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On One Condition


I had been dating Sandy for almost six months. We had met each other at a bar. She caught my eye, almost immediately the night we met.

She had long black hair and dark eyes. Her skin was tanned and smooth. She was wearing a short skirt with some high heels. Her skirt showed off her legs and the heels showed off her beautifully manicured toes.

We were both the same age and as it turned out, had similar interests. She was by her own admission, quite inexperienced with sex.

She learned pretty quickly, with my help and it wasn't long before we decided to move in together.

She told me that I was the first guy that she had ever given a blowjob to. She was nervous the first time she attempted it. But, after some practice, she got much better. I mean really, better!

My only regret was that she never would let me finish in her mouth. She said that she had tasted semen once, and didn't like it.

All the girlfriends in my past had always sucked me until I came in their mouths. Some liked to swallow and some didn't. Who could complain? It's not like I was swallowing the stuff.

One thing Sandy really loved was to have her pussy eaten. She said I was the first to ever eat out her till she came. All the other licked her pussy once or twice and then fucked her.

That was music to my ears. Watching a girl orgasm is a glorious thing to behold. She was no exception in this matter.

As time wore on, she got adventurous. Sandy even indulged my foot fetish. I loved sucking on her toes and she enjoyed it too. She would often stick her feet by my face when we were having sex and ask me to suck them.

Sometimes, she would tease me and say, "I painted them for you today and wore this toe ring. You look so cute sucking my pretty feet."

I loved this woman.

When Sandy recently got promoted at her job, she started working late. She had a new boss and he was a young, single guy. He always wanted her to work extra. Didn't he know she had a life? I was nervous about them spending so much time at the office together.

She put me at ease. She said, "All he wants is some action. I would never allow that. That's what I have you for."

For the last week, she seemed a little distant. She would come home from work and shower immediately. Then go straight to bed. She was always too tired for sex.

He was working her too hard, but she said she enjoyed it. She said, "He had her on a new project and it was huge."

It was Friday and she was working late, again. So I called up two couples that we knew. I asked them to come over and hang out until Sandy got home.

Maybe the company would get her in the mood. I missed tasting her sweet pie.

Steve and his girlfriend Paula came by at seven. When Amanda and Mike arrived at seven thirty, we all started drinking pretty heavily. By eleven, Amanda suggested that we play a game.

I said, "That's no fair, Sandy isn't home yet." I still had no idea what game they wanted to play. Amanda suggested we play Truth or Dare.

I thought if the girl's ended up showing some skin, it would be worth it. They were both gorgeous. Everyone else looked a little unsure at first. It's amazing what alcohol does for your courage. After a few more drinks, I agreed, as did everyone else.

The rules were that, anything went. If you didn't want to play, you would have to leave the room. Amanda went first. Mike asked her if she ever liked anyone romantically, that was in the room right now. She blushed as did Paula. She decided to take the dare instead. So her boyfriend Mike, told her to kiss Paula.

She didn't hesitate. Apparently he knew the girls had fooled around with each other.

As they were kissing, I was squirming in my seat. Someone yelled, "Time." The guys all took a deep breath.

The girls were ready to get even. When it was Amanda's turn to give a dare to Mike, she told him to eat her pussy.

Mike said, "You don't need to dare me to do that!"

Away they went into my bedroom. I was jealous. I would have eaten her pussy all night if given the chance.

We heard her moaning and yelling. He must have been doing a pretty good job. Soon they both came back out, to a rousing ovation.

Next it was Mike's turn. Mike dared Steve to eat Paula's pussy. It was met by him with similar enthusiasm.

I was sitting there wondering what I would have to do. The girls were having all the fun, so far.

Just then, Sandy walked in the door. She said, "Hello everyone. What are you playing?"

Paula said, "We have been playing Truth or Dare and the girls are winning. Every guy has eaten his girl to a climax so far, except your poor guy has had to wait for you."

She pointed at me and said, "Awe, he looks hungry, why don't you feed him?"

Paula looked at me again and said, "I dare you to take Sandy in the bedroom and eat her out, right now."

I was game but Sandy looked shocked. Sandy tried to make excuses as to, why not.

The others started frustrated with her and so was I. They all said that they would leave and never talk to her again.

So Sandy said, "Okay, but only if I can shower first. I worked my ass off today and feel really dirty."

The guys jumped, when they heard that. They said that this was a dare and they wanted me to eat her pussy right now. Especially after a hard day's work.

I wasn't so sure I wanted to eat it now. By the looks on everyone's face, including Sandy's, she must smell pretty rank down there.

Well, she finally agreed and took me in the bedroom. She whispered to me, "I'll fake it and then go take a shower. We'll do it for real later, okay? I'm not fresh."

Then we heard Steve yell, "Don't try to fake it. Paula's going to smell his face, after."

I took Sandy by the face and kissed her. I tried to relax her and told her that I couldn't wait to taste her.

So I laid her back on the bed and undressed her. When I finally went to remove her panties, I saw that she had a wet spot on her crotch.

She said, "Please turn off the light?"

I obliged and slid her panties over her feet. I slid my face between her legs and went right to her crotch.

I had always eaten her pussy after she had showered. I was very anxious about this.

She definitely had a different smell. She smelled like a mix between perfume, sweat, and something bleachy. I didn't know what it was but she didn't smelled quite pleasant.

I slid my tongue inside her and she moaned. The first thing I noticed was how wet she was. She was much wetter than usual. Her juices started to run into my mouth.

She must have really gotten excited from all the talk.

Her juices were much thicker than usual. Sandy asked me if she tasted all right.

I told her, "Strangely different, but delicious."

She seemed to relax when I said that and started enjoying herself. She began grinding her pussy on my face and offer encouragement.

She screamed, "Eat all that nasty cum in me and suck it out of my pussy. I'm going to make you eat me after work, from now on. Now make me cum!"

What cum was she talking about? She hadn't cum yet and why was it nasty? I worked her clit until she was ready. When she started to cum, she pushed my mouth back to her opening.

Cum gushed into my mouth, like never before. It was almost like she was ejaculating. It was so sweet, yet thick and hot. Not like her usual cream.

She held my head in place, like it was in a vise. This was wild.

When she was done, she said, "That was awesome."

She left to take her shower and me to say good bye for her.

I had never seen her cum with such quantity or intensity before. Best of all, she tasted delicious.

I was thinking about this, when I opened the bedroom door. I was greeted with a cheer.

Paula came over and smelled my face. She had a funny look on her face. She told every body that I went through with it and even fucked her, too.

Why would she think that? I wished I had screwed her. My balls were aching for relief.

I said good night. All the guys said they had to leave. I knew they were all horny and anxious to get some pussy.

So far, only the girls got off tonight, but that was about to change.

After they left, I waited for Sandy to finish her shower. That's when I heard a knock at the door.

It was Paula. I thought she had forgotten her purse or something.

She said, "When I smelled your face, it smelled like semen. You guys are really kinky. Steve eats me after sex, too.

I thought he was the only one who liked that. It drives me wild when he does it. I just thought you should know. Good night and sweet dreams."

I closed the door and figured she was drunk. I could never mention to Steve that his girl just told me that he likes to eat his own cum. The only thing worse than that, would be eating someone else's spunk.

I returned to Sandy. She was already asleep. So, I slid into bed and let her sleep. I thought that Sandy had really opened up tonight. Maybe, she'll open up a little more tomorrow. Like her legs for me.

The next night, Sandy insisted on me eating her as soon as she got home from work. Luckily, she didn't work late that day. She lay back on the bed and pulled off her panties.

I dove in expecting more of the same. I was greeted with an entirely different smell. Tonight she smelled and tasted like sweat.

She asked me, "How do I taste? Do you like how I smell?

I knew that I'd better lie and say it was great if I wanted to get laid. "You smell beautiful", I told her.

She laughed and said, "You'd say anything to get laid. I know I stink.

I told her, "I loved what ever you did last night. You were so juicy and sweet."

She looked at me strangely and asked, "You weren't put off by the way I tasted?"

I told her that I wish she tasted like that every night. I loved her secret ingredient.

She looked at me and said, "I'll make sure that I'm juicy for you every night. Now, do you want me to shower tonight?"

Before I could answer, she said, "Never mind, I'm enjoying this" and pushed my face back into her stinky pussy. She was laughing. I wasn't sure why, but I still made sure she came three times that night.

Her boss made her work late the next night. When she came in, she announced, "Dinner is served!"

She flopped on the bed and pulled off her panties. She had always been reserved, but lately this was changing.

I noticed that her pussy was red and puffy. She was really turned on. She was also all shiny and wet around her pussy lips and thighs.

As soon as I tasted her, I knew she was going to be as sweet as the other night.

Her pussy trickled out a river of juice from the inside. I couldn't believe she was so excited. As I lapped it up, she became very vocal.

"Is it better tonight? I made sure to make it extra sweet tonight. I promise to make it sweet for you all the time. I'm so glad you like it because it feels so good. Please suck my dirty pussy. Clean it with your tongue. Suck out all that cum!"

She mentioned cum again. She must mean juices. I don't know how she makes herself taste so good and she won't tell me either. She says she gets as much pleasure making it sweet, as I do by sucking on her.

When she finally came, the juices were really hot and thick. It seemed to burn my mouth and tingle. I kidded her that her cum was just as hot and as thick as mine.

She laughed and said, "I bet it tastes the same, too. I'll bet you a blowjob. But, if I let you cum in my mouth, you have to swallow it. If you can't, there'll be no sex for a week for you but I still get your tongue. Is it a bet?"

I was so horny, I agreed.

She swallowed my prick as if to prove a point. In no time I was past the point of no return. She sucked with long, deliberate strokes. Her tongue was working magic. I wondered where she learned this new technique.

As I started to cum, she massaged my balls to help them unleash their massive load. I hadn't cum in a long time.

When I finished cumming, she stood up and pressed her lips to mine. I was apprehensive. I had never tasted any semen before.

She opened her mouth and passed all the cum into mine. It was a mouthful and then some. I noticed it tasted just the way Sandy's pussy did, on the nights she worked late.

She was right, we did taste the same. I couldn't understand why? She pulled back from our kiss and watched as I swallowed.

The thick, salty- sweet fluid slid down my throat. I thought to myself that, this wasn't really so bad. The fact that I was swallowing what was in my balls just moments ago didn't bother me because it was turning her on.

I remembered when Paula told me about Steve. How he would eat her after they had sex. I asked Sandy if we could try that too. She laughed and said, "Of course, on one condition."

I said, "What condition?"

She replied, "I might have to start working late even more to keep you happy. So, no complaining. To make it up to you, why don't you meet me at my office tomorrow for a box lunch? I'll make the box extra sweet for you before you arrive."

I knew I would be eating well for lunch and dinner tomorrow.

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