tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOn the Horns of The Bull Ch. 01

On the Horns of The Bull Ch. 01


Damn it! Everyone in this office does the same thing, Stephen Morris thought to himself.

Stephen felt like he was being singled out. As he sat in front of his supervisor's desk, listening to her rattle off all the various reasons for why she had submitted papers to H.R. for them to review the conditions of his future at this company. It was particularly chaffing due to the nature of the reason why she wanted him terminated.

For a while now, Stephen had been looking up sites portraying dominant black men and feminization of white men. He truly saw himself as straight, and his fiancé enjoyed playing with Stephen while he was playing sissy. He figured the fantasies he had of submitting to a black man as nothing more than a fetish. He hadn't shared that particular fetish with anyone.

Stephen had taken to downloading stories and photos he found especially titillating. About a month ago a worm was contained in a downloaded file that contained a worm that copied and sent the account information for 30,000 of his company's customers to an unknown hacker. A security consulting firm was brought in and everyone had been walking on eggshells as they investigated which employee downloaded the offending file. It was soon found that at least 60 employees had been using the company's internet to peruse unauthorized sites on company time. Within the first two weeks, many of his coworkers had been terminated in an effort by his company to save face. He figured he was in the clear as the investigation dragged on for what was now a month-and-a-half with no further word.

Now he sat in front of his supervisor, Ms. Anne Gilbert: a tired-looking, unsmiling, known spinster who looked ten years older than her forty-two. Her demeanor had always rubbed Stephen the wrong way. There was no way in hell she could do half the work load of her least competent employee, and yet she always managed to look put upon whenever you asked her for any help that would fall within the range of her responsibility.

"...and wait for H.R. to call you," finished Anne.

Stephen snapped out of his revelry, "I'm sorry, what?"

With that all too familiar bored and frustrated look on her face, Anne sighed, "I've processed your paper work to H.R. Please, return to your desk and wait for them to call you."

Stephen just quietly got up and returned to his desk. He knew what would happen next: H.R. would call with his supervisor in conference and he'd be advised that he had been terminated.

Shit! What the hell am I going to do, He worried.

He was planning to marry his fiancé this summer and had just bought her the engagement ring. Add to that the fact that the economy was in one of the biggest downturns in anyone's memory and another job possibility seemed a dubious possibility.

Stephen's mind raced; there, seated at his desk and thinking about what the future probably held, he felt like he was falling in to a bottomless pit. Suddenly, he felt the need to throw up. He almost knock the wall of his cubicle off it's hinges as he dashed in to the restroom, barely reaching the sink before evacuating the contents of his stomach.

He broke down and started crying. All his plans for the future were now dashed or at least put on an indefinite hold because of a few silly files. "What am I going to do," He kept repeating to himself. He hadn't even noticed the audience to the little spectacle he had acquired until he looked up at himself in the mirror. There, dress smartly in a double-breasted shark skin suit, stood the head of the consulting team brought in by the company who his fellow co-workers nick-named The Bull, Taurus Marduk.

Taurus recognized Stephen as soon as he exited the stall he occupied from the file his P.A. Gwen had brought to his attention as he watched him sniveling in to the sink he had just puked. Pathetic, he thought to himself; then remembering the contents of Stephen's file, he smiled inwardly, and then again, what else should be expected of such a sissy faggot. Not a bad ass, though.

As Taurus stood pondering the sad profile Stephen's little self pity scene, Stephen looked in the mirror and saw Taurus looking on in disgust. He turned with a start, "what the fuck are you looking at," Stephen yelled.

Taurus just narrowed his eyes, "do you want to take a moment to compose yourself and try that again" he asked with a cool detachment.

Stephen suddenly came to his senses, realizing that he was confronting a man who was easily at least a foot taller than him and could still be describe as big-for-his-size. Turning back to face the mirror, "No sir," he caught himself, "I... it's just... I'm sorry."

"Wow that was a quick turn around. You don't really have any balls at all do you?"

Stephen bit his tongue. Taurus went up the sink next and washed his hands. Stephen just stood there dumbly as Taurus dried off. Looking at the mess Stephen left it the sink, Taurus said, "take care not to clog the drain," as he reached over and turned Stephen's faucet on high so that water and puke splashed up on to Stephen's lap. "Oh, come on," he yelped as he jumped back.

Taurus just smirked as he passed Stephen on his way out, "might want to clean up your self, as well."

Stephen could swear he heard him say "pussy" just as the door closed.

Fifteen minutes Stephen had finally got his pants to where they looked clean.

With any luck, no one will notice the smell.

When Stephen got back to the floor, he felt another kick in the gut as he that head hunter's Amazon P.A., Gwen Lee hovering over his desk. As he walked up, she lean forward and shook his hand. "Good afternoon, Mr. Morris."

Stephen was sure he noticed her grimace as if she smelled the vomit on his pants. "Hello," he stammered as he look up at her, thinking, this bitch has got to be 6' 3" if she's an inch.

"How can I help you?"

Gwen smiled on broad, personable smile that reminded him that his neck was dangerously vulnerable. "I come to hand you this," handing him a sheet of paper, neatly folded in to thirds. Stephen opened it and found that it was indeed his letter of termination, stating that he had participated in action that caused damage to the reputation and monetary health of the company. He leaned back on the edge of what had been until that instant his desk to brace himself. He felt as if his legs were going to give way beneath him.

As if she neither noticed nor cared about Stephen's current state she continued, "I've also been instructed to inform you that your presence is required in Mr. Marduk's office suite at the Hilton."

"Required?! What? What more can you do to me? I'm done! There's nothing left for me here. But at least I don't have to deal with this bullshit anymore." Stephen was now yelling. Heads of his former co-workers could be seen popping over and around cubicle walls throughout the office floor.

An annoyed Gwen leaned in and very calmly and quietly stated, "You will calm down now, or you will have thoroughly ruined your life. If you don't accompany me to Mr. Murduk's office right now, we have evidence that the computer to which the pilfered information was yours. We're offering you an opportunity to not be prosecuted for information piracy. This offer terminates if I hear one more or less syllable out of your mouth other than 'Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry for making a scene, Ma'am,' within three seconds of my finishing this sentence."

Stephen looked in to Gwen's hazel eyes for any sign she was bluffing. Her face with its strong cheek bones was framed by her wavy bangs. She towered over him; her stature was made even more imposing by her large DD breasts and her hour glass figure, flaring out in curvy feminine hips that tapered in to long sexy legs. She was dressed in a red power suit with a matching tapered skirt. She gave absolutely no tells to indicate that she had any other intention than to do as she indicated. "You're running out of time," she said, interrupting his thought, "3... 2..."

"Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry for making a scene Ma'am," Stephen blurted out just a bit too loudly.

Gwen's demeanor instantly shifted, "Good," she smiled and curtseyed slightly, a light, happy lilt entering her voice, "Excellent! Thank you, for your cooperation."

She then turned on her heals, "Please accompany me, then."

Stephen was left stunned, meekly following this woman as if he were an idiot.

What the hell am I doing? He pondered, there's no such evidence. The only thing I may have done wrong is downloaded a little porn. Hell, the files I downloaded may not have even contained with the worm. I sure as hell didn't steal any information.

Gwen led Stephen off the office floor. As he followed he was rewarded with the spectacle of Gwen's hips softly swaying. Of course, currently lost to self pity and indignation of being falsely accused, this did little to change the dour expression on his face. All he wanted was to clear up this misunderstanding and then to figure out how he was going to build his life back up now that he was unemployed.

Upon reaching the elevator Gwen stopped. Stephen barely broke from his revelry in time to avoid running in to her. With the same grace with which she seemed to do everything, she daintily hit the call button for the elevator. In a few moments the doors opened and Gwen and Stephen entered the unoccupied elevator. Gwen hit the "B1" button.

"I'm parked on level 'B3'," advised Stephen, "I'll just collect my car and meet you in the gas station lot across the street."

"Oh, don't worry about that: I'm driving you to the meeting in my car." She replied matter-of-factly with that Californian accent of hers.

"There's no need for that. I can drive myself"

"Be that as it may, my instructions were to drive you the meeting. No other option was indicated, so I'll allow for no other action. Of course it's entirely up to you. If you refuse to come with me to the meeting I'll just have to report back that you chose not to attend and Mr. Marduk will determine his next course accordingly."

"God damn it!" Stephen snapped, "Why do I even have to attend this meeting. I've done nothing wrong. Well, okay, yes I downloaded a little porn. But I know for a fact that I didn't purposely hack the system. There has to be some mistake!"

Stephen was crying with rage and confusion. He felt completely divorced from reality. This had to be some kind of nightmare. There was no way this could be happening. How could one little slip in judgment cause there to be even the slightest possibility of prosecution when he had done nothing wrong? Nothing was making sense to Stephen.

Gwen simply stopped the elevator mid-floor and calmly turned to look Stephen right in the eye. "Stephen," she said in that calm, controlled tone that was only making Stephen madder every time he heard it, "I find your current posture to be threatening. I need you to calm down or I will just leave you here and let the company deal with the issue without our input."

Stephen put his middle finger right in the self possessed bitches face, "Go get fucked, you cunt!"

Within the next instant of awareness, Stephen found himself facing in to the corner of the elevator which had previously be at his back; the arm with the offending digit doubled up and folded behind his back. Gwen, holding him in this position, broke from her controlled manner and spoke to Stephen with an almost pleading tone in her voice, "Please, Stephen, calm down. You need to have your wits about you, especially in these next few hours. Trust me when I tell you we can easily prove your involvement in this."

Stephen, now denied the capability to even put up a brave front, just started blubbering while Gwen continued to keep him pinned in the corner. Gwen allowed the rest of herself to soften a bit while still restraining him. She had been restraining herself ever since she met with Stephen. Now that he had acted out physically and made her have to restrain him, she was happy to finally be able to touch him.

She leaned in on Stephen, ostensibly to maintain control of the situation, but deeply enjoying opportunity to hold him. She felt her breasts mash up against the back. She knew how Stephen felt. She just wanted to somehow make it all better for him. She softened her stance and rubbed his back with her free hand.

Poor dear, she thought, he can't imagine what waits for him. I hope he will let me help him through this.

"Stephen, I know you're scared," she whispered in to his ear, "But it's critically important for you to control yourself. The next few hours are going to be some of the most important in your life. You need to have your wits about you. Okay, Sweetie?"

Having had his last best act of defiance so easily swatted away, Stephen just broke down sobbing. Gwen took the cue to release him and turn him around and embrace him. "I know," she cooed.

"Why is this happening to me," Stephen whimpered.

"Stephen, just take each moment as it comes. Know that I am not your enemy in this. If all goes well you won't go to prison if you play your cards right, okay?"

She stopped restraining herself, Stephen was just too cute. This day, Gwen understood, would be the last day Stephen would be able to look at himself and think of himself as any kind of man. His pride was going to take a hard hit. Master Taurus was not a man who was gentle with his playthings. While submission to Master Taurus was never without its benefit, the price one paid along the way was always painful. Gwen knew this from first hand experience.

Gwen thought of the day Taurus approached her. It was an offer that sounded too good to be true. And Master Taurus had lived up to his end of the bargain. Gwen's life was probably better than it ever would have without Taurus's intervention. Though, sometimes, late at night when she could be alone with her thoughts, she wondered if she would of gone through with the bargain had she understood all the pain and humiliation she would have to endure at the onset.

Here Stephen was, already on the verge of having an emotional breakdown; Master Taurus hadn't even started in with his gentlest attentions. Gwen knew Stephen needed someone on his side. At this rate, Gwen considered, he'll being reduced to a drooling idiot in a mental ward. Gwen squeezed Stephen in her arms. She was going to have to give him a safe place to which he could retreat.

With Stephen still locked in her embrace, she took a hold of his hair and jerked back and down to bring his gaze up to her own. Taking the initiative she brought her lips down to his. A startled Stephen tried to push away, but the beautiful Amazon barely noticed his struggles. With a quick squeeze she made the point that she was in control.

"But, I have a fiancé," Stephen protested weakly.

"I know, but that is irrelevant at this point. If you ever want to see her again, you'll learn to just let go and accept what's going to happen.'

"Why is this all happening? Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think you can get away with this?"

She shut him up by kissing him deeply, virtually raping his mouth with her tongue. She shifted her grip to the back of his neck and held him tightly. She could feel his cock stir while pressed against her thigh. She reached down and gripped it roughly, kneading it while keeping his face to her own.

Stephen exhaled in to Gwen's mouth, surprised by how forceful this woman was. Never had he been handled so confidently. She just took control. He knew that this was not a woman to be denied.

As easily as when she pinned him against the wall, Gwen deftly and gently lay Stephen down on his back on the elevator floor. Her breathing became hoarse and hurried. "It would seem the will to fight has left you," joked Gwen, "that's a good first step. You're a quick learner. Good. That's a trait that will serve you well in the future. Since you're such a good pupil, let me give my little weak little sissy some positive reinforcement."

"I am not a sissy."

"Shhh... Shhh... Shhh... Of course you're not, Dear."

Stephen chaffed at the condescending bitch's attitude. He had had enough. He was a man and would not allow himself to be treated this way. Surely he could fight off this bitch. He tried catching her with a haymaker to knock her off. Once again, she was easily able to demonstrate to Stephen he was not in control of the situation by grabbing Stephen arm in mid-swing and pinning it the floor so hard he just knew it would be bruised. To prevent his further struggles, she grabbed his other flailing arm and laid it across the other, shifting her hold so as both wrist were held down by the same hand. She then hiked up her skirt so she could straddle him at the waist and then he was thoroughly pinned under her. With her free hand she opened his fly and fish out his hard, cute cock.

She reached between her legs and moved her panties to expose hairless pussy lips. Stephen could she that she was already wet and excited. "Stop," he yelled, "you're taking this too far!"

She covered his mouth with her soft hand. How can she be so strong and yet so soft, Stephen thought to himself.

"I'm sorry, dear. No time for foreplay right now. I just have to take the fight out of you and demonstrate your proper place in the new circumstances in which you now find yourself."

She then lowered her sex to his. She reached down and held the tip of his cock to her slit. Without further fanfare, she drove herself down on to him. Stephen felt her warmth envelope him. Noticing he had closed his eyes in ecstasy, he opened them only to see that her eyes were just a few inches from his, unblinking, their gaze boring in to him.

She started moving her hips in little circles. The movement was almost imperceptible at first, but grew to be more and more exaggerated from one to the next. Adding to this, she felt as if she was trying to crush his pelvis under her on. He could feel the vaginal muscles tighten and release. She continued to increase the frequency of each of these actions, grinding down on him harder and harder.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" She exclaimed, "I'm going to fuck the fight right out of you. Don't worry, my little sissy, your big sister will take care of you. You may not appreciate that now. But just wait, bitch, I guarantee that you're going to come crying to me on a daily basis. You have no idea what's in store for you."

She was now grinding in to him at a frenzied pace. Stephen never had experience anything like this before. This woman was taking him by force!

Somewhere in the corner of his mind, he joked with himself, Dear Penthouse Forum... He couldn't help but laugh.

Gwen released his mouth and hands and placed them on the floor at either side of Stephen's head to brace herself. "Come on baby," She breathed hoarsely, "let's do this together. Don't fight it. Let's enjoy each other, rather than fight each other."

Stephen was lost in ecstasy; he was barely able to breathe his acquiescence. But his body instinctively responded to her ministrations. He reached down and grabbed her by the hips.

"There's my good little boy!" She exclaimed.

She felt his dick beginning to pulse inside her. She was right at the edge of her own orgasm

"Oh, we're so close dear! Cum! Cum in me! Let me feel you blow in to me."

Stephen clasped at the bunched up skirt on Gwen's hips as his muscles seized in a powerful orgasm. The feelings of Stephen hot spunk coating the walls of her cunt was all Gwen needed to send her over the edge. She felt the shiny pin-pricks of warmth radiate sparkles throughout body. She whipped her head from side to side spasmodically, and then collapsed on to Stephen's chest.

She quickly collected herself and pulled off of Stephen softening member. Stephen was still lost in the afterglow as she softly tucked his dick back in to his drawers and zipped him back up. The she stood up while moving her panties back in to place a shimmying her hips to straighten her skirt. Then she helped him to his feet and steadied him on his wobbly legs. She gave him a small smile to encourage him, then hit the released the emergency stop button.

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