tagGay MaleOn The Block Ch. 03 Pt. 01

On The Block Ch. 03 Pt. 01


Author's Note: There are no female characters in this story – it’s my fantasy, I can have an all-male world if I want ;-)
All the characters are 18 years of age or older.

Halvin ground his swollen 9.5 inch studcock up into the whore-boy seated in his lap, his lust-burning eyes fastened on his son, who fucking another whore in the middle of the room. The sight of Calton's tight, high ass pumping rapidly back and forth, sweat glistening on his smooth, peachy skin, was doing more to keep his father's fuckpole hard and throbbing than the potion they'd gotten from the apothecary.

Vin had spared no expense for his son's 18th birthday celebration. The tables, which were set in a hollow square all around the main hall, were laden with the finest foods and wine, and seated around them were all his friends and relatives – eating, drinking and fucking the hired entertainment.

It was traditional for fathers to throw a lavish party when their sons turned 18, everyone feasting while the birthday boy enjoyed his first piece of ass. That was the reason Vin had made sure to invite people whose sons had already reached 18 – not only would it have broken tradition, but he was damned if he was going to pay for anyone else's son's first fuck.

Vin chuckled as he remembered the shocked look on Cal's face when he first thrust his rigid 5 inches into the hired fuckboy – the finest, tightest asshole in town, Vin would have nothing but the best for his son! – moaning and panting with pleasure as he thrust his virgin prick up the whore's cunt. Cal must have been very grateful that his father had insisted he drink the stamina-sustaining potion, since it couldn't have been more than five seconds before Cal shouted out, his face red with a combination of passion and embarrassments as he shot his first cumload into the tight, clutching whorebutt. Without the potion he wouldn't have been able to keep right on pumping, fucking while his balls recharged.

Vin licked his lips as the dimpled pair of pink melons heaved back and forth, back and forth. It was a well-spread rumor how the lower social orders celebrated their sons' 18th birthdays – not with feasting and whores, but by taking the birthday boy's anal virginity; all the older relatives taking their turn up the newly opened ass-pussy, rutting and spurting all night long. 'Not surprising, since they're no better than wild animals themselves,' Vin thought as he gave an extra hard thrust up his lap-bouncing whore.

In the middle of the room, Cal gave an extra loud moan, his head falling back and his eyes squeezed shut – the young man was cumming again. And still he thrust and thrust – Vin was so proud!

With a grunt, Vin stood up and pushed his fuckboy onto the feast-table, spilling the contents of his wine goblet and pressing the whore's chest into his half-empty plate. A servant hurried over, ignoring the sexual frenzy all around him as he straightened his master's cup and refilled it. Still half-buried in the the greasy boybutt, he braced his legs to get a better angle for his ferocious thrusts. Reaching for his wine goblet, he brought it to his lips and drank the fine vintage in one huge gulp. The alcohol, combined with the potion he'd drunk, held back his oncoming orgasm.

Taking a deep breath, Vin forced himself to slow the frantic pace of his thrusting studcock. Gritting his teeth and digging his fingers into the whore's hips, Vin shoved his whole 9.5 inches deep into the slippery, ravaged rectum. He made himself hold still for a full two breaths before slowly pulling back, deliberately dragging his fuckrod against the whore's prostate as he slowly withdrew his vein-etched shaft. When only the wide, plum-colored cockhead was inside the gripping anal lips, he stopped again, deliberately taking two deep breaths. Three. Four. It wasn't till the whore tuned and gave him an imploring look that Vin let him have his throbbing meat again, making sure that his inward thrust was just as slow as his outward one had been.

Vin spent the next five minutes giving the whore's hole a slow, thorough shafting. Across the hollow square, he saw one of his business partners and his son sitting facing each other and sharing a whore – the father was pumping the boy's asshole while the son was getting sucked. The sight of such father-son bonding was so inspiring that Vin gave a shout and plunged to the balls in the slippery anus, his throbbing horsecock unloading spurt after copious spurt.

His legs giving out, Vin sat back down in his chair, his death-grip on the whore's hips keeping the sloppy asshole on his still-hard fuckpole as he paused to catch his breath before commanding the young man to keep bouncing – the potion was still in effect, and Vin was sure to get his rocks off at least one more time before he was ready to pull out and pass the whore on to one of his friends.

<=8 8=> <=8 8=>

In the past Calton Halvinsson had thought that nothing could beat spending the afternoon sucking cock with his friends. No sooner would the door close behind the last of them than they would all strip down to their skin and gulp each other down. Cockhounds all, they would spend the rest of the day slurping down as many hot, creamy cumloads as possible from everyone else.

Cal had spent many pleasant hours lying on his side, on his back or on top of one of his friends, head bobbing, cheeks hollowing and hips pumping as they indulged in mutual dick-milking.

Sometimes one of them would put on a blindfold and kneel down with his mouth open while everyone else took turns fucking his mouth. The point of the game was for the blindfolded boy to guess who he was sucking by smell and taste alone. The game was fairly popular, but they didn't play it very often since it meant that only one of them got to do any cocksucking for hours at a time.

All of them were quite proud of their ability to gulp each others' peckers down to the balls. Certainly Cal had thought of himself as a skilled deepthorating-cocksucker – but that had been before he'd gotten a good look at his Daddy's huge fuckrod. Now, as he lay on his side and tongue-swiped the buddy-dick in his mouth, he tried to imagine sucking something that big – getting the wide mushroom head past his lips seemed a huge challenge all in itself, never mind the depth it would plow into him if he were to try to swallow the whole giant shaft. But that was just a distraction from the bigger thought which had been bothering him ever since his coming-of-age party.

Cal was the last of his group of nine friends to reach 18; the coveted age where a boy became a man and got to dick an ass for the first time. His friend Shim had been the first to turn 18; the following day he announced that he felt like porking one or more of his friends' virgin assholes, and they'd all chimed in to tell him that "There's no way we're letting you stick that big, fat thing up any of our tight holes – what do we look like, some peckerhead slaveboys?" Everyone knew that only slaves, peasants and servants took cock up the butthole! They were all the sons of wealthy, powerful men, and as such it was beneath their dignity to suck lowborn dick or take anything up their rich-boy butts.

But now Cal couldn't stop thinking about it. Not so much the act of fucking – it had been rather hot and exciting, but not that much better than the blow-jobs he traded with his friends on a regular basis. No, the thing that kept forcing itself into his mind's eye was the look on the faces of the whores his Daddy had hired.

He'd first caught sight of it when he'd pulled out of the center-piece whore after his first fuck and returned to the banquet table. The whore bouncing up and down in his father's lap had such a look of ecstasy on his flushed, sweaty face that Cal had felt a strong urge to push the boy off Daddy's lap and take his place bobbing up and down on that meaty, throbbing studshaft. He had then spent the rest of the banquet observing the other entertainers – and he'd seen that same look on the face of every boy who took a hard mancock up the ass.

What did those low-born boys know that he and his friends were missing? He'd spent the following night trying to poke around inside himself, shoving a pair of grease-coated fingers as far up his virgin butt as he could reach, but, although it had definitely excited him to feel his hole get stretched and stroked as he moved his hand back and forth, it still didn't explain that look, the whore-boys' obvious eagerness to get screwed. And the strain on his wrist outweighed the pleasure after a while.

Though none in Cal's circle of friends were as hung as Daddy, there were a number of dicks that were bigger than his, and in his more rational moments he figured he should probably practice on something closer to his fingers' girth before moving on to the kind of meat his Daddy was packing.

He wondered if he should bring this up with his friends – or better yet...

Fuck! Cal's balls drew up and his pecker started unloading as a plan formed in his mind.

Cal gave an extra hard suck on the boycock in his mouth and moaned as he cummed in his friend, Kraig's, mouth. Kraig, being a well-brought-up young man, made sure to swallow all of Cal's spunk before releasing the spent dick and, rolling them both so that Cal was on his back, started thrusting into Cal's throat for the few seconds it took for him to shoot his own cumload.

Around them, a threesome and two other couples were either pumping spunk-filled mouths or lying back, trying to catch their breath before switching partners for Round 2.

It was now or never.

Panting for breath, Cal put his plan into action. "Hey... guys," he took a deeper breath, taking a moment to lick around his mouth and swallow the last of Kraig's cum. "I, uh, I was just thinking to myself how much I enjoyed my cumming of age party. Thinking about how much I enjoyed the butt-fucking..."

Around the room everyone's heads were all nodding, including the rosy ones between everyone's legs as their dicks perked back up.

"Sure is a hot way to bust a nut," Shim, the oldest of their group, said, reaching down to scratch his balls, stirring up his next cumload. "Nothing like shoving your studpole into a hot, tight hole – maybe make him shout 'cause your dick's so big and his hole's so small – and pump fuckslime by the bucketful up a boy's ass."

All around the room teenage hands reached for adolescent dicks – and Cal's asshole twitched and puckered, imagining being invaded by a nice, big mandick.

"Yeah," another friend, Jax, moaned, "It felt so damn good! My dad and older brother took me down to the Deep Throat Tavern – I spent the whole night going from ass to ass, fucking all five of the barkeep's sons over and over again till the sun came up," he sighed in a combination of happy memory and resignation, "Shame I can't afford to do that again – paid pussy's getting so expensive, my allowance barely covers renting one boy for an hour every week!"

The others all chimed in with their complaints about the lack of readily fuckable buttholes, just as Cal had planned. As his friends began to energetically jack their dicks, remembering the pleasures they were missing, Cal oh-so-casually rolled over on his stomach and slowly rose on his hands and knees. Cal stretched, arching so that his ass rose higher and his cheeks pulled slightly apart for a moment – giving everyone behind him a good, long look at his pink anal ring – before he rose to his feet. Once standing, Cal turned to face the other way and, entirely-by-accident, reached back, pulling on his butt-cheek to scratch right near his hole – giving the boys on that side of the room an equal eyeful of his yearning buttpucker.

Pursuing an obviously insistent itch, he moved his fingers up and down the inside of his cheek towards his crack. By now the room had fallen silent aside from panting breaths and the sound of sweaty hands running up and down slick, hard dick.

"Oh, damn, I've got a funny feeling down there," Cal complained, watching his masturbating friends through his lowered eyelashes, "Better rub some oil on it, don't you think, guys?"

Shim jumped up as though shot from a catapult, rushing to a nearby shelf which contained massage and bathing accessories, including various oils. Grabbing the first jug he could reach, he joined the crowd forming around Cal, who was now leaning against a wall with his round, firm butt jutting out, both hands now exposing his dilating and contracting asshole.

"Here you go, Cal," Shim said, a little breathlessly as he coated two fingers in the aromatic oil and pressed them against Cal's smooth skin, right at the crack of his bubble-butt. Moving carefully, he rubbed up and down Cal's crease, lightly skimming the twitching ass-lips as he moved his fingers up and down the hot valley. Catching the eyes of the second and third biggest members of their group, Kraig and Dolf, he nodded his head slightly, telling them without words to take hold of Cal's shoulders and hold him in place.

Cal noticed both the gesture and the way Kraig and Dolf hurried to take hold of him, but made sure not to let anyone know he had – his plan was working perfectly, making them all think that what was about to happen was their idea rather than his. He could just imagine the amount of taunting they would have subjected Cal to if any of his friends thought he actually wanted to get fucked – but if he fought and begged them not to, all the while moving his body in ways guaranteed to inflame their lust, he was assured a long, hard ride by at least three of four of them – maybe even all eight!

Still moving slowly and carefully, Shim re-greased his middle finger and pressed it against Cal's butthole, moving the tip slowly into Cal's body.

"Mmmm, that's nice – I think you've got it," Cal moaned, pushing himself back against the invading digit.

"Not yet, but I'm gonna," Shim answered, pushing the oil-laden finger up to the second knuckle in a slow, steady motion. Turning his hand palm-up, he poured some more oil into his palm and left it drizzle down to his fingers, pushing his index finger inside Cal's asshole. Moving both fingers in a scissoring motion, he widened the opening, pouring as much of the slippery oil as he could into Cal's clutching butt-ring.

"Uhh, guys, that's enough," Cal said, pretending that he'd only just realized what Shim was doing. "Shim, get those fingers out of there –" he made sure his assring was clutching Shim's fingers tightly "– I'm not itchy anymore."

"You may not be, Cal," Shim said, removing his fingers to stroke his throbbing 7 inch prick with his oily hand, covering it with a thin layer of the lubricant before pressing the dark-red, spit and precum-covered cockhead against Cal's glistening asshole, "But now I've got an itch that needs taking care of!"

Shim's cockhead was a hell of a lot wider than his fingers! Cal saw stars burst behind his tightly-closed eyelids as the mushroom cap forced its way through the narrow opening into his ass, the unexpected pain making him cry out, "Aaaggghhhh! No, don't! It's too big!"

Shim seemed more turned-on than worried by Cal's protests, and continued to push his throbbing boner forward until, with a grunt, the head popped fully into Cal's butthole. The relief as Shim began to thrust the slightly narrower stalk was enough to make Cal relax, which in turn helped change the burning pain into a merely uncomfortable heat. Opening his eyes slightly, Cal took in the wide-eyed, flushed look on Dolf's face on one side; and the lusty, excited look on Kort's face on the other. He couldn't see any of the others, but he imagined they all had similar expression – all manner of horny, looking at his ass getting dicked.

"Ohh, shit! It's sooo biiig!" he moaned, licking his lips and fighting down the urge to push back against the throbbing invader – mustn't appear too eager, too soon. But, now that it was all the way in, he was getting turned on again, the unbelievable heat of Shim's cock radiating all through Cal's backside, up into his belly and down to his balls.

"Damn right, it's big!" Shim growled, shoving the last half inch in, smacking his belly against Cal's back, his hairy balls bouncing against Cal's hairless ones. "This is a real man's dick you're getting up your pussy! Hot and hard, all the way to my nuts!"

"Oh, fuck – look at it go!" someone behind them moaned, his voice too low for Cal to identify which of his watching, masturbating friends it was.

The smell of sweat and precum was heavy in the air, the sounds of wet cocks being slapped and stroked clearly audible to Cal's listening ears as background noise to Shim's grunts and groans as he humped rapidly back and forth, thrust-thrust-thrust-THRUST, "AHHHH, TAKE that LOAD you FUCKing SLUT!!!"

"Ooooh," Cal moaned quietly, the deliciously hot, wet feeling of cum spurting deep inside him just as thrilling as he'd imagined it would be. And the new wetness made Shim's last pounding thrusts slide smoothly and pleasurably up and down Cal's buttchute.

Shim ground his groin as hard as he could against Cal's pliant ass, milking out every last drop of pleasure before his legs gave out and he stumbled away from Cal's busted cherry. But before Cal could draw a fresh breath, a new precum-slicked cock was already pushing its way into him, this friend too inflamed with lust to even bother with lubing his throbbing pecker. This fuck lasted even less time than Shim's two minute performance, and was accompanied by many other boys jerking off a load onto Cal's back.

In fact when Kort and Dolf let go of Cal, allowing him to sink to the cum-splattered floor, the only two not to have cum, other than Cal himself, were Kort and Dolf – the two bigger boys had used both hands to hold him against the wall, so they hadn't been able to jerk themselves off.

"My turn now," Dolf said, quickly pulling up Cal's legs and kneeling between them, his 6.5 inch studpole purple and bobbing with eager anticipation. This cock, while not quite as long as Shim's, was quite a bit thicker, rubbing against all sorts of places that Cal had never managed to reach with his fingers as Dolf shoved it deep inside Cal's slimy, newly minted cunt. Cal's dick, which had gone limp at Shim's first penetration, went from half-hard to spurting, cum-gushing full-erection in the time it took Dolf's cock to pull back and shove back into him one more time.

"Ahhhh, YES! That's IT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HAAAARD!" never mind subtlety, Cal couldn't be bothered trying to fool anybody when there was such pleasure to be had. He wrapped his legs tightly around Dolf's waist and heaved his ass up to meet every one of his fucker's deep drilling thrusts.

* * *

After that first memorable gang-fuck, in which each of his friends had not only taken a turn, but had come back for sloppy seconds and thirds, Cal found it increasingly uncomfortable NOT to have a hard, thrusting cock up his backside. Every morning he woke with both his hands digging into his hole, trying to satisfy the craving he felt inside, while in front his cock throbbed and slimed with constant desire.

But he couldn't call on his friends every day – he was expected to stay at home and study his numbers and history and law, and all those other subjects which would one day make him fit to take over his father's estates.

On the third day after his cherry-busting, his Math tutor arrived after his morning meal, as usual. But for the first time, Cal found himself noticing what a tall, muscular man the tutor was. He hadn't taken much notice of the tutor he'd studied under the day before – a history tutor who looked like he had been alive for most of the events he taught about – but this man was a different specimen entirely. The Math tutor was at least 5'10", with closely cropped dark hair and a well-trimmed beard – which he'd grown to avoid having his various employers notice that he was only two or three years older than the boys he taught – warm brown eyes and more muscles than a butcher's stall.

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