tagGay MaleOld Jack Ch. 03

Old Jack Ch. 03


I must have dozed off for a while but awoke to the sound of running water. The little, see through, black panties were sticking to my knees. I realized that Jack was in the bathroom and sure enough, he emerged a few seconds later smiling in my direction and carrying a smallish jar of some kind, in his left hand. He set the jar on the bedside table. It had a blue label and the name Johnsons.

He opened a drawer in the bedside table and produced a Polaroid Instamatic camera.

"Why don't you take a photograph or two of me naked? That way, you will have some pictures of my dick to look at, when you are alone in your bed, playing with your little dinky. We both know you like to look at it don't we? If we don't see each other for a while you can just whip out the photos and wank away until you shoot your spunk all over yourself. Would you like that sweetie?"

I thought this was a very good idea and told Jack so. I pulled up my panties, got out of bed and he gave me the camera and showed me how to use it. Jack touched himself and his cock sprang to life and pointed outwards in a semi-erect state. I took the photo of it, making sure I got his strong manly thighs in the shot. Thirty seconds later the picture revealed itself, magically, and I was pleased with the outcome. I took two more before Jack asked for the camera back. He set the photos of himself on the bedside table.

"I want a picture of you too," he said.

Before I could say a word he snapped me standing there in panties, stockings and suspender belt.

"Let's have a look at you," he said as we watched the photograph develop. "You are just lovely. Look for yourself if you don't believe me."

"I don't like it," I said.

"Right then," he said. "Let's fix you up and do your lipstick and hair again."

He spent a moment or two adjusting my appearance. I did like being pampered. I enjoyed the time he took to comb my hair to the side again and tie the bow just so. I pouted my lips for him to redden them and he even used the lipstick to redden my cheeks a little also. Then I was ready.

"That's much better," said Jack looking at me with admiration. "Now sit on the bed and cross your legs. Oh yes. You look very sexy; very sexy indeed. I could look at you all day. Now, go and stand beside the long mirror. That's it. Look at yourself. You look beautiful in your stockings and suspender belt. God, you are turning me on you little tramp. I feel twenty years younger just watching you. Come over here and let me hug you, you sexy, little, tart."

I fell for the flattery. My head swelled with his compliments and my dick rose up also. He took me in his arms and held me against his manly frame. His hands passed down my back and came to rest on my bum.

"Oh you do have such a lovely bum sweetie. When I touch it like this I just want to eat you up. Look what you are doing to my big old dick. You are such a little cock teaser. I just don't know what I am going to do with you."

My arms were around his midriff and he seemed so strong to me. I loved the things he was saying to me and believed every word he said. When he released his hold on me and told me to get back on the bed I stood on my tiptoes, bent over from my waist and stuck my bum out at him as I pretended to fix the sheets.

My lewd behaviour had the desired effect. Jack's hands were on my waist and I felt his raging hard-on push against my bum. I wiggled my bum and he pulled me against him, sliding his cock across my firm panty clad buttocks. It felt so good and I felt so dirty.

"You are a dirty, little, cock teasing, bitch, aren't you sweetie? Well, I am not finished with you yet. Get in to that bed before I spank your bottom".

Of course I got straight in to bed. I did not want a spanking from those big hands. I felt that I must be looking very sexy for Jack to react to my appearance in the way he did.

"Thirsty sweetie?" he asked as he set the camera on the bedside table again.

I was and told him so.

"Have some more wine," he said.

I expected him to hand me the glass he reached for but instead, he told me to lie still and open my mouth. I did as he told me. No glass came to my mouth. To my complete surprise he knelt over me and put his soft cock head on my bottom lip and he slowly poured the contents of the wine glass over his cock and it flowed down his thick shaft into my open mouth. I almost choked but managed to swallow quickly. He reached for the bottle and filled the glass up to the brim.

He took a little sip, smacked his lips and then put his cock into the glass.

"Suck it all off my cock," he said.

I sucked him in to my mouth and it was wonderful.

"Again," he said.

I obeyed him. I was really loving this. The wine on his cock made it taste sweet. Drop by drop he quenched my thirst although he took a few sips from the glass himself. The wine went straight to my head and I began to feel giddy again.

"Come on," he said. "Finish the glass, and then lick all the wine off me like the good little cock sucker you are."

I was quite tipsy now and loved the way he was treating me. He straddled me, pulled my head towards him and I was able to lick his cock from top to bottom. I could still taste wine off it. As I busied myself slurping and licking his lovely dick there was a flash. Jack had picked up the camera and taken a photograph of me with his cock in my mouth.

"I want a photo of my best boy for when we are apart," he said. "It is just for me. No one else will ever see it. It's our little secret. Now, look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of yours and suck me back in. Wait a second. Let me fix your lipstick once more."

He put a thick coat of red lipstick on my lips. I smiled up at him and the camera flashed.

"Just one more then with my cock in your mouth and you looking up at me. I want it to be special."

With that he took another one and I thought nothing of it. I trusted him completely. I had no reason not to. After all, these were just little Polaroid photos to look at on lonely nights. Jack set the camera back down on the bedside table.

"Lick my balls now sweetie," he said. I like to have my balls licked. That's a good boy."

From my supine position his balls seemed huge and manly. The fact that they were covered in hair did not put me off, especially when Jack reached round and started to play with mine. I joined Jack in moans of delight. Without being told to, I sucked one of his balls in to my mouth and lashed it with my tongue. It just seemed right.

"Oh you sweet boy," whimpered Jack. "Keep doing that. That's it. Now, suck the other one."

I did so willingly and then drew in a sharp breath as Jack plied his middle finger back and forth along my perineum. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My cock twitched and throbbed. The movement of his hand brought the inside of his wrist into contact with my knob. I jumped.

"Jack," I gasped. "Oh my God, Jack"

His middle finger reached further round and traced a gentle line up and down the crack between my bum cheeks making me jump again.

"I think somebody likes a finger knocking on their tight, little back door," Jack teased. "I think my little ball licker wants me to do that again. Answer me now."

"Yes please, Jack," I begged him. "I really love what you are doing with your hand. Aaghh," I yelped.

Jack got off me, lay down in the bed beside me and wrapped me in a warm, tender embrace, making sure his hands had access to my bum. The drink had really gone to my head and in that moment I had never felt closer to any one in my life. He kept licking my lips and then sticking his tongue in to my mouth. He must have tasted his cock and the wine from my mouth.

"I can taste my cock in your mouth," he said. "God I love that. I really love to taste my cock in your sweet mouth. Can you feel what that does to me? Can you?"

Oh I could feel what it was doing to him alright. His big dick was pushing against my tummy and his hands were everywhere down there on me.

"What else does my baby like? Come on, don't be shy, you know you can tell old Jack."

I was pretty drunk. I was feeling so close to him. I trusted him and my little cock was on fire with lust for his gentle touch.

My shyness vanished as his finger tips reacquainted themselves with that tender area between my bums, while with his other hand, he gently kneaded my left buttock. I was loving the attention his hands were bestowing on me and wanted this to go on and on. Jack really knew how to please me and his hard dick told me he was as happy as I was.

"Jack, do you promise not to laugh at me if I tell you the things I love, you know, the things we have done that really turn me on?"

"Of course, I won't laugh at you. You are my special boy. You can tell me anything you like and if I can, I will make it happen for you. I also want you to love the things I do to you, sweetie. I want you to promise to let me do the things to you that make me happy and you are not to laugh at me either."

"Oh Jack, I won't laugh at you at all, I promise I won't. I want to make you happy too."

With that he kissed me deeply for ages and I was short of breath when he stopped.

"I know some of the things you love already," he continued.

"You do?" I asked surprised.

"Oh yes," he replied. "You love my thumb on your knob. You love to look at my big dick. You really love to touch it. You love the taste of it. You love me to shoot all my spunk in to your sweet mouth. You love me kissing you and licking your lips. You love me feeling your bum. You love wearing stockings and panties and you love to cum in my hand. Am I right or am I right? Now, tell me, what else do you like, apart from having a real man, like me, push his hard manhood against your little dick?

So I told him my dirty thoughts and as I revealed my mind to him I felt a calmness and confidence drift over me. I told him that everything he had said was true. I confessed that I had often tried on my sister's panties and stockings and loved their softness. I told him how much better it was, to squirt my spunk in to her panties. I told him that I loved his hand on my cock and felt really turned on when he had teased me about cuming so quickly. I explained that even though I did not understand why, his dirty talk turned me on.

When I was finished he kissed me gently and reached down and pulled the cum soaked panties off me. He told me to lie on my back and relax. He lay side ways to me and rested his head on his hand and his elbow was on the pillow.

"Dirty little cock lover, that's all you are. Take my cock in your hand and try not to spill all your spunk when you touch it. That's it, you little cock sucker. You just love having my big, thick, dick pulsating in your little, soft, girly hands. You love hand jobs; go on admit it."

As he spoke he rubbed my dick with the black, see through, panties. I began to moan in pleasure. I just let myself be carried away by the dirty things he was saying to me, the feel of the damp panties on my cock and the gentle caressing his hand was applying there.

"My little, cock sucking, back seat boy, that's what you are. You are not really a man yet, are you, with those little tiny hairless balls and such a little dick? Oh, how you love to dress like a little girl! You feel sexy don't you? What are you? You are a little, panty wearing, sissy boy? I bet you wear your sister's pink panties all the time, don't you? You will never be a real man like me. That's why you are in my bed, dressed like a girl, isn't that right sissy boy?

"Jesus, Jack. Oh Sweet Jesus, I am going to cum!"

"So soon, sweetie? That's because you love holding Jack's cock in your hand isn't it? You just love Jack's big hard cock. Go on, squeeze it and cum for me. Cum on your little black panties but mind your sissy stockings. Cock sucker. My very own sissy cock sucker."

I looked in to his eyes, squeezed his cock and as he leaned over me and licked my lips with his thick sticky tongue, I cried out and shot my load. Jack immediately brought the panties to my mouth and told me to suck all my spunk off them. I just did what he told me to do. He then set the panties on the pillow beside me saying I would soon be needing them again. I was drained but happy. I looked up in to his eyes and thanked him for the best wank I had ever had.

I wanted to close my eyes and sleep for a while but Jack had other plans. He put his hands on my hips and flipped me over in one movement. He was so strong and manly. I was a weakling in comparison to him. His action left me dizzy. Nothing could have prepared me for what he did next. Taking my legs just below the knees he pushed me forward until I was in a kneeling position with my head and hands still resting on the pillow.

Before I had time to react, I felt his hands on my buttocks pulling them apart to reveal the crack between them to his hungry eyes. I was about to ask him what he was up to when I felt the stubble on his cheeks tickle my soft white skin and then, to my great surprise, I felt what could only be his tongue run all the way up the crack of my ass. I squealed in pleasure and surprise. When he ran his tongue back down again, I really squealed like a bitch in heat, but this time with pleasure only. I almost jumped out of my skin it felt so good.

"Fucking hell Jack!" I exclaimed.

His big, thick, slippery wet tongue licked me in to a frenzy of orgasmic proportions and left me whimpering and howling in delight. My cock was about to explode.

"Jack, oh my God, Jack. You are licking my bum. You are licking my bum," I manage to say between yelps of delight.

"They never taught you about this in University, did they now?" he said laughing.

"It's too much. I can't take the pleasure Jack. Oh God stop, stop or I will cum"

I never knew that men did this to each other. How could I? It was just so dirty and yet so fucking fantastic. In my wildest fantasies about being with a man such an activity was not even imagined. I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex. I know nothing. I was lost to this unheard of pleasure. My cock was screaming for release.

"Alright, I'll stop..." said Jack. "NOT."

In a flash he went straight back in there where he had been and as he lapped away I yelped louder still. His tongue sliding up and down around the entrance to my bum hole was sheer ecstasy. I was making so much noise at his pleasuring of me that he shushed me several times. Finally he told me to open my mouth wide and he promptly stuffed it with the spunky panties. It was my spunk and I loved the taste of that. I really did not want him to stop now.

Jack, the wily old fox, had slipped his hand around me and just as I felt his tongue begin to insinuate itself inside me, in a forceful yet soft manner, his hand wrapped itself around my cock and tugged gently just the one time. That sent me over the edge. I came forcefully all over myself.

Still he did not relinquish his assault on my bum hole. His tongue was relentless and I could sense my little tight hole allowing itself to open to accept this invader. I could not control my body's reaction and I sure didn't blame my bum. Finally there was a pause in the licking. I was about to fall face down on the pillow when Jack spoke.

"Stay on your knees, stay on your knees," he insisted. "There is something I want to do to you. A good boy always keeps his promises."

I felt him lean away from me. He had reached for the jar, flicked off the lid and in one movement dipped his finger in and returned it to the valley between my cheeks. It seemed to glide back and forth with great ease, only stopping occasionally, to draw gentle little circles around my back door. Jack reached for the jar again and this time his finger went straight for my entrance where it forced itself in and then out again. My body gave an involuntary jolt. I inched up on the bed and turned my head round. Jack saw the look of shock in my eyes.

He let me fall down on the bed, moved round beside me and pulled me around to face him sideways on. I took the sopping panties from my mouth. Gently he took me in his arms. His hands caressed my bum, his lips met mine and I surrendered myself to his thick lips and tongue. He kept taking his tongue out of my mouth to lick my lips and as he did so he squeezed my bum and our naked cocks rubbed together. I was loving all the affection Jack was lavishing on me. Despite my tiredness I felt myself burning with desire for this big man. I wanted to cum again.

I felt his hand slide down between my bums and a finger insinuate itself gently into me again.

"Let me do this sweetie," he said, "You are going to love it. I am going to finger fuck you and you are going to love it. I just have to finger your sweet little bum. Trust me. You will thank me later."

He was right. Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was the moment but I began to feel at ease and allowed myself to relax and let him finger my bum. This was so dirty. He was fingering me in that forbidden place and it was exciting me. I really loved what he was doing to me.

"I am fingering you," said Jack. I do so enjoy introducing young men to the secret pleasure of getting their tight little bum holes fingered. Now you know that you don't have to be a woman to be fingered. Of course, you have never fingered your little Vicky, have you?"

"No Jack," I replied. "You really are a dirty bastard but ..."

"But what, sweetie, do you want me to stop?"

"No," I whimpered. "Please don't stop"

So you like it, then?" said Jack. You like me fingering your bum. You like my sticky finger sliding in and out of you as if it were fucking you? Are you imagining that it is my great big cock that is slipping in and out of your bum? I bet you can't wait until it is"

"Oh fuck yes, it's divine." I managed to get out.

His thick finger was going in and out of me making ever widening circles. I felt a second finger probing, and sure enough, after some initial resistance, my little bum welcomed it and quickly adjusted. I felt quite full. My Jack was kissing my neck and finger fucking my bum hole, twisting and turning his fingers inside me, in the gentlest way.

After a few more moments, Jack removed his fingers and I could feel my hole withdraw suddenly, back up in to my body. He told me to lie with my back to him for a moment. This I did. I could feel the tip if his purple cock head pushing in between my bum cheeks. It came to a standstill between my slippery upper thighs. It seemed to belong there and I assumed that dear old Jack was going to pleasure himself in the softness there.

Then I felt him take his cock in his right hand and begin to slide it up and down the crack of my ass, pausing deliberately, for a fleeting second, where he had previously had his fingers. Each time he passed my entrance he would pause and push upwards with greater insistence. My breathing gave away my nervousness. My heart was beating ever so loudly in my chest and yet, each time I felt the upwards tilt of his crown I felt more and more excited. God, it was so lovely and warm.

Jack pulled away from me momentarily. Then he returned. The jar was in his hand. He pulled my arm behind me and taking my hand he dipped it in to the Johnson's jar. I knew instantly what he wanted me to do. No words of instruction were spoken by him. I understood what he wanted and deep down inside I wanted the same thing. The moment of truth was upon me.

I scooped up a dollop of the Vaseline and allowed Jack to place my hand on to his cock. I made a fist and slid my hand up and down him, from his spongy, mushroom shaped, helmet, to the hard, hairy, base. I gave it a generous coating and then squeezed it tightly in my fist. I have never held anything so alive in my hand before. He was rock hard and his great dick seemed to be vibrating. His desire to have me was evident. This was why he had brought me in to his bed.

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