tagSci-Fi & FantasyOld World Magic Ch. 15

Old World Magic Ch. 15


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After Cheyenne's visit, things began moving very fast. Emily Whitefeld was very impressed with the new magical spell that I'd invented that would streamline my method of mind reading the people I was playing cards with. It turned out to be pretty flawless once I remembered that I had to carefully monitor the distance of the people I was 'reading' at any given time. Trying to read an entire table full of poker players, eight people at a time, was very difficult, but doable. The trickiest part was remembering to dismiss the spell if the person got up to use the bathroom or walk away. As soon as I got more than a few dozen feet away from someone that I had cast the spell on, the drain on my mana reserves became problematic very quickly. Re-casting the spell was a little time consuming, but Emily and I worked on how I could do that while seeming to consider my cards.

She admitted that she was very impressed that I'd seemed to create a brand new spell, though she admitted that she knew little about mental magic. But in her experience only the most powerful or well trained mages tried to create new spells from scratch, and she informed me of how dangerous it was. After the disaster in the elevator that left me no doubt of the danger of experimenting with what Emily called 'wild' magic. I vowed to be much more careful with such experiments in the future, especially after she told me horror stories about mages who'd 'burned out' and were nothing more than lobotomized husks that sat around drooling and giggling to themselves.

Things had been strange between Cheyenne and Erin. Both women had been pleasant and respectful to each other, but I also got the sense that they were two animals circling each other, sizing the other up and ready to pounce. I understood it from Cheyenne, she was growing very strong feelings for me, but was surprised to see Erin's reaction was almost the same. I wondered if she wasn't also developing feelings. I would have explored it further, but as I said, things began moving very fast and I became quite busy.

Since the magic was down, Emily began teaching me strategy. This wasn't magic, this was just the pure art of poker playing. Pacing myself seemed to be the name of the game in Emily's book. The experts, which I was certainly not one of, would try to draw me out. They would bet big after I'd committed to my hand in order to draw out my chips if I didn't have a winning hand. That was one thing I learned, that just because I'd already committed thousands of dollars to a pot, I needed to be willing to dump it and walk away from a hand if I wasn't certain I was going to win. Playing conservatively was going to win me the tournament, not luck, not boldness, and not even my magic. Since the tournament was going to be no limit, the other players were going to be aggressive, very aggressive.

Emily even explained that there was an entire theory about this called Aggression theory. Aggression theory said that playing defensively in a tournament like this was actually an easy way to bleed out slowly. That the aggressive player actually had the advantage in a straight up hold em tournament. This theory related to the fact that the aggressive players would likely control the table, but that wasn't always a winning strategy as long as I didn't let them scare me. Playing defensively and waiting for the right hand would give me a chance to maximize my advantage. That advantage of course was my magic. Emily knew about my ability to see the other players cards, but I still hadn't revealed that I'd picked up her talent for manipulating random chance and letting the card I wanted most, be the most likely to be drawn next.

That was my other advantage as well. If I played defensively, I'd appear to be a weak player and that would draw out the aggressive players, who would bet big on a marginal hand, hoping I'd fold out. Emily was betting that between my magic and the fact that I'd be able to push back against chip bullies the exact moment that my hand would beat theirs, I'd be unstoppable, even with the host's facial recognition software.

So that's how the next few days went, with Emily constantly trying to push me around the table with some other players, showing me the time to call, to fold, and when to recognize the difference. I wasn't going to fool people for long, and 'luck' would only go so far as an excuse. But the worst part was how the other players, the dealers and friends of Emily responded to my play. If I used my magic too much, they knew something was up. I'm sure they never would have guessed in a thousand years that I was using magical mind reading spells to know what cards they had in their hand, but they knew that something was up.

Jamie, the pit boss that would sit in on some of our games in my room, was the first to call it. "You know kid," he would say, always calling me 'kid' because I was only twenty one by all appearances, "I don't know what's up with your play. Sometimes I think you're a fish, other times you're a rock the way you never bleed, and then there are times that you come out like a real pro, and you've only lost significantly when you suck out a good pocket. I haven't figured you out yet, but there's something up with your play style." Then turning to Emily he added, "and the pros are going to tear him up if he doesn't get more consistent. They'll all fire down on him just because he's too much a wild card."

Emily nodded. I didn't even understand all the terms, but I got the gist of what Jamie was saying. He was saying sometimes I played like a total new player, other times I was too conservative, not betting when I should, and finally there were times when I played like a pro. Of course it was those times that I knew the cards of everyone at the table. The thing that was really affecting my play was the randomness of the cards as they came out. He mentioned 'sucking out' and I learned that meant when I had a good hand, but the flop, turn, or river fucked me. For example, one hand I had pocket aces and the next best hand belonged to Emily who had a queen jack suited. She stayed in, and the flop had a jack, then the river had a queen and her two pair beat my single pair of aces.

It was very hard to 'read' Emily. As a mage and also as she called herself a 'lifelong poker player' she had an unreadable poker face, and that discipline extended to her mental shielding. It wasn't perfect but it was enough to fool me a good part of the time. The only thing that made it tolerable was that Emily assured me that of the players that had gotten an invite to this particular poker tournament there were no mages that she knew of.

I was getting very annoyed and frustrated at this whole deal and beginning to wonder if I hadn't made a mistake in accepting Emily's invite. Sure, we'd agreed on 25% of the winnings, minus her initial investment if I won. First place would take home seven and a half million, which once she'd taken her cut would be seven flat. So if I could manage to take home first place would be a payment of one and three quarters of a million dollars for me. That was an outstanding chunk of change, and I knew professional poker players that 'worked' the circuit that couldn't boast that level of winnings in their lifetime, let alone one single game. It was a huge carrot on a stick that was driving me forwards. But that was only if I'd actual won first place. I had to consider that I wouldn't. I'd make a little money even if I took second or third, and while there were cash payouts down to seventh place, they wouldn't be enough for me to have made any money. But even if I took 2nd place my payout from Emily would drop from one and three quarters of a million down to three hundred and seventy five thousand. But I was starting to question if I would be able to even make that spot. The fact was that I just wasn't a poker pro, and that I'd be going against some of the richest and best players in the world in a very small, intimate setting where the host was using technology that would help him to win.

Feeling the press of a headache with only two nights left before the tournament, I was highly doubting my ability to pull this off, and I think, so was Emily. I begged for the rest of the evening off, and Emily and the card players left my suite. I opened the door to the other half of the suite where Erin sat chatting and drinking wine with a fellow working girl. I hadn't caught this one's name, but she was a cute petite girl with a heart shaped face and hair that was so white blonde that my first reaction was that it was very likely a wig.

Erin had been bringing up 'guests' to entertain me ever since the day Cheyenne had come for a visit. My original contract with Emily Whitefeld had called for two girls to be available to me, though for the first few days it had been only Erin. But when Erin had walked in on Cheyenne and myself cuddled up, sleeping, something had changed in her a little bit. Before that, she'd been giving me a real GFE, girl friend experience. I think that she might have been buying into the fantasy too, she may have really been considering me as a prospect for a serious relationship. But seeing some other woman cuddled in my arms as we slept made her realize that she was, in the end, a prostitute hired to service me for the entire week.

So after that, she'd been fulfilling her agreement and bringing in other girls at least once a night and I'd been having quite enjoyable threesomes. I won't lie and say that I wasn't a little disappointed at the cooler attitude Erin took towards me. But I was still trying to feel out my emotions towards Cheyenne anyways, so in a way it made it easier to have Erin keeping a bit of distance. She also began asking fairly often if there was any way I could use my influence to get her into a job at Ruby's Hideaway. I needed to look into her mind and find out why she was so adamant. It felt like it went beyond just having a good job at an established brothel.

"Mike, this is my friend Kara," Erin said gesturing to the woman with the shockingly platinum blonde hair. The woman smiled up at me, dark lashes hiding under the white bangs that curtained past her eyebrows. Erin continued, "She's our guest for tonight." I wasn't sure if Erin even realized it, but she'd been bringing up exclusively petite girls. Erin herself was somewhat petite, and it wasn't lost on me that she seemed to be presenting girls that were almost the opposite of Cheyenne. Not that Cheyenne, with her mixed heritage native american features, was heavy. But looking at the darker skinned girl, you'd call her curvy in all the right places. Erin on the other hand, and the girls that Erin had been bringing by, had been quite skinny and fair of skin and complexion. This new girl, Kara, in fact looked almost anorexic and pale beyond belief. It was almost frightening to see a girl who lived in Las Vegas so fair of skin. Did she refuse to go outside during the day?

"Very nice to meet you Kara," I said as I entered the half of the suite that I had come to think of as 'Erin's side' of the hotel suite. I shut the door to my half, making it clear that we'd be partying in this part. Then I looked the women up and down. Both were dressed in somewhat casual outfits, Erin in jeans and a t-shirt that was quite tight on her petite frame and left no doubt that she was braless. Kara was a black dress that came to about mid thigh and hugged her body tight, but left her shoulders and willowy arms bare.

The room had a slight smell of cigarettes and pot, and I noticed that the ash tray had a few butts in it. I knew Erin didn't smoke, at least not as a rule, so I nodded to Kara and said, "Why don't you go freshen up Kara before we start? There are extra toothbrushes in the bathroom." I'd made sure of that after the first girl that Erin brought had garlic breath.

Kara smiled and stood, then running her hands down her body she said, "I've heard some good things about you Mike, I can't wait to see if they are true."

I waited till the bathroom door closed and then held my hand out to the lovely Erin, "Let us wait for her in the bedroom. I think I'd like to watch for a little bit before joining in."

Erin smiled, "Watching? That's not like you Mike."

I smiled and led her into the bedroom. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was just a bit too tired to jump into it. Plus my mana was quite low and I'd need a little recharge before I could use it on a new girl. The professionals always insisted on condoms, a fact I quickly changed their minds about with a little mental push. I could read them and knew that so far none of the girls I'd been with had anything I could catch. For the price these girls were earning from Emily Whitefeld as per our agreement, I'd be damned if I was going to wear a bag. But watching for a little bit would give me enough juice to weave my magic and make Erin's friend pliable when I was ready to join in.

Erin undressed as I sat in a chair in the bedroom. She looked at me and asked, "Do you want a lap dance?"

I shook my head and nodded towards the bed, "Like I said, I'll just watch for now. Why don't you go ahead and get started till Kara comes out?"

Erin smiled and crawled up onto the bed. I unbuttoned the top of my pants and unzipped, but didn't go any further than that as I watched. Erin crawled towards the center of the bed, on her hands and knees, then stopped and looked over her shoulder at me. She flashed me a smile then lowered her head and shoulders to the bed. She wiggled her bottom at me, and spread her knees a little, exposing her hairless slit and ass. With a light moan she slid her hand between her thighs from under her body, and let her fingers play across her pussy lips. She sighed softly and began caressing her labia, slowly, putting on a show for me.

Kara entered the bedroom and found us. With a smile she asked, "Where would you like me Mike?" To which I only nodded towards the bed and Erin, who was playing with herself. Kara wasted no time slipping out of her clothing, letting them pool at the floor. She posed for a moment, one hip cocked, fist perched on it, displaying her body to me. I smiled appreciatively at her body and drank in the sight of her round B cup breasts with their light pink nipples.

Then I let the smile drop and said, nay, commanded, "Why don't you join Erin on the bed, she looks like she'd appreciate a hand."

Kara kicked away the pool of clothing at her feet and then crawled up onto the bed next to Erin. I unbuttoned the pants I was wearing and eased them open, allowing my semi flaccid cock to make it's way out of my boxers and into the open air. Kara crawled up alongside Erin and then took the red head's face in both hands and began kissing her. I'd been around long enough to know a passionate kiss and one that was simply for show. What Erin and Kara were doing was most definitely for show. Their lips barely touched, but they opened their mouths wide and let their tongues duel in the intervening space, so that I could see from where I sat. It was the type of kissing that you saw in porn, and that no one ever actually did. I could appreciate the show but there was no actual passion, no heat, nothing but the show the two prostitutes were putting on because they thought it would arouse me. Which of course meant that there was little to no primal forces being generated for me to draw from, no mana refilling my system. This was only slightly more erotic than watching a dvd. The small trickle of power I was receiving was likely from Erin's masturbation.

I sighed and said, hoping to get something a little more real going on, "Kara, why don't you go down on Erin, she's already started, but I'd like to see you pleasure her."

The two looked at each other for half a second and then Kara nodded and shimmied her body back down on the bed. She reached the end and knelt there as her face went down between the redhead's thighs. Erin, laying on her back, reached up to cup her own breasts. Squeezing she pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger, and with the moan of pleasure she let out, I could tell the moment Kara's mouth made contact with her sex. This time Kara wasn't just putting on a show. I couldn't see much of what she was doing because her silver white hair was in the way, but I could see Erin's face and I could feel the rush of mana flowing from her and into my body, reinvigorating me. Erin gasped, "Oh god Kara, I didn't realize you'd be so good at.. oh.. at... oh.... ahhhhhhhh this!"

I could feel a small orgasm pass through Erin and the wash of mana into my system as a result was enough for my needs. I closed my eyes and thought of a mental command, then I pushed it into Kara's head so that it would seem like her own thoughts. *Mike is clean, you want to fuck him without a condom. Obeying him will bring you great pleasure* I thought at her.

I felt a little resistance at the condom free fucking. She wasn't used to such a thing and it went against her rules of fucking for money. But the thought did settle in and I wasn't surprised to find that the second part of the command was unnecessary. Apparently Kara had quite a submissive streak and the only thing she hated about her job were submissive johns. When a client took command and fucked her well, she very much enjoyed herself.

I opened my eyes and saw Kara's cute ass bouncing at the edge of the bed as she knelt there and was face down in Erin's pussy. My cock was now rock hard and it was time to join in on the fun. I stood and slowly undressed, setting aside my tie and then folding my shirt over the back of the chair I'd been sitting in. I stripped all the way down, watching the white haired beauty really go to town on Erin.

Erin gasped as she saw my rock hard cock sticking straight out from my body. It was a bit longer than most at a bit over eight inches, but the girthiness of my tool was quite impressive. Kara stopped her cunnilingus on Erin and turned to look and gasped slightly at the sight of my rod. "My god," She said, "That's one of the most impressive looking tools I've ever seen." She smiled and I couldn't help but notice how her chin and mouth were already shiny with saliva and Erin's juices. "I think I may enjoy this." She said with a smirk.

I'd had my mental shields lower and I could tell she wasn't lying. I grinned and said, "I didn't give you permission to stop!" then pointed back at Erin. Kara's eyes flashed with mirth for a moment but she turned and resumed licking Erin's smooth snatch. I squatted down on the floor next to the bed and put my hands on Kara's round ass. I could hear her moan even as she continued her oral attentions. Spreading her cheeks I gazed at the sight of her hairless slit and the crinkled star of her ass just above it. Already it was clear that Kara was becoming aroused. Her puffy pussy had begun to swell pink with arousal and there was already a hint of dew between the crinkled folds of her inner labia.

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