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I am a 24 year old single woman. I recently graduated graduate school and I live in an older neighborhood near Salt Lake City, UT. I live in a small house in an older community that my parents helped me purchase when I graduated last spring. Most of my neighbors are older and they all are very nice to me. Our neighborhood is in transition and developers are buying the older houses for the large lots and replacing the small older homes with larger new houses. My dad thought the house was a great investment to help me get started. My parents also liked me having older more mature neighbors to meet and get to know.

Mitch and Myrna are my next door neighbors on one side and Pete and Jessica live on the other. Mitch is a handsome grey-haired 64 year old grandfather type and he is married to Myrna. Myrna is an attractive larger blonde (size 10 with EE's) in her early 60′s. Myrna owns and runs a custom larger size clothing boutique and Mitch is a commercial general contractor. Mitch met me and my parents when I moved in and he quickly offered to help out if things broke at my house.

Pete is a tall and lanky retired investment banker. At 70, Pete looks young and stands well over six feet tall. Pete's wife Jessica is a larger woman than I am but she isn't as large as Myrna.

Just a few days after I moved in my water heater broke. After Mitch replaced it he said that we should take a shower together to see if the new tank worked. I blushed and quickly realized Mitch was a flirt. He seemed so much your at heart that my grandfather although he about the same age. A few days later the pool water pump broke and it was expensive to replace. Mitch joked that "older housed needed an experienced older man around" and quickly smiled. After he had completed replacing the pump I offered him money and he turned it down however he took up my offer for some iced-tea. As we sat by the small pool he was very spunky and made a lot of sexually tainted remarks. I am not a beauty queen but I think I am at least average looking. I am five foot 6 inched tall and I weigh 125. I have small b-cup breasts and I am athletically built.

As we sat, we spoke about his job and his age. I saw him looking at my breasts and my hips and thighs and my body tingled. Mitch said that he loved to tinker on stuff and reminded me that "although I am older I can work on younger, I mean newer models too."

I enjoyed my neighbors attention and sexually charged comments. I am not dating so having new friends in town are great. I had never had older friends that weren't family so it was nice to feel welcomed and safe. I ate dinner often with Mitch and Myrna.

Mitch made sexually charged jokes and playful advances towards me around Myrna which surprised me. Myrna would smile. She once commented to me that Mitch was all talk and no do. Mitch quickly reminded her that they had three kids and she quickly responded "only because I had to show you how it works." This sexual banter went on every time I saw Mitch or ate dinner with him and his wife.

Once evening Mitch volunteered to help remodel my house to bring it up to date. We decided to add-on to the house and build a larger bedroom, a new closet and update the master bathroom. He volunteered free labor if I bought the supplies.

Mitch immediately started working on the remodel. One day I came home from work early and found Mitch was at my place laying tile in the shower. The place looked great and after I commented that he was a good tile layer, his sexual mind went into overdrive.

Mitch looked up and smiled. "Let's just say I am a good lay in general and leave out the tile part." I laughed and reminded him what Myrna had said. Mitch blushed and smiled. "She likes it, don't let her comments fool you. She likes it deep and hard or at least she did and I have three kids as proof. Tile is all I lay now."

Mitch blushed after he realized what he had said. I changed the subject and we walked around looking at my new larger bedroom, new walk-in closet and new bathroom. Mitch showed me around and then added as I walked out " I hope I don't embarrass you." I smiled. I noticed he was looking at my ass as he followed me around. I swore he had an erection.

A few days later he was working at the house when I came home. I walked into the bathroom where Mitch was working and I was half way across the room when I saw what he was doing. I screamed. The music he was playing drowned out the sound but there was Mitch with his dick in his hand. Mitch was pissing into the newly installed toilet.

I froze and we made eye contact. I looked down at his dick and froze. I turned to leave and I tripped on a box of tile. I fell flat on my face. I rolled over to my ass and looked up. My skirt rode up my thighs and Mitch stared at my panty-covered crotch as I looked at my neighbors dick grow. Mitch tried to stop pissing mid-stream but couldn't. I couldn't stop staring at his big dick.

After I got ahold of myself I noticed that Mitch was getting a full erection. He blushed and continued to piss in squirts while he was obviously looking at my crotch. I had never seen flaccid a dick that large and watching it grow was turning me on. This all happened rather quickly and I was shocked how it affected me. I was aroused!

Embarrassed, I got up and shuffled to the bedroom. I stood in the bedroom brushing myself off while I tried to stop picturing Mitch's growing penis. I was brushing off the dust from my skirt as Mitch emerged from the bathroom. I apologized and tried not to look down at his obvious erection that was making a tent in his pants. Mitch told me he was making sure the plumbing worked and fount it convenient since he had to piss.

After he smiled and I raised my gaze from his crotch to his blushing face he smiled from eat-to-ear. "My ole boy hadn't had that impact on a woman in a long time. Looks like he enjoyed your gaze. I enjoyed mine." By now we were both looking at the large bulge in his pants.

He saw me looking and patted his crotch. "Well at least he still works."

It was oddly silent and then he asked if I would like any other demonstrations. I blushed and then turned red. Mitch looked at my chest and smiled. "Nice nipples darling." I blushed and felt my pussy spasm. Mitch reached down and unzipped his fly and pulled out his pecker. It was stiff and fully erect. The head on his dick was thick with a large flared base and a big pee hole on the tip. I saw that the thick ridge at the base was a deep purple. Mitch was blushing but direct.

"I think you need a demonstration. I'm not sure you think this ole man's dick works. I think I can show you it's fully functional."

Mitch guided my hand to his shaft and as he did he grabbed my ass and squeezed.

We left a trail of our clothes that started on the dusty unfinished floor in the master bedroom and continued down the hall and ended with his boxers and my panties in a pile by the small unmade double bed in my guest room. I hadn't been naked with a man in three years and I had never been naked with a large and hairy 64 year old man. We fell back on the uncovered mattress. Mitch looked at my groomed but hairy pussy and smiled. "I expected you to be shaved. I thought all girls shaved now-a-days."

Mitch had firm muscles and at 64 he was very tone from his work as a general contractor. Mitch's hands were rough but his tongue was very skilled. I initially tried to stop him but he kissed his way from my lips down and slowly over my breasts to my pussy. I was really wet. He didn't seem to mind that I had been at work all day and hadn't showered since earlier that morning. After a few minutes of him kissing my pussy, neither did I.

I quickly orgasmed on his tongue. After catching my breath I looked down and saw Mitch making funny faces as he pulled my long dark pubes from his mouth. "Hazard of the job" he groaned.

Mitch kissed my tits and then he slid up between my parted thighs. I tasted myself on his lips and he aligned his 7 inch pop-can thick penis up to enter me. I was a little nervous after seeing his size and girth but I was really turned-on and wanted him to enter me.

Mitch looked up at me and smiled. "It's been a while but I think I still remember how this works." Mitch lowered his hips and I felt the head of his penis push against my pussy lips. "I hear its like riding a bike. Im going to ride you."

I gasped as the large flared head of his penis stretched my pussy open. I felt the thick ridge at the flared base of his bloated head stretch my pussy as he pushed deeper. I gasped. I looked down and saw that the oval-shaped tube of his shaft was as thick as a cucumber. I couldn't believe how thick his head was and I felt it deep in my pussy. Mitch pushed his hips down again and I moaned as I felt his head hit bottom.

"God your deep" I groaned.

He pushed more firmly and I felt my pussy stretch more. Mitch wanted to start fucking me really fast but I made sure he went slow since his thick swollen dick was already hitting the back of my womb.

"God your ... your really tight" he moaned as he started fucking me with slow and deep penetrating pushes. I felt the head of his dick hit the back of my womb again and again. I gasped and groaned.

Mitch kissed me and groaned.

Mitch gave a quick few quick and deep thrusts. Mitch groaned and then pushed deep again. "Oh god, I already have to cum. Im almost there honey."

Mitch pushed up on his elbows and looked in my eyes. As he raised up his dick went deeper. "I want to cum in your tight hairy prissy little pussy. I want to fill you full of my cum."

I moaned "oh yes" out of the pleasure. I didn't grasp what he had said and I did not realizing he was ready to cum.

"I'm going to cum" he announced rather loud and he started shaking. "Oh yea I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

My eyes opened wide as I looked up at him. It sunk in that Mitch was actually cumming in me.

I felt his thick dick pulse and Mitch groaned as he flooded my pussy with powerful surges of thick salty cum. I recall thinking "OMG, he is really cumming. This is really happening."

He gasped and fell over onto me. He was heavy and he almost smothered me.

Mitch pushed up on his arms with his hands on either side of my shoulders and looked down between us. I followed his eyes with mine and I saw the wet shaft of his dick sliding out from between the red lips of my freshly fucked pussy. "God your pussy is so damn hot and tight."

I was breathing hard and so was he. Additionally, my hairy lover was sweating.

I rested my heels on his ass and he looked down at me and smiled. "I have never fucked a prissy tight pussy before. Most girls like you stayed away from big grumpy guys like me and just fucked the rich peckers."

I smiled not knowing what to say to a 240 pound 64 year old man that had just fucked me and cum in my pussy. He leaned forward and sucked my nipple.

He pulled the remainder of his spend dick out of me and we laid side-by-side on the small bed looking up at the ceiling. We talked about our sex lives and he seem surprised he was only my third sexual partner. I was glad I didn't surprise him by having a lot of sexual partners. I even told Mitch how I lost my cherry to a college professor

Mitch admitted to having lost his cherry to a much older lady whose yard he cut when he was a teen in high school. He didn't brag but he said she was over 50 and they fucked for many years and she taught him a lot. Mitch seemed to have fucked a lot of women to include his wife's older married sister and one of his moms best friends on his high school graduation night.

After counting, Mitch said I was his 19th sexual partner.

Mitch smiled. "I cant believe I actually fucked you. I think you actually wanted me to fuck you." Mitch admitted to jerking off thinking about me and I assured him that I hadn't thought he would ever get in my panties.

He asked if it was real. I assured him it was real by smacking his bare ass.

20 minutes later we were both moaning as the old double canopy bed that was once my mothers child-hood bed creaked and squeaked. Mitch worked hard to fit his big dick fully into my tight pussy. Mitch moaned and sweated as the bed squeaked and occasionally hit the wall as he eagerly worked his 64 year old cock in and out of my tight 24 year old pussy.

Mitch stopped fucking me at one point and actually ate my messy cum-filled pussy. I orgasmed as he sucked on my clit and drove his tongue into the canal that was only recently being plowed by his dick. After I came he resumed fucking me. He eventually groaned and flooded my pussy a second time.

Mitch rolled off of me and took a deep breath, "I know this is a little late to ask but you are protected, right."

I smiled and told him I wasn't protected. I thought he about had a heart attack. I laughed and then told him my period had just ended the prior day so we were safe. I made sure he knew I wouldn't have fucked him if I wasn't safe.

Mitch apologized for not asking earlier and told me he had no idea he would actually fuck me. I agreed that I was surprised he had fucked me and we laughed.

Mitch smacked my ass. "Thats for almost giving me a heart attack. You can get on birth control because its going to take you a while to pay me back for all of the work I am doing on your house."

I smiled and smacked his firm hairy ass. "So that was the plan all along."

Mitch smiled. "I guess it was a great wet dream and it looks like some dreams come true. And as far as dreams coming true, your pussy is full of my cum."

A few days later I was sitting on my new bathroom counter with my panties on the door knob and Mitch was standing between open thighs. Mitch's pants were around his ankles and he was complaining about having to wear a condom as he fucked me.

Mitch froze balls deep when he saw the horror in my eyes as I looked towards the open door. Mitch turned and saw my neighbor Pete standing at the door to the bathroom and smiled.

"Damnit Pete, cant you knock?" We are a little busy right now.

Pete smiled and walked in. I saw him drop his pants and a 9 inch long but really thin uncircumcised cock poked up. "I can wait Mitch. It won't be the first time we have shared. Looks like my vasectomy will come in handy today."

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the penis cannot reach the womb, or penetrate the cervix.

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by chytown08/24/18

Fun Read****

I like your writing style. Thanks for sharing

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by Joeehartley08/19/18

Nicely done

Really enjoyed this.

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by Hitchhiker08/13/18

An editor and you'd be laughing

Superb story but let down by the errors all simple for a proof reader editor to put right.
I think she should try it in a tighter hole maybe even a DP if Pete is long and thin!

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by dispatcher5908/13/18

Hot story

I always enjoy reading the women's take on these encounters. A plus for you that you don't describe yourself as one of those 38DD fake tits/shaved pussy types. Natural is always better!!

A drawback wasmore...

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