tagInterracial LoveOlivia and Derrick Ch. 05

Olivia and Derrick Ch. 05


I walked over to Andrea's on cloud nine. I walked up to Andrea's door and she was walking her guest out in her 'I just got some' silk robe. "See you later."

The mystery guy smiled and walked away. "Isn't he yummy?" She invited me in.

I sat on the couch and smiled. "Not as yummy as Derrick Kyle, who I was just making out with." I said.

She looked at me shocked. "Seriously?" she smiled.

"What would I gain from lying to you?" I asked her.

She jumped for joy. "How was it?" she asked.

I sighed. "Amazing, he is so sexy." I rolled my eyes in ecstasy.

She bit her lip, ready for all the details. "Really?"

"If some guys hadn't have interrupted, I might have been in the same position you were in before I got here." I laughed.

She laughed too. "I don't think you get into that position but with some practice..." she busted out laughing.

"Anyway, I can't believe you would have had freaky deaky sex with Derrick." She said.

I thought back to the wonderful afternoon we spent together. "Ain't nobody said freaky deaky but I know."

She punched me I the arm. "You should have hopped on him after those guys left." She glared.

I laughed at her. "He asked me to go. I guess the guys were dangerous but he said we'd hang out tomorrow." I smiled.

Olivia nodded her head. "Perfect enough times to teach you a few tricks for when he smacks it, flips it and rubs it down." She got up and went to her room as I blushed and followed her.

She was picking through her lingerie when I stopped her. "I'm not gonna seduce him. If it happens again it happens again." Olivia shrugged.

"Now will you be more confidence?" she begged. I rolled my eyes. "I'll try."

"Honestly the more I got to know him the more I was myself with him."

"And that's what he found attractive about you." She said.

"Now he sees the beauty on the inside as well as the out, like I do." She smiled.

"Now we just need to get him inside you." She laughed.

I shook my head with a smile on my face. "You have a very dirty mind, and I'm not gonna seduce him. If it happens again it happens, I'm not gonna force it."

She sighed aggravated. "You know how annoying you are when you don't have confidence?" she asked.

"I can't help it. I would still be a virgin if me and some random guy hadn't gotten drunk at a party." I sighed.

She 'grr' at me. "Well now we have a guy who does like you, like likes you likes you." She smiled.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "What are you five?"

"But I read like a six year old." She smiled.

Olivia laughed. "I'm taking the movie Ted and hiding it."


I couldn't wait to see Derrick today; I hoped we could pick up where we left off. "Hi." I walked in after he opened the door, shirtless.

I laughed. "This is a nice way to be invited in."

He grabbed my arm and pushed me against the door. "What no kiss?" he smiled.

I giggled. "Is that all you called me over here for?" I pretended to be offended.

"Yeah." He answered. I playfully hit him in the arm then kissed him, reuniting myself with his lips. They were just as soft as I remembered. He gently made a trail of kisses to my neck and decided to leave bite marks that had my body tingling and my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

His hands slyly unzipped my jacket and pushed it off my shoulders. As he wrapped his arms around my waist pressing my pelvis closer to his, I unglued my hands from the back of his head and softly followed the muscles of his body down to his jeans. I quickly unbuckled his jeans and dipped my hands in; I squeezed and ran my fingernails softly over his tight ass.

He turned us around, never breaking the kiss as we walked backwards until my calves hit his couch. I almost fell backwards until he caught me and lifted my arms straight up. He pulled away from my lips to lift my shirt over my head then gently pushed me, I fell on the couch.

He crawled on top of me and attached his mouth to my neck then worked his way to my chest. His mouth sucking and his tongue licking the valley and peaks of my breasts. I moaned at the sensation, as fire sizzled through me, waking my craving body. "I didn't know you're breast man." I smiled biting my lip.

"I'm an everything man" Derrick murmured, biting softy on the tops of my breast then suckling my nipples. A soft moan escaped my lips as he slipped his hands underneath my shoulders, giving him more of my chest to him as ran my hands through his soft hair. The mischievous look in his eyes sent chills through my body.

I felt his fingers against the skin above to top of my panties. Softly pushing my soaking wet panties down my thighs and freeing my legs from the garment. My hands reached down to stroke the hard bulge within his jeans. I pushed him off me and forced him to sit back on the couch as I stripped him of jeans and boxers making his erect spring free.

Of course girls talked about this moment with Derrick Kyle and the rumor was he had a huge dick. As much as I didn't want to believe it, I was hypnotized.

"I see you like my friend." He laughed.

I collected myself and rolled my eyes. "I've seen bigger." I lied.

He smiled at me and held his hand out. I took it and he stood up bringing me with him. "It's not the size." He walked me to the side of the couch.

"It's what you do with it." He turned me around to rest my hand on the arm, bent me over and pushed in. He felt so large and thick inside me but I hadn't expected it to feel so right. The velvety softness covering that thick length of steel blew my mind. I actually moaned just from the feel of him.

Thrusting inside me in a slow but steady at first, drove me insane. Every inch of my body craved more of his as he moved inside me. I was moaning as he went faster and buried himself deeper, the pleasure intensifying.

He moans mixed with mine only fueled my passion. "Oh god." I moaned.

"Fuck." I heard him groaned.

I felt my heart stop and my body go numb as my orgasm hit. Him still thrusting into as I lost my vision momentarily. I was shaken back into reality by the convulsing of my muscles; I hugged the couch close to my body as I screamed his name.

He thrusted into me a few more times to ride out his orgasm.

He collapsed on my back. "You have an amazing ass." He mumbled and I laughed.

"Thank you I try." I said sarcastically as I winced when he pulled out of me.

I turned around to look at him. "You on the pill?"

I smiled as I nodded my head. "It might be nice to ask that before you attack me with your penis." I suggested.

"Yet..." he pulled me to him. "...you were screaming my name." he smiled.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. "So your fan club was right about you being a good lay." I smiled.

"I like this girl." He said.

I looked at him confused. "The confident one who can stand here with me butt naked and smile like you're doing now."

I then realized I was naked in the arms of the campus player...and I didn't regret a thing. "Every time we hang out, I want this girl to be with me."

"Ok." I nodded my head.

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