tagSci-Fi & FantasyOn the Mezzanine

On the Mezzanine


Lawrence glided rapidly through the doorway, closing it gently as he surfaced on the other side. The lights of the large room were dim, which accented the moonlight that entered through the wall-less opening in the far end.

The first thing that Lawrence looked for was the large, familiar silhouette, and sure enough on the mezzanine above the furnished floor sat his dragon.

Keltora was a young, magnificent, silver-scaled dragoness. She had the musculature of any other dragon, but with a carved, very slim figure that was very feminine. Her broad, glorious wings gave her an elegance that could rival Angels. She sat proudly upon the mezzanine above, staring up into the night sky, but with an agitated look on her face. As Lawrence materialized in her vision, she turned her head to see her Master.

Lawrence flew up the small flight of stairs, and turned towards his dragon, "Alright, Keltora. I got here as fast as I could."

She rasped a breath, Thank you, Lawrence. She spoke telepathically. I really appreciate it.

"How're you holding up?" he asked as he strode up next to her. Sitting up tall, Keltora was nine or so feet high, so she tilted her head down to look at her Master. Lawrence continued speaking, "Are you sore?"

Not really, Keltora answered. But I don't really recall being that sore the last time.

Lawrence huffed, "That's because you were passed out through a lot of the worse symptoms. You probably just don't remember."

Keltora, like all female dragons do after four and a half months or so, has entered a rather supra-fertile reproductive cycle. Essentially a dragoness would experience severe discomfort and heat in the loins for about six days. Keltora underwent her first cycle four and a half months prior, and the symptoms were abnormally severe. And so, Lawrence told his dragon to alert him of the first signs of the cycle as he wanted to make sure she could get through it.

Well, I'm alright for now, she claimed. Just feel a little sultry is all.

"Just a little sultry?" he asked, eyebrows raised. "How you can say that without flustering I'll never know."

Yes, well, she started. I try to be as frank as possible with you.

"Pfft," he sounded. "You do that on purpose just to enfeeble me."

Ah, her breathing was now all but silent. But you love it.

Lawrence laughed, and placed one of his hands on her arm. He was a little taken aback by the heat of her body, but the contact made Keltora flare her nostrils and huff an uneasy breath. A painful sting of discomfort snaked its way through the lower part of her form, seemingly dragging her into submission. Her legs jerked continually, as if irritated by some invisible pin-needle.

Despite her feeble attempts to hide it physically, Lawrence sensed all this mentally and spoke, "Keltora! You're fighting yourself! Are you in pain?"

No! she hollered telepathically. It's just... I'm incredibly uncomfortable and warm. What I really need is some air. But I don't have the energy to walk right now, let alone fly.

"Well then, you need to lay back," Lawrence suggested. "Stop hiding it; you'll feel much better if you just relax and breathe."

Keltora winced, staring at him with slight revolt. I… I will not do that! I won't… expose myself to you while in this condition.

"Keltora, listen," the human started. "I'm your Master; you don't need to be awkward around me."

Yes I do! She exclaimed. You've never seen me like this! It's… it's just inappropriate.

Lawrence twisted his lips a little, and glared seriously into Keltora's silver eyes, "Well, that's not actually true. Last time, there were several moments where you were a lot more exposed than you realized."


"Oh, relax," he said gently. "I didn't tell you because it's honestly not a big issue. I swear, you can bare yourself to me. I only want you to start feeling better. If you need me to leave, I'll-"

No, don't leave… Keltora seemed to ease down at his words, It's just… to be honest, I thought it would be more discomfiting for you than for me…

"Please," Lawrence started. "I definitely recall you seeing me nude on a few occasions."

Nude, yes, the dragoness said. But certainly not... well…

Lawrence sighed, "Point taken, but you still need to listen to me." The dragoness said nothing in response. "Keltora?" He started thinking, hoping to come up with a way for her to throw away her unease.

"Okay, how about this," the human started. "Will you do as I say if I perhaps put us at equal exposure?"


"I'll strip down," Lawrence said. "If it'll help you to not be embarrassed."

I… well, I won't lie to you, Keltora started. That would help. But you'd do that knowingly?

"Of course!" her Master exclaimed. "I'll do what I have to do to help you. Hell, I'll start right now!"

Almost giddily, Lawrence rushed to remove his shoes and socks, a performance which enticed Keltora to watch him unshakably. She made a menacing grin when the human's shirt hit the floor, but was somewhat disappointed when he ceased disrobing afterwards.

"Sorry Keltora," Lawrence said. "These pants stay on until you play up your end of this deal."

The dragoness sighed deeply, Alright, I'll do it.

Keltora, still tortured by the aches and burns in her lower half, was barely able to shuffle herself backwards. She began to start walking, but still backwards to hide her vulnerable self from her Master. She approached a large step in the mezzanine and crawled onto it, and she instantly felt a bit of a discomforting sting and she laid her side against the adjacent wall.

"Keltora, you can't really give yourself air if you lay awkwardly like that," Lawrence commented.

Keltora covered her body with her right wing, I'm staying here until you do as you promised.

"Alright, alright," he said. "I won't cheat the deal."

Subtly, Lawrence began unbuckling his belt. He looked down at his waist and began unfastening the series of dressy (but not necessarily stylish) buttons that made up the fly on these particular pants. Once complete, the clothes promptly hit the floor; he pulled out his ankles and kicked them towards his shirt. Now only in boxers, he turned back towards the dragoness, but was surprised.

Keltora, as it would seem, wasn't able to lie in her unpleasant position any longer, and so couldn't wait for her Master to keep his promise. The silver dragoness was slouched against the wall behind her, he head held somewhat high. Her wings were curled oddly on either side of her, and her claws were touching the floor. A touch of heat began radiating around the two of them, now that the dragoness had exposed her hot, swollen sex to not just the fresh air, but to her human Master. Her moist, pink vagina contrasted distinctively with the lustrous hide that covered her abdomen; it was roughly the size of a human hand, but in its current swollen state it was difficult to recognize any individual features besides the puckered, famished cavern opening.

But Lawrence didn't pay any attention to this; he only looked at his dragon's face, trying to catch eye contact. Unable to do so, he simply treaded up the step, and sat next to her. But, not before honoring his deal with her and dropping his boxers to the ground.

The step was abnormally cold, which made Lawrence promptly stand up straight again. He asked her, "Better?"

Yes, she answered. You were right. This is better…

"Still embarrassed?"

No, not anymore, she said. And to be honest, you didn't have to get completely nude for me.

"Nonsense," Lawrence told her. "A deal's a deal; although, it is pretty frigid in here."

Keltora huffed (a dragon's attempt at a chuckle), Well this is a very open room.

"I chose it so that the moonlight could get in," Lawrence said. "Plus the lake's right over there. But nonetheless… it's freezing."

Keltora looked at him, Well, if you need some heat, I've got plenty to go around.

Lawrence didn't say anything; he gave her somewhat of a chastising look, but then looked down and shivered a bit. Keltora swiftly looked away from him, embarrassed. She instantly regretted that highly inappropriate comment, and wished she could come up with something better to say.

Keltora peered back at Lawrence, wanting to see what his face was saying. He was just shivering, still cold… still naked. Keltora always knew that her Master was a handsome young man, but, it was very apparent while he was exposed and standing right next to her. She scanned his body- up and down- at least three times before she realized the weirdness of it. When he looked back at her, she went tense, almost expecting him to do to her what she had just done to him, but no such thing occurred. He just looked her in the eye and gave a weak smile.

Only moments earlier Keltora had hoped her Master would never have to see her privates exposed and vulnerable, but… now she wished that he would. She felt like she needed to do something to… get his dearest attentions. But, why?

The dragoness couldn't piece together her thoughts. As she stared at her Master, she began to feel like she needed something. She was very confused. Her human Master was always there for her, so… maybe he would be willing to…

Keltora quickly shook her head, as if something irritating had just blown into her face. Lawrence noticed this, and inquired, "Keltora? What's the matter?"

No, no, it's… nothing, she insisted. I just… had a strange thought is all.

"Really?" he wondered. "Care to share?"

No! she exclaimed. No, I…

The dragoness looked at Lawrence again, who was now looking up into her eyes, grinning good-naturedly. She simply couldn't seem to help it; she suddenly longed to have her compassionate Master to herself. She wanted him to touch her… explore her. Delve deep into places even she never had before.

It's just… Despite her speech being telepathic, it was still very quiet. I think I'm going through a whole new experience right now.

"Oh, well," the human started, completely unaware of his dragoness' desires. "I suppose your cycle changes you some." Lawrence remained standing, quivering, but most importantly to himself. He could tell that his dragon was staring at him, but he didn't suspect her of any grimy thoughts. He did, however, notice very clearly Keltora brush her chest with one of her hands unusually suggestively.

Keltora had begun immersing herself in an erotic thought. She pictured Lawrence as he was at the moment, sitting on her chest. She closed her eyes, and imagined her lusty Master slide slowly down her body. As she did, she traced her claws gently along her hide, adding the feeling to the fantasy. Lawrence noticed this, but looked away, convincing himself that whatever it was she was doing could not possibly be in the context that he suspected. Right?

The human dragon Master could sense very pleasant thoughts from the dragoness, but tried not to take notice. Keltora made a sweet sigh as her imaginary Lawrence had made his way to her warm tenderness. As she pictured all this, her right hand continued to trace the path, until it too reached the swollen sex between her legs.

Lawrence had only then begun to truly notice what Keltora was doing; the dragoness made a deep, quivering breath as she pierced her own swollen, pink opening with her middle claw. She dug into herself excruciatingly delicately, which to her was overwhelmingly new, but exciting. She abandoned her fantasy and indulged in the act, having no real idea of what she actually wanted, but she felt it necessary to keep going.

At first, Lawrence found himself frozen, unable to truly comprehend what he was watching the dragoness do beside him. Keltora paused, sensing what was happening in his mind. She began to realize more and more gradually what she wanted and how she was to acquire it, and when she opened a single silver eye to inspect her Master, her gaze flew straight to his semi-erect human member.

Lawrence didn't even realize the extent to which he was turned on by what he had seen, but by the time he did the hungry dragoness had already taken note of it. Horrified, the flustered human leaped from the step and grabbed his clothes, using them to cover himself.

Keltora removed her middle claw (which made an odd, slick noise), and spoke, You're aroused!

"How could you possibly expect me not to be?!" he shouted, panicked. "After seeing you… do that!"

But you liked it! She moved forward slightly. You had to of-

"No!" Lawrence exclaimed. "Don't even… I can't believe you did that! What were you trying to prove?!"

Prove? No, I-

"You know, I thought I saw something weird going on with you just there," the human continued. "But I just shrugged it off, because I never thought you'd-"

Lawrence, the dragoness tried to get his attention. Listen, I only wanted-

The human didn't stop ranting, "Words like… inappropriate and… just plain wrong come to mind. And this isn't even the first time that I've-"

Lawrence, you have to understand-

"I really can't see how things won't be awkward between us! And then eventually everyone will know that-"


Lawrence instantly stopped running his mouth and looked at her. Keltora was sitting up tall on the step; her face was cringed in anger, but her eyes were still full of a lusty craze. His heart jumped in his chest as he watched her swiftly jump off the step and go into a standing position before him.

"Keltora?" the human muttered.

The dragoness felt a wrench of hot irritation in her sex as soon as she went into the more uncomfortable stance, but she fought it so as to walk slowly towards Lawrence, who stepped backwards.

Oh, Lawrence, the dragoness said. Does it really seem like I care about what's the norm or what might be considered appalling?

"Keltora, please," Lawrence said, his voice a little shaky. "I can see where this is going. You're asking way too much from me."

I doubt it, Keltora responded. I'm not going to sit here, burning from the inside out while the answer is sitting next to me.

Keltora's mind was racing. Her words were sent to Lawrence before she even comprehended what they really meant. All she wanted was her Master all over her… was that really a lot to ask?

I need help here, Master, Keltora said. And you can- and will- help me.

"No, I'm not."

Oh, but you are.

In a swift motion, Lawrence was blindsided by Keltora. She leaped forward, and grasped the human's shoulders with her hands, throwing him backwards. He grunted with slight pain when he hit the ground; Keltora hovered above him, the heat of her swollen vagina now very noticeable in the immediate area.

Lawrence was completely immobilized by the dragoness. She licked her lips with her serpentine tongue, and the heat of her sex radiated fiercely within her, egging her on. Lawrence tried to struggle free, but his attempts were feeble at best.

But Lawrence insisted to continue, "Keltora! Dammit, Keltora, let me go!" He squirmed underneath her grasp, trying desperately to get free.

Oh, Lawrence, she whispered. When will you learn? Your thoughts are my thoughts. I know exactly what you're really feeling.

Keltora slid Lawrence forward somewhat, and she herself shuffled backwards. Her flared cunt pulsated between her legs, slowly and subtly leaking fluids. Lawrence's erection had diminished some and lay oddly outward underneath her. She knew that she'd probably have to give him a little taste before getting what she craved; she promptly began to lower herself upon him.

"Keltora," he breathed. "What're you-?"

His voice simply ceased sounding when Keltora's hot, sticky opening made contact with his shaft. She sat on him lightly, the pressure just enough to prevent him from moving his hips away, but allowing him to squirm somewhat. His legs bent forward and his knees rose until his thighs came into contact with Keltora's scales. He closed his eyes when he felt the wet, yet still soft skin push on him and he could not help but clutch desperately at Keltora's claws that were pushing on his chest.

Keltora was mesmerized watching her Master squirm in her lock. And the contact his member was making with her enflamed sex was incredibly stimulating. She felt it begin to drool oddly all over Lawrence's penis, waist and thighs. She couldn't help but barely rock back and forth gently with her waist, rubbing herself messily all over his throbbing dick; she knew for sure now that he was all she needed to gratify the overwhelming desires in her head and- most importantly- her loins. He gasped a little, and then forced open his eyes.

He made an almost pained-looking face, but his eyes pleaded for her to stop what she was doing. She smiled lewdly, something Lawrence had never seen her do before, and she decided that a little more exploration was in order.

Keltora lifted her hips off the thrashing human beneath her and shuffled backwards. Lawrence, not knowing what she was preparing for, tried to wriggle free again, but Keltora held him down firm.

"Keltora, stop!" he ordered. "Let me go!"

But she ignored him; she lowered her head, but never broke eye contact. His heart skipped a beat and seemed to jerk within his chest as he saw her unsheathe her serpent tongue.

"No, wait!"

Lawrence closed his eyes as he felt Keltora's lavished tongue travel slowly from the base of his shaft to the tip of his penis. She felt it harden in her tongue's grip, pulsating lightly. Lawrence breathed deep as she repeated, sending terrific spasms of pleasure through him. The feelings rippled through his mind to hers, enticing her to continue. She tasted the odd bitterness of her own juices that had drenched him, and lapped it up.

Through the third and fourth licks, Lawrence could not help but groan deeply and buck his hips up. Keltora was amazed at the pleasure she sensed him feeling. She used the forks of her tongue to toy around with him, making him groan a little more loudly. As soon as this happened, however, Keltora eliminated the weight she was forcing upon him, and he sat up, pushing her head away.

At first, she braced herself for a barrage of shouts, or perhaps a storm-out, but she felt his conflictions as well. Not knowing what he was going to do, she backed off and allowed the aroused human to stand up.

Lawrence stared at her, before starting, "Keltora, you-"

Please, she said suddenly. Don't… please try to understand-

"No, Keltora, I do understand," he hushed her. "I'm not… angry at you exactly, it's just…" he paused. "What you need to understand is that… what you want is just… abnormal and taboo and just…"

Wrong? She finished his sentence. But why?

"I…" Lawrence wanted to answer, but didn't. He couldn't. He knew the situation had gone from tense, to awkward, to simply ruinous. But, he had his conflictions (and she knew it), and at this point leaving his poor dragoness as she was would have been cruel. "I just…"

Keltora blinked. Was he… considering it?

Lawrence began walking towards her, his erect human member pointed straight at her head. She backed off some, not really knowing was he was going to do, and found her rump hitting the step gently. As her Master continued approaching, she decided to lean back onto it, her wings outstretching and her legs lying on top of each other.

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