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Old Friends


I often accompany my wife shopping. Many times just to see the young single and married women and fantasizing about seeing them half-naked or them sucking my cock in my car. As a married middle aged man I don't get the sex I used to and sometimes that's a problem and I have to take matters into my own hands so to speak.

A few times my wife would go with one of her friend. This story is about one of those times.

It was about 2:00 P.M. and I was half asleep watching some golf on TV when the doorbell rang. I got up and fumbled my way to the door and to my surprise I found a high school aged girl.

"Hi, I'm selling magazines for my school drama club." She said. That in itself was pretty common. We have alot of families with kids in our neighborhood. What suprised me was her dress, or should I say undress.

"Wow!" I said under my breath and invited her inside. This young thing all of about 18 had a tight pair of shorts and a very loose tank top on to which she more than filled out.

You know I had to buy a couple of magazines from this little vixen just so she would stay around awhile. After what seemed like eternity of filling out the paperwork and staring at her young tits and ass as much as I could without being to damn obvious I had to almost kick her out of the house. I had a major hard-on and only having shorts on I didn't want her to think I was horned up for her, which I was.

"Thanks, Mr. Smith. I really appreciate it." She yelled running across the lawn.

"Not as much as me." I said to myself. Well, off she went. Wow! Quite a well-built young lady. I'm sure all the neighborhood boys are drooling over her. I know I was and I'm old enough to be her father. Hell, I was even rubbing my cock through my shorts thinking about her.

A few minutes went by and another knock at the door. Opening the door I saw a man about my age who had the young girls paperwork for my magazines and wanted to know my name. I was then thinking that maybe she went back to him and ratted me out for oggling over her.

I took the paper and said "yes, that's my name."

"Henry Smith?" He questioned.

"Yeah, that's me."

"John Thompson. Remember me? Jr. high baseball?

"Oh shit John, how the hell are ya buddy? What's it been, 20 years?"

"Yeah Henry, at least 20."

"Come on in, relax, want a beer?"

"Sure Just let my call my daughter Sarah on the the Nextel." I heard them talking. He said he was going to stay and talk awhile. She said ok, and that she was going to go home anyway because she had got her quota which left us time to talk about old times.

"Gee Henry how long have you lived here in Palm Beach Gardens?"

"About 10 years." I told him. "Where are you these days?"

"Just down up road in Jupiter. We've been there some 15 years now." He said. All the while we were talking I saw that his shorts were bulging quite a bit. Just what the hell was he packing in there? I'm not one to go for guys, but how can you not see that looking at you.

We continued talking about old times, young lost loves and just getting caught up on stuff for the past 20 years. It seemed like with every story he had he would inch up alittle bit more in his chair.

I walked to the kitchen to get another beer and when I got back John half stood up to grab it and sat back down, but this time he was right on the edge facing me. Our chairs were about five feet apart. When I sat back down myself I saw that his cock was now hanging out of his shorts and laying over the front of the chair. I mean John had on regular length gym shorts and a couple of inches of his cock were exposed. This guy wasn't even hard yet and he's like this.

Well, Murphy's law won out. John finally saw me looking down at his manhood.

"I'm sorry Henry." Covering up himself. "This doesn't usually happen. It's just that the wife was doing the laundry and Sarah had this magazine thing to get done for school."

"Oh, it's cool John we're both guys here." Trying not to embarrass myself again. Looking at his cock and half laughing I said. "It must be a curse trying to hide something like that all the time."

Openly running his open palm up and down it's growing length. "The real curse Henry is when it gets hard." With that John stood up pulling his shorts to the side and showing me his entire thick shaft.

Slowly stroking himself walking closer to me watching my astonishment. Watching his cock swelling even more.

John now stood right in front of my chair.

"Henry?" He asked. "Have you ever held another man's cock?"

"Oh my god John." I said as I stared at his swelling rod. "No I haven't, and I don't think I should....." Stopping me mid sentence he said. "It's ok buddy, you don't have to handle it."

I was now eye to eye with his engorged head. "You don't have to hold it at all if you don't want to Henry."

John kept slowly stroking his cock knowing what was going to happen. "What he really wants is a kiss. Go ahead. You want to kiss my cock don't you Henry?" With that he stepped closer resting his swelling member against my lips, gently leaning in waiting for me to make the next move.

By then I was overrun with lust. I threw caution out the window and lightly kissed his cockhead. Then again, and again. I was loving this and he knew it. John lifted up his cock and I knew he wanted me to do the same to his swollen shaft. I licked and kissed up and down to his balls. I was hooked.

After a few minutes John pulled away slightly and put his rock hard cock against my lips again. This time I opened my lips letting him inside. He gently pumped inch by inch easing himsellf in my mouth. Slowly, but methodically shoving about half his cock in until I felt him at the back of my throat.

I wanted more. With my hands I grabbed around the back of his thighs and pulled him even closer. Picking up speed forcing myself on him faster and faster. John grabbed the back of my head and was now face fucking me.

I never knew sucking cock could be this erotic. I was making love to this man's cock. Then it happened.

As he was pistoning in and out of my mouth I could feel his cock swell larger and I know what happens when my own cock swells. I could hardly catch my breathe he was fucking me so hard when the first shot of cum hit my throat. I couldn't believe I made John so fucking excited that he came. Pump after pump he filled my mouth. I had to do something with it so I swallowed and swallowed. I knew right then that was not the last time I would taste his cum.

After John calmed down alittle we finished our beers and talked about what had just happened. I confessed that was my first time sucking cock. We laughed a minute then his phone rang. It was his wife. He had to go. John thanked me saying it "relieved alot of tension." In my mind I thanked him for allowing me to suck his beautiful cock.

If you're in the Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter area email me. Let's talk ...........

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