tagGay MaleOld Ties Ch. 01

Old Ties Ch. 01


I will apologize in advance for any typos, spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors, or any other mistakes I might make in this story. Please bear with me, because I have no editor. I will also state that this is only the first chapter of the story and I will not guarantee erotic scenes in every post. And remember: The characters and events in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.


'How long has it been since I have been in Japan?' Ayase thought somberly to himself. He drove down the familiar streets that make up his home town. He hadn't been home in over eight years, and the roads, and buildings hadn't changed a bit. Sure there might have a few new buildings added, but the old ones hadn't changed at all. 'Mom will be happy to see me.' Ayase had called his mother in advance, and told her he was coming home to go to a local college. She had been overjoyed to hear that, until Ayase told her that he wanted to rent an apartment. He could almost hear the smile slide off of her face, as he explained that he was too old to be living with them. When she finally decided that he was right, she offered him a room in one of the deluxe condos that my father owned.

I didn't even have to think about it, and accepted her offer. She was happy about that, but she was even happier when I promised to visit her often. 'Damn, that woman loved me so much. I really do need to make it up to her.' Ayase pulled into the old familiar driveway, and pressed the button on the intercom. "Open the gate mom, I'm here to get some of my old things." The gates opened and Ayase drove slowly up the driveway. His old house hadn't changed a bit, the same perfectly manicured lawn, and beautiful, extravagant bushes of flowers. The house itself had slightly weathered yellow paint, and stood at two stories tall. Ayase knew that the inside wouldn't have changed either, and as he parked his car and stepped inside his thoughts were proven correct.

His mother almost jumped on him as he walked into the house. Ayase's mother had always been a small woman, but he hadn't realized how small she was until her small frame was clinging to him.

"AYASE!" She yelled. "I am so happy you are home! Oh my goodness you have gotten so tall and so strong." Ayase's mother stood back to get a good look at her son, and Ayase got a good look at her. She hadn't really aged that much, just a few silver hairs here and there in her raven black hair. Her sharp silvery-blue eyes were the same color as Ayase's, but his were thousands of times brighter that her's. She was very short in comparison to Ayase, only leveling up to Ayase's chest. She looked up at him, eyes glittering with excitement.

"You look just like your father," she smiled softly, and ran her fingers in Ayase's hair. "Mom." Ayase grunted, he wasn't used to the affection and cleared his throat quickly.

"Where is dad anyway?" Ayase already knew the answer, but he decided to ask anyway.

"He is flying to America this week. He will be home for a few weeks next week, so you better come visit while he is here." She smiled with the most enthusiasm Ayase had ever seen in an adult.

"Alright mom. I promise I'll come visit. Anyway I'm just here for some old books, because I'm sure none of my old clothes still fit." Ayase smiled down at his other, and she grinned.

"Alright, honey. You go collect them, and I'll go see if we have some boxes that you can use," and without another word she almost skipped off to go find boxes. Ayase laughed to himself, and began walking toward his old room. He looked around at the interior of the house as he walked. She hadn't changed the arrangement of the furniture, however she had changed the colors of the walls.

Eight years ago, the walls of the house used to be pale yellow, almost like the outside. Now the walls were warm red, and all the furniture and blankets matched. Ayase shook his head, 'She always has to have everything match.' He came upon his old room, and turned the nob. Ayase's eyes grew a little wide when he saw that his room was exactly the way he had left it. The walls were still pale blue, and his built-in book shelves were still overflowing with his favorite books, as a child. The white carpet still had pale purple stains from where his old cat used to knock over his glasses of grape juice when he was seven. 'So many memories in this room.' Ayase thought to himself.

He began pulling down some of the books that he still liked in present day, and his mom appeared with four large boxes. "Use as many of them as you need, and if you have some left over just leave them in here. I really need to redecorate, and make this a guest room." Just then one of the grounds keepers appeared in the doorway.

"Mrs. Keigo. Your assistance is needed in the flower garden out back." Mom looked behind her and smiled.

"Alright William." She place he boxes down and left. Ayase was happy to have the time to himself, and he quickly packed away all the books he wanted, leaving only one empty box.

He carried the boxes out to his car, and then went to say goodbye to his mother. Quick hugs and kisses were exchanged and he drove off. Ayase knew he would be visiting her often, because the house is very close to the apartment. Once he got to the apartment he quickly unloaded all his bags and boxes. His apartment, was on the second story and extremely spacious to only harbor one person. Ayase went exploring and found out why it was so spaced out. There were two rooms. His room, and another on the other side of the, too big, living room. Ayase shrugged. 'I guess I'll use that for a guest room.' Ayase scoffed at his own thought. 'As if I'll be bringing anyone home.' Ayase quickly unpacked all his clothes, which only filled up half of his closet, and two drawers of the dresser. He decided to leave the books in the boxes until he got shelves for them to go on.

"Well then, all settled"

* * * *

The next few days Ayase picked up his schedule for school, and bought his books. The first day of college rolled around and he sat in his first class with no one there. He watched everyone slowly file in as the time for the first class to begin, drew near. A few familiar faces showed up, including Ayase's first love's best friend, Miro. Miro didn't even look up as he took a seat at the opposite end of the bench Ayase was sitting on. He decided to be friendly, and talk to Miro. Knowing fully that Miro would not recognize him.

"Hey. What is your name?" He acted as casual as possible, for being in suck close proximity to the guy he used to hate.

"Miro." He replied in a clipped almost annoyed tone.

"What has you so pissed." Miro gave Ayase a confused look, and then he looked him over.

"How could you tell I was pissed?" Ayase smirked.

"It's written all over your face." He shrugged. Miro was taken aback a little. He wasn't used to people being able to read him so easily.

"Car troubles," he replied simply. Ayase nodded and scooted over to his area, and continued watching the people file in. One person in particular caught his attention. He was a short boy, with curly dirty blonde hair, and warm brown eyes. Ayase caught himself staring at him, until Miro called out for the boy. Ayase jumped. "Kaoru!! Over here!" Miro was smiling and waving, while Ayase looked at the boy in horror. A sudden bad memory assaulted Ayase's mind.

It is the beginning of the sixth grade, and Ayase sits in his desk reading one of the many novels that he always has handy. A small group of kids were gathered at the front of the class room around one desk. They were all talking and laughing, about stupid childish things. The focal point of the group, was a ten-year-old Kaoru. His dirty blonde hair cut short, and the kids around him congratulating him on winning a soccer game the Friday before.

"Oh Kaoru, you were amazing!" One girl squealed. Kaoru simply nodded in response, a smug smile on his face.

"I bet Kaoru could do anything." Another girl said.

"Anything?" An eleven-year-old Miro, smiled deviously. He heard a challenge coming on, and Kaoru recognized it also.

"Anything." Kaoru smiled.

"Alright then Kaoru.. I dare you to make that nerd fall in love with you within two weeks." Miro pointed to Ayase, who was completely oblivious to their conversation.

"Challenge accepted."

Over the next few days, Kaoru spent a lot of time with Ayase, who was confused at first, but accepted the new friendship over a period of time. One of the many days what Kaoru was as Ayase's house, Kaoru asked a question that would seal his fate.

"Ayase?" Kaoru asked innocently.

"Yeah?" Ayase smiled, as he paused the video game that they were both playing.

"Do you like me?" Ayase answered immediately.

"Of course I do." Ayase looked confused by this sudden question.

"No do you like me. Ayase's eyes widened a little, and he began blushing. Ayase had secretly had a crush on Kaoru for a long time, and he wondered how he had found out about it.

"How did you find out? I haven't told anyone about my crush on you." Kaoru's eyes widened a little, but he regained his composure quickly.

"I can see it written all over your face." Ayase blushed.

"Well, now you know that I like you. So what now? I bet it creeps you out." Kaoru giggled.

"No it really doesn't Ayase. I was just wondering if I could kiss you." Kaoru blushed at his own words. Honestly Kaoru had grown attached to Ayase over this short period of time, and he really believed that he liked him. Ayase's face turned beet red, and sat gaping at Kaoru. Kaoru took this chance, to lean in and kiss him.

Ayase flinched slightly, and then relaxed. They leaned into each other, their lips, and breath mingled, and they were both very happy. The next day Kaoru was very nervous, because the two week deadline was up. He felt sick at his stomach as he walked into class that day. Ayase was sitting, reading one of his favorite books. Miro, was sitting in his desk waiting for Kaoru, with a smug grin on his face.

"So." Miro began as Kaoru sat at his desk in front of him. "Today is the deadline. Did you make him love you or not?" Kaoru tried to ignore him, staring blankly at his desk, until Miro began picking at him. "Awe. You couldn't do it." Miro scoffed. "I knew you wouldn't be able to do it." The petty insults got to him, and he yelled.

"Yes! He loves me! He even kissed me!" Kaoru's cheeks were red, with rage, and everyone including Ayase was staring at him. Ayase's cheeks became scarlet, as he realized that Kaoru was talking about him.

Miro burst out laughing. "Oh my God! He kissed you? Ayase actually kissed you? Wow Kaoru, I didn't think you would be able to do it. Good job you won the bet, you can do anything." By this time, everyone had begun laughing, and looking at Ayase. Miro got up and walked over to Ayase. "Well Ayase congratulations. You helped prove that Kaoru can do anything. How does it feel to be part of a bet?" Ayase's cheeks were red, but not with embarrassment. He was angry. Ayase stood and pushed Miro, as hard as he could into the desks behind him. The entire class went silent, as they all stared at Ayase. Miro even stared, too shocked to say anything. Ayase sauntered over to Kaoru, and simply leered at him before leaving the class room.

Ayase ended up going abroad to live with a family in America and going to school there for eight years.

Ayase's anger flared to an inferno that swallowed his entire thought process, as the now eighteen-year-old Kaoru, sat in between him and Miro. He was desperately trying to get a handle on his emotions, and not punch Kaoru through the whiteboard at the front of the class. Ayase paid no attention to Miro, and Kaoru as his anger subsided. 'This is going to be a long day.' Ayase thought to himself. The professor came into the classroom, and made everyone introduce themselves.

"My name is Ayase Kitomura." Ayase's voice was clipped as he said his name. He saw in the corner of his eye, Miro and Kaoru both look at him, for a long moment. Ayase smirked a little. 'Yeah, you both remember me.' Kaoru shook his head, however Miro continued to stare, and narrowed his eyes as he turned his head.

* * * * * *

Ayase was right about anticipating a long day. Every few minutes, he would catch Miro staring at him, and occasionally Kaoru would also look his direction. Finally Ayase was sick of it, and snapped at both of them.

"If you are going to keep staring at me, take a picture, it will last longer than stolen glimpses." In his peripheral vision he saw Kaoru blush and look at his paper, however Miro simply jumped, and stared at his paper. Ayase couldn't help but laugh at the appalled look on Kaoru's face.

At the end of the day he saw Kaoru walking away from the school, and decided to walk past him.

"Hey!" Kaoru shouted, which made Ayase jump. He turned around slowly, not knowing what to say. "Your Ayase right? It's really nice to meet you, and I'm sorry for staring at you." Kaoru put out his hand, waiting for Ayase to shake it. "It's just that I used to have a friend with your name and I was trying to figure out if you were him, but you look nothing like him." Kaoru smiled warmly, as Ayase hesitantly reached for Kaoru's hand, and shook it.

"I...See...." Ayase was slightly surprised that Kaoru even remembered Ayase's existence from back then. After all, the fake affection was all part of the dare anyway.

One of Kaoru's friends, that was a girl, walked up next to them. She began draping herself like a tablecloth over Kaoru's shoulders. "Heeey Kaoru." She looked Ayase up and down, and perked up her stance a little. She was much shorter that Ayase, with fire red hair that was clearly dyed. The only aspect of her that she was displaying at the moment was her chest, which wasn't very impressive. She noticed Ayase looking her over and she shook what little she had slightly. "Who is your friend Kaoru?" The girl licked her lips, and smiled at Ayase.

"This is my new friend Ayase." Then Kaoru turned his, slightly pissed, gaze at Ayase. "Ayase this is Meri." Ayase smiled out of sheer politeness, and looked the girl over again. He decided that he wanted to nip this little pest in the bud.

"Why hello there little girl." He spoke to her as if she were a child. "What are you doing here? Where is your mom, you shouldn't wander away because she would be worried about a little twelve-year-old like you." Ayase smiled, and turned while Kaoru and Meri simply gaped at him.

Kaoru caught up to Ayase after a few minutes, and punched him playfully on the shoulder. "Dude! She hates you! Thank you so much man, she won't ever come around you again, so you have to stay with me at all times." Kaoru was smiling brightly, and laughing. Ayase smiled slightly.

"I don't like girls that try so hard to impress. It's just plain degrading." Ayase was fighting the venom that slightly seeped into his voice. Kaoru didn't seem to pick it up.

"I totally agree! Um. You go home in this direction? Mind if I accompany you home?" Ayase's fists tightened slightly.

"Nah, you can." They walked in silence for a few minutes, and as they were about to pass an alley, Ayase grabbed Kaoru's arm and pulled him into the ally. He pressed Kaoru against the wall.

"Ayase! What the hell?!" Kaoru struggled, but Ayase's grip only tightened.

Ayase smiled darkly. "You honestly don't remember me?" Kaoru stopped struggling and went pale, as Ayase shook his semi-long, raven black, hair into his eyes and looked up at Kaoru innocently. Kaoru gasped.

"Ayase...T-the same...." Kaoru's voice was barely a whisper. Ayase closed his lips on Kaoru's with a harsh, crushing kiss.

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