Okay, Baby, We'll Do It!

byAlex De Kok©

Moments later the door was closed behind us and we were locked in our first kiss, tongues duelling, clinging to each other desperately. Tom gently broke the kiss and picked me up, making his way towards the staircase.

"Straight ahead," I whispered, "last room on the right." In my bedroom I made him put me down and triggered the drapes closing mechanism, then turned on a shielded bedside lamp, illuminating the bed in a warm, soft glow.

Holding my gaze with his own, Tom reached out and unbuttoned my blouse. I shrugged it off and let it fall behind me. Although I'd gone to the beach without a bra, I'd taken one and I was wearing it now. It didn't hide much, being little more than a platform. I moved close to Tom, putting my arms around his neck.

"It fastens at the front," I whispered.

He kissed my neck and his hand came up immediately, unfastening the scrap of material deftly. I laughed to myself. One hand! Here was a man who knew his way around bras! I let it fall and was bare to the waist before him. He moved me back and held me lightly by the shoulders, his eyes warm.

"You are truly lovely, Helen."

I moved forward and kissed him lightly. "Get undressed, Tom. I want you."

He reached into his pocket and brought out a little foil packet. "I thought I'd better get something. I didn't know...." His voice trailed off.

Touched, I hugged him. "I still have my diaphragm, Tom. Get undressed and into bed. I'll only be a moment." I kissed him again and made my way into the bathroom. My diaphragm was tucked away at the back of the bedroom cabinet, testifying to its absence of use of recent years. Quickly I stripped off my trousers and my now soaking panties. Fitting my diaphragm was the work of moments, eased by my copious lubrication. I ran a comb quickly through my hair, dabbed some perfume on strategic locations and made my naked way back into the bedroom.

Tom was naked, too, and already in - or rather on - my bed. His prick stood firm, hot and proud, casting a wonderful shadow on the wall. I moved over and crawled up onto the bed, straddling Tom's legs, bending over to kiss him, my pussy scant inches from his wonderful erection.

"It's been a long time, Tom. Do you mind if I stay on top?"

Oh, Helen, of course not. Anyway you want me is fine by me." His voice was ragged.

I bent and kissed him again then shuffled forward on my knees until my trembling fingers could feed him into me, lowering myself slowly onto him, his rock-hard prick slowly filling me. With a gusty sigh I sat myself down on him, all of him that would fit inside me.

"That feels incredible, Helen," Tom said, his voice unsteady.

I took a deep breath. "For me, too, Tom." I had a sudden thought. "How long has it been for you?"

"Over a year." He made a face. "A one-night stand with a temporary secretary. She was fun, but..." His voice trailed off. "You?

"The night before Jack was killed in that crash. More than three years now."

Tom pulled me down and hugged me tight, not speaking. Gently I pushed him back and sat up, smiling. "That was then, Tom, this is now." I squeezed down on him with my internal muscles and he grinned, flexing his prick in my pussy. I giggled and began to move, revelling in the feel of a hard prick in my pussy again, realising how much I had missed it, for Jack and I had had an active sex life.

I moved steadily, concentrating on the feel of Tom inside me, loving the feel of his hardness emptying me then filling me again. His hands came up and he cupped my breasts, his thumbs brushing the nipples, sending a jolt of excitement through me. I began to move faster, excitement in me and I knew it was going to take me very little time to climax.

"I'm going to come pretty quick, I think," I murmured unsteadily, never pausing in my movement.

Tom laughed shakily. "Me too! God! Just like a teenager with his first fuck!"

I giggled, feeling the stirrings of my climax. Tom began to thrust up into me and it was scant moments later that his breath shortened. I tightened my pussy around him and moments later my climax hit me like a thunderbolt. I gasped, almost a scream, feeling my belly ripple and my pussy clamp down on Tom's prick. He gasped in his turn, his hands gripping my hips, thrusting hard into me before he threw his head back, a strangled 'Yes!' coming from between clenched teeth and his hips moving in violent reflex, thrusting into me as we died the miniature death that is climax.

I collapsed forward across him and we gasped for breath together, summer sweat slick between us, equilibrium slowly, oh, so slowly, returning.

It was just at that moment that the 'phone rang. Tom jumped and moved as if to withdraw.

"No, stay where you are!" I stretched across and picked up the handset, my breathing still heavy. "Hello?"

"Hi, Mom. I didn't know if you were home."

"Yeah, I'm home." Breathing still laboured, I covered the handset and took a deep breath.

"Are you okay, Mom?" Kirsty's voice betrayed anxiety.

I laughed. "Never better, sweetheart."

"Is Mr. Evensen there?"

"He is, honey. Do you want him?"

"No, I just wanted to know. Jeannie was wondering what time he'd be home. She didn't know whether to lock up or not, 'cos we're just off to bed."

"Hang on, honey." I covered the mouthpiece. "Jeannie wants to know what time you'll be home and should she lock up. No, stay where you are! You're still hard enough for me to enjoy having you there." I kissed him quickly. "Do you mind the girls knowing about us?"

Tom blinked. "I guess not. If you don't."

"I want to boast!" I uncovered the mouthpiece. "Kirsty? Tell Jeannie to lock up. Tom won't be home for a while. Not 'til I've finished with him, and that should be about breakfast time."

"Mom. Are you in bed together?" There was delighted shock in Kirsty's voice.

"We certainly are, baby. Round two starts shortly." I felt Tom shake and looked at him anxiously. He was stifling a laugh, his shoulders heaving.

Kirsty laughed. "Have fun, Mom. See you in the morning. Wait. Hang on a sec." There was a pause and I could hear muffled voices. "Mom? Tell Mr. Evensen that Jeannie says 'Have fun, and don't let the family down'." She hung up, laughing and I replaced the handset.

"Jeannie says 'Have fun and don't let the family down'."

Tom laughed. "We seem to have raised a broad-minded pair in those two," he said ruefully.

"I think you're right. Oh! Is that the beginnings of a resurrected erection I feel? Please tell me it is," I said dramatically.

Tom chuckled. "It certainly is, Helen my love. Something to do with knowing that our daughters know what we're doing. Somehow, I find that exciting."

"Hmm. A sort of mental voyeurism, maybe. You're right, it's turning me on, too. Would you care to fuck me, Mr. Evensen?"

"I'd be delighted, Mrs. Anderson," Tom replied, beginning to move. "Helen?"


"I have the day off tomorrow. Would you like to take the girls back to Dover Point."

"I'd love to. Any particular reason?"

"I'm going to need time to recover from tonight. The idea of lying in the sun, with you there beside me, naked, has an irresistible appeal."

I laughed. "It's a deal! Now, fuck me!"

"Yes, ma'am."

* * * * *

To those of you who have read this far, my thanks. I hope you enjoyed my little tale. Feedback is welcome, and as this is a competition entry, please vote!

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