tagGroup SexOliver, Mary, & Lucy

Oliver, Mary, & Lucy

byGently Does It©

Mary's sister, Lucy, came to stay with them for a few days. They were a quiet couple, married, in their early thirties, childless. Lucy was twenty four, and stunning. Mary, too, was good looking, but Lucy was stunning. Oliver drooled with lust when she was around; Mary humoured him, well aware that it was pointless to sulk or berate him for his insensitivity. He was honest: he had never attempted to hide his desire for Lucy - or other pretty girls for that matter, never lied to her by pretending he had eyes only for her; if he saw a pretty girl, he looked at her, invariably commented on her attractiveness. This was not to say that he was inattentive to Mary; on the contrary, his desire and love for her was not in the slightest doubt, nor was his appreciation of her own attractiveness. He had not been unfaithful to her in eight years of marriage as far as she was aware. Even if he had been, she had never had any suspicion. He had never really had the opportunity, she had done her best to see to that!

However, she was wise enough to realise that if the opportunity did arise, and a girl showed her interest in him, he would succumb. At times, when she saw an attractive woman that he had not noticed, she drew his attention to the stranger, commenting on her looks, figure or whatever. He, in turn, had no qualms about agreeing with her assessment of a good-looking man. When they made love, he would sometimes fantasise out loud, exciting her as she masturbated, describing Mary in lesbian experiences, or the two of them in a threesome with another girl, or her watching him make love with another woman, or even her making love with other men, sometimes more than one. Their lovemaking had decreased over the years; he wanted her more often, but she often felt too tired after a long day at a demanding job. She was very aware of it, aware of his strong sexual desire and the frustration her lack of it caused him.

So, Lucy came to stay; a few days at the start of a holiday before a trip abroad. They hadn't seen her for four months. She arrived late in the evening, tired after the long drive. They chatted for half-an-hour then went to bed. Oliver tried to make love with Mary, but she was uncooperative and he gave up despondently.

In the morning, Mary did some chores and then lay bikini-clad on her sun-lounger in the garden, reading a book. Oliver worked in the kitchen, putting up wall tiles. Just before lunch, he heard Lucy surface upstairs, moving around between bedroom and bathroom. After a while he heard her coming lightly down the stairs. He paused his work to watch her step down into the hall. She was wearing a dazzlingly bright and very minimal bikini. She gave him a cheery 'Morning!' and a smile equally as dazzling as the bikini. She was very pretty, with thick, long brown curls, tall, slim, beautiful legs and had the most amazing boobs, full and barely contained by the bikini top. With a grin she acknowledged the affect she was having on him and paused, striking a model's pose in the hall twenty feet from him. 'You're going to get fluff on your tongue, Oliver!' He grinned sheepishly, but continued to stare at her 'I can't help it, you're gorgeous! And you know it.'

'Thanks, and yes, you're right, I am gorgeous and yes, I know it.' All said in a cheery, matter-of-fact tone that turned Oliver's sheepish grin to one of wry amusement.

'It's not fair, teasing me like this: you know how I feel about you.'

'Of course I do. Oliver, you're the only man in the world I would dream of teasing like this. You're so wonderfully easy to tease, so wonderfully appreciative, and I feel completely safe when I do it. Those are all compliments, by the way.'

'Thanks. That makes me feel much better.' He said wryly, through gritted teeth.

'Good. Anyway, where's Mary?'

'In the garden, sunbathing.'

'Ok, I'll join her. Back to work now!' She gave him another grin and stepped through to the living room.

'Bitch.' muttered Oliver under his breath, 'Dear God, but I'd like to fuck her.'

Lucy's head popped round the door, grinning broadly 'That's the spirit Oliver! I would too, if I were you!'

Oliver, startled, muffled a screech, then threw up his hands in frustration. Lucy laughed, then skipped out to the garden and found her sister hidden on the patio behind a rose-covered trellis.


'Oh my God! Did Oliver see you? How is he? Shall I call the doctor?' Mary gasped in mock horror.

Lucy laughed 'He'll be alright, though I suspect the next couple of tiles will be a bit wonky! You don't mind, do you?' She lay down on the lounger beside Mary.

'What, about the tiles being wonky?'

'No, silly! Me wearing this? I know Oliver's rather, um ... '

'Desperate with undisguised lust?'

Lucy giggled 'Well, now that you mention it!'

'The poor sod goes out of his mind when he sees you. You really are too gorgeous. He can't help it.'

'Don't you mind?'

'What good would minding do? It's completely beyond his control! And I suppose I don't help much.'

'What do you mean?'

'Oh, nothing. It's just that he doesn't get as much sex as he likes - I'm invariably too knackered.'

'Oh.' she smiled at her older sister, then looked around the garden 'Can I go topless out here?'

'Of course. No one can see this bit from the house.'

Lucy took off the bikini top and lay back. Mary, looking at her, groaned 'It's not fair.'

Lucy looked round, saw Mary looking at her and grinned 'You're not so bad yourself - take your top off.'

'I can't compare with those.' but duly removed her bikini and scrutinised her own breasts.

'They're lovely, no stretch marks, no sag. Stop fussing!'

They lay back and closed their eyes. Lucy daydreamed, recalling the way Oliver had looked at her. He'd just been wearing shorts. Quite a nice body himself. Slim. Curly hair and a warm, friendly smile. And gobsmacked, looking at her. I know he'd love to screw me. She opened her eyes and looked down her body, her full breasts firm on her chest, the nipples just erecting as she perused herself. She looked at her mons, gently bulging the tight, thin material of her bikini, the curve of her hips from her slim waist and her long legs. God, but you look good. If I was a man I'd want you! And Oliver must be desperate if Mary doesn't let him. A wicked little smile crossed her lips. She was warm, and feeling decidedly randy. And mischievous. 'Want a drink?'

'Mmm. There's some wine in the fridge.'

Lucy got up 'Will Oliver be alright if I go in like this?'

Mary looked at her 'It'll probably kill him ... go on - give him a thrill; I know you're dying to show them to him. Shout if you need help.' She rolled her eyes in resignation.

Lucy grinned and walked back to the house. She stepped quietly into the kitchen, watching Oliver with his back to her adjusting a tile. She stopped two paces behind him. 'Well, what do you think?'

Startled, he leapt up with a stifled 'Shit!' and turned round to face her. His eyes widened in disbelief as he saw her, standing calmly in front of him, her arms by her side and shoulders back to emphasise the thrust and fullness of her breasts, a knowing little smile as she watched his face. He stood still for several seconds, just looking up and down her body, constantly returning his gaze to her breasts. 'Incredible!' She gave him a warm, triumphant smile. 'So beautifully shaped; so full; so firm.' he murmured.

'And no artificial ingredients.'


He looked at her quizzically. She made no attempt to move, to discourage him from inspecting her. He stepped forward tentatively. She smiled again. 'It's okay, go on.' she said quietly. He reached out with his right hand and gently caressed her left breast, marvelling at the fullness of it, its taut resilience. Her nipple rose and pressed into his palm. He began caressing her right breast with his other hand, cupping them to feel their weight, gently pinching her nipples between finger and thumb. She watched his face, so child-like in its wonderment and concentration, then watched his hands moving over her breasts. She felt very aroused. She raised her arms and put them over his shoulders, round his neck as she stepped forward and up onto tiptoes to slowly press herself against him and kiss him passionately. The sensation of her breasts against his chest was electric. His hands slid down her back, onto her bottom, pulling her hips gently against him. She responded instantly, pressing her mons firmly against his rapidly hardening erection and rubbing gently against it. His fingertips slid inside the sides of her bikini and gripped her buttocks, then slid round to push her hips gently away from his.

Twisting his right arm round he slid his hand down over her mons and cupped his fingers round underneath her. She moved her feet apart to allow him more room, then felt his fingers rubbing her vulva through the thin material. She kissed him even harder, her fingers caressing the back of his head and grabbing his curly hair. His hand slid back up then slipped down inside the waistband of the bikini, through the tight curls to slide between her wet labia. She gasped as his fingertip rubbed over her clitoris and pushed up inside her. He drew his hand out and with both hands eased the bikini down over her hips and turned her round to lean against the worktop. Looking back over her shoulder she watched him pull his shorts down and free his erect penis.

Lifting up on tiptoes, feet apart, resting on her hands on the edge of the worktop, she leant forward to push her bottom back and up for him. He stood between her feet, gently grasping her hips, surveying her naked bottom, the pink, glistenening pout of her vulva, then she felt his hot penis press between her buttocks before he flexed his knees and positioned it between her labia. Straightening his legs, he pushed smoothly and firmly into her, deliberately and slowly, savouring the first contact. She moaned quietly in encouragement, holding her hips flexed and pushing back onto him, then slowly leaning forward, feeling his penis drawing out of her. He held her at the top of her hips, rhythmically pushing into her and pulling her onto himself at the same time, breathing heavily.

'God you feel so good! So lovely and tight. So smooth and wet. I can't last long!'

'It's okay, finish quickly.' Her head hung forward now, watching her breasts quiver with his thrusts, concentrating on the sensations of his thick penis sliding slickly in and out of her, feeling its spasms inside as, muffling gasps of release, he thrust hard into her, his orgasm intense and lasting. He held himself in her until the spasms subsided, giving a couple of extra thrusts against the resistance of her buttocks, then withdrew and pulled up his shorts. She turned, pulling up her bikini and they flung themselves together, kissing passionately.

After a minute she pulled herself away and looked at him 'I'd better go out - I came in for some wine.'

He nodded 'That was incredible. My wildest dream come true!' She grinned at him, then turned and pulled the wine out of the fridge. He gave her two glasses from a cupboard. 'Can we make love again?' He asked her, uncertainly.

She kissed him quickly, smiling 'Of course. Only not just now!' and skipped out of the kitchen, leaving him standing numb and stunned by what had just happened, a sickly grin on his face and a pleasant glow in his groin.

Lucy tried desperately to calm herself as she walked back to the patio, checking her body for tell-tale signs. Not too flushed. But I'd better get to the loo quick. God, I hadn't intended that to happen! I was just going to let him have an ogle and perhaps a little touch. Now what have I done? Why did I let him do that? Why did I let him screw me? What if Mary had come in?! Now what do I do? It was bloody good, mind!

She rounded the trellis and Mary looked up 'I was just about to come in and rescue you.'

'It's alright, he was very good. He tried ever so hard not to stare, which made it worse for him.' They giggled. 'I've got to go the loo. Back in a sec.' She trotted quickly inside, glanced round at the grinning Oliver and waved as she ran upstairs. Minutes later she came back down, skipped into the kitchen, threw herself into his arms, gave him a passionate kiss then tore herself away to walk back out to the garden. She lay down next to her sister with a big sigh and took the proffered glass of wine.



They lay back again and closed their eyes. Lucy's mind was a turmoil. It felt so nice when he touched my boobs. He was so gentle, touched them so nicely. Why did I do that? You knew something would happen. You wanted it to! He's your sister's husband. He's lovely. And now he's fucked me. And I want him to do it again. God, I want him to do it to me now! She moaned softly, squirming gently on the lounger, pressing her thighs together, feeling the pressure against her vulva.

'If you're feeling that horny, why don't you do something about it?!'

She opened her eyes suddenly, shocked and guilty, turning to look at her sister who was staring back at her 'What? Oh God, is it that obvious? she grinned.

'Very. Go ahead, I don't mind, as long as you don't. I might even join you.' she grinned back.

Lucy laughed 'What the hell, we're big girls, and yes, I do feel that horny!' and pulled down her bikini bottom, kicking it off onto the patio. Opening her legs, she put her head back, closed her eyes and licked her right index finger, coating it in saliva then slid it gently between and around her labia, then into her vagina. She could feel the last of Oliver's thick semen inside her, dragged her finger up and began rubbing it over her clitoris, slowly at first but soon quickening. Her left hand squeezed and caressed her left breast, pinching the nipple as she recalled the scene in the kitchen. Glancing across she saw Mary, now herself naked, watching her, masturbating deliberately.

'I'm nearly ... there!' Lucy gasped, then her orgasm overwhelmed her as she took in the image of her naked sister masturbating next to her. She writhed on the lounger, gasping loudly, squeezing her legs together against her rapidly moving finger. The orgasm went on for ages. She subsided, lay on her side to watch her sister, still masturbating, now lying on her back with her knees up and apart. After a few minutes, Mary's left hand reached out towards her.

'Help me!' Lucy got up and knelt beside her, taking her hand 'What do you want me to do?'

'I don't know, anything! Touch me! I want to finish but I just can't get there!'

Lucy, apprehensive at first, reached out and gently squeezed her sister's breast 'Ok?'

'Yes. Nice.'

She gently pinched the nipple, looked down at Mary's hand between her legs, finger rubbing rhythmically over the firm, pink, glistening clitoris. Mary opened her eyes and looked up at her, down at her hand caressing her breast, then back at her. They both smiled encouragingly at each other.

'Can I touch yours?'

'If you want.'

Mary's hand reached up and caressed Lucy's breast, still sensitive after her orgasm.

'It feels lovely.'

'Yours feel nice to. I've never caressed a woman's boobs before. No wonder men like to do it.' She leaned forward and kissed Mary's nipple, then sucked it into her mouth.

Mary spoke softly 'That's lovely. Don't stop.'

Lucy gently pinched the nipple between her teeth in the way she liked to have it done to her, then sucked it firmly into her mouth. Reaching across with her other hand, she started to caress Mary's other breast. She could feel Mary tensing, knew her orgasm was coming. She increased the pressure and tempo of her caresses and sucking, could feel Mary's hand squeezing her breast, then Mary came, crying out and gasping. Moments later, drained, she went limp on the lounger. Lucy let go of her breasts and watched her face, a satisfied, relaxed smile spread all over it. Her eyes opened and she looked up at her sister.

'That was wonderful. Thank you. Sorry if that was a bit weird, but I wanted it so desperately and I just couldn't quite get there on my own. Oliver would normally help.' she looked faintly embarrassed.

'It's ok. It was the loveliest thing I've ever done. I really wanted you to get there. And anyway, I rather enjoyed it!' she smiled mischievously, then leant forward and kissed her sister on the lips, lingering as she felt the kiss returned. Within moments they were French kissing, Lucy leaning forward to press her breasts against Mary's. Mary put her arms around Lucy and held her tight. After several seconds, they pulled apart gently, looking at each other wonderingly and guiltily.

'Oh gosh!' said Mary quietly.


'Did that really happen?'


They stared into each other's eyes, not daring to break the silence.

'Umm. We'd better go and see how Oliver's getting on. Make some lunch.'

'Yes. In a minute. You're all flushed.'

'Yes, of course.'

They got up and donned their bikinis, then walked around the garden in silence, both thinking about what had happened.

'Okay now?'

'Yes, you're fine.'

They went inside, both trying to appear business-like as they strode purposefully into the kitchen. Oliver was washing his hands 'Good natter?'

'We weren't nattering, Oliver, we were discussing the effect of global warming on agronomics in the Hindu Kush.' intoned Mary, rolling her eyes in resignation.

'And what conclusion did you reach?'

'That Doreen up the road's carryin' on with 'im from Number 13!' camped Lucy.

'The slag!' hissed Mary, hands on hips.

Oliver grinned, but nervous inside as Lucy, standing behind Mary, caught his eye and winked. 'Are you ladies making lunch?'

'Yes, I suppose so. What would you like, my darling?'

'Don't mind ... I'll have a beer and watch the news.'


'Fine!' he called back as he went into the living room.

The two women prepared lunch, which they all ate at the dining room table; Lucy played footsie with Oliver. Both behaved completely normally and Mary appeared not to realise anything was going on. When they'd finished the meal, Oliver took his beer onto the patio; Mary and Lucy cleared the table. In the kitchen, Mary turned to Lucy 'What's going on, Lucy? If you must play footsie with Oliver in front of me, at least make a show of it, then I know it's just a game.' Lucy flushed. 'Ah ... I see, it's not a game. Shit, Lucy, what did you do to him this morning? You didn't ... you did! You came in here and fucked him! While I was sat out there! You came in, flashed your tits at the poor sod, then fucked him! And then you came out and encouraged me!'

'Oh, Mary. I'm sorry, it just happened.'

'No it didn't. You came in here topless, knowing full well the effect it would have on him. He's only a man. He has no self-control when a woman like you offers herself to him. Now he's going to be useless, mooning around lusting after you, trying to fuck me all the time when you're not around ... '

Lucy was now looking surprised 'You don't mind that he's been unfaithful to you, do you ... it's just the effect it will have on him, becoming an inconvenience to you.'

'No, you idiot, not to me: to himself! He's going to make a complete twit of himself trying to have an affair with you, trying to keep it from me. All those lies and excuses he's going to have to think up, all the money he'll feel he'll have to spend on you, and trying to hide that from me. Scared in case I want to make love after he's just done it with you. He'll be a nervous wreck.'

By now, Lucy was grinning broadly 'You are a turn-up Mary. I thought you'd kill me.'

'Don't be silly. What would be the point: you can't help looking like that ... ' she waved her hand at Lucy ' ... and when you do look like that a woman can't help but flaunt it. Oliver can't help being a man, but I love him and I aim to keep him, just remember that. Fuck his brains out if you wish to, but don't take him away.'

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