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I went to college out of state, then worked abroad for two years, so when I returned home at 25 to get my bearings again I was mostly friendless and bored in the city where my parents lived. Occasionally I'd go out with old acquaintances or friends from high school but I had changed a lot since I was 18, so most of those connections slowly faded. I looked half-heartedly for jobs, but knowing I would probably be going back abroad soon enough I ended up spending a lot of time at home, reading, watching movies, and generally just puttering around. Both my parents worked long days, so I soon became comfortable in the house and neighborhood alone—I knew which neighbors had kids small enough for playdates, which people had kids gone off to college, which people stayed home all day. It was a little world of regularity which was nice to settle down in for a while.

One of the people I noticed most was an early-fifties man who lived caddy-corner to my parents' own backyard, the back of his house viewable from my upstairs room. He always seemed to be at home reading, writing on the computer, or working outside around his pool. His name was David and he seemed kind and intelligent, so occasionally we'd exchange pleasantries over the fence. As spring matured I noticed him outside more often, reading in a lawn chair in a pair of swim trunks. When he lay out there like that I often found myself watching him from my window, impressed at the robustness of his body and the strength of his legs—he clearly valued fitness. One particularly warm day he invited me over for a dip and I accepted, both for the relief from the heat and the possibility of some social interaction. The swim was nice and afterwards we had a long and engaging talk about my travels and his writing, I headed back over to my house in the early evening with the feeling of excitement you get after meeting someone interesting.

That night as I lay in bed I found myself still thinking about my talk with David, but also at a strange attraction I felt towards him. I couldn't stop picturing him lying on the lawn chair next to me in full repose. When he last got out of the pool I noticed the water running off the hair of his tanned chest and down over his healthy belly, his entire physique gave off an aura of vigor. I had no experience with men but had always secretly fantasized, and it was undeniable that David was attracting me as he kept popping into my head as I masturbated that night. My orgasm, enhanced by this new idea, was incredible.

A few hot days passed before I saw David in his backyard again, however, luckily for me he invited me over to escape the heat in his pool. I gratefully accepted, went into the house to change, returned to his yard and found him already swimming. I jumped in, cooled off, and we got out together. However, as he climbed out of the pool next to me I couldn't help but letting my mouth drop open—no longer was he wearing the regular trunks I was familiar with but now a small black speedo that did little to hide the outline of his penis. My mouth dropped not from distaste but from the exciting thrill I felt surge through my body, a visceral reaction that caused an unexpected jolt in my own trunks. I continued getting out and reclined on the lawn chair next to his.

Lying there on his back David chatted idly and I did my best to keep my thoughts from the sensations his body was causing in my own. Finally he suggested we get a bite to eat inside.

David had never invited me into his home but I of course agreed wholeheartedly and followed him in through the screen doors to his kitchen. He stood in the kitchen, looking at me, smiling. He reached out to my shoulders and began to rub them facing me, then, brought me closer into a hug. The touch was electrifying as soon as our chests touched, and I couldn't help but put my arms around him. He started to kiss my cheek, then neck, then took my face in his hands and touched my lips lightly. I was totally bewildered but in such a state that I couldn't imagine resisting in the slightest. I was electrified.

Silently he broke our touch and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He asked if I was ok and I gave him a breathless yes, then he lay me on the bed and began to kiss from my lips to my waistband. The feel of his fingers sliding below the band to the sensitive area of my pelvis made me moan, then he slid of my shorts and began to lick. My cock had never felt so good in my entire life. It turned me on even more to watch how lovingly he licked, sucked, and kissed, I came very quickly.

After I had finished he climbed up to me again and kissed me, the taste of my cum in his mouth gave my cock a final spurt. My hands wandered over his body, delighting in the brawn and hair, his potent masculinity. He rolled over onto his back and smiled at me, I saw now that he had removed his black thong and let his cock stand lazily against his thigh. I had looked at many cocks and watched so many blowjob videos but his standing there fresh and full was the most enticing thing I had ever seen. I straddled him, my cock dangling on his chest, my ass in the air, and licked and sucked his penis in a frenzy. I grabbed it with both hands, rubbed it on my face and neck, wanted only to taste and drink his cum. As I tried to swallow him he began kissing my balls and touching my anus, first ever so lightly and then with more and more pressure. The feeling of his tongue there made me squirm and I couldn't help but push back into it. Finally his cock stiffened and he came—i tried to swallow all of it but some spilled out onto his balls and the web of his pubic hair and balls. I licked it up, crawled up next to him, and fell asleep.

Sometime later I woke up with him stroking my back, my arms around him, my cock hardening against his thigh. His cock was also rising, and with fascination I grabbed it and pulled it to stiffness. As he stroked my back he started moving down to my butt, touching my anus, teasing it up and down. I straddled him again, now facing him, my hands kneading his chest as I looked in his eyes. His cock, paralell to his stomach, rubbed against my anus and balls, and I rubbed back. I leaned down to kiss him and held his cock between my ass cheeks. I had never done any of this before but it was perfectly natural to me, I wanted his cock and I wanted to make love. David opened the side drawer of his bed and I climbed off and sucked him a bit and then put a condom on him, then I lay on my back and held up my legs. He was gentle and slow, but I could do little to keep my anus from squeezing his cock like a fist. I wanted him in me so badly. When I finally relaxed enough that he could move his cock in and out I asked him to lie on his back so I could ride him. This was an something I had always wanted but never truly faced. As I rode him I began to feel waves of pleasure, I was like an animal. I moved my hips back and forth, side to side, I rubbed my hands over his chest and face. I kissed and bit his nipples, and licked his tongue. I was in passion for this man. Finally David grabbed my hips and told me he was going to cum, I redoubled my efforts to ride him and clenched my anus as best I could and held his body close.

Minutes later, after we had both caught our breath, I rolled off of him and his cock plopped out of me. I removed the dirty, cum filled condom and kissed David's cock once, then rolled up next to him and drifted off to sleep.

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by Anonymous08/10/18

My older man, my daddy

I met my daddy when i was about 21 and he was in his early 50s and chubby, just how i like it, chubby older daddys always got me horny, everytime i would go to his house i would get naked straight away,more...

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by Anonymous04/02/18


Since I was 16 I have always been attracted to older 'manly' men
Justin was 61 when I met him at 18 and he was my 'Svengali' ( there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for him - literally ) .. He 'whored'more...

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