Olivia Ch. 02


Monday morning came around too quickly. Olivia wondered briefly if her sports car was safe in the parking lot in such a rough neighbourhood. With a shrug she left it to march into the large shabby building that housed the indoor pool.

In the small shabby office she met the superintendant. With the usual greetings over he showed her the changing room and where to get a costume.

"I'm glad you turned up as there's no one else on duty and I didn't want to close up. This is the only facility in the area, if you exclude the pool halls and worse. The caretaker will arrive before opening up so he'll show you the routine. Do you think you can cope until then? Good! I'll be off then."

She didn't ask what he meant by 'worse', merely wanting to get this over with. The sooner she started the sooner the tiresome job could be ditched and she could get back to the house of shame. That's what she thought of Jane's house after last night's ordeal. Well, it had started off badly, but maybe she could turn it around.

The pool was nothing like the country club she knew and loved. There would be no flirting here with her kind of people here. She was tempted to ask where the bar was but didn't think the caretaker would appreciate the joke.

He was a short balding man, somewhat serious from life wearing him down and certainly not worth flirting with. He seemed to think she knew what to do and didn't want to spend time being bored with lectures about rules and regulations.

Fortunately he soon scuttled off with an excuse. The smell of beer on his breath told her where he was off too. It didn't matter for she was relieved he was out of the way. How hard could it be keeping a bunch of kids out of trouble?

Bill shuffled away muttering to himself. "The arrogant young thing won't last long here. This lot will sort her out. What's she doing here for Christ sake anyway," he said as he left.

The first problem was finding a bathing suit that fit. She couldn't wear her own and the thought of wearing someone's cast offs was deplorable. That left these two unopened packages. The nearest size was too small but took it anyway, to try on in the changing room.

"Damn!" They didn't have a staff changing area. She opened a locker and shoved her clothes into it, not caring they were expensive, for she was used to just buying more. After all, shopping was a nice hobby.

Pulling on the red one-piece was difficult but she got into it just as a group of girls barged in with yelps and shouts of young fun. Olivia scowled at them but their youthful enthusiasm was hard to squash. These weren't kids they looked over eighteen. She remembered the superintendent said Monday was for an older age group.

She slammed the locker shut and left. She walked out to the pool and was saddened by the dismal look of the place. There weren't many there that early but as the temperature outside mounted it began to fill.

Olivia blew on the whistle. "Hey! Yes you, in the lurid green trunks. No diving from the edge like an idiot. Look at the sign if you can't read, it's clear enough," she shouted.

She was enjoying wielding a little bit of authority. This was a chance shout at someone else after all those times she had been reprimanded or banned from the country club for silly pranks.

Sitting on a chair against the worn tiled wall she was fidgeting with boredom. They seemed to have settled down and were behave themselves, just having fun, but she wasn't. 'Maybe this is why people read books,' she thought.

"Shit!" she jumped up and ran to the edge of the pool.

"Get out of the way!" she shouted.

Olivia dived in and grabbed a young guy. With his chin cradled in one hand she back stroked to the shallow end and pulled him from the pool. She bent over him and breathed into his mouth while pinching his nose.

A crowd gathered round enjoying the excitement. He spluttered and opened his eyes. He was black but at the moment looked very pale.

"Just lie there a moment. Get me a blanket or something to cover him," she said to one of the girls.

She stood up and they cheered. "You saved his life miss!" one of them said. The voice didn't sound too enthusiastic and they dived back into the water soon forgetting the incident.

She bent over him on her knees. This time he was checking her out. He looked straight down her cleavage into the too small swimsuit. It pushed her breasts together in a cheap way she would have poked fun of on anyone else.

She could feel the guys behind her checking out her ass. She flicked her eyes around the pool, the first time she had bothered to really look at them. These were out of work school leavers, the ones unable to make it to college.

"I'll have to write out a report, you OK now?" she asked. Olivia stood up and turned quickly but the guys were looking in all directions except at her bottom. That confirmed it the, jerks had been checking out her butt.

She strode back to the seat and glared at them. "Ok! Shows over, get back in the pool or go home," she growled. On the seat she felt her bare bottom and fidgeted not wanting to adjust the costume in front of them. She didn't want to look down either knowing it was pulled tight over her crotch.

When they were out of the way she casually looked down and groaned. The tight swimsuit was pulled between her lips forming a clear camel toe. She had been too busy to bother only feeling it when sitting down. Now she realised how much of herself she had been showing off she felt stupid and embarrassed.

She smiled to herself. The guys at the country club would have loved to catch her like this. They would have teased her to destruction but afterwards she would have them fawning over her like idiots.

The view of her rear would have been spectacular too with lips pouting between a pair of slim thighs while bending over that drowning fool. "The damn shits!" she whispered. She soon dismissed it as men being men.

As the day wore on word went out about the new sexy lifeguard. Toward the end of the day a group of black teenagers moved in to check her out. They kept out of the way and of course didn't go into the pool for that would be un-cool. The two that had ogled her rear continued to swim, taking every opportunity to sweep their eyes over her fit white body.

The janitor pressed the bell in the office and those still there reluctantly got out and change from their wet things. Olivia patrolled around looking as though she knew what she was doing. The old guy had quickly left, leaving her close up.

The keys were in the office and all she had to do was lock up and escape the dreadful place. On reflection she had enjoyed chatting to the girls for it was an eye opener to how they lived. Perhaps it was working on her conscience, working towards appreciating what she had.

"OK! Day one completed," she said to the empty echoing hall. The female changing area was empty and there was no sound of males changing so she locked up. All she had to do was get dressed and escape back to Jane's house. She just hoped that juvenile delinquent Mark left her alone tonight for she was too tired to be bothered by the nuisance.

Walking past the male locker room she heard an argument. Striding in Olivia found two boys squaring up for a fight. "Hey! You two stop that right now!"

They stepped back looking as though they were relieved she had entered the place. She thought it was because they were unsure of themselves in a fight and were glad it was being broken up. She was very wrong.

She approached them to stand in as intimidating a pose as she could manage. With hands on hips she asked. "What's all this about? You should have left here, the pool is closed!"

With squeaking trainers on wet tiles four more appeared from behind the lockers. Now Olivia was the one feeling intimidated.

"So guys, tell the nice white lady what you were arguing about," the tallest of them said.

She couldn't back away for they were all around her, with leering looks, checking her out. The swimsuit felt so small she wanted to close her arms about her body but dare not show a sign of weakness. She lifted her shoulders to emphasis her height but they were tall strong looking young men.

She shook off the first fright for they were probably more nervous of her. She was a mature wealthy woman and they were just poor teenagers. They knew their place and so did she.

"Well!" she asked, trying to take charge of the situation. "What are you doing here?"

With a grin one of the potential fighters looked directly at her cleavage. "I was telling Leroy your tits are best and he said it's your ass." They all laughed at this including Leroy.

"You're banned from here. I don't want to see your face or hear your dirty mouth in here again. Do you understand?" she said with a stern voice. Olivia could feel her face tinting pink. She flushed hot with embarrassment and anger.

"I'm a twenty-eight year old mature woman and you adolescents should show respect. I'm here to look after you, not to be insulted," she spluttered in outrage.

She turned on each of them, facing them off with a severe glower. They quietened down. "It's me you are discussing not assets, I'm a person. I'm not in the habit of being discussed like that so desist," she said, effecting an outraged tone.

"I think you ass is cute lady," a tall lean guy spoke up. He looked her in the eye and she found it difficult to look away. "Let's vote on it," Mathew said."All in favour of the ass raise hands."

"That is quiet enough. You are all very rude and I shall report you," she grimaced. Pushing past one of the boys she felt him grab her arm. Mathew took a hold of her wrist.

"Don't go nice white lady. We haven't decided yet," he told her.

Olivia looked at the strong black hands gripping her thin wrists. "Let me go you're in deep trouble as it is, don't make it worse," she said. An edge of fear had crept in but she tired to hide it.

"Hands up for the big white tits, now the ass. The ass has it. Me I prefer white pussy," Mathew told her.

"Let me go, this has gone far enough!" she complained. Scared now, she found it harder to breathe and keep the rising fear under control.

"It's more difficult to decide without seeing them tits girl," Mathew said.

"We should give them a fair look over," one of them suggested.

As it sank in what he meant she let out a yelp. "No! Leave me alone," she cried out.

"You been flaunting your body all day miss rich girl. What you doing here anyway. This no place for the likes o you flaunting your rich white ass. They is sure great assets if you gonna sell them," he told her.

"You can't talk to me like that. Just let me go and I'll not tell anyone. Your two friends can come tomorrow I won't tell anyone about them fighting," she said, sounding weaker.

"Yea, they are gonna cum alright but now and again tomorrow," Mathew laughed, with the others joining in.

Olivia watched in astonishment as his hand slowly reached out toward her. He gripped the top of the suit and she struggled. She kicked out at the two holding her until one of them let an arm go and she managed to hit Mathew on the nose.

"Bitch! Tie her up," Mathew ordered. He watched her struggle panting heavily. They tied her arms above her head attaching the loose end to a wrecked locker.

Her breasts heaved with each inward breath. On tiptoe she couldn't kick out while needing to keep her balance. She watched the hand through tears, the only thing in focus. It gripped the top but surprisingly he yanked it upward.

She thought he was going to pull it down to reveal her breasts. She felt it pulled tight between her lips, uncomfortably realising what he had done.

She felt the material pulled tight between her cheeks and more devastating was how much of her pussy was on show to these dreadful young men. He wasn't finished with her yet. He still gripped the top and this time she could feel the gradual pull.

"No please! Don't show them my breasts. It's wrong! You can't do this to me. My father is a rich man, he will pay you to leave me alone," she cried.

Mathew pulled, spilling her breasts out and grabbed one of them. He twisted a nipple enjoying the yelp of pain. Her breasts were held in a tight cleavage by what was left of the costume. It pushed them up and outward in a lewd display.

The boys yelped in delight at the show and she cringed in fear from their nasty remarks. They were meant to be complimentary but she didn't think so. Not those foul words from dreadful youths who shouldn't be seeing them at all.

"You bastard! Leave me alone. Fuck you!" she cried out in distress.

"No, fuck you miss white rich woman. What you expect comin round here flaunting you're white body, you want it slut. Tell me slut," Mathew demanded.

"No! Please let me go you disgusting youth!" she yelled through snotty tears.

"What you think of them big tits now guys?" Mathew asked.

A ragged growl of approval sounded like a roar in her ears. She was sensitive to every movement and sound with nerves stretched to breaking point. 'They can't, they won't. Surely not! I don't deserve this. Please make it stop!' Olivia pleaded inside not daring to make a sound, too afraid to say a word.

He slapped her face to gain attention. "What you say white slut, you want it right?"

"No! Please let me go. I promise not to say anything," she spluttered.

"Wrong answer rich bitch!" he told her. He grabbed her long auburn hair lifting her face to his looking close in the eyes. "Say 'Sir' when you answer me bitch!"

"Please, sir, let me go. I won't tell anyone honest, Sir," she pleaded.

Seeing a knife in his hands she quaked with fear, her knees almost giving way. The pain in her wrists forced her up on tiptoe. She watched intently every movement of the shiny blade as it cut the costume away from her body.

Mathew cut the straps and her breasts bobbed without support and the boys murmured appreciation at the way they stood out. He fondled them, weighing them in one hand squeezing them together then letting them go to see how they bounced. Each time the lads cheered, all the time being gradually worked up by his demonstration of power over her.

He cut down one side and she felt it peeling away from her body.

"No! No! Please sir," she shouted. Every shred of her dignity was being cut away. "You can't strip me in front of these, animals" she cried out.

"Animals?" he asked angrily.

The sound of his voice was enough to have her whimpering. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean that, I meant strangers. Please don't strip me in front of strangers, sir," she pleaded.

"You strip for friends then? We should get friendly then. You don't belong here this is our territory. You is trespassing. I can do anything I like with you. Ain't that right guys?" he said, and they cheered.

The crotch of the suit was wedged between her lips and cheeks, where it hung between her legs. The trembling of her legs swung it from side to side. She tried to think of something to say something to halt the dreadful degradation.

With eyes shut tight she felt the remains of the suit tugged away from her body. It pulled slowly from between her cheeks and slid agonisingly from between her lips. She was completely naked before the excited group of brutes.

She looked down in shame staring at the shreds of her costume disposed of on the cracked tiles. It didn't seem long before she too would crack. Holding on to the shreds of her dignity were difficult. She dare not speak for it would be nothing more than a meaningless whimper.

The two guys beside her loosened the rope until her feet were flat upon the floor and her knees buckled with weakness. They easily pulled her legs apart. Mathew moved closer pressing his body against her. He licked her ear and neck all the time taunting her.

"You want me to fuck you don't you old white woman. You look twice my age you know that? I may be a big shit in your eyes but I have you helpless and naked. You locked up the place so no-one can get in to disturb us," he taunted her. Putting his hand to her crotch he told her, "I can get in though, right in here," he said, while squeezing her pussy.

"I'm going to fuck you nice and deep and make you cum," he sneered.

"No! Please, Sir. Don't do that to me, you can't, you're just a... You've seen my body and humiliated me, isn't that enough? Please let me go Sir!" she yelped desperately.

"What don't you want me to do?" he asked, while nibbling her lips trying to force his tongue into her mouth. A finger scratched over her pussy lips. "Tell me with words we poor critters can understand. Tell me slut!" he said, slapping her ass.

"Please, Sir, don't, don't fuck me, Sir," she yelped. It was deplorable using that word and calling this young thug sir, but she had gone way beyond caring about her position in life. She was shrinking into a tiny world of dire humiliation. Having to beg not to be fucked had drained every iota of pride from her.

The hand was cupped over her pussy with a finger pressing against her anus. He was taunting with lewd suggestions. She bit his tongue as it probed her mouth. In retaliation a finger pushed at her cold flesh, piercing between her lips, roughly invading her vagina.

"Bitch, whore! You'll pay for that," he shouted at her, and shoved two fingers into her vagina roughly taking her with slow deep strokes.

"No! Stop it you bastard, you can't do it to me, it's bad, your evil" she croaked.

He slapped her ass then slapped her face. His fingers stopped while buried deep inside her. "You goanna behave now? Open your mouth wide and let me see."

Olivia opened her mouth and let him bite her lips and flick his tongue over hers. Her mind was working rapidly trying to think how to get out of this disgusting mess but the only hope was if they didn't want to be charged with rape. Perhaps they wouldn't go that far or couldn't with friends watching.

"Your pussy is nice and tight woman, you gripping my fingers like a good whore? When last you make out?" he slapped her ass again to gain her attention.

She was trying to block out what was happening, not wanting to feel this revolting abuse of her poor body.

It was so humiliating having to tell this thug such intimate details of her life but there was little choice. She bit back a sob to tell him. "A year ago, Sir."

"Please, Sir, don't do that. I've not done anything since I was divorced. I'm a respectable mature woman. Please don't hurt me," she pleaded, in a fluster of words unable to bring her thoughts together.

His fingers were exploring deep inside and though it was gentle it was unpleasant. His thumb nudged her bud but there was no joy in it. This would have been a powerful fantasy but the reality was so very bad.

"You're nice and tight woman cause you ain't been used for awhile," he laughed. "Tell me what I'm doing to you bitch."

Olivia didn't hear the others laugh, just him, just his derisory voice so close and that awful exploration.

"Y. Y. You're finger fucking me, sir." She moaned in an agony of humiliation. This thug had his fingers inside her and was intent on humiliating her to the limit.

"You've been married, so you must know how to pleasure a man. I sure could use you. You want a young stud like me fucking you right?"

"No! Please Sir, not that," she whimpered.

He pulled away and she hoped this was an end to it. They turned her sideways from the locker and he stepped in front of her again. She felt someone behind her holding on to her hips. She felt Mathew's hard cock against her belly and she moaned.

They thought she moaned from being hot but she was still dry and the moan was from anguish not anticipation.

He slid it between her legs nudging her lips then heaved his cock into her.

"Oh! No! Please no. You bastard, take it out, bastard, no! Please don't fuck me, sir." she cried out.

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