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On Board

byrha spike©

When you’ve been around the block enough times, you know that anything is possible when it comes to people’s sex lives. I knew there were men who liked to watch as their wives had sex with another man. And I’m no prude. Anything is OK with me as long as no one gets forced or hurt --- more than they want to be, that is. Consent: that’s the line I draw. If full-grown adults consent to it, I can see no reason to object. Still, I was surprised when a guy I knew and had been friends with propositioned me for his wife.

I had known Dan and Janet for a couple of years. They were older than I: Dan ten years and Janet two or three, I was never certain. We had shared several dinners, often as a foursome if I brought a date. But I had been recently divorced and was in no hurry to take the vows again so they made it clear that I was always welcome to come alone. They never tried to “fix me up,” that terrifying, well-intentioned mistake that so many happily married couples make out of concern for their single friends and I was eternally grateful for that.

Dan was a supervisor at the company where I worked but in a different division. Most recently, we had worked together on a large and important project and shared a couple of nights on the town in Chicago where we had been sent. When the project came to an end, Dan took me out for drinks and a celebratory dinner on the night before we were to fly home. I had been on loan to him for the duration of the project and we wanted to wind down a little before turning our “baby” over to the powers upstairs. We selected a neighborhood tavern because we both liked pub grub and beer. As we sat finishing our pitcher, the remains of our meal pushed aside, I wondered why Dan seemed so nervous. The project had been spectacularly successful but he seemed to have something on his mind that he was trying to work through and I hoped it was nothing to do with my work. I didn’t let it get to me, though, I had worked hard and I knew that I had done a good job; he had even said so. So I pushed aside the niggling doubt and enjoyed the meal and the release from the cares of the past weeks.

When we had been in the tavern about as long as the occasion warranted, I was ready to forget about Dan’s nerves and suggest we go. That was when he finally let it out.

“You . . . you get a long OK with Janet, right?” he began. I assured him that I did, wondering where he was going with this. ‘Well,” he continued, “we --- uh --- we don’t have what you would call –-- uh --- a conventional marriage. What I mean is that we have a lot of --- oh --- personal freedom, I guess --- uh ---within the marriage, that is, we do a lot of unusual things.” He was rushing his words now, anxious to get it all out since he had begun. “And we’re really a lot happier this way you know?”

“Well, sure,” I replied. I thought I sensed his general direction now. I assumed that he had a little adventure planned for the rest of our last night in Chicago and wanted me to keep my mouth shut around Janet. I wanted to get to the point and relieve the tension. “But what’s it got to do with me?” I asked.

“I’m getting to that.” He took a breath and put aside the beer bottle from which he had been nervously stripping the label with a thumbnail. Once he got started his words came out all at once and in a rush. It was obvious that he had tried to prepare a little speech but, in the end, threw caution to the winds and just blurted it out.

“I hope this doesn’t shock you,” he began, “but --- uh --- Janet would like to have sex with you, and it’s OK with me. I mean, --- Well, what I mean is --- I’d like to see her with you.”

It didn’t quite register at first and I’m sure that I didn’t look as surprised as I felt. I probably gave no outward sign at all and the uncertainty caused him even more discomfort. I murmured something noncommittal and assured him that I was making no judgements. He seemed to relax at that, let a lot of air out of his lungs and went on with his explanation. I began to understand that, to Dan, it was important that he justify what he was proposing.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of arrangements like this,” he continued with a wide grin and (so help me) a blush, “I mean, it’s fairly common. We began a little over five years ago and we both love it. She gets incredible pleasure from being with someone new --- especially someone younger, like you --- and even more because I’m there --- sort of --- you know, sharing the experience. I can’t tell you how much this has improved our relationship. We were sort of in the doldrums --- you know, kind of bored with marriage and all. I had had one affair and was miserable with all of the secrecy and the sneaking around. I thought she was having one too, and it began to develop into a vicious game. The atmosphere around the house was poison with suspicion and guilt and resentment all stirred together in an ugly way.

“Then, I came home unexpectedly one night when I was supposed to be out of town. Sure enough, she was with someone. There was a strange car in the drive behind hers. I let myself in through the cellar door and made my way very quietly up the stairs --- snuck up, I guess you’d say --- and through the kitchen to the living room. I had no idea --- NO idea --- what I was in for.”

We were pushed up against the wall of the booth, huddled together over the table to keep from being overheard. Dan’s voice was low and tense. I waited, knowing there was no stopping him now.

“They were on the living room floor,” he continued, “on a bed of cushions and pillows. Several candles had been lighted around the room and one lamp was burning on the end table. Janet’s sheer red blouse had been tossed over the shade --- to give atmosphere, I guess. Anyway, they had just gotten their clothes mostly off and were getting down to business. Naturally, I had all of the knee-jerk responses you would expect --- outrage and anger --- it just boiled up in me. I stood there clenching my fists and working myself up to action. I started to barge in and put a stop to it --- exactly what all of us married guys are expected to do, huh? --- But then I caught sight of her just turning her face up to him and it stopped me in my tracks. There was something about her expression in the lamplight --- the face I knew so well --- so excited, so intense and animated! --- Just listen to this! --- She was sitting on the floor at his feet and smiling up at him, holding his erection in her hand. My heart sank and I wanted to burst into tears. At the same time my rage almost blinded me. I knew that I should want to crash in and smash his face but something held me back --- a strange mix of feeling and realization that was like listening to several radio stations at once --- and that was when it happened!

“You know how you can get impressions and make decisions sometimes without actually thinking of words and logic and all? We do it all the time at work and think nothing of it! Well, that’s what happened. In a split second I knew that this was a great pleasure for her and that I loved her deeply and that I wanted her to have that pleasure. I saw that she was enjoying herself and I knew what was holding me back --- I didn’t want to spoil it --- had no right to spoil it, really. Then something else hit me like a truck! It was exciting! I was enjoying it, too! When she –-- she put her mouth on him, my pulse raced and my scalp nearly came off --- from excitement --- not jealousy!

“I stood and watched as she gave him what he wanted --- what she wanted to give him! And I found it exciting! I liked watching it! I actually enjoyed watching my wife have sex with another man --- sucking his cock! I knew that mouth! She had sucked me countless times and I knew how she did it and what this guy was feeling as I watched. It was an incredible high! My cock was hard as a brick in no time!”

He paused abruptly as the waitress stopped beside our table and to keep things going I ordered another round of beers. As soon as she was gone, Dan rushed on with his story.

“I’m telling you, James --- if anyone had told me before that night that I would or could derive pleasure from watching another man’s big, hard cock in my wife’s mouth I’d have called them crazy. But that’s exactly what happened. I watched as she took it in and sucked and licked and fondled his balls and --- my God! It was incredible!

Dan had begun to tremble a little as he got into the scene behind his eyes. He focused on a space somewhere on the table between us where the events he narrated were being played out. His hands were clasped before him, the knuckles white with tension. The waitress came and went again. Dan went on in a tight, hushed voice.

“I stood and watched as she --- as my wife sucked off a stranger. She rose up onto her knees and slid his entire cock into her mouth and held it there while she caressed his ass and legs. Her hair fell across her eyes in a way that I had seen a million times --- familiar in the way that things get when you’ve been married a while. It made my heart turn over. I knew that something was ending but at the same time I knew that something else was beginning. Then she began moving her head up and down on his cock and he groaned out loud. She played with his balls --- even sucked on them, too, for a while before going back to his cock and really getting down to business. When he got close, he caught her head and began pumping with short thrusts. I could hear her whimpering and sighing --- muffled because --- Anyway, when he came it was all I could do to keep from coming myself. Her face was in the light from the lamp on the end table and I could see her throat work as she swallowed! Incredible! Some of his cum ran out of her mouth and dripped on her tits. He kept spurting and when he finally stopped, her lips and face --- my wife’s lips and face --- were streaked with it --- with another man’s semen! I thought my chest would burst!

“And that wasn’t all! Later, after they had drunk some wine, I watched as --- as he fucked her right there on the living room floor. I watched as he knelt between her legs and positioned his cock in her. He teased her with it till she cried out for him to go on, then sank slowly into that soft, hot, wet --- cunt --- that I knew better than anyone. She has always allowed the hair to grow wild there and has an excitingly hairy snatch. The hair was matted down with her wetness and I could hear the slick sounds as he pushed into her. I heard her gasp and moan as he eased in and out of her, saw her clutch at his back and ass --- and this guy was not spectacular. I don’t think he was any bigger than I am but he was absolutely rock-hard with his own excitement at fucking Janet --- at fucking my wife. It wasn’t his size, though; it was the newness --- the --- the pure excitement of someone different --- a strange cock, that was causing Janet to react the way she did --- to moan and cry and clutch. He began fucking her slowly, almost languidly after his recent release but that big, rigid cock kept sliding in and out of her cunt like a piston! And she loved it! Her legs were bent back to her chest and he was braced over her on his elbows. She pulled his head down and kissed him over and over again while his hips thrust in and out for long minutes. I hadn’t heard her moaning that way for a couple of years and instead of being jealous I was glad --- really glad for her! And there was something else, something that took me weeks to figure out --- I was relieved! Relieved that the end of the deception and lying had come because there was no way now that I was ever going to go on with that! --- Relieved, too, that there might be a way --- some possibility that we could restore some excitement to our marriage and still stay together!

“I watched, fascinated, as he fucked her on the floor, her hands roaming up and down his body, clutching his ass and pulling him into her, urging him on faster and faster. When Janet finally came, her orgasm was deep and complete and, I knew, satisfying in a way that she had not experienced with me for a long, long time. I felt a peaceful release in myself as she stretched out her legs and settled back against the cushions. He grabbed her ass and pushed as far into her as he could get and jerked through his second climax since I had been watching. Then he lowered himself on top of her and they embraced lovingly --- lovingly! We ---Janet and I --- hadn’t done that for years! Our sex had become --- obligatory, I guess you would say --- sensation without any real feeling or --- or emotional satisfaction.

“Well, in the end, I slipped back down to the cellar and waited for him to leave. He didn’t stay long because he was married too and had to get home. When he was gone I went upstairs and waited for Janet to finish her shower. When she came into the bedroom and saw me sitting on the bed she nearly fainted. I let her in on what had happened --- that I had watched her with him. She was scared as hell at first, but after I explained --- told her what I had felt and that I wasn’t mad but happy about it --- she relaxed. Her eyes glowed and I could tell that she was getting turned on at the thought of me watching while she gave herself to someone else. She pulled me into bed with her and if anyone tells you that a woman can’t rape a man, tell him he’s nuts! She was wild --- nearly ripped my clothes off! She kept me at it for hours! It was the best sex we’d had --- ever! We sucked and fucked and laughed and cried! Her pussy was sweet in my mouth and I came all over her tits and face and we fucked longer and more deeply than I can ever remember! I thought I would never get rid of my hard-on and --- Well, you can’t argue with success, now can you?”

He paused, seemingly finished, and looked at me. His eyes were wild and searching, trying to decipher my reaction. I sat in silence for a few minutes, trying to think how to respond. He had told me a lot more than I needed or wanted to know --- especially there at the end --- but it seemed to provide some needed therapy for him and, after all, what are friends for? Finally, he could stand it no longer. “So what do you think? Would you like to be with her --- with Janet?” he finally asked. I could see that he was still pretty nervous and uncertain so I quickly let him off the hook.

“OK,” I said, “I guess we could try it.”

“You won’t regret it!” he said, his relief almost explosive. “She gets incredibly turned on --- so hot she goes wild, in fact. You’re --- you’re really in for a great ride! And I must admit that I love seeing her with another man. And don’t think there’s nothing in it for me --- you’ll be doing me a favor, don’t worry about that! I’ll get a lot out of it, like I said --- when we get home I’ll get the hottest sex imaginable!”

“OK, Dan, OK! You’ve convinced me! Just set it up and let me know.”

“Alright. I’m sorry --- I mean, if I got carried away. I’ll --- I’ll call you after we get back.”

So why did I agree to do it, right? Dan’s nervousness had obviously been mixed with excitement --- arousal --- by the time he had finished his sordid little tale and that put me off a little. But he was sincere --- absolutely sincere --- and there was no denying it. Besides, I had always thought Janet would make a great bed partner. I just never figured that it was within the realm of possibility because she and Dan seemed so devoted to each other. As Dan and I parted that night, I actually had actually come around to it --- I was actually looking forward to his call with agreeable anticipation.

A week later, I was invited on board Dan and Janet’s twenty-three foot, British-built racing craft –-- sail and twin inboard diesels --- for an afternoon of roaming around in the bay. It was hot and sunny and the cruise was like a tonic for three work-weary people. Dan and Janet were laughing and as affectionate with each other as they had always been in my presence. But occasionally, as we were getting ready and casting off, Dan would look at me with a shared knowledge in his glance, or Janet’s eye would catch mine with a gleam of promise and a curl to her smile that I had no trouble interpreting. She was dressed in jeans and a loose canvas top, the very antithesis of sexy.

When we were under way and far enough out to be private, skimming over the bay under sail, Dan let me take the helm. He gave me some basic instruction and I accomplished my first tacking maneuvers. Janet had gone below to fix drinks for us and I nearly forgot the implied invitation to have sex with the captain’s wife in the exhilaration of the wind and the sleek movement of the hull over the water as I turned the wheel.

After a while, Janet emerged from below, her feet and legs bare now beneath some kind of lightweight jacket that came down just below her bottom. “Here’s your grog,” she said gaily as I continued to steer. Dan took the cold plastic tumblers from her and held mine till I could manage a sip --- rum and coke --- an appropriate draught for sailing.

Janet smiled her knowing smile at me and made her way to the front of the boat to lie on the deck near the mast and get some sun. She slipped off the jacket let it fall revealing her petite but delicious-looking body in a tiny bikini that barely covered nipples and bush. Black hairs from that well-thatched mount that Dan had mentioned peeked impudently out from the edges. She turned and smiled warmly at me, posing her legs and breasts provocatively. I didn’t miss the bold invitation and was becoming happier that I had accepted the invitation. She lay on the deck and continued to pose prettily for me as I watched her. It was seduction pure and simple, not subtle, but open and wanton and decidedly exciting. She smiled seductively and moved her thighs against each other. I smiled back and turned to face her more directly; to deliberately watch her movements and let her know that I was enjoying the way she was flaunting her body.

“She’s a gorgeous lady,” Dan said from behind me, “great legs and tits, as you can see! And an ass that won’t quit!” A sharp barb of irritation pricked me in the region of conscience: I just didn’t like to hear a man describe his wife in such loose terms. But I pushed it aside --- told myself it was their marriage, their boat and he was the captain. I zeroed in on Janet and closed everything else out.

Still looking at me, Janet sat up and reached behind her. She pulled the string on her bikini top and tossed it aside. Her breasts were voluptuous for such a small woman and sagged only slightly with soft fleshy weight. Her nipples were large and dark and even from where I sat I could see that they were stiff. I hoped that it wasn’t merely from exposure to the wind.

“She’ll really give you a working over that you won’t forget,” Dan said. “She can suck a cock like nobody I’ve ever known and I’ve been around a bit, y’ know! Later on --- if you want to --- you can take her below and fuck her too. She’d like that and so would I!”

Shut up, Dan, I thought, so I can enjoy this!

Janet stood up, facing me with a smile, the wind blowing her dark hair around her face. She made a small movement and her bikini bottoms joined the top on the deck. Her dark bush, seen in full foliage, was even more exciting than I had anticipated. I turned the wheel over to Dan and moved down the deck toward her. She met me half way. We kissed once, tentatively, with closed lips, then again with full open mouths and tongues eagerly meeting, sliding past one another, seeking each other’s breath and passion. Her naked body was like a flame in the wind against my own half-clothed form. Her hands crept under my shirt and lifted it off over my head. Then, with a smile, she nestled her breasts against my chest and drew me tight against her. Our mouths found each other again, hotter and wetter this time.

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