tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Dark Night Deserves Another Ch. 02

One Dark Night Deserves Another Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- Learning to Apologize

Sunday had been a pretty relaxing, but studious day for Heather. She slept in and pretty much stayed in her room for most of the afternoon, only venturing out during meal times. She did have one sort of fun exchange with one of Kristen's friends in the hallway.

It just so happened to be Tina, a girl Heather had seduced within the first two weeks of the school year. Tina had seen Heather and Kristen leave the party together the night before, so she exchanged a very knowing smile with Heather as they walked by each other in the hall. No words were even needed, and Heather knew that Tina had already pictured all that had happened the night before in her mind. Of course, she'd have no idea that Heather had forced, maybe even raped Kristen during that process, but obviously that was what Heather loved about the situation. She knew that she'd never have to worry about any consequences and could simply enjoy the amazing time that it was for her.

The rest of Heather's day was spent reading. She spent the afternoon before dinner in her room, trying to catch up with her reading for classes. Then after dinner was over, she headed to the library to do some research for a big paper she would have due at the end of the next week. She got really intense with her studying to the point where she ended up staying at the library until past midnight.

Kelly, her roommate, texted her around 7 to announce she had arrived back from her weekend away. Heather just figured she'd give her the report on the weekend on Monday. When Heather did head back to the room after midnight, Kelly was already asleep.

The next morning, Heather was able to once again sleep a little later since her first class wasn't until 11. Kelly was already gone to her early morning classes. Heather liked not having to worry about getting up early for classes, but the negative was she would be gone until 3 P.M. She had really been looking to chatting with Kelly, but it would just have to wait.

By the time Heather finally did make her way back to her room, she was feeling pretty worn out from sitting through so many lectures. She found Kelly reading on her bed. Heather smiled at her, dropped her bag on the floor and collapsed on her own bed.

Kelly put her book down and laughed. "That bad huh?" she asked.

Heather just looked at her with the side of her head on her pillow. "Yea," she replied, "I hate Mondays."

"Aww," Kelly teased, "And I thought seeing me after a weekend away would make it all better."

Heather just laughed. "It is good to see you Kel," she said. "How was the fam this weekend?"

"The usual," Kelly replied. "I was really happy to come back. Although if I knew what had awaited me by coming back, I would have been absolutely ecstatic about coming back."

Heather figured Kelly was being sarcastic about Heather being at the library all evening long the previous night. "Yea, sorry I wasn't here," she apologized. "I was just in a groove." Heather gave a small chuckle.

Kelly just had a funny smile on her face. "Oh, I wasn't talking about you not being here," Kelly explained. "I was actually serious about something I discovered when I got back."

Now Heather was a bit confused and definitely curious. She smiled in response to the look on Kelly's face. It had a mischievous look that Heather had seen before. "What are you talking about?" she asked. "What was so exciting that you discovered."

Kelly was now sitting up, looking at Heather laying on her bed. Suddenly, she stood up and walked over to her computer. But instead of turning the screen on, she merely put her hands on her little webcam that she had. With her back to Heather, she finally answered, "I discovered I had accidentally left my webcam on when I left Saturday morning."

There was a pause while Heather tried to think about what this meant. Suddenly, a small amount of nervousness began to spread inside her as she sat up now.

Before she could even voice her fears, Kelly was speaking again. "I shut it off as soon as I got back. I mean, shit, the file it created took up over half of my hard drive, so I was about to delete it right away. When suddenly, I had a thought." Heather could almost hear the smile in Kelly's voice as she explained all this. "I remembered that you were going out Saturday night, and I knew that if you had succeeded I might find something pretty entertaining on the video." As Kelly finished saying this, she pushed the power button to her monitor.

Even as Heather was standing up, she saw the darkened image come into focus. She could see the darkened shapes of her own body on top of Kristen's. "Kelly!," snapped Heather, although she stayed by her bed rather than doing what part of her wanted and charge at the computer to remove the image. "That was private! You...you had no right."

"I had no right to watch you rape Kristen you mean?" Kelly questioned as she finally turned to face Heather. There was no smile on Kelly's face. Instead, her expression was quite serious and instantly made Heather even more uncomfortable. "Yea, the video quality sucks because of the lighting, but every word is clearly heard." Kelly emphasized the last part of what she said, making it clear to Heather that she had listened to the dialogue that had transpired.

"I...I didn't rape her," Heather began slowly, trying to search for the words to explain away the guilt she was feeling from Kelly's cold stare. "I mean...honestly, she came to the room willingly. You had to have seen that. She just got nervous and was voicing nerves. She...she enjoyed it in the end. I mean, if you heard everything, you heard how loud her moans were when she orgasmed!"

"Seriously Heather?!" Kelly exclaimed. She was nearly shouting at Heather as she rebuked her. "You sound like some pathetic guy rapist right now. 'She wanted it, I'm innocent, blah blah blah.' I can't believe you. I listened and watched the whole thing. She was practically screaming to you when she said 'no'! She was sobbing almost the entire time you were fucking her. What part of that says that she wanted it?"

A few tears actually started coming down Heather's face. Hearing her best friend yell all these truths to her was a reality shot right to her face. "I'm...I'm sorry," she stammered amidst tears. She was looking at the ground in shame for a few seconds before looking back up at Kelly's cold expression.

"You're sorry?" Kelly asked. "Do you really think a sorry is going to make it better for poor Kristen? Do you have any idea what she's going through right now?"

A confused look came upon Heather's face as she continued to cry a bit. "Yea, that's right," Kelly stated. "I went and saw Kristen last night. I told her I knew. She cried for a full hour. You really messed her up. I can't believe you!"

Heather was in shock. Not only did Kelly know everything but she had actually spoken to Kristen. Tears were still coming down Heather's face. Kelly continued after a brief pause, "You know, she wanted to go to the cops when I told her about the video. She said now she would have proof of what you did."

Heather gasped, and then began pleading earnestly, "No! Please Kel, you can't. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Please don't let her have the video. Please tell her not to go to the cops."

"She's not," came Kelly's curt reply. Heather gave a almost sobbing cry of relief, dropping her head into her hands. "For now," Kelly added. Heather looked back up, petrified once again. "I told her," Kelly continued, "that I would get you to truly apologize or else I'd go with her with my video straight to the university police."

"I do!" cried out Heather. "I apologize! I'm so sorry, really. I promise...never again!"

Kelly waved her hand dismissively towards Heather. "Give me a break," she said. "I don't see that as a true apology." She paused for a few moments, leaving Heather to ponder what she meant. "Get on your knees," came the sudden command.

For the first time in several minutes, Heather could almost see a smirk forming in Kelly's expression. And yet, Kelly's eyes remained such that Heather also knew how dead serious she was. "On...on my knees?" questioned Heather. "But...why?"

Kelly showed a flash of anger in her voice. "Get on your knees and apologize! Apologize like someone who was truly sorry would. Now do it or else I swear me and the file are out the door up to Kristen's room!"

Heather had never seen Kelly dominate a girl. And she was pretty sure that this was nothing like the way that Kelly did dominate, but still, the fear that Heather was feeling from this tone helped her to understand a little bit of the fear she sometimes saw in the girls Kelly had been with in the past. Not that Kelly had ever done that Heather had just done this past weekend, but still, there was a fierceness in Kelly that Heather was witnessing for the first time, a fierceness that she didn't really have herself.

Heather quickly put up her hands to indicate 'ok'. She slowly dropped down to her knees. She reached out and gripped Kelly's jeans and looked up in her best friend's face. New tears were forming in her own eyes as she started talking, "I'm so sorry. Kelly, please tell Kristen, I'm so so sorry. I know what I did was the most awful thing I could ever do to someone...please...you have to forgive me. You're my best friend, and I...I can't have you be upset at me."

Kelly just remained looking down at Heather as she spoke. The angry glare remaining on her face until Heather was done saying all of this. Then, slowly, the smirk came back. Again, it wasn't the smirk that Heather had seen a million times. This one had a note of seriousness to it. It didn't do anything to ease Heather's fears and emotions of the moment.

"Hmm...I want to believe you Heather," explained Kelly. "But I'm still not sure you're proving to be sorry enough."

"I am! I swear!" came the quick reply from Heather amidst tears and sobs.

The same smirk remained on Kelly's face. "Then prove it," she said. "Strip off your clothes and say it all again one more time!"

Heather was in shock. Despite the fact that they were roommates and both lesbians, the two best friends had never seen one another completely naked. And yet, here in this moment when she was most vulnerable in the presence of her best friend, Kelly was asking her to get naked. It didn't make any sense!

"Wha...what?" stammered the shocked and confused Heather. The tears stopped at this point, as Heather's mind was now totally in a state of confusion, all sorrow for what she had just been faced with was slammed and buried. "Are you trying to make a joke out of all this? Because if so, it's not funny! I'm truly sorry for what I did, and it's not something for you to just mock and make fun of!" Heather felt her own temper start to flare up as she spoke.

"Oh I'm not joking," Kelly spoke plainly, her same serious smirk remaining on her face. "I'm quite serious when I say you need to apologize once more naked. C'mon...you have to remember that conversation we had months back. We both agreed nothing said true humility more than a girl on her knees completely naked at the feet of another."

"We were talking about a submissive to a Domme!" snapped Heather. "I am not a submissive nor is this sexual in any way, this is serious."

"Whoever said nudity must always equal sexual?" asked Kelly with a roll of her eyes. "This is serious, and I told you, I promised Kristen to get a true apology from you. Now I'm telling you what that's going to look like. So you have one minute to do it otherwise I'm leaving, and the next person coming to our room will be wearing a blue uniform."

It was as if all the air was sucked out of the room. Heather was no longer looking up at her best friend. With that last statement, Kelly had become someone Heather had never met. It was someone cold and with a power over her that she had never felt before. Heather was angry, and yet she was trapped. She glared at Kelly for a few moments. Kelly's smirk was still on her face and the only response she gave to Heather's glare was to look at the clock as if counting the seconds.

Begrudgingly, Heather started to remove her clothes. She unbuttoned and removed her sweater, followed by the shirt she had on underneath. She stood up, still glaring at Kelly. How could her friend be making her do this is all she could think as she unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them down and off. Then she paused for a few moments, as she stood there in just her bra and underwear, which was the closest to naked that Kelly had ever seen her.

Kelly, who had been watching Heather the entire time, started to tap her foot. "Don't make me wait too long, Heather," she warned. "You wouldn't want me to lose my patience and head out, would you?"

Heather gritted her teeth, still seething at what Kelly was making her do. And yet, she finally reached behind her back and undid her bra, unveiling her round 34c breasts to Kelly for the first time ever. Kelly didn't really flinch, but just kept watching. After dropping her bra off to the side, Heather removed her panties, the last article of clothing she had, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy to Kelly, once again for the first time ever. Heather wasn't crying anymore. Her anger had pushed that way. But now that she was completely exposed, Heather found herself actually blushing slightly despite her anger. She actually felt embarrassed being forced to get naked by her roommate.

Kelly hadn't really changed her expression during the entire process. Any thoughts she was having about how beautiful she thought Heather's body was, were kept inward. All that Heather saw was that same smirk remain on Kelly's face. "Now," Kelly spoke, "drop to your knees and try again."

Heather gritted her teeth. Despite the embarrassment she was feeling, her anger was still seething. However, she fought back the urge to say anything she was thinking to Kelly, still scared that Kelly might indeed go through on her threat. Heather slowly dropped back to her knees, this time of course, on her bare knees. She then looked up at Kelly, let her face relax so that the anger left her face, and tried to think back to the remorse she was still feeling deep down. "Kelly...I...I really am sorry," she half stammered. "Please forgive me...please let this be something behind us."

Kelly just stared back at Heather for a few moments before speaking again. "Hmm...that's closer. But still, I think one thing is missing yet," she said this while rubbing her chin as if in thought.

Heather opened her mouth as if to object, but thought better on it. The smirk in Kelly's face told her that arguing would get nowhere in this situation. So she just knelt there and waited.

Kelly was enjoying the power she was exerting over Heather. That much was very obvious. After letting her kneel there anxiously for a few moments, Kelly finally spoke again, "I think you need to be kissing my feet while saying sorry."

Heather's mouth dropped in shock. "You're...you're crazy!" she exclaimed in shock.

Kelly just shook her head. "Kiss my feet while saying sorry, and I'll accept your apology," was her simple reply.

Heather was still glaring at Kelly. Everything in her wanted to rebel. She was tired of Kelly exerting this power over her. She just wanted it to be over and for both of them to forget all about it. With a roll of her eyes, she finally figured that this would be the last thing she'd have to do to make it all go away. She glanced down at Kelly's feet.

"Make sure you look like you mean it," interjected Kelly as she saw Heather prepare to do as she had asked. Kelly was back to grinning.

Heather shot Kelly another glare of annoyance, before looking back down. She bent her head down towards Kelly's feet. Parting her lips just a little, she planted a little kiss on the top of Kelly's barefoot, letting her tongue come out just a bit in hopes that these small kisses would suffice enough, as she planted several of them on the top of Kelly's foot. As she was doing this, she began to speak in between kisses. "Please Kelly, I'm asking you to please forgive me. I'm so sorry for what I did. It'll never happen again. I'm sorry."

When she was finished, Heather planted one last kiss on Kelly's foot before looking back up. Kelly was smiling down at Heather. She had clearly enjoyed what had just happened. Slowly, Kelly lowered her hand to Heather's cheek and rubbed it. Her normal smile appeared to be back. "Ok, Heather," she said. "I forgive you."

There was a deep sigh from Heather. Finally, this crazy experience was over. She started to move one of her legs to stand up when Kelly's hand went from touching her face to pushing on the top of her head.

"Just wait a minute," Kelly spoke softly.

The look she gave Heather had too much written underneath it to make Heather comfortable. Heather was pretty sure Kelly was now going somewhere in her mind that Heather wasn't about to allow. "Don't even think about it," warned Heather. "This is not about to turn sexual, so you can get your mind back to reality right now! You know me better than that. I don't sub, and I'm not about to sub!"

Kelly's face didn't change. She calmly just started speaking, "I was just going to say, that while I forgive you, Heather, I'm not sure that you've made things right yet."

Heather wasn't happy. Kelly had been playing too many games with her to make her anywhere close to happy. She was getting pissed, and she knew that Kelly could see it on her face. "Oh?," she asked. "And how exactly do you want me to make things right Kelly? You already said that once I said I was sorry, it would be over."

"Correction," stated Kelly. "I said if you truly apologized I wouldn't go to the cops. However, I don't think you've come close to actually making things ok between us again. And if I just let you off the hook now, who's to say that in a week I don't decide to turn in my videos after rethinking on them?"

Heather was shocked. She was looking into Kelly's eyes. While there was still that bit of smugness about her, Heather could also tell that Kelly was quite serious. A huge part of Heather was furious that Kelly, her best friend, would threaten her like this. But the rest of her was feeling very frightened. The thought of her life becoming completely ruined because of one bad decision a few nights ago was the source of these fears.

Kelly had purposely been silent for a few moments, as she knew that these types of emotions were sure to be flaring up in Heather. Finally, she broke the silence and spoke, "Now, if you want to avoid that scenario, I've thought of something that would ensure you never have to worry about the police again."

"What?" asked Heather. There was an odd combination of hope and doubt in her voice. While the idea of having never to worry about the police being involved in this whole thing was definitely something she wanted, she was having trouble believing that Kelly had anything good in mind.

"Well basically," began Kelly, "you agree to let me punish you. I'll punish you in an appropriate way for a set amount of time. And then in return, I hand over all evidence over to you so you can destroy it or whatever."

Heather took a few moments to gather her thoughts. Kelly was being a manipulative bitch. That much was clear. What could she possibly mean by punish though? Obviously, all Heather had to do was look at her current state of nakedness to have some idea the direction things would be going. The thought of having to face a punishment like she was some sub to Kelly was repulsive. However, she also knew that there might be no other choice.

"I suppose you're not going to tell me what the punishment will be, will you?" inquired Heather.

"Of course not," said Kelly with a smile. "It wouldn't be a worthy enough punishment for what you did if you could prepare yourself for it."

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