tagMind ControlOne Drop and You're Ours Ch. 01

One Drop and You're Ours Ch. 01


When I was at college, I had a friend called Lisa who lived upstairs from me. She was a stunner. Blondey-brown hair, hazel eyes, and the most stunning body. I also had a friend called Jen, in whom the term 'sex kitten' was embodied. She was petite, had gorgeous shoulder length red hair and freckles, and best of all she was bisexual.

One night I was in my room having a few drinks with Jen, when she turned the conversation round to Lisa. By this point she was a little tipsy, and we had been talking about some of the girls we'd been with.

"She's just such a tease," Jen was saying, "She wears that little red top and bends over in front of me, I swear she's trying to turn me on."

"I know," I said "the other day I was watching TV and she purposely laid on the sofa in front of me so that I had to look over her tits to see the TV."

"We should go down there and see if she's into threesomes" Jen said playfully. I always knew that when she got this devilish look in her eye she meant it.

"She's not even into girls though, says it's weird," I protested.

"Yeah, but with a little persuasion she might consider it?

Jen was dangling a little bottle in front of her perfect little tits. By this point I was intrigued.

"What is that?" I asked

"Let's just call it love tonic. I got it from that market stall that sells all the weird ingredients."

"Does it work?"

"That depends on whether you remember last night or not?"

"W-hat?" I asked, not quite comprehending what she was saying.

"You lasted a good 4 hours of the filthiest sex I've had in years" she said, a big unashamed grin on her face.

I had now recovered from the shock. "So you mean we had great sex, and you're the only one that remembers? That's cruel."

"Don't worry, I recorded it. The video's on your laptop."

"So you think this would persuade Lisa?" I asked.


"Ok, let's give it a try. Probably best if you give it to her."

And so Jen slipped it into a hot chocolate and convinced Lisa to drink it.


"It's done" said Jen, leaning seductively on my door frame.

I went upstairs to Lisa's room, and knocked. "It's open" came a voice from inside.

I was so nervous that I'm not sure I would've gone in if it weren't for Jen at my back.

The door opened, and Lisa was sat in her chair at the desk, books open in front of her. She was wearing that sexy red top and jeans.

"How's it going Lisa?" I asked

"Fine thanks, just sitting here thinking how great it would be to have some company" she said with a little smile, " and then you guys show up. You mind-readers or what?"

"Awww" Jen crooned "are you lonely?" And went to sit on Lisa's knee.

She immediately stroked her hair playfully. There was a little look in both their eyes as they looked at one another, and I knew it had worked.

"I suppose these books aren't really too much company for you, are they sweetie?" said Jen, pouting in that her cute way. Lisa said nothing, just stared into Jen's eyes, lost for words.

"You know, you really are beautiful" said Jen, gently caressing Lisa's hair, pushing it away from her face.

"I was just thinking the same about you" said Lisa in a breathy voice, with a nervous gulp.

Jen leaned in, and placed a sensual kiss on Lisa's lips, lingering slightly before she drew away. And then another, lasting longer and slightly more intense.

I moved toward them and knelt with my head in between theirs. I looked at Jen and received the passionate kiss I knew I would. I then looked at Lisa, my heart in my mouth. She leaned in and kissed me, her bottom lip slipping slightly in between mine as we played together for a few minutes. As we kissed I began to caress her tongue with mine and the kisses became more and more sexual.

"Perhaps we should move to the bed," suggested Jen in a soft voice by my left ear.

We all stood up, staring at one another in anticipation, and Jen sat on the bed.

I was next to sit down, and Lisa placed herself daintily in between us. We spent several more minutes alternating who kissed whom, before Jen started to gently tug at the bottom of Lisa's top. Lisa obediently leant back and lifted her arms. Jen and I smiled at one another and pulled at the sides and took the top swiftly over her head. There was revealed a sexy black bra holding two gorgeous pale skinned globes.

Lisa looked at the two of us as if to seek the judgement she expected, but I just kissed her squarely on the lips, whilst Jen began to work on her neck and move downwards. As she reached the Lisa's chest, she gently moved the bra aside from one stunning pale nipple and began to tease and taste it.

At the same time I began to move downwards and removed the bra completely, revealing the other perfect c-cup.

As we teased and gently nipped her nipples, Lisa began trying to remove my top, so I leant back and slipped it off quickly, revealing my six pack and lightly haired chest. This was going to be a great night...

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