On The Job


Through the month of May, Jim and I had been working at an apartment complex under contract to replace the siding and sliding glass doors on virtually all the buildings. We had just finished the siding on building 1054 earlier in the week and started in on the sliding glass doors, something that required us to have entry to the apartment. We were assured entry by the apartment management -- they had notified the tenants this was going on, as if the construction itself wasn't obvious, so we should be able to enter any apartment we needed to do the necessary work.

Except for the occasional dog protecting its territory and cat we feared would run out of the apartment, work on most of the apartments went smoothly and without any memorable incident. Well there is that one apartment on the bottom floor of 1054 where the residing couple were either fucking very loud or really enjoying destroying the master bedroom -- it was hard to tell which given the sounds we were hearing -- but otherwise everything else was rather nonchalant until we got to apartment 6 on the top floor of the building.

The work on the apartment went relatively straightforward. It just took us a lot longer than average because of the tenant: a young woman who seemed to have an idea in mind of making our work as difficult as possible. Now, mind you, she wasn't directly interfering with us, trying to keep us from doing our job. No instead it seemed she decided to pose as a distraction. Whether that was intentional or not is difficult to say, though I'm leaning toward it being intentional.

Like the other top-floor apartments, the easy work was getting the rails off the balcony. Getting the door separated and to the ground with the glass relatively in tact still proved to be difficult even after doing that for three buildings worth of apartments already. I guess some things never get easier as you keep doing them. As this was a top-floor apartment, keeping the glass in tact required lowering the door steadily.

With the door wrapped with straps and rope, I lowered the door down off the balcony steadily, hearing Jim yell back up to me the progress of the door's journey to the ground. "What the?" I heard a woman's voice yell from behind me.

I glanced over my shoulder for a brief moment, catching a glimpse of a who appeared to be a medium stature woman, and even in the blurriness of the quick glimpse, I could have sworn she was naked. "We're just replacing your patio door," I said, lowering the door a little more before getting a better look over my shoulder. Sure enough she was naked, and her fully naked body seized my attention immediately, causing me to loosen my grip on the rope just a hair too much.

The rope escaped any chance of rescue as I watched it be taken away off the balcony. Next noise I heard was the sound of glass shattering on impact with the ground below. Following that was Jim's voice, "Damn it, you asshole!"

"Oops," the woman noted.

Though she had a towel with her, she made no attempt to cover her body. Her dark, wavy hair looked to still be somewhat damp and she used the towel to dry off the last corners of her otherwise winter paled skin. Her tits were huge compared to her medium stature and average frame, and it was impossible to overlook her pierced nipple and large aureoles, same with her apparently fully-shaved crotch.

"We're, umm, replacing your patio door," I reiterated. "You should have gotten notice last about it from your landlord." How often do you encounter a naked woman on the job?

"Yes I did," she responded, looking at me with big eyes and focusing the towel on a different part of her body. "How long will this take?"

"Hmm... probably about an hour." At least I think that's about how long it typically took to replace the other doors.

She nodded her head, "Okay." I stared intently as she walked back down the hallway and disappeared into what I could only presume was the bedroom.

"See something interesting," Jim said, and how long he'd been standing next to me I couldn't tell. "Come on, let's get this door up here."

Seemingly an inch a minute, even with using two ladders as a makeshift ramp, the box containing the door eventually made it as we heaved it onto the balcony, both of us lamenting at how much was still left to do but also enjoying the fact it was the last building with only one apartment remaining after this one. We slid the box into the living room of the apartment and took a moment to relax on the balcony.

"Ah there are two of you," I heard the tenant's voice from behind us. Both of us turned around and saw the tenant standing at the end of the hallway, still fully nude and still carrying the towel.

"Yes, ma'am," Jim replied, his voice a little shaky. "Replacing a door like this kind of requires more than one person."

She just nodded and, seeming to not even notice her nudity, walked to her couch and sat down. The couch was positioned in the living room such that it practically stared out to the balcony. She leaned to her side against a pillow, pulling her legs up onto the couch next to her. "Oh don't mind me," she said, grabbing a book from a nearby coffee table. "After all, you did say it would take only an hour, so carry on."

Jim and I could only glance at each other as we pondered this naked woman before starting on the packaging, cutting away the ties and cardboard from around it and tossing them out and off the balcony to the ground below us. I seemed almost obligated to look at her as she sat on the couch, seeming to be lost in whatever world to which that book had taken her.

Trying our best to keep our attention on the work, we took out the glide rails and any remnants of the old door's frame, tossing them to the ground below as well. Glancing back over at the tenant, she had altered her position. Instead of leaning against the side as she was before, she was now laying out almost flat on the couch. Her legs bent and knees raised, her hand appeared tucked between her legs, moving somewhat intently in what seemed almost unmistakably like she was playing with her pussy. What in the hell was she reading?

I tapped Jim's arm and pointed at the tenant and both of us could only watch as she stroked herself. She turned herself onto her side, her back against the back of the couch, her hand between her legs over her crotch, the book still in hand. The tenant looked over at us, seeing us practically motionless watching her as if we were hungrily watching steaks cooking on a grill.

"As I said, don't mind me," she broke me out of my trance. I could feel how difficult it was to not stare at her growing in my pants. "Carry on with your work."

Again we found it to be in practicality impossible to not glance at her as she lay out on the couch playing with herself. We made what progress on the door we could, at least getting part of the frame installed, before glancing over at the tenant obligated us to pause our work again. She still seemed to be reading the book in her hand but now laying out on her back again. In her other hand appeared to be a long, clear glass rod with a blue tip that she was dipping between her lips, sucking it like a lollipop.

Jim seemed just as captivated as I was by this display. It isn't just that we couldn't help ourselves, we seemed obligated to watch as she slid the glass dildo along her pussy before dipping it inside her. How else do you respond when a hot young woman decides to masturbate in front of you?

This tenant had no inhibition with sliding the glass dildo into her pussy, and Jim and I stood practically motionless as she fucked herself with the glass rod. Moaning with each thrust of the rod into her pussy, it didn't seem to take long before her body convulsed, her head tilting back and her back arching up as she pushed the dildo deeper into her pussy. Her breathing went still with the exception of moans escaping her lips, then her body seemed to suddenly drop. Slow and heavy breaths pumped through her as her large tits raised and lowered with each one, moaning with satisfaction as if she'd just finished a delectable meal.

"Enjoying the show?" she asked, her head not even turning to look at us, as if she just knew we had to be watching her.

"Absolutely," Jim responded.

She pulled the dildo from her pussy and brought it to her lips, licking and sucking on it a little. "I'd let you guys join me on this," she started, turning her head to to meet us, "but you've got work to continue."

Jim whispered to me, "Talk about a tease." All I could do was nod in return and pull Jim back to the task at hand, glancing over my shoulder at the tenant as she seemed to lick the last remnants of her juices from the glass dildo. I kept my back to the tenant, though curiosity of her next moves, so to speak, kept my crotch burning, and keeping your mind on work with those kind of images running through your head sets up a good chance for injury when power tools are involved.

Continuing on the sliding glass door, Jim and I focused on getting the door's frame installed into the space, taking careful measurements before screwing things into place and making things level. I tried my damnedest to not look at our tenant, but your peripheral vision can betray you in ways mine did that day. Just a quick glance to the couch and I was hooked again.

She had positioned herself so her ass was facing toward us -- the ultimate in temptation, I thought. That round ass was just the ultimate in captivation. Leaning against the back of the couch, she looked positioned and ready for a hard, thrusting fuck into that pussy with bright pink lips, so wet and decadent as they wrapped around the glass dildo as she fucked herself from behind. Reaching over her back to it, her head tilted back with her dark, wavy hair draping down onto her light skin, moans echoed into the room with each thrust of that glass wand.

"I don't hear work back there," she suddenly called out, breaking me from the hypnotic trance into which watching her ass, pussy and that dildo had sent me. How long was I staring before she abruptly stopped? When I glanced toward Jim, he seemed to be regaining his senses as well.

She turned her head slightly, but not enough to look directly back to us: "I want to hear the sound of hard work from you two," she started, turning her head more so she could look directly at us, pulling the dildo from her pussy and holding it like one of those giant unicorn-style suckers, just waiting for a lick. A playful grin manifested upon her lips, "And I don't mean on me, yet, boys."

Now I'm not quite sure if I heard her right, but I think she said "yet". I mean what else could she have said? The grin was certainly inviting, but, as she kept teasingly reminding us, Jim and I did have work to finish. So once again, reluctantly we continued working on the door, doing our best to keep our focus in check, even after she had changed positions and was laying on her side, legs spread and that glass rod being pushed deep into and pulled back out of the best room in the apartment.

Getting the door into the track and tracking properly would have gone much smoother if the tenant hadn't been sitting on the couch with her legs astride, her pussy in prominent view as she rubbed her lips and clit with one hand as she expertly cleaned the dildo with her tongue and lips. A part of me could have sworn some phantom tongue was teasing my cock as the tenant teased us with that dildo.

After we got the last of the hardware into place on the door, and tested it several times to verify the door was tracking properly, I turned around to speak to the tenant to find that she wasn't sitting on the couch. Glancing around I saw she had completely left the room. Did she go to the kitchen or back to the bedroom? I sent Jim back down to the ground to get the last of what was needed to finish the door.

"Where'd your friend go?" I heard the tenant behind me. I turned around and saw the tenant standing at the end of the hallway, still completely naked, several small packets in her fingers.

"Getting the last things we need," I stuttered mildly, "so we can finish the door."

She walked up toward me, bringing her body only inches from mine. "Ah, okay," she replied, staring up into my eyes as I stared into hers and down across her body. "Then you two will be done soon?"

"Yeah, not much left."

"Mmm... good to hear." I watched as she reached her hand toward my crotch, my cock growing harder, wanting to reach out to meet her. Just glancing the crotch of my jean shorts with her fingers, with the lightest of touches, she pulled her hand away and looked up into my eyes.

She turned and walked to the couch, reaching down to set the small packets on the table next to her. With her back toward me, I wasn't sure if time had slowed down or if she was just moving so tantalizingly slow as she bent straight down, her bright pink pussy was engorged and puffed up like it could float on water, as visible between her legs as the sun in daylight. Snatching her book, she brought herself back up very slowly before turning around to face me.

With another teasing grin on her lips, she sat onto the couch, her legs crossed, and opened the book and continued reading.

And she seemed very nonchalant as she read her book. I started to wonder if I had imagined all of this. Yet there she was, naked as she relaxed on her couch, perfectly content and comfortable in her nudity as if I was not even there. Going over some of what I had seen in my mind, my cock almost throbbing in its confined space beneath my clothing, this all could not have been one long daydream, could it?

Over my shoulder Jim came back up to the balcony with a bucket containing the last supplies needed to finish the door. The last few tasks went relatively quickly, and I could swear in the interim that, though I periodically heard what sounded like a turning page, that she was instead biding her time, periodically peering up from behind those pages to stare at us.

As we gathered up our supplies and loose tools, tossing them into the bucket, I noticed the tenant was on her feet, standing only a couple feet away from us, her hands sitting on her hips as she glanced over both of us and the latest accomplishment.

"So you're all done?"

"Yep," Jim seemed almost relieved, possibly forgetting we still had another apartment left.

"Well you're first, then," she stated, grabbing Jim's hand and pulling him to the couch, pushing him down onto it. The look of shock on his face was priceless. I think it took him a moment to realize exactly what was about to happen.

She reached over for one of the small packets before dropping to her knees at Jim's legs. Jim had already started getting his shorts loose, having sensed what was coming, giving the tenant an easier time to get his cock exposed. He was already hard as well -- a few quick strokes and he was ready for action. She dropped her mouth onto his cock and started bobbing up and down, stroking his dick as her lips went along.

Seeming only moments later, Jim was bellowing out sounds that originally had me thinking he was in agony. She dropped her lips completely down, taking his full length in her mouth before slowly rising completely back up. When her lips left the tip of Jim's cock, she let what looked like his cum ooze from her lips onto his cock as she stroked it.

"I can't believe you came that fast," she said, obviously disappointed. "God, you didn't give me any chance."

"Well if you keep going down on me like that, I'll be able to," he replied.

"Sorry, but no." She got up off her knees and backed away from Jim a couple feet. "Bathroom's the only door on your right down the hall."

"Oh, come on, baby," Jim pleaded. She just raised her arm and motioned down the hallway, backing away another foot or two, at which Jim, albeit reluctantly, got to his feet and pulled his pants up. "That sucked," he said as he fastened his shorts. "Worst blow I've had," he stormed down the hallway, muttering things as he left.

The tenant called after him, "Talk to your dealer about that while you're seeing a doc about your hair trigger." She looked over at me, "Hopefully you won't let me down." Walking toward her kitchen, she stopped at the entrance and glanced over her shoulder, "Make yourself comfortable while I wash your friend off me."

I guess I was still kind of in shock at what I had just seen. I mean we weren't there to fuck a tenant, yet she seemed wanting to first fuck with us, then fuck us. I sat myself on the couch, but stood to my feet when she walked back into the room.

She looked up at me, "Something wrong?"

"No, it's just approaching lunchtime," I replied.

Her response and demeanor seemed populated with disappointment, "Oh okay", until I took her off her feet in one swift motion. The look of immediate fear in her eyes was priceless, though the initial scream left a slight ring in my ear. I carried her the few feet to the couch and set her laying down. She propped herself on her elbows, looking up at me, her face seeming a little pale, her eyes were no doubt very wide, "What the hell are..."

I lifted her legs, holding them together, and tipped her completely onto her back off her elbows, holding her legs in the air above her. Her ass had a feel to it that made me think that either she worked out or she really enjoyed being on top during sex. And given how she teased us while trying to work, it didn't matter if the former was true, I was convinced the latter must be. Swollen, raised and soft as fresh dinner rolls, her pussy stood out demanding attention.

Kneeling onto the open space of the couch, I lowered myself down to her pussy, looking at it, glancing around its shaved form, noticing not a hair upon it. I guess the fact I didn't dive right to her pussy started to get to the tenant, as she glanced off to her side to try to see what I was doing, "Are you just going to stare at my pussy or eat it already?"

Using part of my weight to keep her legs back, my thumbs on her pussy lips, I lightly parted her pussy lips, slightly opening the curtains to her sex. I slid my tongue through the channel between her lips, tasting her juices, a hint of some kind of fruit mixed in. My curiosity mildly piqued, I ran my tongue all around her soft lips, encountering that flavor wherever my tongue went.

I pulled my lips away momentarily, "Mmm... you shaved this morning, right?"

Breathing a little hard, she responded, "Shut up and eat me!"

"Not till you answer me."

"Yes!" she exclaimed.

"And you use some kind of fruity shaving cream?"

"Yes! Now fucking eat me already!"

I laid my tongue completely flat on the bottom of her pussy, like a blanket to the opening of her sex. Slowly I slid across her pussy, digging the tip of my tongue between her lips, as if it were riding a channel straight along her pussy, pulling my tongue away just before reaching her clit. The glaze of my saliva glinted in the light.

I blew a puff of air across where my tongue had just been. Goosebumps puckered along her pussy, and unless my eyes were deceiving me, her clit was poking out from under its hood as well. I dragged my tongue flat along her pussy, again stopping just short of her clit, but giving it a slight glance as I pulled my face away.

I could feel her legs trying to push back against me, probably to lock my head in place so I could just devour her pussy, but I wasn't in any rush. Looking down further past her pussy, her asshole was slightly darker than her pussy. I blew a short puff of air at it; it winked in reflex. I touched it with the tip of my tongue and I could swear it became a tiny hand, trying to grab onto my tongue and hold it in place for as long as it wanted.

I trailed my tongue around her rim, taking a couple laps around her asshole before leading it to the middle, dipping my tongue like I was going for the last little bits of ice cream inside a cone. I glided my tongue back up, laying it flat as I pulled it across her pussy and glanced across her clit.

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