tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOn the House in My Mouth

On the House in My Mouth


On Saturdays, I do the laundry and grocery shop. I always go around one or two in the morning. I can't stand long lines. This particular Saturday Larry, my husband, came along which was a rare treat to say the least. We walked through the produce section and I could feel Larry's eyes on me. I looked up and he was smiling and licking his lips. My coral pink top contrasted perfectly with my dark skin. The two pockets on the blouse covered my black nipples since I didn't wear a bra. My light blue skirt was lightweight too so it blew up with every gust of wind. I blew him an air kiss and continued shopping. I picked up a bag of oranges and he stepped right behind me. His cologne smelled so good. He hugged me from behind and I could feel his dick on my booty. Laundry day. No underwear. For either of us. He tilted my chin so I could see him in the mirror at the top of the fruit stand.

He whispered in my ear."Mi-mi you know it drives me crazy when you don't have no panties on."

"Mmm hmm," I moaned back, "I know, now what you gone do about it?" He smiled and pinched my butt.

"Okay, if that's how you want it." Through the aisles he would slap my ass or flick my nipples between conversations about work and friends. On the household product aisle he reached up for a mop. I looked around and, seeing no one, I took my chance. Just as he got a hold of the mop handle I reached around him and tickled the head of his penis. He stepped back in shock as I ran my hands up and down his dick and chest.

"Baby, let's get it on all over this store." I put my leg on his hip.

"You aint said nothing but a word." He turned and kissed me deep. There was a basket coming around the corner fast. We both faced the other way with smiles on our faces and went about our business.

He held my hand and led me to the electronic section, where the most surveillance cameras were. I bent over and pretended to look at a DVD and "accidently" let my fat ass fall out of my skirt. I was going to spread my pussy lips for him but he stepped behind me hard and quick, meaning someone was coming. I took the hint and picked up a movie from the bottom shelf. The old lady gave us a strange look and Larry chuckled out loud. Once she passed I put two of his thick light brown fingers in my mouth and sucked them like my life depended on it. His bulge grew fat and he took me to another part of the store.

We were headed for the automotive department, a nice quiet spot to suck or fuck, when I stepped in front of the basket and started walking backwards. A smile spread across his face. Larry has the sexiest full lips and a strong tongue to match. We both made sure the coast was clear and I unbuttoned my blouse. I turned from him and quickly went to find an aisle. Having to chase me would make him a little mad and even more surprised when he saw me.

He found me in a corner by the tire cleaners. He walked toward me and I opened my blouse. My weightless brown titties sprang out and my nipples were hard and ready. He licked his lips and came closer. I lifted the front of my skirt. He stopped and rubbed his hard cock inside his pants. I stood with my legs spread apart a bit so he could catch the scent of my nectar.

"Come here," he commanded.

"Pull it out," I demanded. He obeyed. There was still no one in sight. I raised my skirt up and walked to my husband. He slid his tongue in my mouth and two fingers in my puss. I stroked him fast.

"You want it Baby?"

"Yes, Baby."

"What's my name?"

"Larry." He lifted me onto his dick and I creamed. Larry was 10 inches and thick. He filled me up every time.

"Damn that twat is tight Baby! You know I love that pussy!" He pumped me deeper. I kissed him hard.

"Turn me around Big Daddy." Straddling him reverse cowgirl while standing up made me want to scream. But the dick was so good I didn't. I couldn't. I wasn't even sure I was speaking real words.

"T-t-t-tuh i-i..." Larry knew what I meant. He used his legs to spread my legs farther and started humping harder. He leaned us backwards a little bit and I held my coochie lips open. He put a long hot tongue in my ear and stroked my clit like it was a small dick. I was soaking wet. He was throwing his dick so deep I got ready to cum and...

Smack! Smack! Smack! He slapped my pussy three times. The sound of my juices splattering on the floor sent me into overdrive. I hopped off his dick and hit my knees. He rubbed my titties and bent down to kiss me over and over. Soon, we heard the familiar sound of baskets coming closer. I threw my clothes on and he stuffed his dick back in his pants as best as he could. We made a pit stop in home décor to grab a blanket and raced to our favorite section, the pet department. It was always stranded. I held my blouse together with my hand and walked in front of Larry to block his throbbing cock. In front of the fish tanks, he likes to see himself in the glass, Larry threw the blanket down and I stepped out of my skirt. He was already jerking his tool.

"Lay down," he whispered with his eyes closed. He needed to cum. Seconds were precious. I lay down and held my ankles in the air. He squatted over my snatch and rammed three fingers inside me. He finger fucked me hard and fast while he stroked that dick. I was dripping wet; I could feel a puddle forming under my ass. Suddenly he licked me from anus to clit and thrust all his meat in my cunt.

I covered my mouth to muffle my moan. He lifted me to my knees. I threw my blouse off, butt naked now, and made his dick disappear down my throat. I stood up halfway and he fingered me hard again. I wanted his load, all of it. I rubbed my clit with my middle finger. I swallowed him and circled his anus with my wet finger. He looked down at me with wide eyes.

"Yeah Baby, do that shit."

"Yes Daddy." I tongued his balls and flicked my finger in and out of his asshole. He was almost there, he was swelling. I gushed on the floor again and gave him my ring finger too. He jabbed four fingers in my cunt and exploded down my throat, a good six times. I finger fucked him slowly and drained him until I was sure he shot his last wad. I took my fingers out and we kissed each other lightly in between laughs. I reached in my purse to get the intimate wipes.

"Damn." We looked up and a man in a red vest, white shirt, and khakis was staring at us from the end of the aisle. Larry stepped in front of me. There was a wet spot on the man's khakis and he was sweating. Larry and I were dressed now and I grabbed his hand.

"That was fucking hot," he said. Larry and I looked at each other.

"So, what are you going to do?" Larry asked.

"Man, I aint made love to my old lady in months. She lost forty pounds this year. She's happy, but I miss the thickness. I'm the manager of this store so I have to do something.As a matter of fact I'm gonna do two things.1. You all can have whatever is in your basket that can fit in three bags, absolutely free. I'll check you out right here on the pet aisle. 2. After that I'm going to clock out early and go fuck the dog shit out of my lovely wife. Deal?"

"Deal!" We almost yelled.

At home, after a shower, I put the groceries up and realized I didn't get half of what was on my list, including the milk. I was way too tired to go back. But hey, I'll take my milk hot from a chocolate fuck stick over a cow's tit any day!

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