple decided it was time to go, leaving only Al, Steve and myself, Rachel, Nancy and Jane, and Ted. It meant that we all fitted easily into the spa. Coincidentally, the only people left were also the sexiest and openly erotic of the office. I had the feeling that the others had left fearing that Al's reputation as a sex fiend might be proven if they stayed much longer. How right they were!!

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