Oktoberfest Sex-Geschichte


His eyes went wide, "Oh, shit.... you know her?" He sat up with a grin, "What's her name?"

I couldn't believe this asshole. He brought her here to fuck and he didn't even know her name! Unbelievable! "What an ASSHOLE!" I shouted, as I threw on my clothes, not even bothering to change out of my crusty undies. I just had to get out of there before I smashed his face in.

He was stunned by my anger. He shrugged. "What can I say? It just never came up. Okay... it probably did. I just forgot it. I can't remember everybody's name. Come on dude, what's her name? And where can I find her? I let you watch. So you owe me."

I snorted sarcastically. "If you don't know her name, isn't that for the best? I thought you didn't want any silly girls tying you down!"

He looked at me blankly. "Yeah... but... Shit, dude. You saw her! She's fucking awesome! I mean, I've had a lot of pussy, but that shit was tight. And her face... I know, she's got a big nose, but holy shit, she's hot! And did you see her eyes? Fuck! And her tits. Those tits are epic, dude! I just gotta tap that ass again. You gotta tell me her name. You gotta! Please, I'm begging you, Hans, old buddy!"

I saw the desperate look in his eye. Shit. He was in love. Or as close to in love as an asshole like him can get. It was utterly infuriating!

I tossed my books in my book bag, saying, "Look, I'm late for class. Let's argue about it later." I ran out the door, not giving him a chance to pressure me for her name. I wasn't going to give it to him. No way. No fucking way. I was absolutely sure that by now she'd come to regret her foolish actions the night before. Maybe she was drunk. Maybe she was high. But there was no way she was going to want to see that ape again. I was certain of it.

I arrived at my classroom half an hour early, so I sat at my desk and tried to cram a bit before the test began. Then Briona showed up. I guess she'd had the same idea because she sat down at her desk with her textbook and notes, and began to study. She didn't notice me, as usual, so I was able to ogle her amazing face from afar while she tried to study. I could tell that she wasn't her normal focused self. Her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes kept wandering from her books and out the windows, drawn by the fluttering orange leaves in the oak trees that dotted the campus below. There was a sweet, satisfied smile on her perfect face. She kept biting her lip and blushing, as if reliving a wonderful memory. Then she let out a long, happy sigh, closed her eyes and smiled.

I didn't know much about sex, but I knew love when I saw it. I brushed the tears from my eyes, and went back to studying, losing myself in science, and the awesome mysteries of the universe, so as not to scream.

PART TWO -- October 6, 1992

"You should go," said Troy.

"Yeah, I agree," said Briona, cuddling next to him in his bed. "What have you got to lose?"

I shrugged. "I don't really know these guys. And I wouldn't know anyone else at the party either."

Briona shrugged, "So what?"

Troy added, "And it's at a frat, dude! Think of all that fresh young sorority pussy!"

Briona slapped his arm, hard enough to make him squeal. "Shut up, you big dumb ape!"

Troy pouted adorably, nursing his arm. "Sorry Bree."

"Oh, did I hurt you, baby?" Then she gently, lovingly kissed his arm, as he looked at her enraptured.

They'd only been together for two weeks, but the change she'd had on Troy had been amazing. He'd stopped trolling for chicks, even though she hadn't asked him to. And when the two of them weren't over at her apartment fucking like rabbits, she was over at our room studying with me! It worked out for all three of us because our studying together encouraged him to do his own homework, so his grades began to improve as well.

Just in case you're wondering, Briona had no idea that I'd been awake the night she fucked him. In fact, when she found out that I was his roommate, she nearly had a heart attack, but I pretended his 'acne medicine' story was true. There are some acne medicines that cause drowsiness, although I'd been off them for over a year. Still, I kept up the charade, secretly hoping that she might fuck him again while I 'slept'. But apparently the night she came over her cousin had been visiting, so her apartment wasn't empty. That wasn't true any longer, so I hadn't seen hide nor hair of her pussy since that wonderful night, and I probably never would again.

But that was okay. She was fast becoming one of my best friends. The fact that I'd seen her totally naked, riding my roommate's cock while she cursed like a whore, didn't diminish my fondness or admiration for her one tiny bit. It actually opened my eyes up to my own naive ideas about sexuality. I realized that sex isn't just for sluts and dopes, but for smart people too. People like Briona... and people like me! It finally dawned on me that everybody in the world had sex, and every woman, however shy she may seem, had a secret tiger in her, just waiting to be discovered and unleashed.

As for Troy, he was still a bit of an asshole, but he treated Briona like a princess. He was honestly in love. So much so that it frightened him a bit. After I told him that she was a genius, he started to worry that she'd lose interest in him, so he worked extra hard to earn her love. But I'd seen him fucking her. As long as he kept slaying her pussy like that, he had nothing to worry about.

Briona asked, "Who are these guys again?"

"Roland Rawlings and Joseph... something... I forget his last name. They're in Tau Sigma Omicron, I think. I'm in their Astrophysics study group. I guess that's why they invited me to their Oktoberfest party. I can't think of any other reason. I'm certainly not interested in pledging any frats. I don't have that kind of money anyway."

Briona nodded. "Well, I don't know them, but Tau Sigma has a good reputation. If you were pledging, you could do worse. Though Delta Delta is the one that most of the guys in the science department belong to. They have an excellent academics record."

Troy grinned mischievously, saying, "Yeah, but the real question is, does Tau Sigma have a sister sorority, and do they like to fuck nerds?"

Briona roared like a lion and started snapping her teeth at him. "I told you to stop it, you dirty little boy! Don't make me bite you!"

He stuck his tongue out at her so she leapt on top of him like a jungle cat. I watched them roughhouse with a smile on my face. Troy was much bigger and stronger than her, but he let her pin him with only minimal resistance. That's one of the ways I knew he was smitten with her. She'd literally tamed him. It was really kind of cute.

Still straddling Troy, Briona turned to me and said, "No, really, Hans, you ought to go. You don't have anything better to do tonight, do you?"

I shrugged. "No, but I don't have a costume. Everyone's supposed to dress up like Germans."

Troy said, "Well, you're German, aren't you? Just go as yourself."

"My grandpa's from Austria, but I don't think that counts as a costume."

Briona smiled, "Oh hey, there's that costume store over in that strip mall next to the Wendy's. I bet they're open for another hour or two. You should run over there and... here...." She reached into her pocket and pulled out her wallet, then took out sixty dollars, "Go rent a costume."

I put my hand up, "No, no. I can't take your money."

She hopped off Troy and pressed the money into my hands. "Consider it a loan, Hansie. Pay me back when you can."

I looked at the money, and my heart started to beat hard. I'd never gone to a real party before. Or at least not one at a cool fraternity, which I just knew would be chock full of eligible women getting drunk off their asses. I didn't know what to say, but Briona just pulled me off my bed and pushed me toward the door, saying, "You better hurry up before they close! Scoot!"

Troy shouted from his bed. "Yeah, get out of here, loser, so I can fuck my girlfriend!"

As she was closing the door behind me, I heard her saying to Troy, "Okay mister. You've officially pissed me off. Now you're gonna get bit!"

I stood in that hallway for a few minutes, listening to her jungle-cat roars turn into orgasmic groans as they attacked each other in my room, perhaps even on my very bed. It made my cock stir with lust. Since it was unlikely they'd ever do it while I was 'sleeping' again, eavesdropping at my dorm room door might be the closest I'd ever get. But as fun it was to listen to Briona's dirty talk, her money was burning a hole in my hand, and I knew she'd expect me to have a story to show for it, so I dragged myself away from her beautiful moans, and sweet obscenities.

By the time I'd walked to the costume shop, the sun was already setting, and they were just about to close. But the man let me in and showed me his selection of Bavarian costumes. Most of them were cheap, mass-manufactured Halloween costumes, but one was really quite authentic. I should know. I'd been dragged to my fair share of polkas and Oktoberfest celebrations when I was a kid. My parents were proud of their Austrian ancestry, so I could tell an authentic outfit when I saw one. It wasn't cheap, but Briona's money, added to my own pitiful stash, added up to just barely enough to rent it, along with an oversized plastic stein. That was all the money I had for the rest of the month, but I figured, if I'm going to look like a fool, I might as well do it in style. Besides, if I impress those guys, maybe they'll invite me to another party.

As I was trying it on, the shop owner said, "You're lucky you're not a woman. A bunch of girls came in here earlier and rented all the Bavarian dresses in the place. Hey, you know what? I bet they're going to the same party as you." I shrugged, barely hearing him. I was distracted by my own reflection in the mirror. I looked exactly like my grandfather. There was photo of him hanging on our wall back home which was taken when he was a boy in Austria, wearing a costume that was freakishly similar to this: a pair of dark brown lederhosen with suspenders, high socks embroidered with ducks and edelweiss flowers, a loose white peasant shirt and a blue cap with a long feather sticking out the top. My god, I was the spitting image of my grandfather.

Suddenly I flashed on the old man. He was the most rakish, hearty, balls-to-the-wall man I'd ever met. He could have eaten ten Troys for breakfast and still had room for seven Brad Pitts. When Grandpa came into a room, everybody smiled. He flirted with all the ladies, even his own relatives, and made every man his buddy. He was amazing, and lived life to the fullest, right up to the very end. I hooked my thumbs in my suspenders, just as he was doing in that old photograph, and grinned, trying to make my eyes twinkle just like his. Damn. I looked more like him than ever. And then I remembered that he had a pockmarked face too. I'd never thought about it before, but he must have had acne as a teenager, the same as me! But he hadn't let that stop him from being a man, and damn it all, I wasn't gonna let it stop me either!

I walked proudly to Fraternity Row, dressed in my costume, ignoring the catcalls from passers by. No... scratch that. I didn't ignore them. Whenever someone laughed or shouted out some obscenity at me, I raised my fake German stein and shouted, "OKTOBERFEST!" at the top of my lungs, and their jeers turned instantly into cheers. I felt almost as if I was channeling my grandfather's spirit. But I didn't believe in any sort of afterlife, so I knew that my grandfather's spirit didn't exist. No. If anything, it was my grandfather's DNA coursing through my blood, which gave me the gumption to act as if I was the man I wanted to be. That, and the long feather in my cap.

I charged into that party as if I owned the place, and stomped all the way into the middle of the room on my big, loud boots. That's when I noticed that I was the only person in sight wearing a costume of any kind. Then I saw the assholes who'd invited me laughing their asses off. My heart sank, and my cheeks burned bright red. I'd thought I'd left this kind of crap behind me in high school. But I was wrong. You never get too old for a pair of snotty assholes to make you feel like a fool.

I was about to make a humiliating retreat when I realized, much to my delight, that I wasn't alone. Six freshmen girls, dressed in sexy little Bavarian dresses, filed through the door, drawing fresh gouts of laughter from the assembly. Now I knew who'd rented all the female costumes from the store! Most of the girls looked utterly embarrassed, but one of the girls was shining with confidence. Her sky-blue eyes caught sight of me and a broad grin spread out on her stunningly beautiful, copper-colored face. I'd seen her around the Science Building, but I didn't know her name. All I knew was that she was a freshman, and insanely hot. I considered her so far out of my league that I didn't even daydream about asking her out.

She was simply stunning to behold, particularly as she made her way through the crowd toward me, smiling from ear to ear. As she came closer, I realized that her costume was the female match for mine. They had the same brown, green and blue fabrics, the same embroidered socks. But instead of the lederhosen and suspenders my costume had, she was wearing a traditional dirndl, which was comprised of a brown skirt, a big green apron, a puffy white blouse, and a bodice with a low front, which was pushing her ample breasts up into a startling display of feminine pulchritude. I mean, this chick's cleavage was epic, and it was wiggling about wonderfully as she clomped toward me in her polka shoes. Her wavy dark brown hair was braided into two long braids that were framing her tits marvelously.

Coincidence was once again rearing its ugly head, but this time it seemed to be working in my favor!

She shouted in a fake German accent, "Liebchen! Vere haff you been? I've been vorried schick about you!"

Then she gave me a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips. I was stunned. That was literally the first kiss of my life, and even though she meant it as a joke, my heart did a total flip flop in my chest, and tingles shot down my spine! Then she took my hand in hers and pulled me toward the other costumed girls, all of whom were adorable, each in their own way. "Come vit me, liebchen. I vant you to meet my freundins!" The girls laughed when they saw that I was wearing the male match of their friend's dirndl. "Girls, girls, I vant you to meet mein freund... Helmutt von Wiener."

Normally I found it impossible to be spontaneous around hot chicks like this, but something about being in that costume, thinking about my grandfather's irrepressible charm brought out a boldness in me which I didn't normally possess. I put my arm around this hot, blue-eyed fraulein and said, in my worst German accent, "Yah, and dis here is mein liebchen, Helga Boobenschteen."

She corrected me comically, "Not Boobenschteen... Boobenschtein!" Everyone in the entire room laughed themselves silly. Then Helga loudly introduced the girls. "May I introducen mein fellow pledges from ze Tau Nu Upsilon Sorority? Ya, dis here is Gertruda Cockensucken."

Everyone laughed at her crude pun, but I clicked my heels together very seriously, like a proper Austrian man, and said "Guten abend, Gertruda," then I bowed and kissed the back of the adorable redhead's soft little hand.

Helga went on, pointing to a busty little African American girl, who looked quite stunning in her bright orange dirdl. "Und zis here is little Heidi Ho. Yah, she's an actual ho!" I clicked my heels together, and kissed Heidi's hand. "Un dis vun here ist Muschi von Kittenlicker." Muschi, who had short black hair and snow-white skin, leaned forward and presented her cheek to me, so I kissed it, laying my lips on the second female of my life. Her skin was as soft as silk.

Helga gestured toward a cute blonde with bright pink circles painted on her cheeks, saying, "Und, finally, mein beste freunden, Hildegard Fuckmeuptheassenstein... the third." Hildegard laughed, then turned and wiggled her ass at me. I bowed deeply and said, "Very nice to meet you, Herr Fuckmeuptheassenstein." She wiggled her ass again, right in my face, so I leaned down a little farther and kissed her right on her behind, and the crowd went wild. I was surprising the shit out of myself. My grandfather's DNA was having a field day with my confidence. I raised my oversized prop stein, and shouted, "Beer! Ve must haff beer!!"

Helga had an identical stein, and so we filled them together from the keg and chugged them while everyone clapped, until they were empty. I saw that beer was leaking out of her defective stein and dripping all over her glorious, copper colored cleavage, making her white top wet enough for me to see the lacy blue bra she was wearing under it. Oh shit. I couldn't take my eyes off her tits. She caught me looking, but instead of getting mad, she just looked down at her breasts and said, "Oops. I can be zo clumzy zometimes, liebchen! You know how I am!" She ran her fingers over her soaked cleavage.

I don't know what came over me, but I took her wrist in my hand and said, clicking my heels together, "Allow me, fraulein Boobenschtein." And I wrapped my lips around her fingertips and licked them dry of beer. She just stared at me with the biggest smile on her face, and her eyes twinkling. My god! Who was I?

I had no idea what to do next, but some joker saved me by playing a polka on the stereo. Without missing a beat, Helga shouted, "Shall ve dance, mein liebchen?" She didn't even wait for me to answer. She just grabbed my hand and dragged me to the middle of the floor and we started to polka.

I'd been to a few polkas when I was a kid, so I knew the basic moves, and a few of the special ones, and I guess Helga had been to a few polkas too, because she kept right up with me. Soon, everyone was clapping and cheering and snapping photographs, and at least ten others, who knew how to polka, joined in, including Heidi Ho! Where a black girl learned to polka is anybody's guess. When the song finally ended, I lifted my stein and shouted the traditional Oktoberfest starting cheer, which for some reason popped to mind even though I thought I'd forgotten it years ago "O'ZAPFT IS! THE KEG IS TAPPED! LET OKTOBERFEST BEGIN!!!"

After the ear-splitting cheer, the music switched back to hip hop, and the lights dimmed, and the disco lights began to flash, and soon Helga and I were dancing in the center of a crowd, this time gyrating like fools, just like everyone else on the dance floor. By the third song, I was utterly smitten with her. She had such a bold, fearless spirit, that I just let all of my nerdy inhibitions go, and danced, not caring how stupid I looked, because my eyes were glued to her. Her breasts. Her coppery face. Her stunning, sky-blue eyes. And she was looking right back at me, sometimes smiling, but sometimes with an expression on her face that reminded me of the expression I'd seen on Briona's face while Troy was fucking her. Damn. Helga was giving me sex face! It was unbelievably cool!

The third song was a raunchy rap song that was bit that year, Baby Got Back, and suddenly Heidi Ho, Helga's black friend, appeared in front of me and started grinding her ass against my crotch. I'd never danced like this before, but there were other couples doing it, so I put my hands on her hips and grinded away. I started to get a boner, so I turned around, afraid she might feel it. But then Gertruda Cockensucken, an adorable freckle-faced girl, with vivid red hair, started grinding her ass into my crotch instead, apparently unconcerned about the fact that I was rubbing my erection against her. Or maybe even enjoying it! It was an incredible feeling. Then Heidi put her arms around me from behind, and started grinding her crotch against my ass, and now I was sandwiched between two Bavarian hotties, feeling Heidi's firm tits rubbing all over my back. My mind was now officially blown. But I rolled with it. Why the fuck not? It was Oktoberfest!

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