tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOnce Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time...


My husband and I were having problems that eventually ended in our divorcing. Afraid that I would get nothing, I must admit, I was a bitch during the breakup and subsequent divorce proceedings. I found out later, afraid that he was going to lose everything, explained why he was a real bastard, too.

We had a brief reconciliation where he gave me the most romantic evening. He had the florist deliver a beautiful arrangement of flowers just before we left to eat at The Golden Swan, a very expensive restaurant.

We had a sumptuous dinner, a bottle of fine, French wine, and ended our meal with cherries jubilee with champagne for dessert. Everything was lovely and to make this a memorable evening, he promised to satisfy my secret sexual fantasy. I wondered if he even knew and/or remembered what my secret sexual fantasy was.

Long ago, when we were first married, I confessed to him that I fantasized about being blindfolded and bound while he had his way with me. I imagined him ravishing me, doing whatever he wanted to me, fucking me, using me anally, forcing me to blow him over and again, and taking control of the sexual situation to suit his every vile sexual desire while fulfilling mine. I had no idea that that was his precise plan for this evening. Yes, he, without doubt, had planned a most perfect evening for me.

We arrived home and started making out like horny teenagers. I was wet. I was willing. I was ready to do whatever he wanted me to do. Still dressed, but for my coat and shoes, he swept me off to the bedroom carrying me upstairs. We kissed and fondled one another on the bed. He has a huge cock and, already, he had a wonderful erection. We continued making out until he surprised me by pulling out from his inside jacket pocket white, silk ties.

Since, throughout our marriage, he had never tied me up before, I had a good idea what he had in mind and I giggled like a school girl exceedingly happy that he remembered my secret sexual fantasy. First, he tied my wrists to the bedposts as we kissed and kissed. He is such a good kisser and I do not know if it was the alcohol or his kisses, but I was really getting turned on like never before. I was so very wet with excitement. Then, he tied my ankles to the bedposts. At that point, I was humping air; I was so hot for him to fuck me and to fuck me hard, very hard. Then, he passionately kissed me while squeezing both my tits in his big hands as hard as he could squeeze them. That is such a huge turn on for me when he squeezes my tits like that. Then, he blindfolded me. I thought I would faint anticipating what would happen next but, then, he turned off the lights, closed the door, and left the room.

"Honey? Where are you going? Honey?"

I figured he went to the bathroom to freshen up. Then, I perceived the reflection of headlights entering our driveway and heard car doors, one, two, then three doors close. Distinctly, I heard 4 separate male voices outside, one I recognized as his. The downstairs front door opened and closed and I heard muffled whispers, then footsteps heading upstairs. My heart pounded and my pulse quickened. I was frightened and excited at the same time.

Then, call it women's intuition, but I sensed something wrong. Panic overtook my excitement and I struggled against the ties but the more I struggled the tighter the slip knots became. I started to perspire and my breathing became shallow. I was desperate for air. I wanted to get up and run but I was tied to the bed. Maybe, it was the champagne, but I felt dizzy and lightheaded, then I felt sick to my stomach at the thought that my husband would do this to me, use me like this, and treat me with such disrespect and lack of concern to take three strange men into our bedroom when I was so helpless and vulnerable. Yet, he wouldn't do that, would he?

The door opened, the light switched on, and I heard the men whispering.

"David! Release me at once! David! Do you hear me? David!"

"David is not here. He left," said a voice I did not recognize.

"Untie me, then."

"I'm sorry but we can't do that."

"Who are you? Where's David? Are you here to rob me? Rape me?"

"We don't want your money."

My stomach sunk. I was going to be sick. They didn't want my money, then what? Were they here to rape me? That's it, then. David did this as a payback for the divorce settlement that I got, that filthy bastard.

"What do you want, then?"

The pause before anyone spoke was only a few seconds but the time that it took for my brain to make sense of his words felt like forever.

"We want you. We are here for you."

What did he say? They are here for me?

"Did David put you up to this?" I tried to stay in control of the situation but my quivering voice confessed my panicked fear. "How much is he paying you?" I struggled against the ties, again, but to no avail. "I'll pay you double; triple whatever he is giving you if you release me. Do you hear me? Release me, now! You can't do this. This is rape! I will—"

Suddenly, I felt a hand at my ankle. My entire body tingled through the silk of my nylons. His fingers slowly but deftly crept along my leg, to my calf, to my knee, and up along my thigh. My pussy took control of my brain. I was lost. I was so hot with desire but so afraid at the same time.

Then, I felt another hand unbuttoning the buttons of my wool suit jacket. And another hand caressed the curls of my blonde hair before reaching down to caress my cheek ever so lightly before gently putting a finger to my lips.

"Shh...we won't hurt you...so long as you cooperate."

My entire body quivered. I was so turned on but so afraid. Never have I felt such confliction of emotions at the same time.

"Please," I said in a halfhearted gasp, "don't do this." I couldn't breathe, I was so scared but so alive with sexual delight and desire. "This is rape," I whispered. "This is rape," I said afraid, yet excited. I felt his hand higher up on my thigh and my pussy tingled with excited anticipation of what was to come. "I'll send you to jail...for this...along with that bastard husband of mine." Yet, his hands felt so good on my legs. "David! Stop, please stop this. David!"

The touch of his hands on my legs, so tender, felt like a loving massage and I so wanted him to reach higher and massage my pussy. Please touch my pussy, I thought and wanted to scream out. I was yearning with desire for his touch and burning with lust for him to have his way with me. Oh, yes, yes, that feels so good, finger fuck me, please.

"We told you, lady, David is not here. He cannot hear you."

What? I thought to myself. Oh, they must think that I really do not want this, but I do. I do want this. Fuck me. I cannot believe three strange men are going to fuck me.

Yet, I knew he was there. He would not miss this for the world. I knew he was sitting in the chair in the corner of the room watching the three men, watching me with three men, and enjoying it all. Well, if that is the case, I'll give him a show. I'll show him what he will be missing. I'll show him what I can do with three men.

I felt the heat of my tears running down my cheeks and collecting around my neck. I'm not going to cry. I'm not. I will not give him that satisfaction. I'm not going to show him that I am afraid and that I am weak. Do what you will to me, but you will not break me. I am strong, stronger than you. Have your way with me now, but payback is a bitch and I shall have my way with you one day, you will see, one day, I'll get even.

It is oddest the things you remember, but I remember wondering if my makeup was running. Here I was about to be raped and ravished, murdered even, by three strange men, and I was thinking about my makeup running.

The fingers that unbuttoned my suit coat now worked to unbutton my blouse. Suddenly, I felt his hand, first one, then the other, and then both hands cupping and caressing my tits through the lace of my bra. He paused only to slowly and delicately trace the outline of my nipples. The soft touch of his fingers sent tingles through my body and immediately made both my nipples erect. Once my nipples were erect, he pulled them out more through the material of my bra with his fingertips. Although, I distinctly, knew it was three men, their touches were so gently surreal that it felt like one. I loved what they were doing to my body. I could not wait to return the favor of pleasure by sucking their cocks.

Below, another hand cupped and gently squeezed my moist pussy through my panty while another man lowered his face to mine and delicately kissed my lips. I decided from the lightness and slowness of their touches, that they meant me no harm and only wanted to satisfy me and, then, them. I relaxed a bit.

He kissed me. It felt awkward, at first, being kissed by a stranger while being helplessly tied to the bedposts and blindfolded, unable to touch and to see who is kissing you. I froze with anxiety, desire, and anticipation, all at the same time. Then, he inserted his tongue in my mouth and reluctantly, at first, I kissed him back. Then, when he did not pull away, when his kisses became more passionate, I returned his affection. Now, we were really making out and I was really getting into kissing him. He was a much better kisser than David.

"Oh, Baby. Yes. Yes. Kiss me." I pulled my lips away. "David, thank you for this. Whoever this is, is a much better kisser than you." I heard him exhale. That was David's exhale. I got to him, the bastard. I moved my head back in position and returned my lips to my intruder. "Kiss me, Baby; kiss me, again and again."

As if it could get any wetter, I felt my pussy getting wetter. I wished my arms were free so that I could put them around his neck and pull him closer. I wished my hands were free so that I could feel his desire for me by exploring the hardness of his penis. With one man caressing my tits through my bra, another man slowly and lightly circling my wet pussy with his fingers, and a third man kissing me, I was so hot and so ready to get laid.

Suddenly, they stopped. The wait was excruciatingly long. Then, I heard it, first one zipper, then, another, and then another. They were stripping, getting naked, and getting ready to fuck me.

I wiggled my ass and my body in anticipation.

"Take off my clothes. I want to be naked. I want you to see my body. I want my tits sucked and my pussy licked. I want to suck some cock. C'mon. Let's get going. I'm on fire. Do you hear—?"

Someone, one of them, put his cock in my mouth.

"That sure shut her up."

I sucked him like it was my last meal. Man, his cock tasted so good. I was so hot for it. I could feel him pulsating. Turned on, instantly, he was ready to cum but pulled out. Then, the next one stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him, too. I really am a great cocksucker and I was proving that to David, this day. I pushed the second cock out with my tongue.

"Are you watching me, David? Are you seeing me suck their cocks? Give me another cock. I've only sucked two. I need a cock in my mouth."

The next man accommodated me and he had a huge cock, bigger than David's cock. He was gagging me but I was determined to take all of him, to deep throat him. I was determined to give him the best blow job he has ever had and David the best show. I could hear him breathing hard and feel his pleasure with mine. I loved sucking his cock, then he, too, pulled out. I felt him pulsate and tasted his precum, he, too, was ready to cum. They all would have cum, cum in my mouth, and I would have swallowed all that they had, had they not pulled out.

"Was that good, Baby? Did you like it when I sucked your cocks?" I licked my lips. "Mmm, David the last man had a much bigger cock than you. I love big cocks. I only wish I could have tasted him, all of them. I wished that they could have cum in my mouth so that I could have swallowed all of their spunk."


David said it in a whisper, but I heard it.

"I'm not your slut anymore, David. I am their slut. Fuck me, boys. I want to be fucked and sucked and when you are done, I want all of you to stick your big cocks up my ass. Then, before you go, after you have cum in my pussy and in my ass, I want to blow you so that I can finally taste all three of you."

Hands were everywhere stripping me naked. They were not gentle this time. Tearing at my clothes, they ripped off my blouse, my bra, my skirt, and my panties. All that I had left were my garter belt and stockings.

The first man had a small cock but thick and he fucked me for five minutes before he shot a hot load in my pussy. Apparently, he was already hot from my blow job and from my dirty talk. I love talking dirty when I am having sex.

The second man had a much longer cock but it was slender and I could feel it pointing up inside of me. He, too, did not last long and shot a hot load in my pussy within a few minutes. The third man, my lover, had a huge cock. Taking that cock in my hole made me grimace at first but the pain felt good. He fucked me and fucked me hard. I loved fucking him. Only I wanted him, really wanted him.

"Please, until my hands. I need to hold onto your ass."

I heard the snap of a push button blade and I was free instantly.

I reached up and flipped off the blindfold. He was a black man. I never had a black cock before and if he was the measure of the man, then he was quite the man.

He fucked me but did not cum. He gave me orgasm after orgasm and I screamed louder with each one, louder than I would have, ordinarily, but I wanted to demonstrate to David that I was being fucked, being fucked by a black man with an exceptionally big cock and loving every minute of it. I felt him hold back and I was satisfied with his performance and glad that he held back because I was hoping to suck him off and swallow all that he had to offer.

Now, I wanted them to fuck me up the ass. I never had anal sex before but I was ready for it now.

"Fuck me up the ass. Someone, please, I want to feel what it is like to have a cock up my ass."

No one stepped forward. I looked at my two white intruders and they both looked done. Then, my Nubian prince stepped forward and offered his cock to my willing mouth. I sucked him like I sucked him before by taking all of his penis inside, deep throating him. Then, I released him halfway back out and glided my hand over his gorgeous member while I sucked and sucked and licked and sucked his huge, black cock until like an eruption, I felt him come alive and he shot huge gobs of cum in my mouth and down my throat. Never had I sucked anyone off like that before. It was an electrifying experience. I had cum in my eye, in my hair, and all over my face. Yet, how was that possible when I swallowed so much of it and of him.

Then, when I opened my eyes, my two spent white men were jerking themselves off all over my face. I was getting a cum bath. I opened my mouth to take in as much as they were willing to give.

"Oh, David, I have had such an enjoyable evening. Thank you so much for his. Truly, you have outdone yourself," I said running my tongue around my lips licking up spent cum.

"Fucking whore," he said under his breath. "You're a fucking whore!" He slammed the door, I heard his car leave and their car back out and they were gone, all gone.

I do not remember running down the stairs but I did and nearly fell because I skipped so many steps. I locked and chained the front door before crumpling in tears. I cried for an hour then returned upstairs to take a long, hot shower. I cried the entire time I was showering and I cried myself to sleep.

I was angry, more than angry, but the thing that kept me sane, the one thing that kept me going was retribution. I was going to fix him. I wanted to repay him back with every bit as and more humiliation and violation that he did to me.

Early the next morning, I called my best friend, my hairdresser, Roger. He was at my house within 5 minutes and right behind him was a locksmith changing the locks.

"That bastard! That bastard! I can't believe he did this to you. That bastard!"

Roger hugged and consoled me while I devised my plan of retaliation.

"Roger, I want you to do me a favor."

"Sure, baby, anything for you." He held me tight. "You just name it."

"I whispered in his ear and felt his eyes widened and his mouth drop."

"No, Sweetie. I can't do that. No, dearest. That's wrong. That is so wrong, Baby, but," he smiled and giggled like a girl, "but that is so deliciously good." He pulled away. "Let me make some calls and I'll see what I can do."

I called David the next day.

"Hi, David."

"Hello, Julie." He sounded surprised that I called him.

"I just wanted to thank you for last night. Oh, my God, what an adventure you gave me." It took all that I had to fight off my tears and not to break down. If I had a gun, I would have shot him through the telephone.

"Uhm, well, yeah, you know, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I had no idea, I mean, I'm sorry I called you a slut and a whore, but if I knew you were like that before maybe, you know, you and I—"

"Listen, David, I'm calling you because...it is only fair that I reciprocate. I mean, I need for you to feel what I felt. The experience was..." I choked back tears, "freeing, and I want you to know what it was like." It took all that I had to control my shaking voice. "So, with that in mind, I have arranged a surprise for you."

"Surprise? What do you mean, Julie?" There was a silence. "Is this call being recorded? Did you go to the police?"

"Police?" I laughed. "What on earth for? Hello, police, I want to report my husband for giving me the most romantic and sexual exhilarating night of my life."

"What then, what is your surprise?"

"Well, I cannot divulge who they are, but they are friends of a friend who, I know, will give you as much enjoyment and pleasure as your gift of three men have given me." I almost burst into tears and had to pull the telephone away.

"Are you okay, Julie?"

"Yes, yes, I, uhm, was just quivering with excitement thinking about last night."

"So, are you serious, you are going to hook me up with one of your friends and—"

"No, not one of my friends, David, three of my friends. Have you ever had a threesome, I mean, a real threesome, you and three hotties?"

"No, but, you know that has always been a fantasy of mine. And, I can't wait to—"

"Listen, I have to go. I have another call, but be here at 8 sharp, okay?"

"Yeah, sure, and Julie—" click.

I pulled out all the stops. I wore my red micro mini-skirt over a red thong, with red high heels, and my tea cup bra that serves up my nipples, beneath a nearly transparent unbuttoned blouse. The warmth of revenge negated the need for more clothing.

David was early, of course, the horny man that he was. And just as planned, I had my friends, Phyllis, a tall striking blonde, Christie, a shapely redhead, and Susan, a dark haired siren pull in behind David's car, just as he stood at the front door with mouth gaping.

I opened the front door.

"Hi, David. You're early. I'm not quite ready for you."

"Oh, do you want me to wait outside?"

I waved to my girlfriends.

"Hi, girls."

"Hi, Julie. Is that David? Hi David. He's cute."

"No, no, David, of course, not. Just let me get you upstairs. I don't want to ruin your surprise." I escorted David inside and then yelled to my friends, "I'll just be a minute. Can you be dolls and wait right there?"

The Charlie like Angel women waited by their car while David took another leering stare at them.

"Are they, the surprise, I mean, coming to the, uhm, party?"

"Let's not spoil the surprise, David. Go ahead and head on upstairs."

Once upstairs, I directed him to the bed, tied his wrists and ankles to the bedposts and placed a blindfold over his eyes. Then, I turned off the light, closed the door, and left with my three friends for the evening.

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