tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOnce More Through the Wardrobe Door

Once More Through the Wardrobe Door

byEnglish Lady©

This story contains no sex, if you're looking for some, your search needs to continue. Thank you.


It was that time of year again. Susan was on the phone to her little Sister Lucy.

"Has Peter found him yet?" She asked. The phone was held to her ear by her shoulder as she finished off the last few stitches to complete the scarf on her lap.

"Oh Sue. No, no he hasn't. They think he may have skipped the country. Why oh why he went so mean again, I'll never know." Lucy was getting ready for work. Her white uniform already sullied by a drop of strawberry jam that had fallen from her toast earlier that morning.

"Peter will find him." Susan said with an air of confidence. "There is still a couple of days to go. Have you spoken to Peter lately?"

"No," Lucy replied, pulling her face into a dramatic frown as she buttons up her thick winter coat. "he is still being strange with me. I cannot believe he thinks I wrote the letter from Mr Tumnus. Why doesn't he remember Susan?"

"He's entered another world now Lu. He's in a political world where he is surrounded by lies and deceit-it jades him. I wouldn't worry Lu, he will remember in his own sweet time."

"You always say the right thing Susan. I must be going though, Sister will have my guts for garters if I turn up late again!"

"Alright then Lu." Susan said, a smile breaking across her face as she held up the finished pink scarf before wrapping it around her neck. "I need to go and get Mummy's tablets now anyway. I will see you on Saturday, Lu!"

Susan put the phone down upon its gleaming white stand and put her coat on.

"I'm just going out Mummy." She stuck her head around her mothers bedroom door. Her mother was softly snoring, her pale face relaxed in sleep. Susan shut the door carefully and wandered off to the chemist to pick up this weeks cocktail of drugs. Poor Mummy can't look after herself now, and being the good daughter she was Susan had left her job to take care of her. Mummy barely knew her now, but Susan knew she was still the mother she knew and loved deep down inside.

Susan was a solitary kind and did not mind being cooped up with just Mummy for company. She had had a life time of excitement as a child and now, as she was nearing her fortieth solitary year, she was glad of the quiet life. She spoke to no-one but Lucy about those days. She held her old friends Aslan, Tumnus, the Beavers and all the rest of those she had befriended as a child, dear to her heart. She looked forward to the letters Lucy would sporadically receive.

Poor old Lucy, She missed Narnia the most and had not seemed to have grown up one jot since that first summer.

Maybe it was because she discovered the place first? Maybe working with those poor, sick children just brought her closer to that magical world than her older, more cynical siblings? Susan didn't really know and didn't really have the inclination to work it out. Quickly she strode back home, eager to start on the next scarf; this years Christmas offering for each of her siblings.

Lucy was late again. Sister gave her a despairing look as she disappeared on to the ward, but talking to her young friends soon helped her forget the disapproving look of her superior.

"Have you been again?" She asked Nine year old Toby.

"Just once, the other day."

He answered, his big eyes sparkling.

"Oh do tell me Toby, oh please do!" She exclaimed excitedly as she pretended to fluff up the young lads pillows.

"I couldn't get there till after lights out. It was a right pain finding the right cupboard in the dark!" He smiled nervously. " When I got there it was lovely. My arm was all healed and everything. I played for hours with all them lovely creatures. Oh, Lucy look in my drawer!" He exclaimed excitedly.

" Has he written? Oh please say he has!" She exclaimed breathlessly. She opened the drawer and there was a wrinkled piece of parchment with her name inscribed upon it.

"Oh thank you Toby!" She exclaimed excitedly, "You must tell me more later. I will have to go now though or I shall get into even more trouble than I am in already!"

Lucy spent the rest of the day with her head in the clouds, well, more aptly with her head through the wardrobe. On the bus home she read her letter:

Dearest Lucy.

I am so glad to hear you and the other royals are well. I hope your Christmas gathering is much fun and you enjoy being with your wonderful brothers and sister once again.

I am, as always, busy, happy and missing you daily. I do not have much time to write I am afraid as my candle is down to the stub and the firelight is not enough to write by.

I will pass this to your lovely friend Toby and I hope it will find you well.

Yours with great Affection,

Mr Tumnus

For a fellow with cloven hooves, he wrote beautifully. Lucy was happy to read he was okay, but was once again saddened by the lies she had been forced to tell him. If she we're to tell him the truth about her siblings he would be so sad. Susan, never one for adventure, had grown quieter and more reclusive by the day. Peter had gone into politics (not surprisingly really, he was always the leader) and had completely lost all his memories of their time as children in Narnia and Edmund, poor dear Edmund. Why had he gone so bad?

Edmund was blissfully unaware of all this, or should it be said that Andrew Tillgate, formally deceased and suddenly resurrected in a rush some seven days ago, was happily pottering about his quaint cottage in the countryside. He prepared to eat one of Mrs Farmers delightful scones whilst swaying to and fro in his olde worlde rocking chair.

It had all been so easy. He never meant to make money from it, but people expected to pay through the nose for a magic wardrobe complete with fur coats. It started out as just one for Jerry.

Jerry's seven year old son Joe used to love Edmunds tales of Narnia. Jerry decided for Joes birthday it would be lovely to get him a wardrobe so he could pretend he could escape to Narnia.

Well Edmund took on the task finding an old fashioned wardrobe and he filled it with fur coats. Jerry was completely amazed and gave Edmund eight hundred quid for his trouble. Edmund didn't want to take it but Jerry insisted. Joe loved it and swore blind he had actually visited Narnia, for all Edmund knew, he had.

News spread and soon many parents from Joe's posh private school wanted one. So Edmund started to provide them. The wardrobes differed and the fur coats were often fakes but people loved them. Eventually he was making a grand on each wardrobe.

That was until some kid complained that there was no Narnia in his wardrobe and his rich TV boss father announced the "Wardrobe Wonder Con" on the national news. Suddenly Edmund was being sued from all sides and had to take desperate measures to escape.

Ahh well. All is well that ends well, surely?

Just as he finished the last bite of scone he heard a rap on the door.

"Hold On Mrs Farmer, I'll be a moment."

"Blummin' eld fool will want her Tupperware," Edmund muttered as he wandered into the kitchen. "least she feeds me well!"

He had fallen on his feet in this rural village in the middle of Nowherhampton, England. All the old dears adored him and there was that cute girl from down the road who kept giving him bedroom eyes. Yes, it was well near time he settled down, especially now he'd made his money.

He opened the door expecting to see the wrinkled face of his neighbour, when he didn't he gawped in surprise then frantically tried to bang the door shut. A foot in the doorway was preventing it's closure.

"Oh Edmund, what have you gotten yourself into?" Peter said as he pushed open the door and ducked his head to avoid a low beam.

"It wasn't my fault!" Edmund squealed, waving his hands in front of him, frantically.

"What?" Peter snapped, his tall and athletic frame was intimidating, swathed in a very expensive charcoal grey suit. "You conned those poor unknowing parents into buying those fake wardrobes didn't you?"

"They we're only meant to be pretend." Edmund's lower lip stuck out in a well practised pout. "It was the kids who said they actually got to Narnia, not me!"

"Why the hell you were telling them of that made up place, goodness only knows." Peter muttered as he strode purposefully into claustrophobic feeling living space. Peter seemed to fill the whole room.

"It wasn't made up old chap." Edmund protested. "You..."

"Oh stop being so childish Edmund. You don't think I believe that old childhood imagination tosh now do you? For goodness sake man, we made it up!" His cheeks blazed red with powerful indignation. "And you're even more of a fool than I imagined you were if you believe it!"

"But Peter..."

"Don't but me any buts, Edmund, you're in serious trouble my lad."

Not only was Peter Edmund's tyrannical and superior older brother, he was in fact a politician. A high up one at that.

"You won't turn me in will you, old chap?" Edmund asked with a nervous laugh.

"And ruin my good name further? I think not. It is bad enough the people know I have a con- man as a relative. To have a convict would be much worse." Peter smiled with the ironically poetic turn of phrase he had used. "I am only here to take you to the meal."

"Oh Peter do I..."

"Will you STOP whining!" Peter shouted as he pulled himself up to his full six foot four, his cheeks blazed with anger. "You will come to the meal. Susan and Lu are going completely mad with worry over you. Why they waste their emotions on you, I do not know. You WILL be there and you WILL bring gifts."

"Peter I haven't bought any..."

"We will go and buy some now." Peter added. His tone abrupt.

"Yes Peter." Edmund sighed. "Then I can disappear again, can't I?"

"Yes." Peter simple said.

"Oh He is Here!" Lucy exclaimed, jumping up and down in delight at her post by the window.

"Oh an, oh Susan He's brought Edmund with him." She squeals with delight as she runs to the massive front door of the creaky old mansion that they all know and love so well.

"Peter, Peter, Peter." She cried as she opened the front door, Snowflakes floated in to the hall on the cold winter wind. "You found him."

Paying no heed to the temperature, Lucy ran out and flung herself at her older brothers. She managed to wrap her arms around both of them as they stood awkwardly and artificially pushed together.

"Hello Lu." They said in unison, their cheeks flushed as the both tried to extract themselves from her over eager arms.

"Lets get you indoors Lu my dear, you will catch the most frightful cold out here with no overcoat on!" Peter smiled fondly at Lucy. She was still so very much a child and he always found himself full of almost paternal instincts when he looked at her.

"Come on in Peter, Edmund and see how Susan and I have decorated the rooms. Oh it's magical."

The boys followed Lucy in at a more sedate pace and Peter signalled the driver to bring in their presents from the boot of the limo. Peter had never seen the need to drive, he much preferred having someone to do it for him. In fact that was how he dealt with all menial tasks, someone else could do them.

Peter was a snob. He knew it and it didn't bother him one bit, it worked well for him in fact. It was part of his image, his charm, and it would be the thing that made him Prime Minister. That's where he was headed and he had not one doubt in his mind about it.

Susan met them in the hall. She was wearing her favourite Christmas jumper, the one she had knitted with Santa and his sleigh upon it. It had little bells on the reindeer harnesses that jingled when she walked. She smiled fondly at the two boys as they walked in, following the excited form of Lucy.

Lucy often reminded Susan of a little yipping dog. Always excitable, always full of energy and mischief.

They exchanged brief and stilted greetings there in the hallway before Lucy once again bounded off towards the living room. This may be tradition, but Susan knew they only still did it for the sake of Lucy. Susan hated leaving Mummy in the hands of a carer, even for a weekend. She also knew Peter had to work miracles to make enough time for this Christmas Eve tradition. Susan would go home to Mummy after the meal and present sharing. Then they would all go home, separately.

It was always good to come back here, though. She was always be reminded of the fun and games they played in the halls and large rooms with their dusty interiors. And of course, that one room and that one wardrobe. There were times when she longed to be back in Narnia, but then her adult mind would quell the childish thought and get back to its adult worries and care.

Edmund couldn't decide if he were happy to be here or not. He did love the old house and its childhood memories. It was still preserved as it had been all those years ago. When Peter took over its up keep he had insisted on not one thing being changed or moved. He might be a stiff old coot but Peter still has a sentimental streak.

It was awkward though. He knew that Peter was disgusted with him. Nothing new there, they had so rarely seen eye to eye but it hurt to see the distrust in Susan's eyes. Lucy was Lucy. She would never judge a soul. She was naïve and amazingly she had never become jaded. People sheltered her, treasured her and counted her as a child. Lucy would always have a hug and a smile for him and of that he was glad.

They all made appreciative oohs and ahhhs at the diddy tree, decorated gaudily in the same way as it had since they were children. The little clay models they had made still sat around its base. A lion, Mr Tumnus, A beaver and The White Witch.

Edmund longed to go back to Narnia, to childhood, to a time before responsibility.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Lucy sighed. "I do so love Christmas."

"Are you staying here again Luce?" Edmund asked.

"Yes I am. Christmas is not the same anywhere else, Besides, the chimney is massive here and Father Christmas loves how it does not constrict his movement."

Susan, Edmund and Peter shared a nervy look between them and smiled indulgently at Lucy.

"How about you?"

Lucy's heart dropped when she heard her brothers had to dash home. She understood Susan having to get back to Mummy, but why the boys had to go she had no clue. This would be the sixth Christmas she would spend here alone. Least she would see Father Christmas tonight. He was always such a jolly chap and brought her such magical presents to share with the children at work. The little bottles of medicine had help to cure lots of young ones. She would add a drop to every child's drink until her bottle ran out, which oddly never happened until she was due her Christmas holidays.

"At least today will be special." Lucy smiled to herself and thought of the last letter that had arrived from her faun friend, Mr Tumnus.

"So when will dinner be ready, girls?" Edmund asked to ease the high tension silence.

"Oh they're serving it as we speak. It shall be ready at 2 o'clock." Susan smiled "Shall we exchange our gifts now?"

"What a super idea, Sue" Lucy's face once again broke into an easy smile. "Can we Peter, oh can we?"

"Why not." Peter replied heartily, smiling at Lucy. "I cannot think of a better way to work up an appetite for dinner." well none that he could indulge in with family members anyway.

Everyone raced off to pull out their presents from various bags and hidey-holes then sat down on the old sofas and chairs surrounding the roaring log fire.

Susan began handing out her presents first and everyone fixed a smile upon their face. They all knew it would be something knitted and they all just prayed it wouldn't be as hideous as last years gift. Not everyone cal pull of the knitted Santa sweater look like Susan could.

"Oh Susan it is lovely!" Lucy exclaimed as she ripped open the wrapping.

"Very smart." said Peter after carefully opening one end of his package and pulling out its contents. "This shall keep me warm!"

"Lovely Sue!" Edmund exclaimed as he finally managed to detach the sticky tape from the present and the ends of his fingers.

Each looked at their stripy scarves and smiled indulgently. Another monstrosity to add to the growing collection.

Peter handed round his present next. Miss Noble, his secretary, PA and kinky dominatrix lover had picked them out. So it would be a surprise for him as well as his siblings when they opened them.

Susan was delighted with her gift. It had a beautiful tan brown tartan pattern on it and it seemed well made and expensive. It would make a lovely new knitting bag, her old one was falling apart.

Lucy was speechless at the beauty of the little lion brooch when she opened up the expensive black velvety box. "Oh Peter," She finally gasped "I adore it." and quickly she attached it to her plain red sweater.

Edmund didn't have to open his gift bag. He knew its contents. Slippers, okay, they may be incredibly expensive slippers but he got a pair every Christmas.

Edmund then had to give out his hastily bought gifts, chocolates for everyone. He wasn't very good at buying presents but buying chocolates for everyone guaranteed that he'd be offered at least one of them. Peter loved chocolates.

Finally It was Lucy's turn and she eagerly handed around envelopes. Her siblings were a little surprised just to be getting a card and were yet more surprised when on opening their envelope they found a piece of starchy, yellow paper.

Each sibling found a letter addressed to them individually and signed by Mr Tumnus. They all looked up at Lucy when they finished reading.

"Well, are you coming or not?" She giggled as she stood up and ran to the door. The others looked at each other and Peter shrugged his shoulders

"She's obviously put a lot of effort into this, we might as well humour her." The three walked into the hall and up the stairway making their way by memory to THE room.

They opened the door and the room was as dusty and empty as it always had been, the one, large wardrobe in the corner, the door slightly ajar. (Lucy knew how dangerous it was to close a wardrobe door behind her.) And looking no different than it had when they were children.

"I guess we're meant to go in." Edmund said, not wanting to pen the door to find the note. He'd tried getting back to Narnia so many times before he was sick of the rejection notice.

You are too old to enter Narnia Son of Adam.

He couldn't change the fact that he had grown up.

Susan stood back, not eager to go into such a small, enclosed space, or open the door as Lucy was bound to jump out and scare her. In the end, as always, Peter went first. He opened the door and disappeared inside. With a shrug, Edmund went next and held the door ajar for Susan.

It was amazing. A massive table stretched for what seemed like miles in front of them. They were inside the wardrobe but there were lanterns and candles everywhere. On the table was a turkey and a goose, potatoes and vegetables and puddings galore. Almost every inch of the pristine white tablecloth was hidden under all the food.

As amazing and boggling as this was, it wasn't nearly as startling as the host of beings gathered around it. Animals and mythical beasts sat around with party hats on their heads or slung between their horns or ears. Looking around, they soon saw Lucy sat at the closest end of the table to them. Next to her was a spare seat, and another two lay empty opposite her.

"What on....." Peter finally found his voice.

"Welcome back Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve" A booming , purring voice exclaimed. It pulled the humans attention to the huge lion sat at the head of the table. "Welcome back King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund and Queen Lucy." He spoke again and indicated with his large paw for them to sit down.

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