tagIncest/TabooOn the Loveseat Ch. 04

On the Loveseat Ch. 04


Hello Readers. Hopefully you've read the previous chapters of the story or you may not be able to follow along. I await your comments. Onedragon


The next morning I woke early and decided I didn't want to face my mother or my aunt, who I saw was sleeping on the couch, so when my father asked about joining him for a round of golf, I agreed. By early afternoon when we returned home Aunt Jess was gone and mom was in the basement doing laundry. I retreated to my room and my X-station. I hid there until dinner.

The next couple of days were very awkward for me to say the least. I knew my mother and my aunt had planned for my aunt to jerk me off with mom's consent. And that they had both done the same earlier without the others' knowledge (though mom had to know what would happen the first time with Aunt Jessica). I'm sure mom had gotten the details about my fingering her sister, even if she hadn't figured it out from what she'd heard across the room. Mom didn't avoid me per se, but things were different between us. I did 'notice' mom more. I hoped she hadn't seen me checking out her nice curvy ass or see her medium-sized tits when she wore a tight blouse and imagine my hands squeezing them. I did manage to catch her one evening as she came out of the upstairs bathroom from a shower wearing her knee-length fluffy cotton robe and when I said something she hadn't heard and turned around to me her robe swung apart enough for me to see her thigh nearly to the top. It was a chance thing, my eyes looking the right direction as she turned and the robe swung just the right way to allow me to view a majority of mom's inner thigh and nearly her pubic area. I don't think she realized what I had almost seen and when she asked me what I had said I had now forgotten so I said, 'Never mind', and walked away leaving her to stare after me. That was probably half the number of words we spoke to each other alone for those few days.

Considering all that had already happened to me and as weird as things were for me around the house my next actions may not have seemed to be the smartest in the world but I wasn't going to wait for Friday to see what mom and Aunt Jess decided would be next. I have to confess that I may not have been thinking with my big head so much as with my little head, so it seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I hadn't planned anything, I just did it on impulse; spur of the moment. So one afternoon after coming home from classes I walked into the kitchen while my mom was wiping down the counter. She was dressed in a form fitting light blue blouse and a black flowing skirt that made her look very motherly but with my knowledge of her made her look pretty hot. She was facing away from me and this idea just came to me. I had planned on going to my room and watching some internet porn and jerking off when I thought here was my mother that had already given me a hand job and was good enough about it that she had invited her sister to as well. With a stiffening prick as the thought hit me, I undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees.

'Hey mom.' I said holding my hardening cock.

She turned at the sound of my voice and her eyes went wide when she saw my state of undress. She seemed focused on my dick. 'What the ...?' She choked.

'I want you to jerk me off mom.' The bravest words I have ever spoken.

Mom just stared at my rising penis then up at my face. I could see the shock in her eyes as she glared at me as if I had just told her to ... well, jerk me off.

'What?!' She now screeched, her voice in an octave I had never heard from her before.

'Come on, you've done it before.' I semi-pleaded. I wasn't sure if she would or not and actually expected her to flat out refuse, but I had an evil thought come to me that made me not care either way.

'No!' I saw her eyes had dropped back to my fully erect cock.

'This is the kitchen! Put that thing away! I can't believe you would even ask such a thing!' She looked back into my eyes with utter disbelief. The shock wore off and now outrage and disgust replaced it. 'Why would you even think such a thing?' She shook her head, but seemed as if she was trying to avoid looking down again.

I bent down and grabbed my pants and began to pull them up.

'Fine, I guess I'll go over to Aunt Jess's I bet she will do it.' I said as nonchalantly as could muster, while not looking back at mom. I wished I could have seen the look on her face at that moment, but I had to appear unconcerned by her response.

I finished zipping up my pants and snapping them and headed for the back door. I tried to move slowly without seeming too, so as to give her time to think about what I said. Sure enough before my hand touched the door knob mom spoke.


I was jumping up and down inside! I knew I had her!

I slowly turned around to see a dejected look on mom's face as she looked at me. She had taken a step closer to me as if to stop me from leaving.

She looked me in the eyes as she slowly said, 'Okay.' She paused searching for the words. 'Pull it out.'

I couldn't help grinning then and I didn't care that she saw it. She had already resigned herself to do as I had asked.

I took a step towards her closing the distance by half as I began to unfasten my jeans again. She gave a sigh like she was being tasked with an onerous chore, but I wasn't fooled. If she hadn't wanted to do this she would have pulled her hand away that first night. I was learning mom was a sexual woman and had probably done many things I would never imagine her doing. And now she was going to do something she would never imagine herself doing, jacking her son off in the kitchen in the middle of the day!

I pushed my jeans to the floor this time as this time was for real. Mom closed to stand next to me her eyes fastening on my still stiff cock. I just stared at her as she contemplated her own thoughts. She had already known the feel of me, but hadn't actually seen my dick until then. Now she was studying it like an art student, taking in every part of my cock, every variance in coloring, the flare of the head, the pattern of veins, the pulse of my heartbeat visible beneath the skin.

Her right hand slowly rose from her side like she was about to pet a tiger. She brushed her fingers along the shaft at first, confirming that my cock was real. She felt over it for a moment and then realized she wouldn't be able to stroke my cock very well while standing and facing me. Her eyes looked back up to mine. She seemed to be asking an unspoken question. She moved next to me, her hand never leaving my steel rod dick. She was now able to get a nice grip around my shaft and began to slowly stroke. I leaned back against the counter for support. Mom was slightly bent forward to watch what she was doing, though she had already proven she didn't need sight to be able to jerk me off. She wanted to see my cock wrapped in her hand!

Her pace quickened a little as I was sure she wanted to finish this as soon as possible. The shaft began to redden from the friction. I was leaking pre-cum but instead she took her hand off me and brought it to her mouth so she could spit a large glob of saliva into it which she spread over the length of my pulsing dick. I have to admit that although I had already had mom, and my aunt, do this before, the fact I was able to visually witness it this time made it so much sexier and made me even harder (what's harder than steel?). I wanted this to last because I didn't think I could use the trick of threatening to go to her sister for relief would ever work again. If I upset mom enough she could conspire with her sister to the point that I would probably never have a woman jerk me off ever again! And that's if she didn't just decide to castrate me and I wouldn't ever need to worry about it again!

She brought her hand to mouth for more saliva a couple more times until I was well coated in mom's spit. She then began a serious rhythm. With the lubrication she able to get a fierce grip around my cock and continue with her quick up and down motion, her hand twisting on the shaft as it travelled its length. I wasn't going to last long regardless of wanting it otherwise! Her fist was nearly a blur! My knees quivered. I knew she knew what she was doing to me and she managed to increase her speed! Oh god I was going to cum like never before! She sensed this and, surprising me, she dropped to her bare knees. She never broke her stroke.

I was groaning now, unsure if I was still breathing, and every muscle in my body no longer seemed in my control as I shook as mom was bringing me to that glorious release! I would have been shouting at mom if I had command of my lungs and vocal cords. Pig-like noises came out of my mouth. I think I might have been drooling too! I was going to repaint the kitchen with gallons of my spunk! I stared at mom willing her to take me over the top. She may have started off wanting to finish fast, but even as fast as she was going she somehow was keeping me from unloading all over her as she had shifted around more in front of me.

I saw her glance up at my face, returning my look. She no longer seemed adverse to her actions; a faint smile touched her lips. I saw her look down at the floor, up to her blouse, then back to my dick dripping pre-cum. As little thought as I was capable of at the moment I was able to formulate that mom had just realized the mess I was about to make on her clean floor and blouse. She glanced up at me again. I knew what she was about to even as she took my cock into her mouth and that's the moment my world exploded! I felt like both my balls and most of my organs were being shot from my cock!

My hands gripped the counter behind me as my knees nearly gave out, my heart hiccupped, and I made a strangled gurgling sound. Mom's lips were locked around the base of the head of my cock as I blasted load after load of my sticky cum into her mouth! She managed to suck it all down her throat as I poured my insides to her insides. Even as I finished cumming she continued to suck out any remaining organs I had left. I would have slid down the counter to the floor if mom hadn't been before me propping me up. I saw her pull her mouth off the cock I had thought had gone down her throat with the rest of me and a small trickle of white fluid dripped off her lower lip. As well as she had sucked my cum from me she had to have intentionally let this little bit stray onto her chin. She made a show of sticking her tongue out and lick it back into her mouth. She leaned back as my dick shriveled. Even as I had tried to use her I wondered if I hadn't been used.

Mom stood back up without a word. I waited for one. Mom merely moved over to the sink and began to wash her hands. My strength slowly returned and so I bent down and pulled my pants back up and tucked everything into place. Mom picked up the dishrag she'd been wiping the counter with when I'd entered and started wiping again. I stood straight and looked to her.

'Thanks mom! You're the best!' I mean I had to say something to her, she had just given me the best orgasm I ever had! I moved again for the back door as she continued to blindly wipe the counter. I knew she was avoiding looking at me. She must be so embarrassed to have just sucked her son's cum down her throat!

'I'm going over to Billy's to shoot some hoops. Be back for dinner!' And I exited the house.

Jenny continued to wipe the counter absent-mindedly after Jeremy left. Her mind was racing but no thought lasted very long. She asked herself how things had come to this point. She knew when it started; that night when Jeremy was wiggling and shifting so much she had fallen from leaning against him and her hand had landed, not on his leg as she first thought, but on his big hard cock! She knew her son had to get erections, he was eighteen, but it wasn't something she consciously thought about. And she definitely wouldn't have thought about how big it would be! And big it was! She couldn't believe first that he'd been hard (and obviously now the cause of his fidgeting) and second that she had left her hand resting on it when she realized where her hand was. It had been weeks since she and her husband had had sex and she had to admit feeling that huge stiff dick had made her horny. Even if it belonged to her son! She would never believe she would jerk him off, much less right there in the living room! Everyone but her sister was asleep by then but it still made her wet to make her son cum in her hand! Then to lick his cum from her palm where Jessica could see her if not know what she was doing nearly brought her to her own orgasm!

And Jeremy's cum had tasted so good too!

That should have been the end of it.

She should never have admitted to her sister what she had done or how big her son's cock had felt.

She and Jessica had always had a rivalry over boys ever since Jess had stolen her first serious boyfriend in junior high. After that it had become a contest of trying to seduce the other's dates from them. Jessica being honestly the hotter of the two of them, won more often than not. It wasn't until she met Justin that she found someone her sister couldn't lure away from her, even after the night she came home from studying at the library and found Justin had come by to ask her to dinner and her little sister was prancing around in her bra and panties! Justin had been unaffected by her half-naked little sister and his eyes never left her when she walked in. That's when she knew he was the one she would marry! The day she got married is when their competition had ended. Jessica soon found a steady boyfriend and had dated for two years before she too got married. Her husband's eyes weren't so focused on her as Justin's were on Jenny, and after eight years Jessica discovered he was having an affair. She divorced him immediately and had been single since. Too many guys saw just the hot woman they wanted to bang and not a girlfriend or wife. She felt bad for her sister even after all the boyfriends she'd lost to her, because in the end her sister had helped her find the right guy for her.

Jenny normally confided everything with her younger sister, so thought nothing about confessing her indiscretion with her son to her. She didn't realize though that the rivalry had never ended between them until the following week she discovered Jess sitting in her usual spot for movie night. She was suspicious but didn't think Jess would dare to do that with her nephew! She had had an innocent action escalate; Jess's would be premeditated. She saw her son and sister shifting about on the loveseat but continued to trust nothing would happen. She tried to trust anyway. But when her sister stood and licked her palm as she had done seven days prior she knew Jess had done as she had.

She hoped that it was merely a matter of her sister doing everything her big sister did and that it would be a one-time thing for the both of them. She'd been thrilled when Jess had come over that week to announce her date on Friday. She had no intention of doing anything again with Jeremy. Of course Jess's date had turned out as many did and she felt bad for her, but when her sister had commented about the 'action' she could get here with Jeremy barely out of the room, she couldn't believe her sister would be so bold! Jenny told her sister then that nothing was going to happen by the two of them with her son and made Jenny promise. A promise that didn't last long. The next week Jessica told her sister she wanted to jerk Jeremy off again, that it had gotten her so hot and horny before and that it wasn't as if she had a faithful husband like Jenny did. Jess had convinced her to allow her one more time with Jeremy and she would never do it again. Jess had once again played on her sympathies for her 'lonely, single' sister and she had reluctantly agreed to allow one more time but then it would be over.

Sitting on the couch while she knew her sister was running her hand up and down the shaft of her son's hard cock was one of the most difficult things she'd ever done. She forced herself to ignore what was happening just feet away between her sister and her son. She was stunned when she heard the sounds her sister soon began to make. It sounded as if she was getting off too! Was she rubbing herself or, god forbid, was Jeremy doing it for her!? The thought of Jeremy rubbing her little sister's pussy had made her wet too. She couldn't believe what was happening to her family. That Jessica had been able to even talk her into allowing her to what amounted to molesting her son!

And now this afternoon Jeremy walks into the kitchen with that huge cock out! And telling her to jerk him off! Yes, she'd already done it before, but it had been in a dark room and underneath a blanket, not in the middle of the kitchen in the middle of the day! Anyone could have walked in! Of course she'd told him no. She wasn't going to do that again! At least she told herself that. But then she'd looked at that magnificent cock begging for her touch! She was proud of herself for resisting. Then he threatened to go to Jessica's! She wasn't going to give in to her lust, but she couldn't allow him to go over to her sisters' either. In the end she did give in. And she enjoyed it too! She would never had intended to let him cum in her mouth, but she hadn't planned on doing it so she had no choice as he would have made a mess on the floor she'd just cleaned or on her new blouse! She had to accept that deep down she wanted another taste of his hot spunk! He'd cum so much too! She couldn't believe when he started to shoot his seed down her throat that there could be so much!

After Jeremy had acted like it was nothing to have his mother blow him like that! How dare he! She wondered if maybe he had played her by using his Aunt Jessica against her. Could he be so manipulative? She was going to have to talk to Jess and end this for good. If her son had discovered he could use them against each other nothing good would come from it!

She rinsed out the cloth and hung it to dry. She could still taste his cum! So salty sweet! Much like his father's but better. And so much more recent. She realized how damp, no soaked, her panties were. She normally took care of herself in the shower in the evening if it was necessary, or in the warm bath she took Sunday afternoons. But her lust was screaming for release right now! She would go over and talk to her sister, right after she made herself cum first!

Jenny hurried upstairs, not even bothering to get undressed as she knew her orgasm wouldn't be long in coming. She dropped the soaked panties and lay back on the bed and drove the fingers of her right hand under her skirt. Her fingers were insistent on her stiff clit, rubbing furiously back and forth, pushing her to the peak of her pleasure. Unbidden, the memory of her son Jeremy shooting his delicious sperm into her mouth overcame her and triggered her own heavenly orgasm. Her frantic fingers continued flicking across her hard nub giving her numerous mini-orgasms as her body convulsed about the bed. After some minutes a cramp in the back of her hand caused her to cease the ministrations on her clit. She continued to shake as orgasmic tremors swept through her as she gulped in air.

Oh fuck! Jenny thought. She hadn't realized the effect her actions with Jeremy had had on her own libido. She hadn't had an orgasm that good in quite a long time! She lay there for a few moments contemplating going again. No! She had to get up and go talk to her sister. This couldn't go on. She took a deep breath and sat up. She sat on the edge of the bed for another moment collecting her strength and her thoughts, and tried to resolve herself for the confrontation with her little sister.

Chapter 4 coming soon!

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Please write all chapters at one time

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Way too out of character

For both of them!

Maybe a compliment and a hug, but not this.

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Remember, Jeremy is, as he has told us previously, "no virgin". If all this had been his first time with sex, I would have expected him to go all lovey-dovey-kissy-poo with his mom, his aunt, or both.more...

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by Stephanie7604/30/17

Interesting story

Good story, simple lines but very sexual, the mom and sister had no trouble doing the son and nephew, I could see this happening in somewhere USA. Needs to be written all at one time though.

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