Old People Have Sex

byEgmont Grigor©

"Oh, you poor sod," sobbed Milly, barely conscious, sad that there was something he couldn't do. Everything else had been just fine.

Mr Peters worked at it again, this time his fist pulled right over the cock-head and back again. Amazingly, a half dozen wads of thick gunk were fired out, landing over her face. Then a flow of milky liquid landed on her belly and tits and kept coming in such a stream that for a moment she mistakenly thought he was pissing on her.

When that stream petered out Mr Peters took his hand away and said, "That, my dear, was an unbelievable fuck. You are very good."

An hour later, after a short sleep and a shower, Milly staggered home, still uncoordinated, weak kneed and very red in the face. Her mother was most concerned: "Oh my poor darling, straight to bed you go, you have the 'flu."


That momentous steak-and-fuck evening was almost a year ago. Milly is now a probationary social worker with her own case-load, operating under the administrative supervision of Alice Mundt.

The two meet for lunch most weekdays in the back of Alice's new department vehicle – a van. The woman walking along the riverbank with her dog no longer reports suspicious midday behavior in the van because the police never take action once the location is identified as the notorious 'semen car park' on the riverbank.

Milly still gives Mr Peters his elixir during the last week of every second month. Although subsequent sessions never achieved the peak of the first time they got together – which Mr Peters claimed was his first fuck in eleven years – they both still give it everything because they never know if it's Mr Peters' last.

Today when Milly was coming out of the bank she collided with a pleasant-looking dark suited man carrying a brief-case. He looked in his mid-twenties.

They apologized and brushed each other off with their eyes, he licking his lips at Milly's neatly bundled tits and she seeing a distinct outline of broad chest and very flat tummy.

Without really thinking, Milly asked him if he dated. He was taken-aback so asked what could he say, Milly said he could say yes, so that's what he said. His next question was what time did she finish work.

That's Milly racing for the door now – she's just signed off. Alice has told her this one sounds like 'Mr Right'. Milly is under the impression, as is Alice, that Alice is never wrong.


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