As an avid reader myself of "first time" experiences and the like, I most often read those types of stories as I find them erotically entertaining. As I travel a bit during the course of my business affairs, I tend to print out a few stories in order to have something to read while I'm on the plane, or just sitting around inside my hotel room. After checking in on one particular short trip, I was doing just that, finishing one story I had started reading on the flight in. I'd gotten rather caught up in reading it as it was one that was very similar to my own growing up, silly girlish games perhaps back then. But even now in reading and remembering back, I was growing very wet between the legs.

Having arrived a day early, I had pretty much a free day ahead of me and had decided to go out and sit by the pool. Intending to soak up some sun, and read another story or two perhaps. I knew then I'd spend the evening in my room ordering room service, sneaking a peek at the adult fare on TV, and no doubt enjoy a nice long soothing finger-fuck before going to sleep.

I was sitting in one of the lounge chairs reading, enjoying a nice little white wine, and getting thoroughly worked up (albeit secretly) when a familiar voice spoke surprising the hell out of me when I heard it. Shielding my eyes with my hand from the sun as I glanced up, even then it was difficult to see who it was that was standing there in front of me, even though the sound of her voice sounded all too familiar.

"Oh my god! Is that you? Debra Jackson?" The woman asked.

Admittedly I was a bit embarrassed and at a loss for words. She obviously knew me, though from where and when I couldn't remember. But the way she had said it, she was something far more than a client or customer I'd once met. This sounded far more friendly, and I still hadn't been able to get as clear a look at her as she had of me.

"I'm sorry," I apologized, blushing and embarrassed that I had no clue as to who she was. Hearing her laugh the way she did, put the familiarity of her on the tip of my tongue, though I still struggled with it. And the fact that her face was still hidden from me in the bright sunlight didn't help either.

"Christine Davies," she said introducing herself, though even that name didn't ring any bells. "Though that is my married name now," she added. "Still don't remember me do you?" She laughed once again, that laugh haunting, teasing my memories as I struggled in vain to remember who she was. "Let me give you a hint, and then see if you can remember," she told me giggling. "How about...Light Switch?"

The moment she said that, it all came flooding back to me, eons ago now since I had last seen her it seemed like. She'd been (well nearly anyway) my best friend growing up next door since we were toddlers, until she had turned fifteen or maybe sixteen perhaps, and her parents had then moved away. We'd communicated for a while after that, but eventually time and our own busy personal lives had interfered. I'd never seen or spoken to her again, which meant it had been nearly thirty years since I'd seen her last.

"Oh my God! Christy!" I said shortening her name to the one I'd always known and called her by. "Christy Stevens!"

"Or C.S," as you used to call me," she said reminding me. A name I had given her secretly, privately. Her initials obviously, but not the meaning. It had stood for "Cum Slut," as I'd teasingly, yet affectionately called her. Hers for me had been "Dick Jerk" for D.J., a nickname that had stuck with me the rest of my life. Though most of my friends called me either D.J. or simply "Dee" as opposed to Debra after that. But she had come up with that name for me, as I'd snuck her into my bedroom once where she had hidden in the closet and watched me as I'd jerked off one of my brother's friends one day after school, a past time I'd come to enjoy doing given the opportunity. And one that not only Mike, but eventually Pat, Eddie, and another boy who's name I no longer remembered, would very often be treated to my world-class hand jobs, though at the time, it was all I would do. C.S. was too timid, too shy at the time to join me in doing that, but she'd found it arousing and stimulating to watch. She loved seeing the boys squirt, shooting off their hot sticky wads into the air, which again I rather enjoyed seeing myself. Seeing this, or just having me tell her about it, never failed to make her horny. But it was nicknames that we secretly had for one another ever after that, though we of course were the only ones who ever knew what they really meant.

I couldn't count the number of times we'd slept over at one another' houses, laying side by side in bed, masturbating while I told her about my latest after school hand-job session. Going into very vivid, explicit details about which boys prick shot the most goo, or which one shot it the highest. That had eventually led to my convincing her to hide out in the closet and watch me actually do it. Which she'd done...masturbating herself the entire time. And that of course, had then led to the silly game we'd begun playing afterwards, which we'd called "Light Switch." Though we had actually used that term for touching one another long before then, though only later making a real game out of doing it. In time, even that name was shortened to an even simpler, more private expression. Something we then called, "On...Off."

All this of course was now racing through my mind as I sat up, standing up, and quickly embraced her. "What are you doing here?" I asked, surprised to have run into her here in Phoenix of all places.

"I'm actually here visiting my sister-in-law," she told me. "Staying at the hotel as opposed to staying with her, helping out," she added. "My sick-assed brother is in rehab again, so I came down to stay with her for a few days, lend a hand. But no room at the Inn so to speak, too many kids and not enough bedrooms. Anyway, am due to fly out day after tomorrow, been a week from hell, and I thought well enough in advance to give myself an extra day to rest and relax before flying out again. I was just heading up to my room to see if there was anything good on TV tonight, and then order in room service."

I laughed at that. "Same here," I told her, though I didn't mention I was planning on checking out the more adult programming on TV, wondering if that was something she was still into herself though I didn't dare ask her that.

"Well, how about we order in room service together then and catch up on one another's lives?" She suggested. "Unless of course, you'd rather eat out."

I knew what she really meant of course, though I felt my cheeks suddenly burning at having heard her say that.

"That sounds wonderful," I said answering the unasked question, as well as the asked one, wondering if she'd take it that way to either one. "I'd definitely prefer staying in the rooms," I answered "rather than have to get dressed," I added teasingly letting my own subtle meaning hang there as she thought about it. It had been a long time since we'd done that, hell...since we'd moved on from playing "On...Off," to the one and only time we had actually gone down on one another just before she'd left.

I couldn't help but notice that her face had turned a little crimson too as we suddenly held hands and walked back through the lobby area towards the elevators. Wondering if she...like me, was remembering that last incredible weekend we had spent together before she had up and moved away with her parents.


"Sixth," I told her, seeing the surprise in her eyes. "What?"

She laughed. "Mine too. Must be fate," she grinned suddenly hugging me there inside the elevator, the press of her full breasts against my own through our swim suits feeling heavenly as we stood there. It was a delight to see the surprised, somewhat astonished looks on the faces of the young couple just getting on as the doors opened to let us off. We were still hugging, embracing one another there in our swimsuits, as we finally broke apart letting them on as we slid by getting off.

"On...off!" She laughed as we did that meaning something else entirely of course, to which I laughed, confusing the young couple even more. "You had to be there," she said by way of explanation, not explaining anything though smiling at them and receiving back a still confused smile just as the doors closed. "Love to be a fly on that wall as they head down," she told me still grinning.

It was here however that we discovered she was at the opposite end of the hall from my room. "Well, yours or mine?" she asked.

"How about yours...we did my place last time," I said alluding to a previous time so long ago, but she smiled at that when I said it.

"Room 631," she then said letting me know where she was. "I'll leave the door propped open for you, just come in."

I headed down the hallway in the opposite direction, reaching my own room moments later. I hurriedly changed out of my swim suit into a lightweight form fitting top, though not bothering with a bra, though I did put on a fresh thong and matching shorts to go with it. I grabbed the bottle of wine I had purchased and was saving for later, and then headed down the hallway towards her room. The whole thing had taken me less than ten minutes before I arrived. Sure enough, the door to her room had been propped open for me as I entered. I even startled her a little upon entering. Chris was just then emerging from her bathroom, all she had on was a brief pair of light blue bikini panties and nothing else, she was still in the process of pinning up her hair as she walked out.

"Don't!" I said, which is when I startled her. "I like the way you look with it down."

"Fuck!" She actually exclaimed jumping when I said that, not even bothering to hide the fact she was half naked. "I knew you were coming, but you still scared the shit out of me," she laughed as she moved over towards the dresser in her bedroom. "Damn good thing I wasn't expecting anyone else isn't it?" She said as she rummaged through her dresser looking for a tee shirt to thrown on. Once again, I stopped her.

"It would feel like old times, if you just stayed the way you are," I said looking at her, admiring her body, which to me hadn't changed all that much in all these years. Not quite as toned, or as skinny perhaps as she'd once been, and her breasts certainly a little fuller, not quite as perky as they'd once been either. But nevertheless, just as beautiful and alluring as I stood there looking over towards her.

She stood there unmoving, thinking perhaps, and then closed the drawer on the dresser. "Oh hell, why not? It would feel like old times again wouldn't it?" She asked. "Provided of course...you're going to join me."

I walked over handing her the wine, and immediately pulled my own tee shirt up and over my head. Now we were both standing there bare breasted in front of one another, much as we always were back then whenever we'd slept over. About the only time we'd worn tops was when we'd gone downstairs for breakfast in the morning, though even that Chris's mother had frowned at, chastising us at times for having done so. Her younger brother's taking notice of it, and sometimes teasing us because of it, "Your headlights are on!" One had said, bringing an end to that as we were then required to wear a bra after that and not just our tee shirts before we came down. That was possibly the reason we spent more time sleeping over at my house as we didn't have the same problems there at all. Though my sister occasionally joined us in our late night discussions, Chris wasn't as comfortable being around her for some reason, as she was with me. Which I would only find out the reason as to why that was, later on that same evening.

I soon after poured us a glass of wine and then sat down in one of the chairs facing her as she continued to stand leaning against the dresser sipping her own wine. It was hard not staring at her tits, though I noticed she had the same problem in not staring at mine too, which sent an all too familiar little chill running up and down my spine not to mention between my legs after all these years.

"So tell me what you've been up to, what you did...where you went after you guys moved away," I asked. I paused expecting her to answer, but her eyes told me she was elsewhere at the moment. "Chris? C.S.!" I said a bit louder bringing her back to the present.

"What? Oh, sorry...I was sort of lost in thought there for a moment," she said blushing furiously, once again taking a sip of her wine.

"Yeah, me too," I said standing up, though putting my own wine glass down on the table next to me. I walked over towards her as she looked at me curiously, especially when I didn't stop, but suddenly embraced her. But I didn't let it go there either. With nothing more than her thin bikini panties to act as a deterrent, I easily slid my hand down the waistband as I reached her, my finger diving headfirst into her already wet slit, finding her sweet spot. She moaned deeply when I did that.

"Oh God, DJ!" She said simply.

"On...off. On...off," I said as I nuzzled her neck whispering into her ear. My fingertip flicking her little button like a light-switch, just the way we'd once played and said it as girls together. "On...off, On..." I said drawing the next teasing touch out, before flicking her clit once again. "Off," I purred touching it, flicking it downwards this time.

"God I've missed your doing that," she told me. "Dee, you have NO idea how many times over the years I've thought back on those times, especially that last weekend we had together."

"Yeah, me too," I admittedly freely. "Which begs the question, how come you never stayed in touch with me after you got married?" I asked.

"Long story DJ," she said. "And not for the telling now. Suffice it to say, he was controlling and abusive, and I lived with that for over ten years before suddenly just walking out one day, leaving everything I had behind when I did. By then, you had moved away yourself, and I had no way of getting a hold of you, and since you had obviously gotten married, and settled down as well. The last thing you needed was a needy childhood friend come knocking on your door. What we had as kids was amazing, and something I knew I'd always cherish and remember. But I didn't figure that you'd still be carrying around with you the same memories and thoughts about it I did, and obviously still do."

I flicked her clit again. "On...off."

"Fuck that DJ', get over here and eat me!"


Before we did that however, we did get naked and crawled into her bed, laying side by side just as we once did gently toying with and fingering one another's hard erect nipples.

"Remember the first time we ever played that game?" She asked.

I did, just like it was yesterday. And it had started out so innocently too, quite unexpected as together we looked back remembering.

"God we were young then," I told her admiring the mature womanly nipple I now teased, though seeing it as the young, somewhat puffy bud it was just then becoming when I first touched it.

"Yeah, we were. I remember coming over to your house that night to spend the night, it had been a while as I recall since we had. Something to do with us both being grounded, and unable to do that for some reason. But the moment we could, we did of course. And that's when you first saw me totally naked when we decided to slip into our pajamas prior to going to bed.

"Yeah...you had just started to get pussy hair, well at least real hair as opposed to my own fluff as you called it."

Chris laughed once again remembering, giving my nipple an almost mean tweak as she did that. "Yeah, and then having caught a glimpse of it, you wanted to see it closer, but then I wouldn't let you, as I was sort of embarrassed about it. Hell, you were the one with real tits, at least bigger than mine were already, and I was the one that was supposedly going through puberty, though I guess in hindsight, we both were. Just a little differently than one another is all."

I slid my hand down between Chris's legs, letting my finger gently, lightly probe her there, recalling.

"When you finally did let me have a look, I remember trembling. I don't know why that was, but I think I felt for the very first time really, true arousal and excitement. Obviously we were both very much aware that even the innocent way we were doing this could have, and would have been seen as something else. But at the time at least, it was pure honest curiosity that we had about one another, growing up, and the changes we were both seeing."

"Yeah, but it was about that time you said my pussy reminded you of a light switch, which is when you jokingly flicked my clit, calling out "On", and then flicking it again, saying "off!" To this day I still remember that, and how good it felt...but mostly how wickedly erotic it was too. And I wanted you to keep doing it, even though I hadn't as yet even experienced an orgasm, or had any idea really what that even was! Unfortunately, you stopped doing that shortly afterwards, though you did lie there just looking at me, talking about the way my pussy looked. God Dee, even that turned me on as I recall."

"Yeah, me too. After we had done that was when we soon after crawled into bed together side by side, turning the lights off. I think both of us were so excited at that point, that neither one of us was about to get any sleep either. Though I didn't know it at the time, I'd been masturbating myself for a little while by then, thinking that if I had been you most likely had been doing so too. Obviously though, you hadn't been, so if it hadn't been for me playing on and off with your clit, we might not have ended up doing what we soon after did."

Chris laughed as my fingers continued to lightly graze her very slick, very wet pussy. "Yeah, I remember laying there next to you in the darkness. And I could sense movement, though at the time I wasn't sure what it was you were doing. But then, I heard the sound of your breath coming faster and faster, and then suddenly you holding it, muffling what was damn near a scream. I'll be honest with you DJ, you scared the hell out of me! I thought at first you were having some sort of a seizure!"

"Well, I was...but it was the good kind of seizure!" I remarked now slipping two fingers deeply inside her sopping wet pussy though I continued to slow-finger fuck her while talking to her.

"What the hell are you doing?" I remember asking you. "Which is when you told me you'd just gotten yourself off. And then I asked you what you meant by that of course, which is when we then got into the subject of actually masturbating. You were shocked that I didn't have any clue whatsoever as to what that meant...or even was!"

"I remember, and that was your first ever orgasm too wasn't it?"

"My first of many with you," she sighed contentedly, though I think my fingers were having something to do with that at the moment as I continued to slide them in and out of her as we lay there.

"I remember reaching over, gently resting my hand on your upper thigh, slowly caressing you there. And then, feeling you reaching over, placing your hand on mine, doing the same thing."

I felt Chris suddenly doing just that, simply resting her hand on me as I rolled over more onto my back. In doing that, my wet sticky fingers slipped out of her cunt, but it now felt far more appropriate to simply rest my hand on her thigh, just as she was now doing to mine.

"God, I wanted to touch you in the worst way, afraid to some extent, yet exhilarated when I did, moving my hand over between your legs, feeling you actually spreading them for me there in the darkness. I remember the sense of touching you, your "fluff" as I called it, tickling the palm of my hand as I cupped your mound. And then...your hand doing the exact same thing to me. I think we did that for an eternity it seemed like, neither one of us even attempting to do more than that, though as I recall, we were both doing a bit of pussy-cupping, pressing our hands against one another."

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