tagInterracial LoveOn-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 05

On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 05


The following Monday, Jamie got a phone call. It was Eldora, calling bright and early. She wanted him over at her apartment again at 11:30. She was still under the impression that he would do as she had asked because she could blackmail him with her knowledge that he has been fucking his wife's friend Nita. The reality was -- he would have gone over there anyway, now that he knows what Eldora wants -- i.e. his cock!

He also had a phone conversation with Nita, but he cut that one short, telling her that he would be seeing her in the afternoon (since she lived nice and close to Eldora). She got off the phone absolutely thrilled.

At 11:30 sharp he walked into the lobby of Eldora's apartment building and she was there waiting for the elevator. Her back was to him. She was wearing black pants and a black and white blouse with a black coat, and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. He was, once again, astonished by just how skinny and small this woman was! There was almost nothing to her little ass! All the same, the sight of her made him hard.

She turned when he approached, and her pussy flooded when she saw who it was. She smiled at him.

"Hi Jamie." She greeted.

"Hi Eldora." He smiled back. Just then, the elevator opened. The two of them stepped inside and it shut behind them. They were alone. He placed his hand on her hip and a wave of desire went through her at his touch. He bent down and softly kissed her lips. As much as that turned her on, she managed to put a stern look on her face.

"So were you with Nita at all last week?" She asked.

"Nita -- I visited her after I saw you last week."

Her eyes widened and a wave of jealousy went through her.

"What?" She mocked shock. "I didn't satisfy you enough you had to go see her?" Her accent was very thick now.

"Well -- if you didn't take such short lunches..." he trailed off. The elevator opened and the two walked out.

"One of these days I will take the day off." She said as they walked down the hall. "I'll make you forget about her."

He highly doubted that, but was interested in seeing her try.

She unlocked the door and he followed her into her apartment. She shut the door behind them and they took off their shoes. Turning to him, she spoke.

"Did you have sex with Nita more than once?"

"Yes. Twice."

She looked at him for a moment, taking off her coat as he took of his, just throwing them over a chair.

"You are not to have sex with her more than me." She commanded. "Everything you do to her, you do to me. Is that clear?"

He didn't know where this aggressive Eldora came from, but he kind of liked her!

"Everything?" He asked.

"Everything." She stated.

"Well..." he started, "okay..."

He grabbed her and kissed her. This time, she kissed back, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue inside. His hands slid down the back of her body and clamped onto her skinny ass cheeks as she sent her tongue into his mouth. Their breathing deepened as their kiss grew more passionate.

Still kissing her, his hands released her ass and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. Eldora's pussy was buzzing with anticipation. She began to undo his belt, and then pulled open his button and fly as their tongues rubbed against each other. The blouse slipped from her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor. The light brown skin of her upper body was covered only by her black bra.

Her hand reached into his underwear and her fingers eagerly wrapped around his hard pole. Her pussy tingled with desire when she felt how hard he was. She needed it inside her.

He broke the kiss and began kissing down her neck as his fingers undid the button on her pants. He pulled down her zipper as his lips caressed over her upper chest. He could smell the perfume that she wore as he kissed the soft slope of her breast. Her bra straps had fallen down her arms. She was pulling his shirt up so he had to take his lips from her cleavage and straighten up, allowing her to pull his shirt off. That, too, wound up on the floor as he kissed her mouth again, tongue snaking into her mouth.

He reached behind her and unsnapped her bra as her tongue entered his mouth. The two lovers were breathing laboriously into each other's mouths as her bra fell down her body to the floor, freeing her gorgeous breasts. The big man bent way down so he could wrap his lips around her hard nipple. At the same time, his hands tugged her pants downward. They easily slid down her legs to her feet. She was wearing black nylons.

Pulling his lips away from Eldora's nipple, Jamie got down on his knees, taking her nylons and panties with him, easily pulling them right down to her feet. The triangle of her bush was exposed. She stepped out of the last of her clothes and he stood up. His hard cock was half out of his underwear, and he pushed his pants and underwear down another few inches so his cock could be completely free.

Grabbing her, he pulled her close, kissing her once again. Eldora was conscious of his hard, naked cock pressed against her bare stomach and the buzzing in her cunt was almost out of control.

He grabbed her bare ass cheeks and began to lift her up. She immediately opened her legs and wrapped them around him as he raised her up. Their tongues were intertwined as he pressed his manhood against her bush, his hands still squeezing her soft bum. He raised her a little higher and his cock popped underneath her. The hot lips of her sopping wet pussy caught the tip of his dick as he dropped her down a little. She sucked in her breath, legs squeezing him.

Jamie slowly eased Eldora down, the thick head of his penis piercing the lips of her hot vagina.

"Mmmm..." she purred into his mouth as she felt her cunt stretch wide open for him. He thrust upward as he dropped her a little bit downward, forcing his entire cock inside her tight pussy. Now it was his turn to moan. She was so hot and tight around him!

They kissed passionately as he fucked her in midair. She was so small, and he so big, that he easily held her in his hands while thrusting his organ inside her little cunt. Their loud breathing and kissing could be heard over her muffled moans as he turned and began to slowly walk towards her bedroom. He had to walk slowly -- his pants were around his knees! Her legs were wrapped around him and her tongue was far inside his mouth at all times as he pushed his fat member in and out of her twat using small strokes.

Pushing her against the partially open bedroom door, he pushed it open all the way with their bodies. Through it all, the two kissed deeply. He pressed Eldora against the open door, getting the momentum he needed to fuck her harder. He began to fuck her against the door, driving his long cock deep inside her aching pussy. The tingling in her body was increasing to the point of no return. Finally she was forced to break the kiss.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Unh!" she cried out in his ear, eyes closed as she felt his penis slide inside her welcoming vagina over and over. Her bare feet were locked together just above his thrusting white ass.

He was going to cum already, unable to take anymore. He had to do something to slow things down! He lifted her up off of him. The cool air of the room enveloped his cock, which was slick with her juices. He carried Eldora over to the bed that she shared with her husband and dumped her on it without ceremony. She landed with her legs spread wide and her feet in the air, her eyes locked on Jamie's hard dick hungrily. Her tits bounced up and down when she landed.

"You want to do what Nita and I did." He said. It wasn't a question.

"Yes." She breathed, answering it anyway.

"We did the sixty-niner first." He explained, ignoring her open legs and lying down beside her. Her heart pounded at the thought. The sixty-niner! Now that was something that she has not done in years! And even then -- only once! She looked at his hard, white cock sticking straight up in the air. Her pussy ached for it. She lusted for it. She wanted to worship it!

She spun around, grabbing it at the same time. She eagerly shoved it into her mouth as she lifted her leg and placed it at the other side of his head. He moaned as he felt her lips slide down his rod and suck on him gently. He could see her beautiful pussy and ass just inches from his face. He reached to his right and grabbed a pillow, sliding it underneath his head so he could get closer. She was such a small woman! Her ass was still a little too far away. Grabbing her waist he slid her back towards him a little. He leaned forward a touch and sucked the lips of her pussy into his mouth.

"Mmmmph..." Eldora moaned around his cock as bolts of pleasure shot up her tiny body. Jamie's nose was right in her ass as he ran his tongue up and down the pussy lips that he held trapped in his mouth. He released them and slid his tongue into her twat. He loved how Eldora and Nita had unique pussy flavors! As he twirled his tongue around her cunt, he grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands and spread them apart, clearly revealing her asshole to him. He stared at it as he ran his tongue all around the slick walls of her delicious pussy.

If Eldora's husband were to walk into his bedroom, he would see his wife's lips wrapped tightly around a white cock, eagerly sliding up and down it. Her hair was back in a tight bun so he would be able to see her face clearly as she slurped hungrily on another man's throbbing penis. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' She gobbled it hungrily. She was an expert -- at least Jamie thought so!

Jamie pulled his tongue out of her steamy cunt and slowly licked up the skin between her slit and her anus. She moaned around his member as she realized what he was doing. When the tip of his tongue reached her asshole, he slowly circled it around the rim. Eldora continued to bob her head up and down on his cock as he circled her asshole with his tongue. He dipped it just inside, twirling it around a little more. He pushed it further in, curling his tongue so he could get more leverage.

Tingles shot up her little body as she felt a tongue probe her anus. She began to suck him faster, getting more excited. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' the sucking noises were so loud that they could be heard at the door to the apartment.

He began fucking her ass with his tongue, pushing it into her tiny little hole as far as it would go and then pulling it out, over and over. Suddenly, he pulled it out of her, ducked a little lower underneath her, and sucked her clitoris into his mouth. A few lashes with his tongue was all it took. She pulled his cock out of her mouth with a 'pop'.

"OHHHH!" she whined, cumming. "OHHHH UNGHHH!" she cried louder, her body wracked in orgasm. She pressed her crotch down on her niece's husband's face, rubbing her convulsing pussy all over his mouth and tongue. Her heart was pounding like crazy as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. He couldn't take anymore, he had to fuck her -- he was so close!

When she finally lifted off of him, orgasm residing, he rolled her onto her back and got out from underneath her. Still catching her breath, Eldora had the wits about her to open her legs wide for him and eagerly grab his rigid cock. The dark lips of her pussy were swollen and quivering, surrounded by a lush of black pubic hair. She quickly aimed the fat mushroom head of his penis and placed it at the entrance to her body. In one firm stroke, Jamie was inside the small woman all the way.

"Ohhhh yessss!" Eldora smiled up at him as she felt his hard pole fill her up. Her tight little Latino pussy was filled to bursting with cock!

He grabbed the back of her head and pressed his mouth against hers, kissing her firmly as he began to slide his cock in and out of her quickly. Her sensitive, slick pussy could feel every inch of him penetrate her and she sent her tongue into his mouth. Her hands clamped onto his ass, pulling him towards her, encouraging him to fuck her faster. She raised her feet in the air and they flailed helplessly behind his thrusting ass. He could feel his balls heating up and he broke the kiss.

"I'm gonna cum!" He grunted. He could see the lust in her eyes as she smiled.

"Cum inside me Jamie!" Eldora whined. He began to fuck the small woman faster, catching a glimpse of her nice tits bouncing up and down beneath him before he pressed his lips against hers again. He jammed his hard tool in and out of her treasure as he shot his tongue into her mouth. The two of them were gasping for breath as they kissed urgently. She was humping her hips upwards to meet his thrusts. He was fucking her so fast!

Jamie slammed his penis all the way inside Eldora's vagina and held it there. Her legs fell on top of him and she squeezed them around him tightly, holding him even closer. He moaned into her mouth as his hard cock expanded inside her and then contracted, spurting out a huge, thick wad of cum that splashed off the back of her hungry cunt. His manhood jerked again in rapid succession, unleashing a second load of semen immediately following the first and shooting it deep inside her.

Eldora moaned with pleasure into his mouth, rubbing her pussy against his groin as his penis continued jerking inside her. His hot seed was firing deep inside her vagina and would not let up! She could feel him expand and contract, expand and contract inside her and she sent her tongue deep into his mouth to show him how much she loved it. Her legs squeezed him tight as her tight little cunt milked him for all he was worth. Finally, the last of his sperm dripped out of his penis and into her pussy, yet the two remained kissing for the next two minutes, lips smacking.

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