tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOn The Block Ch. 02

On The Block Ch. 02


Here's the second installment of the story based on The Hun's comic "Gohr".

All the characters are at least 18 years old.


Testing the Merchandise – Gar's Second Day as Slavemeat

Once again the harsh light of day stung Gar's eyes. Once more, he found himself, bound and horny, led by his cock to a podium where he would be ogled by the auction-going masses like a slab of prime beef – and it was most certainly his beefy meat that would be ogled; all 12 inches of vein-etched, rock-hard studmeat he was being led around the auction-yard by.

The previous day he only had his hands tied with rope behind his back, and had the dick-hardening sight of his trussed up, quivering, naked cumbucket son to drive him forward. Today his hands were still bound behind him, but he also had a collar and chain around his neck; a pair of metal hoops had been inserted into each of his prominent, throbbing nipples, each of which had another chain pulling at them; a larger, heavier ring pierced him through the middle of his swollen horsedick, its own chain adding to his burden, though it didn't keep his swollen fuckmeat from curving forward and up; and a much smaller ring was wrapped around his scrotum, forcing his cum-laden goose-eggs to the very bottom of his ballsac, with a heavy weight suspended from a short length of chain, making his nuts swing painfully with each shuffling step he took.

Gar had woken that morning to the dual sensations of orgasmic pleasure and excruciating pain (a combination he had not woken to in years – not since he'd last been his father's "boy", being woken every day with a harsh, hard, hot fuck). The cause of both the pain – and, apparently, the cum firing from his hard butt-pounder – was the sharp piece of metal being forced through his swollen, throbbing bullcock.

Gar's feeling of confused arousal increased as he looked up from his pierced, bleeding studmeat to the sight of his son, Dev, who was on the other side of the small holding-cell; side-on to his father, he was bent over and getting pummeled at both ends with engorged, cum-spewing guard-dick. Dev's pussy was already overflowing with thick man-cream, visibly coating a guard's heaving fuckpole with white manslime as it shunted in and out of the boy in a quick, relentless rhythm.

Gar had fallen asleep to a similar sight – the guards had begun gangfucking the boy as soon as father and son had been returned to their cell the night before, assaulting the well-plowed boypussy in a seemingly never-ending line of precum-drooling, twitching guardcock. Gar had been forced to spend hours chained to the opposite wall, watching as well-hung, sweaty, grunting, scantily-clad men lined up to take a turn at stabbing their steely, eager studweapons into the moaning, quivering, 18-year-old fuckslave. The sound of the agonized, ecstatic groans and cries that were forcing their way out of Dev's mouth, whenever it wasn't filled to the limit with smelly, swollen studmeat; the slap of cum-swollen balls smacking against Dev's smooth, sweaty body; the slurpy squish and splash of bullcocks shunting in and out of the loosened, thoroughly creamed fuckpassage; the grunts and whispered taunts of "Get use t'it – where yer goin' it's gonna be trainfucks all day an' gangrapes all night!" and "Hooo, yeah! All thet hard mandick up yer cunt and yur still nice 'n' tight fer Daddy!" and "Yer Paw shore did teach ya t'milk a cock, yew cum-hungry little whore!" – all these had kept Gar awake and very, very horny throughout the night. Gar had cried out deliriously for hours, begging to be allowed to go to his boy, to shoot off just one more load up that sweet, cum-leaking asshole he'd already spent most of the day servicing. More than once he'd found himself spontaneously cumming with no more friction on his fuckpole than the slight air-flow around his hyper-sensitive, deeply aroused flesh. It wasn't till the early hours of the morning that he had finally succumbed to an exhausted stupor.

And so Gar's day began with his studcock being pierced, cumming as the heavy ring was inserted into his flesh, right through the middle of his engorged dick, just missing the swollen veins as the device was expertly pushed into his meaty fuckrod. The slave market's Piercing Master then began to suck and chew on Gar's nipples, tweaking and pulling on whichever hard nub was not in his mouth with expert, cruel fingers; making Gar's tits stand out, as hard as they'd ever been from the painful, exciting stimulation. The Piercing Master proceeded to pierce Gar's engorged nipples with a pair of large, round tit-rings, each of which was attached to a chain. Gar was then doused with buckets of freezing water, which washed away most of the blood and momentarily numbed his aching body, causing a quick shot of adrenalin to pump through his system a second later.

He was then left alone, his new piercings pulling on his re-hardening tubesteak and nips, and making him even more aware of his excited flesh. All the while, across the room, Dev's gangbang continued unabated, the boy staring with wide eyes at his father's new decorations even as he sucked hard on throbbing guardcock and had his pussy slammed full of bulldick over and over again.

Gar would have been willing to stay, even chained as he was, and watch as Dev was screwed into a coma by the never-ending procession of fuck-happy guards; but after a few minutes some of the guards climbed off of Dev and took him to the adjacent hall to prepare him for the auction-going crowd's viewing pleasure. One guard grabbed Gar's balls and yanked down, hard and low. A second guard then clamped a very small manacle – barely an inch across, by the feel of it – around Gar's stretched sac, which was connected to a length of chain. A metal weight was attached to this chain and allowed to swing back and forth between his legs, pulling Gar's nuts agonizingly farther towards his knees. Another chain was then attached to his cock piercing, and a metal collar, with connected chain, was locked around his thick, muscular neck. His hands, though no longer tied to the wall, were still secured behind his back, along with the manacles he'd been wearing around his ankles since he'd first arrived at the slave-market.

Trailing the chains from his neck, wrists, tits and balls, Gar's escort led him along by pulling with unnecessary force on the chain attached to his cock-piercing. Gar was led out of the holding pen to the open air of the slave market. Display platforms filled the area as far as the eye could see. The group passed many sights of chicken-stuffing boy-fucks; the bound, almost hairless bodies covered in cum and sweat as the new slaves' helpless fuckholes were invaded by well-hung men wearing only their boots – it was a long-established custom that all citizens would strip down before sampling the merchandise, in order to give the rest of the market a better show. Gar's bullcock quickly regained all its former size and stiffness, wanting to join the fun.

As Gar was escorted to his own designated platform in the breeding-stud section of the market, one or more of his guards would deliberately slow down, walking behind the naked, trussed-up, hairy brute in order to step on one of his trailing chains – causing a painful pull on his tits or low-hanging nuts. Gar's ball chain was often not only stepped on, but stood upon, stretching his goose-eggs further and further back as he was forced to keep moving forward despite the pain, while the guards sniggered and laughed at every groan to escape his lips and every curse he muttered under his breath.

As the guards stopped for a moment to get their bearings, Gar realized that the platforms all around him no longer contained tied-up, naked young men. Rather, the area had only big, hairy, massively hung men tied up on the platforms – most of them attached to rings set in the platforms by chained body-piercings like the ones now decorating Gar's own brawny physique. There were still a great deal of boyish, naked young men around, but these were wandering from platform to platform – sucking on twitching, precum leaking cockheads; licking, tugging and squeezing swollen, cum-filled balls; rubbing and groping and altogether acting like mares in heat when faced with a selection of prime stallions.

Gar just made eye-contact with some boys who appeared to be wandering the market in a group, sizing up their tight little bodies and returning the lustful looks they were throwing his way, when he was jerked back to reality by a particularly harsh yank on his cock-chain.

Gar was manhandled onto an empty platform, his handlers going out of their way to be rough. His chains were attached to the several rings which were screwed into the platform's boards. Gar absently noticed a worn, badly-constructed bucket on the corner of the platform, which he assumed had been accidentally left behind and was meant to carry water or food-slops.

As the various chains were attached to the rings in the platform, Gar watched the group of young, naked teenagers as they made their way to his platform.

'Honestly, do they really expect me t' try 'n' run away? I'm about t' fuck me some bran' new boys! Get my bulldick milked 'n' sucked! Why the fuck would I try t' get away?' he thought to himself as the guards made sure he was securely fastened, unable to move so much as half a foot in any direction – his cock-chain secured in front, ball-chain secured behind, the chains on his arms and neck attached to a 10-foot pole adjacent to the platform. To Gar's relief, the heavy weight was removed from his sore, low-hanging 'nads, though the narrow cuff still forced his stones low in their hairy sac.

"Heh, heh, heh! You boys have fun with this here breedin' bull!" a guard said to the three approaching youths, casting one last smirking, lust-filled look at Gar as he and his buddies left.

Gar didn't spare them a single thought, not even to wonder why such sadistic men should relish the thought of leaving him in the hands of the naked young boys who were now climbing up the sides of the platform and surrounding him.

"Garsh, would you look at that big, ugly thang stickin' so far out in front o' him!" a freckled, redheaded boy exclaimed, tugging excitedly on his 5 inch, rock-hard boydick as he stood beside Gar's large, hirsute, trussed-up form.

"Lookit all the hot, smelly sludge pourin' out o' it alreddy, and we ain't even got started on it yet!" a slightly older looking, black-haired boy added, licking his lips at the sight of the copious amount of precum oozing out of Gar's purple, throbbing fucktool.

"Hey, fellers, check out these here low-hangin' fruit he's got a-growin' 'tween his leigs! Looks like they's full o' juice, jist a-waitin' t' get squoze!" the last youth, a blond, said. He was standing behind Gar, stroking the bound man's pendulous, hairy balls.

Taking up positions all around Gar, the boys boldly began fondling him, running their soft city-boy hands over the fur covering nearly every inch of his body – giving extra attention to his swollen bullnuts and rigid, hairy, precum dripping tubesteak.

"Awright, boys – which one o'yew cocksuckers wants t'be the first t'ride Daddy's studpole? Don't y'all worry, there's plenny o' fuckmeat t'go 'round!" Gar said boastfully, thinking of all the fun he was going to have fucking the lights out of the three boys, as well as any others that might come along later. Never a humble man, Gar knew himself to be a big, bad, bearish, bruising brute of a boy-banging, butt-boinking, baby-breeding bullstud; and as such had every confidence in his ability to satisfy even the most jaded and sexually depraved of crowds. After all, he'd been a huge hit just yesterday, when he'd repeatedly fucked his own son's brains out in front of a huge audience of auction-goers.

But rather than replying, the boys continued with their manual investigations, slowly moving in a clockwise rotation around Gar's hirsute body, squeezing and fondling him all over, each one sensually stroking and rubbing his furry goodies in turn; they each made sure to get a sample of his thick, salty precum – sometimes bringing a cupped handful of fuckslime to their drooling mouths for a taste, sometimes rubbing the slippery fluid onto their own swollen woodies.

When Dark Hair came to Gar's front for the third time he planted his feet and grabbed Gar's studpole like he meant business. Blondy stood at one of Gar's sides with Red on the other, both rubbing their young, 5 or 6 inch hard-ons against Gar's furry thighs.

Dark Hair began to firmly stroke Gar's horsedick, pulling hard on the hairy, bulging, vein-covered skin as he yanked Gar closer and closer to busting his nut. "Whooee, would ya lookit all thet headcheese!" the boy exclaimed as he pulled the skin as far back as the ring piercing Gar's stuckcock would let him. Leaning forward, he ran his tongue from the bottom of the gungy, purple cockhead, along the gaping piss-slit and back to where the mushroom head met the shaft along the top. "Tastes good 'n' ripe, too – even better 'n my Dad's!" Looking his friends in the eye one at a time, the boys seemed to come to some sort of understanding while an oblivious Gar stood by and allowed his manhood to be manually manipulated. Gesturing with his head at Red, Dark Hair said, "Go git it," while his hands pumped at Gar's throbbing meat, moving faster and faster till his jacking hands were a blur around the throbbing studpole.

Gar had not paid attention to the brief exchange, and did not acknowledge Red's having moved except to vaguely feel that one of the hot, twitching young pricks pressing into his furry flanks had moved away. All he cared about, as usual, was his own pleasure. With that in mind he said, "How's about you git your purdy li'l ass on my big, hard boyfucker? Put a smile all t'way up yet gut, and thet's a promise!"

Being an ass man by nature, Gar had always preferred to have his cum milked out by a tight boypussy, like the one nature had bestowed on his son, Dev – that boy could take an all-night gangfuck from their whole county, with every farmer and his horse-hung son riding the boy from dusk till dawn, and Dev would still have more "clutch" in his asshole at daybreak than most virgins Gar had deflowered. 'Damn! If I had Dev's sweet li'l asscunt wrapped around my studcock right now, I'd be cumming a river for sure!' he thought to himself. Hand-jobs just didn't do it for his nuts as well as buttpussy did.

Like before, the boys showed no sign that they had even heard Gar speak.

Red quickly returned, stroking hard on his young, beet-red cock with one hand and carrying the bucket Gar had absently noticed earlier in the other. Standing side-by-side with Dark Hair, Red held the bucket directly below Gar's precum spouting cockhead.

"Aw-right, studmeat," Dark Hair said, addressing Gar for the first time, "Here's t' rules: Yew gotta fill up this here buckit with studcum. It don't matter if yuh does it in one go a duzin, but yew gotta fill 'er up with yer bullcream – right up to the top! Then, once it's full-up, yuh gits t' drink it down! Har, har, har!"

Gar was surprised at this, but not too upset at the idea of swallowing his own manslime. He'd eaten plenty of cum out of Dev's wide-stretched pussy on more occasions than he could count – his own or cum that was left behind by a long train of friends and family – and had nothing against the salty-sweet'n'sour taste of his thick, creamy bullmilk. And he thought the sight and smell of all that ball-juice would bring out the fuck-slut Gar knew was not-so-deeply hidden inside each of these boys. After all, they were parading around butt-nekkid while surrounded by all these big, throbbing-hard studcocks for a reason, right?

And so Gar did nothing to try and postpone his climax, allowing the black-haired youth's hand to stroke him to his first public orgasm of the day.

"Thet's right, big fella – give us a nice big load o' man-cream. Give us thet cum yuh got stored in them swolled up, hairy orinjis o' yers!" Dark Hair moaned, his hand moving faster and faster as Gar's fuckpole got even bigger and stiffer in his grasp.

"C'mon, ya big, hairy stud – show us what ya got!" the blond boy said, his eyes riveted to the sight of Gar's spasming horsecock while Red, holding the bucket, grunted his own encouragement.

"Ahh, haaah!" Gar groaned, his bulldick jumping out of Dark Hair's grip, the first two spurts shooting out so hard and fast they hit Dark Hair squarely in the face, coating his head with cum. The next cum-shot smacked onto his smooth, well-defined chest as he laboriously changed the angle of Gar's unloading studweapon, pushing it down with both hands even as he continued to milk its throbbing, veiny length.

Gar had all but forgotten about the small ring clamped around the base of his ball-sac, but, as he started to cum, the pain of his jism forcing its way past the narrow pathway showed him that it was not just there as an anchor for a chain – his guards had known full well that with every ejaculation Gar was stroked into, he would also feel a great deal of pain. The unpleasant sensation actually caused Gar to see stars as he cried out in a mixture of ecstasy and agony.

All the while Dark Hair hadn't stopped milking Gar's studtool, continuing his harsh back-and-forth groping manipulations even after every last drip and dribble had been forced out the gaping piss-slit.

"Wull, for such a big ol' thang, it shore don't shoot much, do it?" Dark Hair said as he looked at the contents of the catch-bucket Red held up – the thick, white mancream filled just half of the quart-sized container.

Gar wanted to protest that he'd been rather thoroughly drained lately – he'd spent half of yesterday cumming, and had shot quite a large load only minutes before being taken out to the auction-yard. But he knew that his young audience wouldn't care since they were concerned only with his current performance rate, not his past feats of studhood.

Dark Hair bent down and began to suck on Gar's cockhead, taking the still-engorged fuckweapon into his mouth as far as the ring stuck through its middle before sliding his lips wetly back to the precum-drooling head, his cheeks hollowing and his throat convulsing as he did his best to swallow every drop of the slimy, tangy liquid.

The other two boys, seeing that Gar's tubesteak was currently being devoured, both positioned themselves behind the moaning, slack-jawed stud-slave and began licking and squeezing his low-hanging balls. At one point each boy took hold of one of Gar's furry, cum-swollen nuts and sucked it into his mouth, mirroring Dark Hair's actions in front.

Gar groaned helplessly, the young men's ministrations on his hypersensitive privates creating intense feelings of delicious pleasure and not a little pain as their voracious mouths worked demandingly over him – they weren't shy about using their teeth, that was for sure!

Apparently funk and headcheese were a major source of arousal for the dark headed boy, as with every breath he took he inhaled the sweat-stench of Gar's crotch as deeply as he could, moaning from the depth of his chest, his hands dividing their time between stroking the upper half of Gar's bullcock and pumping his own straining, 6-inch dick. It wasn't long before the excitement of woofing down a hot, juicy, blood-engorged hard-on brought on the boy's own climax – his creamy boycum shooting out hard enough to splash onto both his friends. The other two were busy licking and sucking on Gar's 'nads as they pumped each-other's swollen cocks and sprayed their jism all over Gar's hairy claves – which caused them to work Gar's balls even harder, sucking and biting as they cummed.

Coming down from his orgasmic high, Dark Hair noticed that the flow of precum from Gar's throbbing fuckspear had increased, so he hurried to back his face off the twitching bullcock. He took a moment to rub the slick, rock-hard studpole all over his face, spreading a fresh layer of the musky smelling precum on his skin and soaking into his hair, before reaching down for the bucket, holding it in readiness for the load he knew was only seconds away from erupting from the angry, red-colored dickhead.

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