tagGay MaleOn The Road

On The Road


I was out of town on for business and like any horny guy, I had set up something in advance. I had worked the net prior to leaving and had made contact with another married guy who enjoyed cock on the side.

His name was Bob and he was 37, about 6’2" and in great shape, I was very pleased with his smile as well as we met in the hotel restaurant for dinner. We kept the conversation on getting acquainted for a while, but we were able to talk sex after a bit. We talked about the joys of going both ways. This caused us to speed up the dinner and adjourn towards my room.

On the way up in the elevator, I glanced down to see his pants tenting nicely. We were the only ones in the elevator, so a reached over and gave his package a nice fondle. His cock was hard and sticking straight up.

He grinned at me. "I think that you’ll like it."

"I know I will." I said.

We exited the elevator and went to the room, after the door had closed and we had secured the locks, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard. After getting over my surprise, I kissed back, enjoying his lips on mine, his tongue probing my mouth.

"Let’s get naked." Bob said. We moved towards the bed and began stripping clothes.

I sat down on the edge of the bed after I had removed my shirt, he stood in front of me. I reached up and fondled his hard cock through his pants. He moaned lowly. I undid his belt and pants and slide them down. I gazed at his cock as it filled the front of his briefs, it was as he had promised, nice sized and cut. I slide the band of his briefs down and moved my mouth forward to catch his cock as it popped free. I slide my mouth over the tip and ran my tongue over the slit.

"Oh yeah," Bob moaned.

I slid my tongue around the rim of the cock head, moving it over the glans as I circled it. I continued to take his cock deeper into my mouth, a slide his underwear and pants off. I then broke off and with both of us now naked, I had Bob lay back on the bed and climbed between his legs and continued working his cock. I ran my tongue up and down the bottom of his cock shaft, stopping to lick his balls. Bob moaned again and I gently took each ball in my mouth and sucked on each.

I then moved my mouth back to the top of the shaft and took it as deep as I could. I began sucking up and down on that shaft. It was great to have a cock in my mouth again. Bob was watching me with joy in his eyes, as I treated his manhood to a blowjob. We had talked about what we would do ahead of time. As Bob had cleared the evening we had several hours to play.

I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, occasionally stopping to give the tip some attention, licking around the rim of the cock head or tonguing the slit at the top. I also played with his balls. They were nice sized and I rolled them gently in my hands and even stopped my cock sucking to lick them and gently take them in my mouth.

I moved my attention back to his cock and sucked up and down. I kept the pace up. Bob was soon moaning louder and murmuring in pleasure.

"Oh that’s good, I’m getting close here." Bob moaned.

I speed up the speed of my lips going up and down on the shaft and was rewarded with Bob’s going moaning even louder.

"I’m going to shoot!" Bob yelled. I sucked deep as his cock shot his semen into my mouth, over my tongue. I sucked on his cock until it was limp. I looked up at Bob’s face as he smiled at me.

"That was very good," he said.

I climbed up and lay next to him. He rolled to face me and gave me a kiss. "My turn."

Bob kissed me some move as he reached a hand down and slid it around my hard shaft. He squeezed and moved his hand up and down the shaft. Then he moved his head towards my cock and gave the tip a gentle kiss. The wetness of his mouth felt good around the tip. He moved his mouth down the shaft. I moaned with delight. Bob sucked on my cock and balls, giving them a wonderful treatment. He sucked me close to the brink of orgasm twice before finally bringing me off with a loud moan.

We lay next to each other on the bed for a while. Then Bob started kissing me with more passion.

Bob broke the kiss. "Now how about my trying your ass?"

"I was wondering when you were going to ask." I smiled. He rolled me to my back and climbed on top of my body. It was hot having his tongue in my mouth as I felt our cocks rise. Bob then moved off and reached for the lube. He rolled me over on my belly. I split my legs and he squirted some lube in between my ass cheeks. He worked a finger into my waiting asshole. Then a second finger, lubing my hole nicely.

"You ready for this?" Bob asked.

"Oh yeah, slide that cock in to the balls and fuck me." His fingering had me ready and my ass wanted his cock.

Bob put some lube on his cock and rolled a condom on. I lifted my ass into the air on my knees and Bob got between my legs. He ran the tip of his cock up and down between my ass cheeks, stopping to run the tip in a circle around my rosebud. He slid two fingers in and the lined his cock head up with my rosebud. I felt a hand on my hip as he guided his erection to my asshole. I felt my hole open as the tip worked it’s way in. I loved the feeling as his shaft inched into me.

I heard Bob sigh with pleasure as he slowly worked his rod into my asshole. "Damn this is good, I love having cock deep in a willing asshole."

Soon he was in to the hilt and I felt his pubic hairs on my lubed ass cheeks. It was delightful to feel his full hard cock all the way in my ass. Bob took some slow stokes, pulling back slowly and sliding it in slowly. I felt good and told him to fuck away. Bob slowly picked up the pace. He varied his thrusts, giving me long slow strokes as well as fast and hard. He was giving me a nice long fuck. I loved his hands on my hips as well as his body pressed against me. Bob soon picked up a tempo that meant he was building to orgasm. I felt the pace and knew that if he did it just right, he could get me off too.

"Oh god, fuck me, fuck me good!" I moaned.

Bob fucked me faster and stronger, I felt the pleasure building in my cock. Bob was hitting my prostate just right. I was going to cum. With several more deep strokes, I felt the orgasm build. I moaned loud as my cock ejaculated. Bob groaned as thrust his erection in all the way and my sphincter tightened around his cock he exploded his load into the condom, we both collapsed on the bed.

We took a break for a bit. Then as Bob had a few more hours before he had to leave, we 69’d each other and he fucked me one more time. It was a great time. I had no trouble sleeping later.

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