tagRomanceOld Friends and New Mistakes

Old Friends and New Mistakes


From their seats they could smell the loam of the field. Such a passion did they share for football that it was nearly a transcendental experience. A barely constrained ball of energy, she did her level best to soak in every aspect of a stadium that she'd longed to visit since her earliest memories. The smell of overpriced cheap beer, the scent of every imaginable fried food lingering, and bustle of rabid fans combined to make for the most powerful of intoxicants. He sat far more quietly. His passion for the game was in no way eclipsed by hers. It was eclipsed by his passion for her.

She'd been in and out of his life for as long as he cared to remember. Like the stitch of a madwoman's needle she seemed woven inseparably into his life. She'd been lover, a friend, a confidant, an enemy, and a tragedy all. He couldn't imagine what he'd have done without her. They'd aged, she'd married, he'd divorced and time had dulled their sharper edges and polished their better times. They'd settled on best friends. How else would the two of them have jaunted twelve hundred miles just to see a football game?

The opportunity had sprung up during a late night chat. The schedule had shown that their two favorite teams were going to do battle in the sunny confines of Pro-Player stadium. They'd lined up great tickets and a place to stay the night. It was just a great chance to hang out, talk trash, and be friends.

"Thirty yards, first snap," she said, breaking his reverie.

"Right. You could have five hundred yards and still lose. I mean come on!! My boys play offense. Period," he rejoined.

"But we can actually play defense!"

"You know I forgot about that. It totally explains the shellacking you took last year," he needled.

Her furious face came out and he couldn't help laughing. Watching the sun stream around her and making her hair look like strands of dark red ribbon made his stomach feel too small. Watching her nose scrunch up and her lips pout at the suggestion that her team wasn't quite up to snuff warmed him all over.

"Whoops little to close to home was I," his eyebrows twitched in Groucho Marx fashion.

"You're an ass."

"Yes Ma'am, there's actually not a whole lot of discussion about that"

Kick off led to three roaring hours of collisions and scoring. The game was a back and forth war that stumbled drunkenly between a burgeoning shootout and a punting competition. She screamed, laughed, pointed, punched, prodded and basically foamed at the mouth. He did much the same with the added trick of hugging her tightly every time his boys lit up the scoreboard. In the end a last second field goal sucked the wind and hope out of the crowd. As he stood and pumped his fists, cheering with new found enthusiasm and pride, she dejectedly congratulated him and started making for the aisle.

He trailed closely behind, buzzed from the beer, the weather and the win. She managed to navigate the two of them into a cab and back to the hotel. His afternoon libations and celebration not complete, they sat in the hotel bar and watched the late afternoon games. Properly intoxicated and motivated they decided to take advantage of the warm Miami November with a swim.

Up in their room she slipped into the bathroom to change into her swimsuit. Changing in the main room he had to chastise himself as he felt a familiar stirring. After all she was his best friend and those days were over. No reason they couldn't go for a friendly swim before dinner.

As she changed in the bathroom she was surprised by the sensitivity of her body and the alertness of her nipples. "What's this all about?" she wondered silently, "I'm married, and it's been ten years since we've been together". She continued dressing and put the thought out of her head.

With the pool nearly empty they had an invigorating swim. Diving, laps and of course the hour they spent trying to dunk each other. It was quite an agreeable way to spend an early Sunday evening and did wonders to clear away the booze and salve some of the sting of the loss.

"Want to hit the hot tub before dinner?" he asked, amiably. They both had a known weakness for lounging in the heated water.

"Of course!"

"Lead the way ma'am, I'll always follow"

The hot water slowly loosened his body and began to repair the damage of a hard week at the gym and the joy of the plane flight. He couldn't help but admire as her breasts bobbed gently on the water line. She leaned her head back to stretch and he could feel himself harden as he mentally traced the delicate curve of her jaw line down the side of her throat and in between the generous swell of her breasts. As she brought her eyes back to level she giggled internally at his not entirely surreptitious glance. She couldn't help but notice the weight he'd lost or the muscle he'd added to his frame. She felt an entirely different moisture between her legs and was chagrined to find herself aroused.

"Days past in favor of better times ahead," she reminded herself.

She decided that now as an ideal time to extricate herself from the tub and couldn't help but blush as he tried in vain to hide his arousal. She marveled at how tricky it had to be to try and conceal an erection as one made his way out of a hot tub. He quickly secured a towel and made a process of trying to find his room key. She studied the new definition of muscle in his back and idly wondered if his girlfriend ran her nails down the column of his spine.

Without ado or further incident they retired to their room for the late game and a pizza. They sat on one of the queen beds like teenagers; gym shorts, t-shirts, pizza and paper towels defined the moment. He watched her eyes as she watched the game. He'd forgotten the way light played off of her baby blues. He'd forgotten a lot of things. He was starting to forget that she was married.

She could feel him watching her. She knew, or suspected, most of the truth about his internal struggle. She wished that she felt uncomfortable, but she just couldn't bring herself to be put off by his adoration. She decided then and there that nothing was going to happen and that it was foolish to consider it. Three snaps later she also decided that she was tired enough to curl up with her head in his lap to watch the remainder of the game.

"After all, we're comfortable with one and other and he surely doesn't mind"

He was surprised at her positioning but was content to put one arm around her in a friendly hug. She was someone he trusted implicitly and was quite clear about what she wanted from their friendship. So be it, no reason not to enjoy a little closeness.

The game wore on and its familiar sounds played like a lullaby to sleepy individuals. Soon the two of them were fast asleep atop the covers. He stirred very little as the hours passed and he dreamed of sultry and evocative scenes of her. While his conscious mind was the domain of his control, his subconscious reveled in the envisioning of intertwined bodies.

She awoke to the feel of a lazy hand gently massaging the side of her breast. While entirely inappropriate it certainly felt good. She slowly turned her head, every intention being a gentle rebuke and a suggestion that he find his own bed. She was somewhat surprised to see his eyes firmly shut and to hear the steady breathing of deep sleep. She turned back and nestled her head on his stomach.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," she thought "after all, it's probably what he's doing in his dream anyway"

A devilish impulse took her fancy as she watched his member rise and the intensity of his hand's ministrations increase. She used the back of her nail to gently trace the length of his hardness through his gym shorts. The effect was immediate as he achieved maximum stiffness. She felt the dampness in her own shorts as she viewed her handiwork. It was a hell of an aphrodisiac to be fantasized about.

She gave a moment's thought to what he was dreaming about. She wondered what he was doing to her in his mind. She almost absent-mindedly ran her hand up her thigh and across the sheer fabric that covered her recently shorn sex. The brief electric tingle that ran the length of her spine seemed to make a straight line for pleasure center.

A moment of alarm rang in her mind as he stirred. His waking would be a touch embarrassing at this particular moment. She relaxed and bit her tongue as she realized that he was still sound asleep and merely freeing his member from its uncomfortable nylon confines. She studied it briefly. She'd seen larger and smaller and various other differences in her years. It just seemed at the moment that this one was terribly familiar.

His active hand slid lightly down her side and played over her waist before he slipped inside her waistband to cup her ass. She reveled in his gentle touch as his insistent fingers penetrated between the toned lines of her thighs. Not quite reaching their goal but content to caress and massage the flesh just shy of her rapidly warming lips.

She glanced to confirm that he was still quite asleep as she shifted her position. Brining her head further down his stomach she shimmied her lower back and brought her ass and legs closer to his reach. She was rewarded a moment later as she felt his finger slide along the inviting groove of her pussy.

"What I am doing?" wandered at some length through her mind, but the feel of his hand holding her while an enterprising finger slipped inside banished this thought for later consideration.

He began to squeeze her more firmly, anchoring a finger deep insider of her while his palm kneaded the perfect cushion of her ass. With reckless abandon she decided to reciprocate. Leaning forward and rising just enough to take the very tip of his dick in her mouth. She began to trace her tongue piercing around the base of his head. She reveled in the faint taste of chlorinated water mixed with sweet sweat of the male gender.

He awoke very slowly. At a total loss for words he chose to let his hand continue its work and took a moment to appreciate the sensation and technique being applied to his favorite body part. He could feel his cock swelling almost undetectably as each beat of his heart sent more blood coursing through his veins. His eyes played across the expanse of her well-muscled legs and studied the bob of her tits as she worked her tongue up and down his length. He could still smell the faintest trace of her conditioner and skin lotion. He withdrew his hand from her liquid warmth and tasted her pungent juice.

She knew as soon as his hand withdrew that things had gone too far. Without pausing to look she could tell he was watching her break rules and promises that she herself had demanded. She opened her throat and swallowed him whole, running her nose down to the hardened muscle of his inner thigh. She mimicked swallowing to play the muscles of her throat around him.

No word was said as he pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply. His hands explored every inch of flesh they could find. It was so familiar to be holding her body again; the lack of any qualm or concern about perception. To trust and be trusted without reservation intensified the purity of the passion.

The kiss turned animalistic as it continued. After twenty minutes it became a battle to grope one and other without losing contact. He could feel her nails drawing rows on the skin of his back, could feel as the slightest trickle of blood dripped down his shoulder blade. He held her impossibly close. She could feel the pressure across her ribs, across her heart as she felt a tear fall from his nose to her cheek.

Breaking the moment was unthinkable, it was not a moment that she could ever have again, nor one that she would ever forget. She pulled away just long enough to shed her shorts and his. She wanted to feel him inside her. He needed to be a part of her again.

The moment of penetration was exquisite to the point of bittersweet. He felt himself drive home into her and as the bones of their bodies impacted he rejoiced in their union. She squeezed against him with every fiber of muscle. Trapping him inside her impaled on the very real expression of his desire, she began to grind against him.

She finally drew away for breath and to let loose a moan of unbridled pleasure. He held her neck and arched her back. He licked the rivulets of sweat off her breasts as he circled in on her excited nipple. She pushed further off and began to ride him in earnest. She cried his name as a half-empty pizza box flew off the bed.

He closed his eyes and grabbed onto her hips. He began to lift her off and slam back into her with a fervent rhythm. She responded by tightening her internal muscles. She could feel each millimeter of each stroke. Each vein and imperfection on his dick seemed to play havoc on her slick inner walls.

She reached the point of no return moments later. He could feel the change and brought his efforts to full bore, powering into her with every ounce of his will. His movements were so intense and concentrated that he was soon lifting her entirely off his dick. She exploded with an unreal expulsion of breath. Neither a moan nor a scream, it was a release of every ounce of passion and energy.

He rolled her over and finished with one last stroke. He could feel every emotion at that exact second. And he could feel their overwhelming love.

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